Apprendre le Japonais avec Saber


The appearance of Saber in a French Japanese conversation phrase book and Haruhi and her minions in a Japanese social education tome have been causing some astonishment online.

Sadly, investigations reveal this may be more a case of plagiarism than Saber generously helping French learn another language of surrender:


Santa Saber and Mademoiselle Saber compared:


In similar news, characters not dissimilar to Haruhi, Nagato, Kyon and Koizumi have been caught teaching children the finer points of human rights:


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  • ^”generously helping French learn another language of surrender:”
    I had to laugh there, reminds me of a German joke: What does the French soldier learn first? How to say “We surrender in German”.

    That said, how do you get a French waiters attention? Start ordering in German!

    • I know it’s a joke, but on average the French have historically fought quite well. In our memory (because we’re not French I suppose) a few of the big losses stick, but on the whole they haven’t done badly for themselves. And they’ve got something to show for it: it’s still a huge country, a military (they’ve got quite an army, and nukes) and economic superpower.
      So yeah, I watch QI.

        • The French did not have a fascist economy bent on preparing for war, that is why they could not defend themselves during WWII, the Brits and espc. the Americans had had some sea between them and the German war machine of 1940-42. After 1942, the Soviets became too powerful for the Germans to deal with by themselves.

        • I’m no huge fan of French, but the withdrawal during WW2 was a pure strategical move (*). There was no point to fight larger army and suffer casualties at the point of time when (1) no proper counter-strategy was in place and (2) Germany dumbly went on stretching their fronts, making them more vulnerable.

          And IMO it wasn’t Napoleon’s defeats. Those were the lessons learned during WW1. You should read some history books on what kind of pathetic mess it was.

          (*) One can also say that French learned the trick from Nepoleon’s defeat in Russia: Russians vacated Moscow, the capital, and let French to capture it but at the same time let the conflict drag longer than the Napoleon was prepared for.

        • Everyone.

          Take your flag out your ass and stop being butthurt.

          I hate to break it to you all, but all your countries either suck right now or sucked in the past, maybe even both.

          But on the bright side, your country is awesome in one way or another.

          Except Syria.

        • i love individual folks who judge a whole country, before you say that today’s french are surrender monkeys, wich war have you won by yourself? what example to you have to show?

          kind of like those americans who barely speak their own native language and still complain that french or japanese don’t speak english well enough… talk about hindsight 😮

        • ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 ww2 and always the same shit about the same war, and the same simple-minded jokes.
          Let’s talk about the history of celtic people in great britain Shitposting Scumbag, can you really laugh at french military history? seriously?

        • “But they’ve been losing pathetically ever since Napoleon bit off more than he could chew; they’ve been wimps for the last 200 years.”

          It took all other european nations united together to actually stop him though…

          And even after that France managed to be on the victorious side most time. (even in WWII -the gouvernment surrendered but lot of french ppl actually fought until the country was freed-)

        • The French didn’t give up so that the Germans would eventually be beaten by Britain, they gave up because they were defeated in spirit and didn’t want to fight. The French experiment in Fascism was quite anti-British.

          They could have tried retreating to their empire and fighting from there, as Churchill promised Britain would do if need be, and some French government officials tried only to be declared traitors by the surrendering government.

          The French “surrender monkey” reputation comes only from the Second World War, but it was well-earned there.

        • Hände hoch! Keine Bewegung!! Auf die Knie!!!

          Though guys you fully deserve it.

          With you 100% lame attitude and open disrespect to other languages, you created a huge communication barrier you force others to overcome. But very few bother to.

          The poor communication on your part *is* the foundation for all the jokes. And they are not lame. To me, who lives last 10 years in Germany, they are pretty funny 😉

        • well, France has the best victory/defeat ratio of all European countries from 1200 to 2000, so you know.. suck on that ^^

          And, it’s kind of lame for Germans to joke on France, knowing that we both come from the same empire. We’re kind of brother countries. So go choke on your curry wurst.

      • The same way that JoePa was the most winningest coach in college football, France is the most winningest country in terms of warfare.

        Sure they’ve lost a few times, some of them spectacularly so, but statistically speaking they’ve won more times than lost

    • the french have a great military history, it’s just that it’s been getting a bad wrap for the past few centuries with napoleon and the whole colonization and imperialism thing, of which they pretty much were bested by the British and in WWII.

    • “how do you get a French waiters attention? Start ordering in German!”
      As a foreigner living in France, I must say it doesn’t work… And believe me I tried everything but nothing works with french’s waiters.

    • As much as I despite the French and French Civilisation, even I must admit that through historical evidence, there is nothing braver then a Gaul who thinks he will win.

      Of course, the moment the Frenchmen thinks he will lose, they flee like women, like at Waterloo when the Imperial Guard broke, in the Ardennes, and Crecy.

      But as long as a Frenchman thinks he can win, he will gladly eat lead through the hell that was Verdun.

      Honestly the Americans have a far worse military record then the French, as do the Chinese and Egyptians and Italians.

      • As a French, it astounds me how every time the word “french” is mentionned it ends in a trolling session.

        Going back to the topic. Im not sure if I should be glad that they ripped off my waifu, or angry that it was done so badly and without TM/DEEN permission (this illustration is from the first anime promotion if Im not mistaken).

      • How pathetic, yep.

        Je fais l’effort d’écrire en anglais mes commentaires ici, mais pour cet article, je ferai une exception.

        Le bon racisme et la méconnaissance générale que l’on professe ici et sur Internet m’étonneront toujours… Depuis la crise en Irak de 2003 – avec les effets pervers qui s’ensuivirent – c’est le surnom des français pour les crétins conservateurs du monde entier.

        La blague venait tout de même – et c’est là le cocasse – d’un pays, les USA, ayant alors à sa tête l’un de pires présidents de son histoire. Certes, il ne se rendait pas, mais était incapable de savoir situer l’Irak ou l’Afghanistan sur une carte. Si on en avait trafiquer une en lui disant que l’Irak était le Mexique et en lui montrant alors, les USA aurait envahi leur voisin.

        Mais ne vous inquiétez pas, les blagues sur les allemands, les américains et les japonais, on en connait. Elles sont par ailleurs aussi pathétiques que les vôtres :

        Ex 1 : vs Germany

        Le Français :
        _Ma chienne a fait des petits
        L’Allemand :
        _Déchà ?
        Le Français :
        Non, connard, des chiens.

        Ex 2 : vs USA

        Un Américain et un Français se rencontrent à la sortie d’un bordel. L’Américain achète des cerises, les mange mais met les noyaux dans sa poche. Le Français lui demande pourquoi. Il répond: Nous on les broie et on vous les revend sous forme de café! Le Français sort de sa poche le préservatif dont il vient de se servir, le vide et le met dans sa poche. L’Américain lui demande pourquoi. Il répond: Nous, on passe les capotes à la moulinette et on vous les revend comme chewing-gum!

        Ex 3 : vs Japan :

        Les Japonais ne captent plus qu’une seule radio après Fukushima, laquelle ?

        La radioactivité

        Come on, you underrated stupids morrons… go on google translate.

        • I actually think French “surrender” jibes reflect more poorly on the jingoistic American who make them than the French, and it was in that sense that I intended the reference.

          That said, it is undeniable that France’s military prowess has been rather lacking in post-Napoleonic times (no less than 3 crushing losses to Germany, plus various dubious colonial wars), so I don’t think it is entirely unfair to comment, particularly where France takes its military so seriously.

        • “3 crushing losses”?
          Franco-Prussian war of 1870, WW2 (when France was eventually on the side of the victors), and…?

          You can’t seriously be meaning WW1 though. If anything it was a Pyrrhic victory for France (though getting the USA to join the war was a fabulous diplomatic victory for France and the Entente).

        • Shitposting Scumbag, my favorite scumbag listen to me: one day, when you’ll have a brain, you’ll understand that ANYONE would be pissed by hearing the same shit from the same retarded jerks.

          2 solutions if you’re an human being: being butthurt or being as aggressive as them, but then they say that french people are rude AHAHAHAHAH.

          I’m losing my time.

        • Oh, Germans actually can be pretty funny, despite what the British and South Park might claim.
          The problem is that lots of German humor is pun-based, and these puns do not translate very well into English. Also Brits tend to dismiss German comedy out of hand.

          For your information, the most successful domestically produced movie in Germany is a comedy (Der Schuh des Manitou).

        • Your post would have almost sounded intelligent if you hadn’t added «LOL» at the end.
          And good luck finding the quote of Clemenceau saying that… Although it is true in a sense. Before March (or even June) 1918, the US Army was in no way ready to participate or contribute in the war. Its size, training and equipment were still inadequate (incidentally it was the French who supplied most of the US Army’s equipment. And no, it wasn’t only the chauchat; the artillery and tanks supplied to the US Army by the French were definitely the best and most modern of the war).
          Note that Algeria was a military success for the French, and only turned into a disaster due to political and civil unwillingness (cue Vietnam war?). Also the best troops of the French Army were and still are the Troupes de Marine (and they also have been consistently great since their full professionalisation in 1893).

          Good point about Gamelin though. He was an excellent chief of staff in WW1, but was in no way a capable commander-in-chief. Things would have gone much differently had Foch outlived him.

        • Actually there’s a lot of crushing losses relatively recently. Algeria and Vietnam are the most recent. Dien Bien Phu is much, much, much worse than the Tet Offensive. With Dien Bien Phu, the French forces were simply wasted and the French Foreign Legion (the ONLY consistently great armed force of the French) was just “thrown away.” With the Tet Offensive, it was actually a pointless offensive in terms of the amount of forces spent for it and the precious little gains they got from it. It only became a turning point because of the domestic unrest about the war in the US.

          After Napoleon it seems, the French haven’t had much luck with their military leaders. LeClerc and de Gaulle were arguably the last, and only, competent military leaders of the modern era.

          It really does say something when people like Gamelin is best remembered for his answer to Churchill’s question about the strategic reserve: “There is none.”

          And then there’s Nivelle whose Nivelle Offensive caused the Army to mutiny. And in slight tangent, Clemenceau’s dismissal of the US armed forces in WWI as “useless.” LOL

        • C’est absolument vrai que la France a eu une histoire glorieuse, mais tu ne peut pas disputer que recemment, elle ne s’est pas portée aussi bien et a donc gagné cette réputation.

          Cependant, je suis d’accord avec toi; je pense que ces américains prendent ce stereotype trop sérieusement.

          (Je ne suis ni français ni américain, si tu voulais savoir)

        • Maybe we’re butthurt because we’re hearing the same fucking jokes since the Irak war, everytime, everywhere, for years.

          That plus all the lies, because we know that MANY people are ignorants and believe the country really did nothing for 1500 years.

        • The French are likes furries, eternally butthurt in online forums.

          Also, the first world war saw the French barely hold up with England to help them out. Now if they hadn’t displaced all the European industry to the Rurh from the stupid Continental Blockade (Napoleonic wars) and torn down the HRE then Germany wouldn’t have been so awfully strong.

    • fucking ricans live in places like (New) Orleans, Lafayette, Baton Rouge and Paris and I’m still hearing surrender jokes

      you europeans in denial should learn a bit of history before making fun of your ancestors

      • Lol, the majority of the population in New Orleans and Baton Rouge is black. Quite a few of the white people aren’t of French decent either.

        As one those white people who IS of French decent, please quit trying to piss off one of the few groups of Americans who don’t hate the French.

  • I’m an American and these kind of “French are weak” jokes really annoy me because they show a total lack of historical literacy.

    All of these jokes go back to France’s refusal to fight in our middle eastern wars.

    • Yeah, some people are retarded. Then you have the regularly dumb people who assume French military underachievement isn’t going on 190 years now.

      Still, props to them for Libya, even though their Rafales needed cover the diplomacy was good and their Mirages did well.

        • Ask the american Red Flag’s pilots if they aren’t buthurt everytime a Rafale shows up in their little wargames.

          Last time in 2008 it was 2 rafale down for 6 F16 down…

          InB4 I’d like to be teached japanese by th seyu of Saber ^^

    • The jokes go back further than the early 90s…

      …but they’re just jokes. I never understood why the French take them so seriously. We joke about Canada all the time and they’re (usually) cool about it.

      It’s not like the French can’t joke about us as well (EVERYONE does it, and it’s much worse than what the French get).

      • :facepalm:

        You really don’t understand? seriously?
        Can’t you see this troll everytime the word “french” is mentionned? You seriously think it’s the same for everyone?

        Jokes are funny when they aren’t full of hatred and repeated again and again all the fucking time. Belgians have funny jokes about French, not usa/uk.

  • I believe the “father” of Chemistry got butchered by the revolutionaries. Still most of the aristocrats of the day were pigs.

    And don’t forget the contributions of Normans to English without which it would just be a sister language of Dutch

  • Try to be a direct neighbour of the attacking country instead of having France and other countries between you and them next time. Then we’ll talk.
    Different contexts give different results. Geography beeing one of the most important part of this, history being the other one. It’s always easier to cricticize a conflict when you come in pretty late and are too far away anyway.
    But I guess idiots cannot possibly understand this. .
    It can be funny when it’s well-used, even I already laughed at that, but when it’s overused in the most stupid ways possible, it quickly get annoying. You’re not funny because you say something, you’re funny because of the way you say it.

    … Also, I seriously hope there isn’t any german making “surrender monkey” jokes out there.

    • And why are you reffering to Germany all of a sudden? Actually, germans are made fun of for being racist scum all the time, even thought that was a long time ago. (And by the way, the French were just as racist, they just didin’t have a crazy fool psychopathe with megalomaniac tendencies as their “ruler”)
      So stop being so easly provoked by something you should just laugh of! I mean, every country has its stereotypical jokes. Why should France be the exeption?

      And by the way:

      Je dis ça en tant qu’une personne qui appartient aux deux pays, donc je ne favorise absolument personne. J’ai juste appris à m’en foutre quand quelqu’un fait ce genre de blague. Sans parler du fait que c’est pas forcément des blague qui vident à blesser l’honneur de la France. C’est juste des commentaire typique qui font rire tel que ” J’étais un pays puissant et dangereux, puis je me suis pris les alliés dans le genoux”

  • good old american’s french surrending jokes…

    I wish americans could try to understand the feeling of the french (or any invinded nations) but I guess it’s impossible, since americans have always be in the ‘invader’ role…

    Now I would like to see the US being invaded and see the reaction… seeing how you were helpless during 9/11 I guess it would be interesting.

    Surrender when overpowered for saving your people and wait for the good time to turn the tables, or resist until are you people disappear… ask the Indians and Incas how it worked…

    • I love how they hate when people make fun of them for being a fat ugly nation but then start being racists themselves. Why can’t people accept other cultures and opinions? In my opinion being racist should be punishable by law with a prison sentence and therapy, all paid by their own money. Some comments I see online would make me lose my faith in humanity if I had some left.

  • Et donc on parlait de Saber à la base ?
    Prejudices are an easier way to look at the world and the people. They are usefull, thanx to them you don’t have to stuff your brain with an actual opinion ! French are cowards, japanese pedo/loli con, american [insert whatever insult comes in mind]. I Like my world Like this. J’aime la baguette et le foie gras, f*** McDo.

    • Pauvres petites oies, wouin…

      Sur le reste de ton message, je te rejoins. La plupart des gens ne jugent que sur des clichés les peuples qu’ils connaissent peu, même avec l’ouverture apportée par Internet. C’est désespérant.

    • Exact.

      Bon, Les gens qui n’arrêtent pas de se rendre se lèvent tôt cette semaine pour envoyer 6 tonnes de médicaments et de matériel médical en Irak. C’est le cas depuis des mois, et contrairement aux balles, ça sauve des vies.

      Faut bien ça pour essayer de réparer le bordel alimenté par un pays comme les USA (Useless, Stupid and America).

  • Well, actually it took me less time and effort to learn Japanese than French(I’m Polish), mostly because french letters can be read in shitload of ways depending on the word. Also, there’s a lot of words differing by a letter but read identically, which means a lot of mistakes. Sure, Japanese isn’t too good in this either, but it still was easier for me.

    Also, LOL Haruhi & human rights.

  • it’s a Japanese french language conversation book. why else would there be anything else other than relevant talk about saber and such. There’s a big population of anime and Japanese stuff in France so it’s not that surprising.

  • off topic but:

    To compare military records of a less than three hundred years old country to a more than fifteen hundred one …

    … a lil’ bit ridiculous ain’t it?

    We’ve gone through and won more wars than you have, and there’s nothing you can do about that.
    So please, continue with your lame “surrender” joke if it can make you at ease, at the end the idiot ones aren’t us.

  • How soon before France just gives over control of the country to it’s welfare state cashing Muslim class??

    They had a 100 years war with the UK, survived German occupation, and now slowly but surely being invaded by Muslims on food stamps.

        • ////French
          Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec toi, pour ma part je suis belge et le langage français est dans ma peau.
          Le Français c’est ma première langue derrière le Flamand, mais je trouve totalement pitoyable de voir des personnes parler sans rien savoir, il serais peut être temps pour certain de réfflechire avent d’écrire.
          I totally agree with you, for my part I am Belgian and French.

          The French is my first language behind the Flemish, but I find it quite pathetic to see people talk without know anything, it might be time for some of reflechire before writing.

        • Il parle de musulmans, ce qui est une religion, rien à voir avec une race…

          Et on sait très bien que certaines choses vraies sont impossibles à dire à cause de double standards et du politiquement correct…

        • le droit indique qu’on doit respecter tous les partis, mais en revanche le racisme n’est pas toleré. je te rappelle que des politiques sont régulièrement punis pour injures raciales.

  • I really don’t understand the french surrender joke.. They had Napoleon and Charlemagne after all. Their defeats were against equally matched or much stronger enemy, like Napolean vs England, Russia, Prussia, Austria coalition etc. While brits in comparison – getting their ass raped by a bunch of undisciplined and uncivilised Zulus… Did I mention their pathetic loss against Yanks? Since were at Yanks, Vietnam anyone?;P