K-ON! Wins Academy Award


The K-ON! Movie has been awarded an Academy Award – if only Japan’s knock-off domestic version, although this is still being hailed as quite the accomplishment.

The 35th annual Japan Academy Prize (in Japanese both the real Academy Awards and the Japanese clone share the same name, but the official English naming cheekily avoids the issue) ceremonies granted the K-ON! movie an award for Excellence in Animation, the most prestigious prize any moeblob anime is ever likely to get.

The award of an “Academy Prize” is probably amongst the least of the real distinctions the movie has earned – the film grossed almost 15 million dollars (1.14 billion yen) in its first month, being seen by over a million people (or possibly a much lower number considering the propensity of otaku to make multiple visits), all quite unheard of for a late night anime.


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