“Peeper” Victimises Ayana Taketatsu on Train


Moeblob seiyuu Ayana Taketatsu (Azunyan) has complained of being “peeped at” and filmed by creepy otaku on the Tokyo subway.

She filed her victim report with the masses on Twitter in the tersely eloquent prose common to users of the medium:

“Hmmm, this is most suspect. I may have been the subject of a peeping tom on the Fuktoshin line. And using video…

He shouldn’t have got my pantsu or anything, he seemed to be just filming me sat down. What can you do about this?”

“I should have filmed him back!! Maybe that would have been good proof of what he was up to!! But that’s a crime as well… Sorry. I was hungry, I couldn’t think properly. Curse my appetite.”

“Damn it, this is annoying! I should have at least made a face at him!”

It should be noted that taking photographs of people (or women who subsequently complain about it, at any rate) or using their likeness without permission is a regularly punished crime in Japan.

There is some debate as to whether this was a random encounter with a creepy seiyuu otaku, a random encounter with a creepy pervert filming a pretty girl, or even a stalker or similar, which Taketatsu seems to have attracted an abundance of:

“Poor girl!”

“I can’t believe one of those peeping bastards would target Ayachi. Probably it was just a habitual offender shooting a cute girl.”

“She’s gradually turning into the next Hirano. Next she’ll be making stuff up about taxi drivers…”

“I think she’s just trolling for sympathy.”

“Upload your pics, guys.”

“So Ayanyan uses the Fukutoshin line…”

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