18-Year-Old Arrested for $100 Sex with 17-Year-Old Schoolgirl


Police have arrested an 18-year-old boy for having sex with a 17-year-old girl, charging him with child prostitution.

Tochigi police charged the 18-year-old schoolboy with child prostitution after he “knowingly” (in fact it is illegal whether known or unknown) promised to pay ¥10,000 to a 17-year-old schoolgirl for sex, which the couple subsequently engaged in.

Police report that he admits the charges. Once convicted, he faces a maximum of 5 years in prison and a fine of no more than ¥3,000,000.

Online the Japanese are as usual unable to comprehend the application of their own often bizarrely applied sex crime laws:

“What was wrong with this? If you can arrest him for this, everyone’s going to be arrested.”

“I don’t understand why someone would pay a girl their own age for sex.”

“I don’t get it. Was it the money changing hands which caused problems? Why not just offer her a meal?”

“If he was arrested without actually having paid her anything it is pretty harsh.”

“It’s a crime even if you don’t pay them. Really messed up law.”

“If you’re 18, do it normally!”

“I suppose they should just arrest everyone under 18 who has had sex.”

“No wonder our birth rate is so low.”

“This is just sad. Don’t young people in this country have any freedom?”

“Get cheated by a whore and you can expect to go to jail.”

“[Quoting the letter of the law] The chil prostitution laws define a child as anyone under 18, so if you pay for sex with them…”

“The problem was that he paid for it. If he had done her for free they wouldn’t have arrested him.”

“Give her a present in exchange for sex = no problem.

Give her money in exchange for sex = be arrested.

So just give her gift certificates in future.”

“Presents count as compensation for the purposes of the law.

You can’t give her so much as a strap for her mobile phone.”

“So buying a girl a meal and taking her to a hotel is a crime?”

“This makes any dating where you buy someone a meal prostitution.”

“So practically all minors who are dating are guilty of child prostitution as they have given gifts to each other?”

“Another prostitute playing the victim card to get a guy arrested.”

“Why don’t they ever arrest the seller as well?”

“This is like busting the buyer in a drug deal but letting the seller go every time.”

“They should arrest the girl too, it’s not like he raped her. For all we know she may have pressured him into agreeing.”

“So if the ages were reversed, they’d arrest her? I wonder.”

“So now we have 18-year-olds paying each other for sex. You’re supposed to coax them into it!”

“I can kind of understand some old guy doing this, but an 18-year-old doing it is just sad…”

“The 18-year-old kid probably said he’d pay her but didn’t, so the 17-year-old slut tattled on him to the cops.”

“For ¥10,000 you could just go to a soapland…”

“If it was Tochigi they don’t have trains or anything there, he could have just been paying her travel expenses. Imagine having to take a 15km taxi ride into another town.”

“Kind of strange to ban money changing hands but allow things like Christmas presents.”

“What’s important is how this came to light. Did she rat on him after a problem with payment? Or did they get busted using a deaikei site?”

“She might have got herself busted from other customers and only then did he come to light when she shopped them all in to police.”

“And to think you can marry girls at 16.”

You lot have got the wrong end of the stick here. He was busted for exchanging something for sex with a JK [high school girl]. If they were really dating it wouldn’t be a problem. Even a 50-year-old dating a JK would be OK.”

“That’s not true – I know a guy who was in his early twenties and dated a JK, and after they split she hated him and reported him to police and they arrested him. The sex itself was a crime. He could never trust women after that.”

“Enko amongst actual school kids is just sad. Do it once you’ve become some fat old guy. For boys it’s supposed to be free.”

“School kids buying and selling one another. Sad.”

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