Snow Miku Takes Over Family Mart


Snow Miku, Vocaloid goddess of winter, has descended upon Hokkaido Family Mart stores to allow Miku fans the chance to more effectively impoverish themselves in a low temperature environment.


The collaboration, limited to 51 Hokkaido stores, sees Family Mart stocking Hachune negi treats and Meguine Luka booze, along with the expected Snow Miku goods and some excessively cute plushies.



It is set to run from February 6th to February 12th; several additional events are to run during the period.

The promotion follows a series of increasingly successful anime-conbini tie-ups, which have seen national collaborations ranging from Lawson endlessly milking K-ON! to Ika Musume invading Ministop (resulting in some tasty shrimp sushi) – although this would be the first time Miku has managed to insert herself so prominently into a convenience store, it seems unlikely to be the last.


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