Hikikomori Stabs Brothers & Kills Self For Being Told “Work!”


A hikikomori who carved up his brothers with a kitchen knife and then hanged himself after his twin brother dared to tell him to get a job has been highlighting the dangers of hikikomori interventions…

Police in Tokyo’s Suginami city learnt of the incident when they received an emergency call from an unemployed 75-year-old woman who reported that “my son is waving a knife around and stabbed his brothers!”

The catalyst for the incident was apparently the elder brother (45) lecturing his hikikomori sibling (45) and telling him to get a job, which caused him to fly into a rage and attack him. Their younger brother came upon the scene (42) and was then attacked himself.

Their mother lived in the same building and raised the alarm, and when police arrived they found the hikikomori had hanged himself, whilst his two brothers had been stabbed repeatedly and were in serious condition.

All three were taken to hospital, with the hikikomori being confirmed dead and the younger brother seriously injured, whilst the elder brother was so severely injured he remains unconscious in a critical condition.

The three brothers, the elder two of whom were twins, lived together with their elderly parents at the family home. Their father was not present during the incident, as he was receiving treatment at hospital.

Only the elder brother worked, although their parents were able to live comfortably off the rent they received from their numerous properties, and neighbours commented on how well maintained their residence was.

The substantial perils of interfering with a hikikomori’s isolation  are by now well known amongst those who it might be thought make up most of the hikikomori population themselves:

“Another one of your comrades is dead!”

“You guys, try to die on your own without incident.”

“Telling a hikikomori to work, this is a novel form of suicide…”

“There must be a lot of families like this around.”

“An unemployed over-40 is not realistically going to be able to get a job any more.”

“Telling a hikky to get a job is just reckless!”

“Kill yourself at the start. Annihilating your siblings is too cruel to your parents.”

“At least it all ended in their household.”

“This is your future! Please don’t drag other people into it, though.”

“At that age, it certainly would not be easy for them to get a job.”

“They were twins… I can kind of understand wanting to kill your ‘elder’ twin for lecturing you on how you should be working.”

“Thinking like that just makes you a potential murderer yourself!”

“The unemployed are seriously worse than any yakuza. Their families need to take responsibility for them.”

“Someone like that has nothing to lose, you cannot be sure what they will do.”

“Three single forty-something sons living together with their parents? Ye gods, what a squalid scenario!”

“He had the guts to do this and then hang himself. Finding a job should have been easy. It almost seems a waste.”

“I’m a fresh graduate and I can’t even find work. Some 40+ hiki is never going to find a job, even part-time.”

“And all this was on a Monday morning, what were they all doing there!?”

“A house that size in Suginami, their parents must have been elite and very wealthy…”

“I’m 25 and I can’t find work. No way could he.”

“With no experience, at 45 he couldn’t even get a part-time job at a conbini.”

“It’s amazing really. With Japan the way it is now, it really is easier for a hikikomori to kill themselves than to find work.”

“This is our future, getting nearer…”

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  • *facepalm* hikikomori…that guy didnt realy died from hanging himself, he didnt had a life to begin with n the older brother who knew the hardship of life paid for it. i blame the parents cuz from kids they should seriously educate their children even if that mean a good spanking, gives them character. true a 45yr old guys has very little chance of getting a job but being a hikikomori makes it a 0% chance thats for sure. i like to b at home playing games not working n all im sure alot of ppl feel that way but making that a way of living is not living at all. u dont get to know ppl, fall in love, get drunk (if thats ur wave), do reckless funny things(not going to enter on that subject tho)…there’s more life outside ur room, live it!

  • meh, i have no pride and if i could live comfortably doing nothing i would in a heartbeat… the fuck should i work my ass off to make someone else rich when realistically i will never be rich no matter how hard i work?

  • I think this could be chalked up to that lost decade of stagnation Japan had for pretty much this entire time. Old grandparents giving away their years of savings to kids who see little opportunity to be self sufficient get stuck in this rut for a little too long.

  • Think about it. There isn’t enough work for everybody. But there is still enough wealth for everybody. Not everyone has to work anymore. Isn’t this a convenient world we live in? We had all those inventions that made life a lot easier even making lots of jobs plain unnecessary. So now we have a world were there isn’t even the need to have everybody working. But still.. everyone needs to go to school and everyone is supposed to get jobs THAT DON’T EVEN EXIST. what the fuck, man. wtf.

    • the light at the end of the tunnel… what… i dont need to work….. get jobs that dont exist…. dont exist…. dont exist…. mhh maybe i should just dont care anymore…..

      goes back to hikki shell.
      aint i lucky… there isnt hikki where i live … its called differently ^^ and thus a lot less “hated”.

      if this internet rage can be considered hate.

  • If 3 brothers over 40 are living with thier parents, they most likley all have some form of social disability.

    Eldest Brother probly manages the parents finances, thus thinks he is better than his other brothers and rubs it in thier faces by telling them what to do.

    The man most likely snapped after his brother busted into his room, yelling at him to get a job, which the elder brother probly does a lot to show dominance.

    The problem with hikikomori isn’t that they are hikikomori, it’s society refusing to acknowledge that those people need help, you just think they are weird or should go die. Most of them have had some kind of trauma which cause them to lose faith in humanity, or to hate other people outside of family.

    My friend is kind of a hikikomori, he was in a tornado that destroyed half his town, he was trapped in his house for days because giant trees had fallen, surrounding his house. He was in a big neighborhood, yet while the news went on about how the town had come together as a helpfull society, no one bothered to check on the house surrounded by trees, until cadaver dogs showed up sniffing for dead bodies, 3 days after it had happened. He then had to go live with his sister under his power lines, and plumbing could be fixed, which he had no money to do so, and F.E.M.A. was giving him the run-around, saying he did not qualify for aid, even after a contractor had deamed his house unlivable, and totaled it. Until he could find a moving van to move his belongings out of his house, he had to leave them there, 5 days after the tornado, looters broke into his house and stole everything that wasn’t nailed down. After 2 weeks of hassling police for information, they basically admitted they didn’t do anything, and most likely would not to find the criminals. So, he lost his home, belongings, his dignity, and his faith in humanity. So he stays with his mom, whom his dad recently cheated on, just watching and re-watching any movie or anime that made him happy.

    • i can only imagine these… but
      i think the others in your scenario have had a big trauma too independently of someone helped them or not.

      it just may be that the others are showing the “scars” differently.

      anyway… i can understand him.

  • I feel a little bad for him. The sad bastard probably could never get a job even if he wanted one.

    “So, what experience do you have to offer my company?”
    “45 years masturbating in my mom’s basement.”

  • Japan is a very weird country.

    If you can’t find works immediately after graduate, people will discriminate you, and you can hardly find a good job. For his age, the chance to get any job is really low.

  • Being an asian guy, where a small penis is not accepted, it makes you do funny things like stay shut in and afraid to go out. That being said, its not surprising that asians have a high hikkimori rate, myself included.

    • ey yo motherfucker get to work for 40-80hours for an increase in 700 from allready 600 making it 1300.

      thats what some ppl call constructive critic.

      i am afraid to tell.. but especially shut-ins are not that good at receiving those kinds of criticism while the workers get treated like princesses.

  • “although their parents were able to live comfortably off the rent they received from their numerous properties,”
    So in other words unlike most hikikomori he wasn’t a strain on his parents bankbook. Whole incident was unnecessary.

  • “An unemployed over-40 is not realistically going to be able to get a job any more.”

    “I’m a fresh graduate and I can’t even find work. Some 40+ hiki is never going to find a job, even part-time.”

    “I’m 25 and I can’t find work. No way could he.”

    “With no experience, at 45 he couldn’t even get a part-time job at a conbini.”

    Seriously, its the exact same here in Michigan. My dad lost his Job recently because the employers were morons and bankrupted the company. He’s 56 with a Bachelors, there’s no way in hell he’ll find work! I’m 22 and I’ve been putting in Apps CONSTANTLY and I still can’t get hired! Fuck the world.

  • What the fuck. They should see how we do things in Russia. Our average salary is $650-700/month, and many earn no more then $500/month. Now, let’s count:

    Appartment bills ~ $160/month (it’s fucking cold here, so we always need hot water for warm)
    Food ~ $300/month (and you won’t eat all you want with that)
    Car gas ~ $70/month

    And we’re already over $500, so some people won’t even be able to survive on their own. If you substract that from my salary, that leaves me with $170 to spend on clothes/PC parts/games…. and you say Japan is bad????

    Triple lol bitch. Don’t mind the trollface, I’m fucking serious on this.

  • The workers are overworked and a there is no jobs available for the others, here’s a tought, make the work shift shorter and hire two people instead. I worked in the video game industry and crunch time is hell, the normal Japanese workers do that all year long. If I lived there I probably would become a hikikomori too or kill myself because I don’t want to work 80 hours a week.

  • “You guys, try to die on your own without incident.”

    “Kill yourself at the start. Annihilating your siblings is too cruel to your parents.”

    “This is your future! Please don’t drag other people into it, though.”

    If you’re planning to kill yourself, you should at least do it without causing problems for other people.

    • probably something like 30 years of shut-inness and groveling about the situation surrounding working oppurtinities… in his deepest slumb someone pressed the switch and boom ^^

      and this certain someone was someone very close thus resulting in a more emotional problem. you can easily tell your friend goodbye… but your family as a hikki. wont happen so easily.

  • “Telling a hikikomori to work, this is a novel form of suicide…”

    “Always a step ahead …
    taking innovation to the grave !”

    that’d be a nice slogan .
    (not sure about the effect )

  • man thats tragic, but it is hard to get a job without no experience, but why I am doing loads of volunteer work which will help build up references which can really help and be as a good as experience. But obviously people that are hikkomori’s do have more complicated issues than just them being lazy.

  • It actually would be better for society as a whole if he didn’t work; clearly there is enough wealth in the family for him and his younger brother to not have a job. Shouldn’t they let someone who needs it more take those jobs?

    • So are you saying it would be better for him in the long run? His parents and his siblings are already quite old. What if all of them dies and he is left alone? How can he support himself then?

      But then again, he is already 45. He doesn’t have a future anymore.

      • “How can he support himself then?” Seriously? If he is the last remaining memeber of the family he will simply inherit whatever money was left and the still producing money lands his parents owned. Not to mention any kids of life insurance. The correct question would be how does he get his food and nourishment? Unless he were to simply hire a maid to keep up the house chores and food supply.

      • meh.. we all depend on each other, pure independence is pure bullshit if you ask me..

        People now these days don’t even know how to grow their own food,let alone survive in the woods, yet they have jobs.

        So lets say if the system crashes and money is useless. Then we’re pretty much f**ked. We can’t really know what will happen in the future,even people with jobs can’t even be so sure if they’re going to be safe for the rest of their lives.

        Even if we grow our own food, we still depend on water, sunlight, how fertile is the soil,etc. If the planet earth is going to melt like mozzarella cheese and the sun is going to crash into the earth( ahem, 2012 doomsday yummy goodness anyone?), then we’re f***ed.

        Yes, there’s certain level of independence, you can be more independent than others, but pure independence is BS if you ask me.

        Just my thoughts..

        • Nope, just telling you how it is, even if you have a job,whether you are a hikikomori or not, you depend on others still, Who gives you place to work and money, yep your boss, who makes you food when you’re hungry, yep someone who works in the restaurant cooks for you, who grows the food that you buy in supermarket, yep the farmers, who makes cars and roads so you can drive around? yep the company and workers. do you design and make your own car? hmm maybe not.do you make your own device to generate electricity to power your home without relying on power companies? most likely not. who makes iphone and ipods for you to buy and play around with? yep the ones in china that have to work much harder and get paid even less and apple designs the product. who builds your home? you?

  • This sucks. I’m a 20 yr old NEET as well. Dammit…I really need to find work asap, instead of going on the internet and watching anime everyday. Honestly, it’s a bit scary, the thought of working. My boss would probably just yell at me all the time and fire me after 2 weeks. /sad

    • I know it won’t help if I just tell you: “Don’t worry.” But work isn’t usually as scary as it seems to be. I’ve started working just recently so I think I know how you feel. Being a student all my previous life, only having an occasional part-time jobs, it was very stressful to find a real job after school and I still do hate job interviews with passion. But I believe it’s the same for everyone. Or more or less everyone.

      I won’t lie. It may not be easy to find the job you like nowadays or to find a job at all. However, if you don’t have one in the first place, what’s there for you to lose? You can only win. Either you stay jobless which won’t change a thing or find something and will finally be able to feel good about yourself.

      Beginnings are always scary. It doesn’t matter if it’s a full-time or a part-time job, new school or something else. You’ll always feel insecure in situations that are new to you.

      I’m speaking from my own experience. When I started attending high school, when I started attending university, when I started at a new part-time job, when I started doing my current job… etc… I was always worried sick. And you know what? It’s a completely natural reaction to something you don’t know and it disappears rather fast. Usually, you find out that there’s nothing to be afraid of and what was once new to you is suddenly a part of your routine.

      It may happen you find a job you really hate, with a boss you can’t stand. Been there, done that. You can always leave. If your situation is so good you can afford not to work, then you can afford to leave a bad job, I think.

      I’m not going to preach to anyone because I never was a “hiki” and to be honest, I couldn’t care less how someone else lives their life. However, I did get my share of “hikis” for life and if there’s something I’ve learnt from that experience, it’s that nothing is solved by running away and that the fear you feel now will only grow and get worse and worse with time while your chances of finding something you might enjoy are slowly dying. You won’t win a battle if you refuse to take part of it just because there’s a slight chance you might lose.

      Just know that doing nothing often causes much more trouble than starting something new and possibly scary. I’ve seen that with my own eyes and wouldn’t ever want to find myself in such a situation. Moreover, it’s really nice to feel useful and to be able to pay for yourself with your own money – makes you feel proud.

      But I’ve talked way too long already.

    • Take it easy, dude. I got continuously blasted by my boss during the first couple of months that I really thought of leaving the company straight after I finished my industrial training (I initially worked there as an intern). A year has passed and while I’m not going to lie that life has been a little more stressful and lacking of free time eversince I started working, I have to say things aren’t as bad as I predicted it would be. In case your boss is really the 100% tsun 0% dere type, just make sure you already have some backups by going for interviews on certain companies before sending your boss your resignation letter.

      • Pretty much. I’m on the same boat…20 years old. I dropped out of college after my second semester. I’ve been out of school for about 1.5 years now. NO job. NO friends. It just showed me that friends or people will always disappoint me. When everything was fine, they were there, but once my life went down hill, I felt their judgment, especially when I decided to stop going school because of financial issues. Some close friends, all of a sudden, stopped keeping in touch with me. My name…would be thrown around even if I wasn’t there. Friend:”Oh hey, me and _____ saw each other last week. He asked about you, so I told him what happened. We were talking about how it sucks that you dropped out and stuff you know. Also, that your parents separated and your dad started living luxuriously with another woman even though he doesn’t support you, your mom, and your little brother at all.” Me: “What?” I understand that I’m the least person they would think of dropping out since I’ve always excelled in my studies. However, they have problems of their own, and yet they choose to feast upon mine because they don’t want to talk about their own issues. To think I trusted these people. For them to tell me that they continuously discuss my life and mention my name when I’m not present, over and over again is not fair to me. I decided that I’m better off not talking to anyone. The worst part is, it’s not like I’m bothering them with anything at all. They just want something to talk about. I’ve lost all hope in humanity. Never tell anyone, certain aspects of your life in confidence, no matter how much you trust them. You’ll end up disappointed.

        I’m not in school, because things didn’t work out the way I planned them. It must be nice to have parents who can afford putting you through college. Even if I worked now, I still wouldn’t be able to afford it. I guess I’m really sad that there really is no hope for me to afford college ever. I need to accept it and get over that sadness in order for me to start working and get on with my life. Hopefully in time I’ll get over the fact that I’ve always wanted to go to college and make something of myself, but isn’t meant for me. I’ve learned that making plans in life, no matter how well thought out, never works or isn’t realized most of the time anyway. Why bother? I don’t want to be a NEET forever, but for now this is how I feel.

    • >Dammit…I really need to find work asap, instead of going on the internet and watching anime everyday.

      And I have tell myself for the 100,000th time already….and I still didn’t find a job.

      And I am 26.

      • Mexican NEET here, only people with this problem can understand it. Some times I just feel like I should try to join a cartel, I could never kill myself (only other people), if I get in good, if I get killed just for trying good. Life is just so fucked up.

      • I’m 26 too, and I’m watching very little animes. I just don’t have the strength to search anymore because I realized I don’t even like living. I’m more in zombie mode than anything.

        • I’m glad to know I’m not the only 26 year old without a clear path in life. While it doesn’t sound like a big deal, where I’m from everyone my age is already married with a job, kids on the way. I’m still in school while everyone is 20, and I’m reminded of it regularly. I was also a hikikomori for almost two years (one of the reasons I didn’t graduate yet) and a lot of times (almost weekly) I get strong urges to just throw everything out of the window and become a hiki. It’s not so black and white as people like to make it look.

        • I’m 26 too. Being jobless since 1.5 year ago and very rarely go out. Got job interview next week, but I felt that even going out for preparation (to a barber, and copying my CV and other documents and stuff) is a big hassle. I even got scared to cross the road, being shut-in for so long. My point is that the longer you shut yourself, the harder it will be to face the world. It’s downward spiral.

        • 26 here, and I’m still at school. You might think then what’s the big deal but where I come from (not where I’m right now) everyone is already married with a job at 22 at most, well on their way. I feel like a loser because I’ll probably graduate when I’m 30 while surrounded by people 5-6 years younger than me.

          No job either, need to get one too, yikes.

        • 22 here, been a NEET since i graduated from uni last july…in between july and now, ive done 2 internships…. i actually lose money doing those (travel/lunch) just so i have some experiences on my CV… and yet, i still cant get a job… mind you… even internships require experiences these days…im offering to work for free and they want me to have 1 year of sales experience? getting a job is all about knowing people… sucks for me to be an immigrant with little to no links in the UK.

    • If you can find a way to do so, work from home. The coworkers are generally nicer, and no one cares if you play music while you work. You don’t have to pack or buy a lunch, and you can even surf the internet on your lunch break. Everything else is just putting in the hours to get the work done.

  • Shut-ins are sad fucks that are jobless not because they are lazy but have psychological problems facing the outside world. I don’t know why Japan has so many of them.

    From a cold utilitarian view, at least the productive twin survived.

      • Yes, you’re right. Its much more complex, as i’m shut in as well, for 4 years. In the future, i may decide to do a course that i’m passionate the most, such as illustration.

        But you see, anything that is related to art seems to be discouraged in the ‘real’ world. Some people can’t handle the pressure of the so called real world and they decide to shut in and contemplate on why life has to be this tough.Some people even want to do something that they find passionate the most, but they can’t because not having enough money and have to do shitty jobs,etc.

        Others just blame them as lazy,selfish or unwilling to ‘contribute’ society,but that’s is not completely true. To me, hikikomori is a symptom, the root of the problem is the society/system itself.

        Telling a hikikomori to go out and finding work, treating the symptom, is not enough, if the root problem is not addressed, then in the future, more people are going to be shut ins.

        Thats how i see it anyway, just my 2 cent

        Anyway, check out the venus project if anyone’s interested, sorry for my language too.

      • Right. Lazy AND choice. They CHOOSE to not apply themselves and thus be lazy fucks. It’s one thing to hardly work because you’re not needed often, but it’s another to CHOOSE not to apply yourself.

  • This is a lack of spanking as a child.
    If it were here in Brazil, the boy would have been chased away from home and only appears again when she had her own life.

    Isso é falta de surra quando criança.
    Se fosse aqui no Brasil, o rapaz teria sido enxotado de casa e só voltaria a aparecer quando tivesse vida própria.


    • Falar português num site inglês faz tanto sentido, não faz? Especialmente quando a pessoa compreende inglês e percebe o que está a ser discutido. *facepalm*

      Speaking Portuguese on an English site makes so much sense, doesn’t it? Especially when the person knows English and understand what’s being discussed. *facepalm*

        • Funny thing is that, in libya

          People had free education, free electricity,free housing,free healthcare,no tax,no debt, cheap food,Extremely cheap gasoline, government pays 50% of your car if you decide to buy one, free income every month as long as you register to the government!! Government pays even more if you decide to marry someone!!( i kid you not folks, google this shit). Tripoli had almost all people supported gaddafi.

          and here people think that life is hard,have to pay taxes, life is not simple,life is all about following what society wants you to do, even if you have to do job that you hate really the most, life is not about finding your passion,social pressure is a good idea and if someone finds something wrong with society, people label them as mental crackpot, and they think all the crap and so called ‘real world'(more like negative world) that the tv feeds them is true!!

          Thumb this shit down folks, i don’t really care anymore.. Sometimes i just think that life can be simpler and some people made it even harder..

      • Well, obviously.

        Without knowing the circumstances, heavily injuring a family member for being told to work and then comitting suicide hints at some serious psychological issues.

        But well, we don’t know the circumstances. We don’t know if they were arguing before that or if the guy was known for violent behaviour and so on.
        The suicide might not be because he was afraid to work or something like that but it may as well have been because of grief for attacking his brothers and not knowing how to deal with the situation.

        Again, we know NOTHING of the situation there and I doubt that we ever will (SanCom is not exactly known for thorough journalism and I can’t think of any other sources).
        All we know is this: One doesn’t stab his brothers and commit suicide after simply because of being told to work.

        The German dude

    • Para sua informação o retardado o Brasil é o pior lugar para se viver, muitos que saíram de acasa nunca mais voltaram ou seja estavam mortos e por e isso não mistures realidade diferente. os dois países são completamente diferente. e o nosso país é governado por políticos corrupta que tem a mentalidade igual a tua.

      • Vejo que temos um filhinho de papai aqui.
        deve ter sido criado a base de leite de pera e ovomaltine.
        A sua geração tem tudo, enquanto que a minha fez o trabalho todo para você ter o que tem.
        Agora eu pergunto, quem é o retardado? O que fica sem fazer porra nenhuma em casa, coçando o saco e fuçando a net, ou quem sai pra trabalhar e ralar de verdade?

        Pense nisso antes de condenar os outros.
        I see we have a daddy’s boy here.
        must have been created on milk pear and Ovaltine.

        Your generation has it all, while I did all the work for you to have what you have.

        Now I ask, who is retarded? What is not doing shit at home, scratching and digging in the bag net, or who goes to work and shred of truth?

        Think about it before you condemn others.


    • Why not? In the US most kids of wealthy parents never really work. They get their money to do with as they wish. Some make it grow moving it around, others relax and wait for the parents to die.

      • What about having lost employment during the lost decade and not being able to adapt?
        The end of lifelong employment in Japan had to been a shock to many who expected their first job at a large corporation to last for life.

        This also makes me wonder how wide spread this problem really is.

    • if the family is self sufficient, as in not needing to work and able to live off of basically doing nothing… i kind of see it cruel to force a kid to work in the “real world” where realistically he would be putting in 80 hour work weeks with un payed over time at bare minimum wage, barely able to afford food much less anything else.

      i can tell you if it was a brother telling me to work in a japan situation, i would kick the shit out of him, it it was parents, feal guilty… thats about it.

      • Isn`t it weird that it was the brother that confronted him to get a job not on of the parents?

        Maybe they accepted him for what he was, maybe he had some mental illness issues [before anyone jumps in here, its not only mentally disturbed people that kill others/themselves]

        Plus we do not know how mush goading the other brother did to him over what kind of time frame etc. I am not defending him, just as with all these news clippings all the facts are not usually present, it is made out as a sensationalist story to shock the reader.

      • i can still understand if a hikkikomori nor a NEET was still around 20s, but even if his parent are rich… does he really think his parent gonna look over him forever? until he died? obviously NO!

        and in this case… the guy is 45 years old! how shameless!

        • It’s not a matter of whether or not he’s lazy. If a guy is willing to kill his family members and then himself it means he’s already lost all hope and is just living out the remaining days of his life until he finally decides to end it. In this case, instead of family members simply trying to get him some professional help they tried to do the “tough love” thing like some of you morons think is the only solution and it backfired. It’s a problem with the person himself and society. If it’s to believed that a good portion of the 2Ch community are hikkikomoris, judging by their symptomatic reaction, view themselves with self-hatred and digust as much as society itself.

        • Obviously they were gonna look after him until they die. 30’s is the landmark to me than you need to get your shit together. Japan should have some social system to help these guys at least to live on their own. Getting your head together is much easier when you don’t have to hear nagging everyday.

          These guys know they are pretty much worthless human beings. Telling them they are doesn’t help anyone.

          If you can’t go to even closest shop with straight face (and not starting to cry because you mirror yourself of these people you see there) then it’s pretty damn hard to go to work everyday.

        • while your parents sit on their asses doing nothing and getting payed for it, you sit in a closet sized apartment and are forced into the japanese full time employment style.

          tell me, is it more shameful in japan to work part time, or not work at all… not usa standards or other parts of the world, but japan specifically.

          i can at least till you i would write my parents off as dead to me if they kicked me out while living VERY well (look at that picture, we can assume they were living well) doing nothing, and i would fight my brother verbally and physically if he suggested to get a job too, depending on how he fucking asked, the tone and situation.

        • No, it IS about money earned, since that’s exactly how capitalist society gauges whether or not you’ve earned your right to live. If someone has the money to live, be it by job, inheritance, or mooching, that’s all that matters realistically.

          If you want to get your panties in a bunch and be bitter that you have a shitty job and other people can get through life without having to toil like you have, then learn to work the system, or just work smarter.

          You pretentious fuck.

        • Apparantly, no. You don’t if you get the money for doing nothing. And think about it. There isn’t enough work for everybody. But there is still enough wealth for everybody. Not everyone has to work anymore. Isn’t this a convenient world we live in? We had all those inventions that made life a lot easier even making lots of jobs plain unnecessary. So now we have a world were there isn’t even the need to have everybody working. But still.. everyone needs to go to school and everyone is supposed to get jobs THAT DON’T EVEN EXIST. what the fuck, man. wtf.

        • That’s kind of stupid logic. I work but i only do it because i need money to survive. I don’t see why i should sacrifice 3/4 of my life working instead of having fun or doing staff i like if i was rich.

          Now if you love your work and you feel nice doing it is another matter because you do it for your own pleasure but if you do not why the hell would you make your life more unpleasant when you have the means to live without it? Keep doing a shitty job just to avoid being called lazy?
          Are you retarded or something?

          If for example i win the lottery, the next day
          i will be giving my resignation and planning a vacation. Like am gonna force my self to wake at early morning hours and lose 3/4 of the day when i can have fun. What am i an idiot?

      • Being an Otaku myself, I become love life more than ever, I can’t let myself die because many Anime / Manga / Game I still not enjoy yet.
        And even when I’m an Otaku myself, I still find Hikikomori disgusting. I’m one hell of lazy ass but I still working in order to buying what I needed. And even my family look at me disgust, I never have the thought to hurt them.

        • i too im a otaku, but not im not an extremist like those you see in videos and pictures with the room full in every inch of anime stuff, i own 4 figures but i have seen around 800 animes or more =P, i too have game consoles and my parents hate games…

          Currently im 23 studying at the university and i get part-time jobs all the time so i get the money i need to get my stuff done =P, me and my family have had fights but never with kill intent

      • Unbelievable. :l What is it with these people? I’m not saying these types ought to cold turkey quit their hikikomori ways, but at least make some income to lighten the burden of their existense. Personally, making money is a pastime, a hobby even, and I find it infinitely more entertaining than sitting around watching anime and playing video games. l: