Top 10 Reasons To Date a Short Guy


Japanese women are traditionally thought to have a strong preference for (relatively) tall men, but if the below ranking of the advantages of men of low stature is anything to go by, even small men may still be in with a chance…

The ranking:

1. He’s not intimidating

2. You can walk around holding hands without stance problems

3. They look cute

4. Whatever he does, he looks like he’s giving it his all

5. He looks young

6. He stimulates your maternal instincts

7. They have a certain charm

8. As he is eye-level, your neck doesn’t get tired

9. He’ll walk about the same speed as you

10. You can get away with fawning over him

Whilst perhaps heartening to munchkins, some of the reasons they are seen as appealing may not be very reinforcing of their masculine self-image, whilst others are rather on the pragmatic side.

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