DC Comics: “Buy American, Dump Your Manga!”


DC Comics and one of their more xenophobic comic shop minions have apparently been caught playing with fire – their latest flier supposedly urges true American patriots to dump their slant-eyed yellow “manga” in favour of the all-American option of muscle-bound superheroes, by trading in traitorous foreign comics for a flag-rubbing DC Comics title.

More classic DC Comics titles along the same lines:


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    • Hentail Feathers says:

      Indeed. DC Comics used to kick ass, but now they’re pretty drab and uninspired. Doesn’t help that the artwork is often just as drab and uninspired.

      Not that Marvel’s totally perfect themselves (they’re getting too “casual” these days, for my tastes), but at least their worlds are colorful–both aesthetically and with the story lines.

  • Ok… guess I’ll have to point out the truth massive bucket of fail staring us all in the face…
    This is supposed to be a super pro-American poster, but look at the superheroes they chose…
    Superman is from Krypton.
    Wonder Woman is from Amazonia.
    Aquaman is from Atlantis.
    And you NEVER see any of them getting a green card, do ya? They’re all illegal immigrants. Hell, the only born native is Green Lantern, and his power comes from an alien ring! What is this REALLY trying to say about the USA?

  • Anonymous says:

    i have been to “A Comics Shop” in Winter park, decent place but never thought they would pull such a ridiculous stunt lol then again its the right winged xtian ‘ liberal capital of the world.I hate it here. *shrugs *

  • Pretty much every American comic book fan I’ve come across is like this. They’re a lost cause obsessed with shitty spandex. Best to just let them and their sad industry die after movies have finally soaked up the last amount of caring America or anyone has for those weirdos.

    • Hentail Feathers says:

      Pretty close-minded of you to think this represents “North Americans.” A significant population of Americans enjoy Asian comics. We’re literally the biggest non-Asian market in the West.

      Get educated some more. This is a Floridian comics shop. Even most of America doesn’t like Florida.

      If you don’t know what Florida’s like, just consider that it’s to the U.S. how Russia is regarded by the rest of Europe. Generally, a bunch of back-country yahoos who feel threatened by the rest of the world around them.

      Oh, and don’t be so quick to insult American comics. Plenty of American artists admire and are fans of Japanese artists, and vice versa. It’s not all “America vs. Japan” as so often sensationalized.

      Manga, after all, was born in part as an emulation of American comics and Disney animation. Without American comics being some of an influence, you wouldn’t have had series like shonen genre, which was born in part as an adaptation of superhero comics.

      I like both kinds of comics, though I prefer Japanese comics’ stories more.

  • Totally loving the America hate in the comments. I mean, why would you want such horrible comics like Watchmen, The Sandman and Deadpool when you can have such awesome series as Kiss Players, The Thunder Prince and Ninja Resurrection?

  • gezz. ya know. if everyone listened to this the japanese would go broke. their slow growth makes it hard for manga to sell all that well, so they branch off into the us. which happens to “love” anything from the asia region of the world.

  • I’m going to preface this TL;DR comment by saying that I enjoy both manga and American comics. Please actually read all of my points before you reply with some ad hominem bashing Americans or their comics. Also, please note that I am not trying to sway anyone into liking American comics more than manga. I know this site, I know that most of you will never, ever think this way (and that is just fine).

    Firstly, as stated in previous comments, the ad is not the work of DC. It is a comic book store owner who created this poster. The second image shown is old as hell, back when everyone was openly racist. Obviously this does not reflect modern day DC Comics or their fans.

    Deconstructing these comments, paraphrasing because I read a lot of very similar ones:

    1.’I’m boycotting American comics because this guy is so arrogant and racist for believing that American comics are better than manga.’

    A) You probably aren’t even reading any American comics if you decide to boycott them because of what one person implied.
    B) The ad implies ham-fistedly (thereby satirically) that American comic books are better than manga. Of course the owner doesn’t believe that all American comics are better than any manga. If he did believe this, he wouldn’t want the manga volumes in his store at all. The purpose of the ad was to make money (what an asshole, trying to make money with his business*), get people interested in new DC titles (oh my God this man is a horrible person*), and to get people to trade in their old unwanted manga (BLASPHEMY! EVERY MANGA EVER SOLD IS A MASTERPIECE THAT SHOULD SIT ON YOUR SHELF FOREVER*). Oh, and to stir up controversy. All press is good press, and judging from these comments, it was very successful.

    2.’What a rip off, $10 volume (~70-150 pages) for a $3-4 issue (~20-30 pages)’

    A)Good luck trying to sell your manga volumes for more than $2.50 at any second hand book store. You will never unload your old manga for more than you bought it, unless it is a really awesome, no longer accessible manga (in which case, you will probably not want to sell it anyway). You could use eBay, but the comic shop’s way is a very convenient way to trade it in.
    B)American comic issues have color (usually), so of course they’re going to cost more per page.

    3.’All American comics are just big muscular men, no thanks, that’s super gay.’ [Yes, it is true that there are more muscular men in American comics than in manga. I will not deny this.]

    A)Why is this a bad thing? I am not gay for reading about these burly men: I don’t jack off to American comics, I read them for the interesting story, artwork, and characters. If you actually read American comics, you would know that the world of DC has a variety of body styles. Yes, a large number of them are unrealistically muscular, but I don’t read any comics for realism.
    B)Muscular men in tight outfits is not gay. Men having relations with men/women having relations with women is gay. Some of these xenophobic and homophobic comments made me die a little on the inside.

    4.’American Comics do not end, making them boring. Manga has a definite ending point so it is more interesting.’

    A)Neither part of this is completely true. Any of the Shonen mangas go on and on without any ending in sight. Many American comics have definite endings.
    B)The way that the DC/Marvel universes work means that even if one series comes to a finish, the world that it took place in still goes on. Manga works differently in that it is usually set in it’s own isolated universe. Just because they have different systems of continuity does not make one better than the other. They are just different.

    5.’What a great deal, lol cheap toilet paper’

    A)You’re funny. I laughed, no really.*
    B)There is more surface area in the manga volume that you would have traded in.

    [If I was wrong about anything in absolutely any way, please tell me what I was wrong about.]

    [“*” denotes sarcasm]

  • White Christian Americans are nothing to ethnocentric rasist.

    They are stupid with an educational system that is for the fucking 50’s still the same racist bigotry.

    Too in love with the sound of their own voice.

  • Comics > Manga

    Superior art, coloring, plot, etc.

    Anime and manga industry is dead. Thank the moefags.

    Also I hardly see how this is xenophobic or racist. It’s a money making opportunity because weebs will pay exuberant amounts of money for their moe.

  • !!!!!!!!!!ROBOT G-SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!
    The way I read it was ROBO-MAMA wants you to buy American!… then followed by a drawing of MAN-panties with a GLOWING G-SPOT or laser dick
    !!!!!!!!!!ROBOT G-SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!ROBOT G-SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!ROBOT G-SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    DC Comics now with more
    !!!!!!!!!!ROBOT G-SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just going to point out that this wasn’t DC comics.

    Look at the very bottom of the poster, the address, it’s ONE comic book store. ONE.

    DC Comics gives local comic book stores some money to advertise their “New 52” (a relaunch of all their titles) for them. Now, obviously, MOST of the retailers are sensible about this and just use it for ads and simple posters, and the like

    This ONE guy has been a complete retard about it with what is essentially a scam, and has, well, caused articles like THIS to happen, which is just slinging mud on the company that was paying for him to advertise their product.

    It’s probably going to cause DC to cease funding local stores for ads, and that’s a damn shame.

  • so america doesnt wanna admit we lack culture. propping relics revived with politics, and advertisements. anyone know stan lee visited the white house during the start of the drug war.

    now while im not an avid fan of all american comics. i do like the following series.
    witchblade (sexy…), spawn (superhero from hell, with limits and a main series that ended), iron man (not the new modern one. but his concept ruled. and is very anime like.his powers progess intellgently) and spiderman (first poor superhero with a sidekick with benifits, *blackcat*) green laturn (for the topics covered cause of the fact the powers were cosmic/emotion based.) xmen , hulk (for the concept.) and batman.

    now i do like the crossover thing america does. not that its pulled off right….

    but thats all i have to say postive for pre 2000 comics. anyting past 2000 can shove off…

  • “Buy American”? Uh…whenever I buy manga, I do so from publishers in America: VIZ Media, Yen Press, and Dark Horse.

    But thanks for the advice. With Yen Press continuing to release K-ON!, Yotsuba&!, and soon to release PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA, I’ll definitely continue to “Buy American” like a patriot.

  • Ok, guys, let’s take a step back and use our heads here (lol I know right). Would DC Comics really do something like this? If they did, why is it that I’ve only read about it here on Sankaku Complex and lesser sites and message boards?

  • This is funny, because every single manga I own has “printed in the U.S.A.” on it…

    Plus they are liscensed out to American companies.

    And American retailers get my money when I buy the manga there.

    So in reality, I am supporting America quite a bit by buying manga.

  • Oh like I’d trade in one of my volumes of Trigun or Ghost in the Shell for fucking Aquaman or some shit. Besides, at least manga has the decency to not re-boot itself every few years because the universe just got too messy(unlike a certain comics company). DC is already living in a pretty big glass house, they really shouldn’t be throwing stones.

    • only because american consider everything racist they say to be “normal” .
      for the rest of the world , you’re the most xenophobic out there .

      european say something ? WWII !
      japanese say something ? PEARL ARBOR !
      something happen to any of them ? YOU DESERVED IT !
      europe or japan do something ? WHO CARE?
      (oh , you actually cared when japan won that thing back there … enough to recall pearl arbor AGAIN )
      arab ? TERRORIST !
      english ? LOLQUEENLOLOLOL

      (care to complete the list ? )

  • Its funny I actually read a manga remake of x-men, and I liked the art a bit better, in one aspect that bugs me to no end in american comics. They didn’t overemphisize the lips in the manga. That is american comic art’s biggest flaw. That and the women look too surly. Its funny I’m an american artist in the process of making his own graphic novel and I have to point it out. Though I dont do that and I am more in style a blend of american and japanese art. Also one of the few americans that can draw anime and it doesn’t look blocky.

  • Does anyone notice that the store is only doing this because they will sell used mangas for $5 a book while only giving the trade-in a $2 comic book? I don’t care how good the new 52 is, thats robbery.

  • I used to absolutely love Marvel comics in the past… but frankly, nowadays I’d trade 10 Marvel comics for 1 manga. As for DC, was never a fan… I do know that quality was good back some 10 to 20 years ago, dunno how they are today.
    Campaigns like these are just stupid. People should just stop wasting time with the fruitless war of western comics and mangas, and just read what they like.
    I personally see nothing wrong in liking both genres.

  • Every country wants people to buy from their own country, even Japan. It’s just a promotional thing. No offensive language has been used in the advert and all offense is implied by the idiot posting this topic. Hilarious.

    Japan had war propaganda too, but that’s not a kawaii thing to mention on an animu site. Only anti american sentiments are sugoi.

  • AHHH HA HA HA HA SCREW THAT, Americans can never get me to buy their stupid comic crap Manga is soo much better, better art, better story, and cheaper too
    America i maybe Canadian and all i can say is kiss my ass you racist money grubbing freaks btw here’s some math for you
    Comic $4.00
    manga $12.00
    comic 10 pages
    manga 200+
    200 divide by 10=20
    so for $80 i could by maybe 6 manga’s or for $80.00 i could buy 20 comics equal to 1 Manga
    WOW tough choice more bang for my buck or a complete rip off
    comic big burly strong sweaty men or manga sweet cute and adorable loli’s and cute girls sometimes half naked…yeah I like my boobs so I’ll take Manga

  • This is kinda stupid… You still have to buy manga in order to exchange it, this might actually boost manga sales with people buying the manga, read it and then excange it into the DC comic… Two for the price of one.

  • I haven’t read all of the comments (there are so many) but I bet that most of them are all up in arms about this, because it’s “us vs. them” bait.

    I read another article on this, and some claim that this is kind of a tongue-in-cheek ad.

    I don’t know how Sankaku equates real propaganda comics with this. I don’t think this is as harsh as those are. It’s still a bit “WTF?”

    People who buy comics are probably not buying manga, and vice versa. I think the crossover is relatively small, and this ad just doesn’t work.

    • Hentail Feathers says:

      I would side with you here, but given that this ad ran in Florida, I’ve learned to never underestimate the stupidity dwelling there in Florida. I wish I could be sure this was just tongue-in-cheek, but Florida’s reason enough to pause at such a notion.

  • The only american thing I’d like to buy is a P-51 Mustang. Anything else is thrash.

    All in all, screw this “american” ad full of bullcrap. The only thing DC achieved in this one is driving away potential customers.

  • not surprised. i mean, those american shit costs here and you only get a few pages. who would buy that? unlike mangas there’s a story you can look forward to. american comics are like:
    problem->challenge->climax->end. and all of that in 1 measly comic book that’s less than 300 pages. boring predictable story with a one-track mind with utterly lame humor? nah.. i can’t relate to that. i don’t live an action-packed life where i fly and smack my boss to next tuesday.

  • The only compromise is to pirate manga. We get to indulge in our cultural cock-sucking of Japan, and America doesn’t get to compete with manga financially. The catch is: Why would anyone want to pay for American comics as well, when you can get your comic fix for free in the form of web comics, zines, etc. not to mention pirating American comics as well? (The last one is out of the picture if some Americans find it their solemn duty to become internet privateers for the sake of patriotism.)

    Think of piracy as an equalizer: When you’re not influenced in your opinions by the price of a comic book/manga, you’d naturally go to the one that is honestly more interesting.

  • 1) No loli.

    2) No loli.

    3) No loli.

    Overall, American comics just sucks and aren’t cute. You don’t get the “Ahhhh… So cute!” feeling. Art is really mundane. Story too. It’s not concrete. Basically in American comics, shit just happens. Leaving the reader having a “WTF”, moment.

  • Ughhh… right. Like I’ll want to read about a bunch of sweaty guys in tights running around slapping equally disturbing villains in the face. God, they’re so simple just like the author’s minds. I’d would much rather die reading manga then live but commit to reading these so called “stories”.

  • Really really simple DC,fans like manga because it’s hot,not because Japanese are making it.

    If this was 1964,you’d be offering country music albums for Beatle records under the idea that kids were going crazy for them because they were British.

    (walking away mumbling)

  • america being the only place that calls football soccer and put american in front of a well established sport to try and call it their own. WHAT YOU PLAY IS CALLED RUGBY AND THOSE DUDES DONT NEED HELMETS AND SHOULDER PADS.

    • Hentail Feathers says:

      a. America isn’t the only place. Canada uses “soccer,” too. hehe 😉

      b. America calls our gridiron variant of football “football” because it derived from the same family of “football” sports that association football and rugby football did. Gridiron football is actually just a variant of rugby.

      c. Rugby plays differently than gridiron football, because the game ball is constantly live and you’re not tackling to stop the play, but rather, to transfer possession of the live ball. You’re tackling the player in order to retrieve the ball and keep it in live play. You also have to tackle in a way that protects yourself, because you too are exposed. A tough sport, indeed, that features a lot more technique in its tackling.

      Gridiron football is very different, in that you’re trying to stop the ball possession from advancing, at all cost. The sport’s improved on its tackling aspect, but it’s still pretty much anything-goes. The hits are harsher, because players are aiming to stop the runner cold, hoping to stop the runner with negative yardage, and hoping to cause a fumble (lost possession of the ball).

      So, the pads are necessary, but they do give a false sense of security, because tackling in gridiron football is inherently more reckless. It’s no sign of weakness to wear a helmet and pads for a sport where stopping the ball (runner) itself is the goal. Whereas

      In any case, rugby players generally respect gridiron football players, and gridiron football players generally respect rugby players. Hell, some gridiron players ARE rugby players. And rugby’s growing with some newer popularity here in America. Look it up sometimes.

      d. I’ll never understand why the world gives America flak for using “soccer,” when it wasn’t even America who created the term–the British first dubbed association football “soccer.” America, having its own football variant developing, decided to use “soccer” to differentiate between the two sports.

      We’re not the only ones to do this–go to Australia, and “football” there is applied to Australian-rules football first, followed by association football.

      e. I won’t insult association football. I will say this much: By and large, America prefers sports where scoring is frequent enough to justify spending a few hours watching the sport. We generally aren’t fans of sports where the game can end in a 0-0 tie.

      We also prefer sports where team possessions of the ball occur consistently, and isn’t just an endless series of sloppy interceptions. Because it’s fun when whole teams work together in unison to create a score, more than once in a game, almost every game. (Which is one reason why Americans respect rugby far more than we generally do “soccer.”)

      Association football only caught on with the rest of the world because the British Empire once ruled 1/4 of the planet, and the rest of the world never developed their own dominant sports away from British Empire’s rule. Similar’s true about cricket in India/Pakistan.

      Soccer’s best teams are European teams, but most of the world that enjoys soccer are second- and third-world nations (thus, all the FIFA corruption towards those nations). The first-world nations that appreciate association football as their main sport are European nations, mostly. (Surprise, surprise.)

      Countries that DID manage to break away from British rule, or who at least developed their own “first-world” backbone, developed their own dominant sports (USA has gridiron football, Canada has hockey, Australia as Aussie footy, etc.)

      f. Contrary to non-Americans’ popular belief, there are quite a following of association football fans in America. I mean, it’s fifth-place in the rankings of professional team sports here, but it’s still got a strong niche following here.

      Its popularity is actually growing a bit more these days, particularly since more kids are playing “soccer” these days and parents are super-scared to let their kids play gridiron football now, due to CTE issues being controversy.

      Also, we’ve got a new young phenom here (Christian Pulisic) who’s giving American “soccer” fans some hope of growing interest.

      g. Better to love sports, than to not love any sports at all, I say. Sports help keep the world a bit more peaceful. We could be killing each other in giant wars, like in days of old.

      Sports are a substitute for war, in many ways. And they embody the human spirit.
      Sports are humanity’s only entertainment where, though set-up scenarios of competition, the human drama enacted are real, and its action is in real-time.

      So, even I, as some ‘Murican who’s personally not fond of association football (“soccer”), am glad the sport’s around. …Even if soccer is a girly sport. (I tease.)

    • Well, football is called “football” not because it had anything to do with kicking a ball, but because it was played on foot, as opposed to horseback. earlier on, it was called football in America but changed to soccer by the 70’s. Rugby used to have the same rules as soccer and was called football too, until different rules diverged. As for the padding, we don’t deny how manly rugby is, but it’s just smarter to have some pads and helmets.

      • Hentail Feathers says:

        Well, also, rugby’s just a different kind of game than American (gridiron) football. I’m also American, but I’m a fan of both sports.

        The objective and the style of tackling in rugby is fundamentally different than in our American (gridiron) football.

        In rugby, you’re not tackling so much to down the player, but rather, to retrieve the ball and keep it in live-play. The tackling isn’t about stopping the player so much as it is about taking the ball. They also tackle with more care and self-awareness of themselves, just because they are all exposed.

        In our preferred “football” sport of choice, we see tackling to stop the possessor cold, from further advancing on the field. The ball is dead at the tackle, and hopefully, the tackler can cause a fumble or set the runner back with negative yards.

        Also, I wouldn’t say that it’s particularly “smarter” to wear pads, because we’re especially verifying these days just how little the pads do protect football players.

        The padding is to make a reckless sport more bearable to do, but it’s not particularly making the sport itself safer. If anything, the helmet and pads give the players a falser sense of security, and so they tackle more recklessly.

  • hmm… should i choose a well thought out original manga series with deep character development despite how ridiculous the story may be and made often by one author and their assistants by hand?

    or should i choose an American comics series that always retells their character’s story over and over again but in different time frames to try to stay relevant made by groups of different authors making all comics in general spin offs and not original.

  • is this real or just another one of sankaku’s posts trying to be anti-America? thats one thing ive noticed gradually, you try to incite some kind of rage. It makes no sense, manga costs more than comics so the trade in is off by a lot, plus DC has special issues every now and then where they bring in manga artists, and before you go and say they are racist against Asians too, DC’s most coveted artist and creater is Asian. Maybe this was a flyer by some kind of wierd comic shop owner and has nothing to do with DC other than the fact he has an overstock of thier comics.

  • UraSapMrJap says:

    DC Comics didn’t make this ad, it was just a promo made by the fellas at A Comic Shop down the street from me. They don’t hate manga, they just know that American Comics are better and willing to give people a chance rectify their horrible mistakes.

    I buy the One Piece volumes because its pretty much the only Japanese title that has a rich a universe as the marvel or dc ones, without feeling made-up along the way like bleach or just plain wastes characters like Naruto.

    Everything else Japanese that is even readable is already something Marvel or DC has done long before anyways. Whatever Japanese shit that is left is made for pedophiles, losers, rapists and other people that fear colors.

  • Would consider it if their stories and characters weren’t so immature and melodramatic. Pictures aren’t half bad, but little diversity of artistic style. Also, everything feels so second rate and trailer trash; no trace of subtlety or sophistication.

    In other words, keep it for kids. They may also be the only audience clueless enough to fall for their drivel.

  • Fuck DC comics and the rest of American comics. Japanese manga/anime/gaming/etc is obviously more superior to the shit you have done over and over again over the years. Sounds to me that America is still jelly and butthurt by many more Americans becoming otaku. ^ ^

  • WTH, lol. If I want to read a super hero story I’ll get an American “comic” (Marvel not DC, blech) If I want to read ANY other kind of story, then I’ll grab a manga. What an obnoxious promotion.

  • I talk to him! This is a front he thinks that since manga companies have been shutting down he thinks that the first editions will cost a money in the future. He said on his website that he is going to resell them after the pormotion is over….

  • Why? The only “comic” I buy, anymore, is the Marvel Halo books and that’s only because I like the game. Read it once then put it on the shelf. I hadn’t read a Superman or Batman comic in over 10-15 years, lost all of my Spiderman comics, everything new, these days, is either about fucking zombies or the end of the world, the new art styles looks like Turok: Dinosaur Hunter fucked Preditor and the offspring matted Chewbacca.

    No, I think I’ll keep the awesomeness that which is manga.

    PS: Ya, I’m American. Live with it. 🙂

  • DC’s probably just bitter because their manga venture failed. Of course, they continually censored (like actually censored, not the “censoring” that people make up) so many of their titles, so it’s no wonder they failed.

  • *Bitch Please* XD


    You CAN’T get real Fans by Stealing them from the other

    Take care of your own Fans and get more Fans by your own Comic’s quality.

    Doing this is just like they prove themselves dun have enough talent to find their own potential fans 🙂

    How ridiculous ! =)

  • I’m a big DC fan. Despite watching a ton of animu I probably read more American comics than manga. However, I have to agree that this is pretty uncalled for. Also, trading a manga for a comic isn’t “buying American” technically.

  • I have to say: American comics and superhero icons do have a place in my heart and the back of my mind. Seeing as I grew up watching Spiderman, Batman, and the rest along with Animes off of Toonami and early weekend morning airings of FOX and what not channels. Those were the good old days when I could watch my american cartoon generics along with my epic dubbed animes.

    DC comics saddens me with this notion, that manga should be straight up thrown out over their comics. It’s a blatant claim that their works are superior. What happened to the “justice”? Why can’t DC comics and their stereotype societal figures re-conciliate with their cute-cuddly counterparts from abroad? Grow up DC Comics, stop trying to control the world of comics.

  • Lets see…..

    Comics are generic as hell, the art sucks and is unrealistic s hell(i mean manga tits are one thing, but everyone being a supermodel? REALLY? I mean even the ones who DON”T have drugs injected into them still have the most ridiculous bodies ever.)

    The action literally has “kaboom!” in it. The plot, is laughably “jeee i wonder who will make a cameo”. + the plots all are irrelevent unless its by the ORIGINAL author, otherwise its just fanfiction.

    The same characters, re-used hundreds of times. Its like if their were 100 different naruto series.

    New characters are basically xmen. Last original character seen was deadpool, and only because he is funny.
    Marvel and DC suck at making their stuff easy to buy since half of it is the same name with “amazing” or “ultimate” or “super”. Like come on, really?

    Comics are just relics now, they only re-hash the same old stuff, they are generally of the mind of a 10 year old, and they only touch on good an evil.

    Anyone mention the walking dead? Its zombies. No matter how good a show it is, how good a comic, its simply a re-hash of EVERY zombie thing done.

  • No no,

    Nationalist = Brainwashed
    Patriot = loves country and willing to acknowledge, then work to solve problems.

    For further clarification:

    Nationalist: “USA! USA! JAPS GO F*** YOURSELVES”

    Patriot: “Dang, Japs got good manga, I’m gonna take over the comic industry over here in America and make stuff better than them.”

  • It’s not so much the manliness issue as much as it is the quality of art issue.

    I mean come on, compare Train Heartnet from Black Cat to any incarnation of Superman, Superman looks like a frickin block of playdough for heaven’s sake and you want me to spend my money on this???!!!!!

    It’s called competition DC comics, maybe if you’d come up with higher quality stuff you wouldn’t be having this issue!!!

  • claiming to be patriotic does not give you the right to diss other culture while waving flag… I like that comment before, shows some mature mind indeed

    what I dislike from most comics is that they tend to kick logic in the face and toss it to the garbage, especially when introducing new arc, while most good manga has good logic and connection in its story… that, or its specific appealing sides that emphasized trough the story and deliver some clear message

    well, crappy stuffs appear in both manga and comic though, so I think thats not a big deal

    but if you give hate speech, you are showing every sane person here how moron you are

  • Lol It’s not our fault that American comics suck. It has nothing to do with being patriotic or supporting my country. I buy the better product. It’s the same reason I prefer korean bbq over In N Out. Does that mean I’m anti-american?

  • I don’t see what’s so bad about “limit one per American customer.” If you were born in or have lived in the states for 7 or more years, then you’re considered American. Beside, they’re just trying to boost sales (not that this will work when you take into account what happened with the old 52) and also American patriotism isn’t the same now as it was back in the 40’s when those Superman war propaganda comics were printed. But now that I think about it, how much variety is there, genre-wise, in American comics? From my point-of-view (someone who isn’t really into either), there doesn’t seem to be much compared to what Japanese comics have to offer. I think it’s something worth looking into. Maybe DC should research why manga is more popular in the states as well and drop… whatever that thing is. Robama? Something tells me I’m not supposed to be laughing at that. lol Ahh, poor Cyborg. XD

    • it’s funny you say that, considering all manga authors do is steal from another. All of the FSN Saber clones, harem titles, tsundere schoolgirls & lack on international best selling novels are proof enough Japan is far worse, when it comes up to “original thought”.

  • I’m considering going back to comics. I can’t find any decent manga anymore (and the anime/manga fans, otakus or whatever really annoy me: they are either a bunch of spoiled kids or emo teens or lonely adults…). Ugh.

  • I see this as a positive. DC Comics is realizing that Manga is a rising threat in the American market so they’re trying to preemptively dissuade new fans. Plus, it just one dumb store promotion in Florida, not a national movement by DC Comics.

    As for the vintage superman, those were printed in 1943 during war time with Japan. I consider it a wash with all the anti-American propaganda that was floating around Germany and Japan at the time.

  • No offense dudes but this article seems silly. I get that there was a lot of propaganda before, during and after WW2; but the Robama thing is clearly a light-hearted joke. Let’s be honest if you go to comic shops and buy manga chances are you’ll have a couple volume 1s you don’t want, they’re just trying to get in new readers really.

  • Who would want to trade their more superior Japanese manga for some shitty American comic book? Besides, look at manga. More pages, more art, no lame ass ads. And you get a lot more for your money. Nuff said.

  • I agree with this deal being stupid as hell, this is more or less another way for this site to kinda bash the west. As most people here I do enjoy my anime and manga but I also enjoy characters like Cyborg, Batman, Deadpool, the X-force team, etc. NOT because the men and women have muscles but because they still have some good story telling. I have like 6 DC graphic novels and like 2 or so Marvel ones and they all have some mighty fine writing. On Marvels youtube all I tend to see half the time are people bashing anime for being generic and gay then over here it is nothing but bashing those products for being gay and only liked by people with an obsession with staring at musclebound idiots in underwear. Both sides need to get over themselves.

  • Evidently people couldn’t tell by the use of “Robama” that it was a joke. It also is a joke about marvel comics doing a real business ploy employing retails to send them torn up dc comics for free limited edtions. This poster is the latest in a series. Grow up kids, its a joke.

  • My dislike on muscular men and women with overflowed male hormones aside, one of the two main things that keep me away from American superhero comics is how the storytellings are told in a seriously rushed way.

    Panel 5: Superman meets Lex Luther
    Panel 6 – 15: Lex Luther talks about his evil plan
    Panel 16: Superman punched Lex, while talking
    Panel 17: Superman dodged Lex’s attack, while talking
    Panel 18: Superman punched Lex, again, while talking
    Panel 19: End of fight scene

    As stated above, the second turn-off is obviously how they have too much unnecessary dialogues which they even have to fit in during fight scenes. They have too much of them that they’ll make you think Bakemonogatari is a Silent Comedy. If there’s anything they want to promote about their local comics, I’d take gag comics like MAD or Garfield over this franchise of Men who wear their underwear over their tights.

  • Okay. Let’s be objective here, the title of this article heavily suggests that DC is the source of this antagonism, if there is any at all – which there isn’t. The flier is customised to advertise DC’s big editorial change and a stand alone comic book shop has chosen to promote it this way…you people are essentially complaining about one bloody shop. And those images that Sankaku posted are dated attitudes that change with time.

    Now, I find that both manga and american comics have many titles that are rich in quality. I started with manga and made a gradual transition to comics – I still read the shounen titles. At first, like the pig-ignorant comments about western comics (namely about american comics) I thought that american comics were full of crap generic stories about heroes who lack depth….but I realised I was wrong. There are so many great writers out in the comic book industry like alan moore, scott snyder, gail simone, grant morrison, jeff loeb ETC who have made and continue to make interesting and wonderful plots for the industry that doesn’t just produce so-called “superheroes”. Comics have men in tights while manga has loli’s and shotacons…I guess no one comes out a winner.

    And judging from most of these comments, not many of you have picked up an american comic in your entire lives or know much about it’s subculture or attitudes. I highly recommend you try and pick up a title (obviously read reviews about a series before starting), you won’t be sorry when you have been proven wrong.

    Sincerely, from a UK resident.

      • lol, touche about Loeb.

        to the other comments:

        1. Liking comics or manga are NOT mutually exclusive. Liking both is ok.
        2. I think SanCom and its readers should look in the mirror before accusing others of xenophobia.
        3. Read the damn article again and look at the actually words that are quoted compared to the words that negatively contextualize the situation.
        then tell me where it bashes any of your interests (Nowhere!)

  • Yet another vanishing comment on here…

    They should let old series end instead of passing them from artist to artist, then start running monthly anthologies so that new artists can do one-shots, flirt with serialization, and actually start culturing new ideas and exposing new artists. So much creativity is wasted on these intergenerational neverending superheroes.

  • Just face the facts,”Japanese manga are better than american comics.

    That’s why chinese,and koreans copy/adapt Japanese quality mangas.

    I’d always say,”Manga is art in more ways than one.”

  • The automotive industry targets just about every person in every developed country. An automobile is one of the most expensive purchases an ordinary person makes.

    The comic book industry targets a certain niche group in developed countries, and only a portion of them. A comic book is worth about the same as a meal of food.

    These are objective facts; there are no subjective claims. I now offer one: I don’t think anyone gives a flying fuck what a few nerds do with their pocket change.

  • So I should trade in a ten dollar manga for a three dollar comic? Yeah, right.

    I’m buying quite a few of DC’s comics… and I was about to go out for the new Wednesday releases, but maybe I’ll refrain for a while.

  • My god…
    I’m American and I would never even consider trading in my manga for DC comics.
    I just find most American comics so…boring. Every series is the same thing (except with a different power). There is way more for variety in manga – not to mention that manga is a better art style (in my personal opinion).

  • Didn’t these idiots try to get in the manga game themselves with the CMX label and fail?

    I’d laugh if people returned their CMX manga to DC.

    There’s a reason people prefer manga to American comics. Over the last 20 years, American comics have stepped up the quality of their art, but the storytelling is still as shitty as it was in Stan Lee’s time.

    The only DC products I like are Bruce Timm’s cartoons and they stopped making those years ago.

  • It may seem like Americans are all muscle and no brain but this is not true. In reality, Americans are all fat and no brain. They can’t even multiply without a calculator. What a nation full of fat morons.

  • lmao, its not even that big in america like totally uneeded.

    Maybe if america learnt how to actually end storys and make new ones then people might bother to pick it up, like change characters. Its seriously why I have very little desire to pick up DC stuff or marvel stuff unless it is a sort of character ending or end point like kingdom come for example or watchmen-if there was a sort of ending it would probably make people have more of a need to buy stuff, but thats just my opinion. Storys need endings as do characters.

  • Let’s see…

    I’d trade in my “Gunmm” aka “Battle Angel Alita” like the beyond brilliant “Angel of Victory” ep which I pray to the Increate that the Avatar guy will be able to turn into a movie…

    And I’d get…

    Uh, “Red hood and the Outlaws” the Teen Titans abortion, it’s only real innovation being to turn Starfire into a slut sex puppet. (Gawdz, the sweet teeny Teen Titans Go! Starfire is probably crying her green eyes out!)

    And I’d trade like 250 pages and one or two for ads for 17 pager and a sh-tload of ads…

    They should go back to real Xenopic bigotry, that at least in the New World Order would seem new and fresh…

  • I would definitely trade in my Volume 1 of Black Lagoon (I bought it to try and collect another series until my brother bought the series himself) but I’m not gonna fly all the way to Florida to trade it in.

  • So DC wants me to turn in my manga, which has a definitive storyline with a beginning, middle, and end, for something that only has such a pattern for “arcs” while continuing on for literal decades?

    They want me to trade in a tankoubon, which averages over 100 pages, for something that MIGHT hit 25 pages? And since the “New 52” issues had a lot of half- and full-page “splash” panels, you’d not even really get 25 pages of story. You might get a manga’s 7-10 pages… if it’s particularly focused on story, that is.

    *Sarcasm Mode: ON*

    That sounds like a bargain! I need to rush out RIGHT NOW and do this!

    *Sarcasm Mode: OFF*

    American Superhero comics are worse than the most drawn-out shonen fighting manga. Lots of action, very little actual progress. The treadmills of storytelling.

    American comics don’t offer much selection, either. It’s Superhero comics or… uh… horror, maybe? Do they still make horror comics? And maybe Archie? I think?

    So no really conclusive stories, not nearly as long per purchase, and with little-to-no real selection, and yet they expect this to actually work? What are they smoking over there?

    • “American comics don’t offer much selection, either. It’s Superhero comics or… uh… horror, maybe? Do they still make horror comics? And maybe Archie? I think?”
      Jonah Hex says hi.

  • Unfortunate that there are such jingoistic advertisements around, but it’s a reflection of the people there, I guess, especially in that part of Florida.

    I liked American comics when I was younger. However, for whatever flaws the system has, the fact that a lot of manga have a definite run (which may be a fairly long run of several years, but still a definite run) means they can have a coherent arc and ending. I tend to avoid the shonen action series that don’t follow that pattern since they tend to be crap, at least to my twentysomething eyes.

    I won’t say anything bad about the design of a lot of female super heroes though. There’s an unfortunate lack of proper fanservice like panchira, but they’re still boobtacular in skintight spandex as well as some actual personalities compared to the usual moe sex dolls. Like the Theiss Tittilation Theory over on TV Tropes says though, it’s the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction, like a nip slip or upskirt, that makes it really sexy, and you know that will never happen in a western comic, but it very well could happen in manga.

    • I was never much into comics then, and still am not now, but from what I understand comics use to have these big events every now and then and everything in between would be just the hero, I guess, maybe adventuring and thwarting evil and it would be the little things that add up to a big event. Today events are a lot more common which I think is bad pacing. And then there are things like Spiderman dieing and Batman being crippled that you just know are publicity stunt.

      I think it would be different if, like with Japanese comics, the characters were owned and worked on by the creator(s) of the material and not owned by the company because when it’s owned by the company you have different people working on it all the time.

  • DC does this shit to Marvel all the time. It’s not really racist, DC just stupidly picked another target audience to alienate. Not that the drama queens/trolls would even acknowledge or even be aware of this fact.

  • There is actually a Batman issue printed in manga style, read from right to left and written by Japanese writer.

    Batman Death mask, by Yoshinori Natsume, published in 2008

    My one and only DC comic bought after 1992!

    • “stuped fuking yanks lol”

      Its ironic that you’re calling other people stupid when you yourself aren’t even capable of spelling “stupid” correctly. Not to mention the word is spelled “fucking”, not “fuking”. Go kill yourself.

  • This comic shop is in the Orlando area. The thing is, Megacon is next month and these guys will surely have a booth there. Megacon alwaya pulls in a big manga/anime crowd so if they have a crap load of manga #1’s…pockets gettin fatta.

  • Consider that all their homoerotic comic books has no sex or anything even close to funny I can see how they are pissed, but they should turn their eye to the government and all their christian value rhetorics. Can’t even imagine if manga turned into DC comics now that would be one big joke.

  • I’d be happy to. There are loads of intelligent, original American authors. Too bad they’re forced to ape the styles of their grandfathers and work on series that the publisher absolutely will not let go of. I’ll buy more American comics if you:

    1) Let series END naturally. Don’t shop them around to different artists like a cheap ho at a neverending gangbang.

    2) Promote NEW artists and NEW stories. Try the Japanese style of monthly anthology magazines and let new artists try their hands at one-shots if they’re not already serialized. This provides a new breeding ground for ideas instead of just tossing out new guy X vs the immortal canon of superheroes.

    I’ve enjoyed a bunch of American comics… Kato, The Heckler, Slapstick, Groo the Wanderer (Sorry, Sergio! You’re Spanish but did decades of work in America), Lenore, Milk & Cheese, The Watchmen, Too Much Coffee Man… I just have no interest in trite zombie superheroes that crossover beyond the point of absurdity. They jumped the shark before I was even born.

  • That’s kinda hypocritical of them, considering Gotham Knight, those DC Manga PVC figures, that fucking Teen Titans cartoon trying to be as Japanese as they can. Not sure where the flier is featured in, but it clearly looks like it was done by and for some comic shop, so maybe this article is exaggerating about it. Not a huge fan of DC, I like Marvel more, but I like Batman even more than Marvel.

  • You know why I read Manga instead of American Comic Books? Because The stories in the ones here are (in my opinion) better, and they aren’t all about superheros and villains. they are about life, or relationships, or anything else that is in written books. Sure there are superhero ones, but they aren’t the only ones that exist, which is what it seems like in Comic Books.

    • They are both of the same if you examine closely. Just look at Clark Kent trying to live a normal life but since he has the power to help the helpless, he will do it out of good will. Spiderman is but a poor guy trying to carve a living in the big apple.
      All superheroes are trying to live a normal life but since supervillains keep showing up, they have little to no choice but to face them since if not, who will?

  • I don’t know, I just can’t get myself to like anything from DC at all. Almost every single hero in their list reeks of spandex and muscles which is a huge turn-off for me. The ad pretty much pisses me off though.

    The guys on their forums aren’t any better at all neither: http://dcboards.warnerbros.com/web/thread.jspa?threadID=2000267860&tstart=0

    I’ll continue playing DC Universe since it’s free…..until Marvel Online comes out.

  • Zanosuke_Kurosaki says:

    I sincerely *doubt* DC made this image. I would bet it’s all the work of the comic shop, simply photoshopping over the cover of the latest JLA issue. Because really? Why would DC refer to one of their characters who has been around since at least the 60s, as “Robama”? Cyborg ain’t no “Robama”, thank you very much.

    ALSO: considering DC at one point had (not sure what happened to it) their own in-house production for a few translated mangas (CMX label, anyone?), they have no reason to alienate manga-readers like this. No, they did just fine with that for the first dozen or so volumes of Tenjho Tenge. They don’t need some amateur hour bullshit like this picture.

  • I’d buy from Marvel and DC if they produced comics that I’d like to read. I was really hoping they would pull their heads out of their asses with the New 52 thing from DC; it was the perfect opportunity to diversify their line-up (not JUST superhero stuff), bring in some new talent, and grab some of the manga reader’s money. But no, they instead just did what they always do; publish a ton of droll superhero/male power fantasy dogshit.

    From what I’ve read and from what I heard from the guests at GeekGirlCon, the American comics industry really has no fucking clue how to get new readers of any demographic beyond adolescent males, and always, always get everything totally wrong when they try to diversify, because they try to do it from an incredibly ignorant, narrow-minded, and frankly chauvinist mindset.

    Also, trade in my $10.99 graphic novel for a $3.99 16-page monthly comic book? lulz, go fuck yourselves, DC.

    • Diversify…do you mean something like what the original 52 did? That was pretty much the last good thing to come out of DC. But last I heard, that one shithead editor who was pretty much the only person who HATED the original 52 (and was responsible for the universally hated Countdown) is still running the show there, so…yeah, DC’s pretty much just a sinking ship right now.

  • I have long abandoned the means of being an American due to the fact that America is not even a country, but an idea created by Europeans who want nothing more than to escape from the crutches of the British rule. And it’s also stolen property. Right now, I’m just a man who follow neither ethnicity or nationality since we’re all nothing more than humans living on one ball of dirt we call Earth. Plus, DC needs to shut the fuck up with their blind patriotic prejudice, it’s nothing more than showing the height of their own ignorance, ego, and stupidity. Just like any other typical human who lives in the so-called America. Plus on a level, I like Marvel better than DC.

  • I am deeply offended by this. Through out middle school and high school I was bullied just because I was Japanese. The fact that DC Comics and A Comic Shop sets the tone for these racial slur; makes me sick.

    I am saying boycott these businesses. To show your support do not get anything under the DC Comic franchise.

  • i remember when i used to buy american comics in high school.but they were all filled with hot chicks(soulfire,fathom,…).too bad mike turner passed away.havent found another artist to fill the void he left

  • I have dump all my DC comics into a fire pit and I struck a match.

    Take that DC Comics you fucking racist.

    Your WW2 propaganda has no place in the US in this day and age.

    superman is a fucking fagot. He should just go and suck some dick.

  • Why doesn’t DC license manga, reprint and translate titles like other companies do? Maybe start with Bandai’s properties and the anime too. So the bawwfest about piracy and “un-American” manga sales can both stop.

  • See, it’s funny because that’s just the character Cyborg, who happens to be black. Yay racism!

    But really it just seems like that comic shop wants to get some manga to resell for easy profit

    It obviously isnt something that DC comics would want to do.

  • Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star could beat any American hero. Now that guy was as fuck’n manly beast. As much as I like DC. They’re stories and propaganda are stuff from the cold war and before. In today’s world there is no clear cut bad guy anymore. No more black and white. Everything is in the gray zone where a person can do evil with good intentions and a person can do good with evil intentions. Marvel is closer to today’s outlook on villains than DC.

    • Shade-of-grey morality seems all the more true given Japan’s involvement in WWII. They allied themselves with the utterly insane Nazis and literally raped and murdered a whole section of China if it meant obtaining more resources. On the other side of things, they had their own people bombed on their home front and suffered quite possibly THE worst civilian casualties ever when Little Boy and Fat Man came to town (this firsthand fear of nukes itself being responsible for quite a few of Japan’s creative works), yet it was in a conflict that they initiated, so their ruthless attackers weren’t entirely at fault (though they probably could’ve demonized them in spite of that; the Americans were clearly racist of Asians given how much more they made their enemies on the Pacific front suffer than they ever did to the Germans, to say nothing of that “Slap a Jap” propaganda up there).

    • Zanosuke_Kurosaki says:

      Feh, Superman can just give him a lobotomy with his heat-vision. Green Lantern can just give him a brain aneurysm. And the Martian Manhunter can make him forget he even likes fighting. So where’s this “can beat any hero”, now? 🙂

  • See, it’s funny becuase that’s just the character Cyborg, who happens to be black. yay racism! but really it just seems like that comic shop wants to get some manga to resell for easy profit
    It obviously isnt something that DC comics would want to do, so the author needs to do his research.

    • Zanosuke_Kurosaki says:

      DC Comics have nothing to do with the flyers a comic shop sends out on its own in their attempt to trick people into trading away a $10 manga for a $3-4 dollar comic, just so said store can get more product to sell (I would bet good money that’s what they’re doing.)

      • If the asshole is using trademarked characters without permission and causing customers to boycott DC they have something about it.

        At least their lawyers should have something to say about it. Because his little add is going to cost DC some money if they don’t.

        Just like with SOPA, sitting on your ass and saying nothing is the same as supporting it.

  • That’s just wrong. I don’t enjoy american comics (for many reasons). But those flyers are just wrong and racist.
    I prefer my manga were i can enjoy a 100+ page book, and continous volumes.

  • Well fuck’em, I’m reading manga just because I hate the comics made in United States. They are so dull, so uninspiring, so crappy. Artwork is more or less nice but all the colours make it so hard for eyes. That also lifts up the price.

    The absolute worst thing however is the narrow amount of genres. And how the same maybe 1 or 3 plots have been rereretold since the 1920s or something. Not to mention that almost everything about USA comics is that there has to be at least one super hero which forms “the spirit” of the series.

    There is no plot you can just follow without going to those mindfucks where they mixup all the possible characters from the same publisher’s catalog of heroes. The main plotline always goes haywire when they do that.

    There’s also lots of other points (like that all characters are mostly violent walking tanks of mucles and no brains. Or how the series always lack romatic tones in scenes instead opting to show rape and pure porno) but I tend to keep this comment short.

  • Not sure if it’s relevant or not, but the actual (R)obama has expressed some fondness for Conan the Barbarian comics, while not manga, it:

    1.Was a Marvel property at the time.
    2. Was probably the best American serial of the late 80’s/early 90s.
    3. Would be much in line with what a good action manga would deliver- ultraviolence, breasteses, and moral ambiguity.

  • This is so counterproductive. No one who buys manga will change their mind because of some flyer, if you’re not interested in comics, you’re not interested.

    And people who are interested in both might feel their choice of reading both is being criticized and stop reading comics altogether.

    This is like the worst thing they could do and can only backfire on them.

  • Cool xenophobia, bro. We all know what Americans think about Japanese, so you might as well chew your comics and choke on them if you make a move like this.

    I got nothing against all those superhero clichés (I honestly don’t understand how this doesn’t get boring, but I liked some of this DC stuff, like DC online, Teen Titans, League of Justice and so on when I was younger[DC online quite recently]), we got to be tolerant.

    But hey, THEY must be tolerant about our interests as well. I bet my shoes that if a manga has done a same commercial, Americans would get a gigantic butthurt and sue the hell out of every Japanese responsible.

  • Aren’t all of the american comics about superheroes? They should come up with something new. Its not that those are bad, but Superman comics started about 70 years ago!!! Just an example to show how exaggerated those stories are. It would be crazy if I was still watching Bleach 20 years from now XD

    • “Aren’t all of the american comics about superheroes?”
      No, actually.

      Just from DC, there’s Jonah Hex (western), there’s numerous tie-in comics to Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network stuff (Loony Tunes is comedic, Dexter’s Lab has some sci-fi comedy to it, and so on), there’s Swamp Thing (horror), there’s Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion (horror), there’s G.I. Combat (war), there’s Jack Cross (anti-war), there’s tie-in Star Trek comics (sci-fi)…

      Shall I go on?

    • Whatever has gone down into their heads, this is bad marketing. You’re supposed to be reeling newer subscribers, not alienating them. But apparently they are encouraging to dump your $11.99 graphic novel for a cheap comic that retails at $2.99 Yeah, smart move DC. What demographics they’re aiming for? Nationalistic, far-right, xenophobic, and basement-troll crowds?

      What’s the end result of this? They end up losing most Anime/Manga fans, Asian-Americans, and alienating a small but visible portion of their subscribers. Marvel could also end up gaining from DC’s stupidity as the folks they’re are generally more open-minded about foreign content than DC is(Marvel been on an Anime-spree recently and I’d say they’ve done quite a job).

      • “Nationalistic, far-right, xenophobic, and basement-troll crowds?”

        With OBAMA on the cover? Hardly. It’s more for Bill Mahr types.

        Hell they even have Superman denouncing America, which is hardly what a “Nationalistic, far-right, xenophobic, and basement-troll crowds” would do.

      • Same thing.

        An American comic book that’s half full of ads that costs WAY more than $2 (more like close to $4) … no thanks.

        I’ll read my manga online for free, thank you very much, DC Comics.

        • That will show them! You’ll make sure that you DON’T spend your money on Manga publishers by N