UK: “Blame 2D for Japan’s Weak Men!”


A British newspaper article blaming 2D for turning Japanese men into effete pillow-frotteurs has lately been provoking controversy online.

The piece, from the pages of top leftist rag The Guardian:

Japan leads the way in sexless love

It’s not easy being a young man in Japan today. Every few months sees the release of a new set of figures, stats and stories trumpeting the same meme: today’s Japanese men are unmanly – and worse, they don’t seem bothered by it.


In the most recent government study, published at the end of last month, the percentage of unmarried men spiked 9.2 points from five years ago. More telling: 61% of those unwed men reported not having a girlfriend, and 45% said they couldn’t care less about finding one.

What gives? As anyone who has watched Japanese or Korean pop videos knows, the popular image of men in Asia, seen from a western perspective, is more effeminate than macho, rife with makeup, stylised hairdos and choreographed dance steps. Even so-called punks in Japan lean more to Vivienne Westwood than Malcolm McLaren – more familiar with fashion spreads than the spitting in the street.


Why the generational malaise and indifference to sex? Theories abound. The most provocative to me, a Japanese-American and longtime Tokyo resident, is that Japanese women have become stronger socially and economically at the very same time that Japanese men have become more mole-ish and fully absorbed in virtual worlds, satiated by the very technological wizardry their forebears foisted upon them, and even preferring it to reality.

“I don’t like real women,” one bloke superciliously sniffed on Japan’s 2channel, the world’s largest and most active internet bulletin board site. “They’re too picky nowadays. I’d much rather have a virtual girlfriend.”

Virtual girlfriends became a sensation last summer, when Japanese game-maker Konami released its second-generation of its popular Love Plus, called, aptly, Love Plus +, for the Nintendo DS gaming system.

Konami skillfully arranged for an otherwise deadbeat beach resort town called Atami to host a Love Plus + holiday weekend. Players were invited to tote their virtual girlfriends, via the gaming console, to the actual resort town to cavort for a weekend in romantic bliss. The promotion was absurdly successful, with local resort operators reporting that it was their best weekend in decades.

I tried to explain the phenomenon via a TV interview for a US cable station: the men who spent their yen on a weekend of romance with a digital lover were a subset of a subculture many times removed from mainstream Japan. They are known as otaku, or hyper-obsessive and often asocial men who seek solace in imaginary worlds (not unlike many artists and writers, I should add).

Nevertheless, these were clearly young Japanese man of a generation that found the imperfect or just unexpected demands of real-world relationships with women less enticing than the lure of the virtual libido. You can’t have sex with a digital graphic, but you can get sexually excited, and maybe satisfied, by one.

The Guardian’s writer can probably be considered to have fallen deeply into the trap of believing the drivel the media writes about Japan (whether Japan’s notoriously deceitful domestic media or the pathetically credulous foreign correspondents who inhabit Tokyo) – any generalisation about 60 million Japanese men which is based on the niche habits of a fringe and much despised population of otaku which numbers a few hundred thousand at most surely deserves to be treated with ridicule.

Anyone looking for proof of this need look no further than the pathetically low sales seen in hardcore otaku markets – eroge, anime DVDs, moeblob manga and dating games are considered hits if their sales number in the tens of thousands, hardly the sort of popularity which could be used to make sweeping generalisations about the lives of millions of men.

None of this stopped the piece being picked up by a Japanese hack (“English Man: 2D is to Blame for the Loss of Japanese Male Assertiveness”) as an example of insightful foreign commentary on Japan’s social woes, which was subsequently presented to none other than 2ch itself:

“I really feel as though we are just being made fun of?”

“It is absolutely impossible to generalise the views of a tiny number of 2ch-posting otaku onto all Japanese men (or even onto all otaku).”

“I can’t deny that there are those sorts of people in Japan, but it’s not as if everyone is like that. It’s as if foreigners think Japanese are nothing but anime and AKB48 fans?”

“The main reason is just that Japanese women have become so arrogant.”

“If you want to have a relationship with a middle schooler you’ll be arrested, so there’s no other choice than 2D.”

“Otaku always end up being picked on for this sort of thing, but for some reason nobody ever reports on just how horrible Japanese women are?”

“Women have become stronger, but for some reason they still never make approaches on men…”

“Housewives don’t do any housework now, so what’s the point of marrying one?”

“Women have too much authority. They don’t recognise themselves as the slaves of men, so it’s no wonder men reject them.”

“Just lower the legal age for marriage to 13 or 14 and this problem will fix itself!”

“I don’t think the lack of assertiveness you see in Japanese men is actually anything new at all.”

“It’s rather simple – young men have no money any more.”

“The vast majority of Japanese marriages before were arranged marriages. Now that parents and friends aren’t meddling in your lives to make you marry someone, it’s only natural that there are fewer marriages.”

“The feminists really are desperate to get 2D banned…”

“I don’t think this writer has ever heard of ukiyoe, has he?”

“The English guy’s analysis is right on the mark!”

“Compared to other Europeans, the British are incredibly negative about everything…”

“A British man says so, I guess that makes it highly credible.”

“This isn’t even written by an English person, it’s a Nikkei American…”

“He said he’s an American who has lived in Tokyo for a long time, it’s not even a British person!”

“I called a girl at work (she told me her number herself before). She got angry at me and said ‘How did you know my number? Calling me like that is creepy!’ Romance is impossible for me.”

“3D women are too much hassle these days. People just flee to 2D instead…”

“Britain should turn to 2D love, it might reduce all the sex crimes they are plagued with.”

“Yet somehow sex crimes are still the fault of games.”

“I can only hope that all the discrimination, prejudice and verbal abuse coming out of this country one day abates.”

“I like talking to real women, I like sex and I like 2D. I think the majority are like me.”

“I lost all interest in anime in elementary school. Isn’t that normal?”

“There’s no way we can support all these old people. We can’t even support a woman.”

“I prefer 2D men, there’s no contest!”

“Polygon Miku is becoming dangerously cute these days, isn’t she?”

“All the overseas articles about ‘hologram’ Miku were calling her ‘creepy,’ ‘bizarre,’ ‘crazy,’ ‘fake’ and so on. They never refer to her in a positive light.”

“Kerutsu-san, you reading? You’ve certainly trolled an awful lot of British and Japanese, well done!”

“If you foreigners keep watching Japanese anime you’ll end up like us. Hollywood has no such powers.”

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  • What an absurd conclusion. Then what is to account for the rise in 2D interest? Bad economy + young people increasingly dependent on their parents (due to other reasons) = demotivation and hopelessness. It is easy to see why the real world can be dull and unforgiving, and animation so idealized and enticing.

  • I highly wanted to disagree with this article, but the shocking fact is that this is very true.

    Looking back before Dating Sims and Moeblobs filled the market, Japan has a good balance of otakus, dating couples and most importantly, the ‘drive’ that the Japanese population had to achieve the impossible, which then led Japan to be a world leader in technology and manufacturing.

    As an anime/manga supporter and promoter in Japanese culture, it is hard for me to say it, but the Japan today is no longer the Japan I once knew.

  • As a married otaku, not Japanese though, I must say that jerking off to a 2D girl is pretty good, but having real sex is much better! Feeling a woman warm skin against yours, your tonge inside her mouth and her wet and hot vagina around your penis is the best! Probably you’re aiming too high, forget the cute/moe idols that you’ll never reach and pay attention to that apparently not-so-good neighbour of yours. Belive me, when you’ll get her body under yours on the bed, she will become the best girl in the world!

  • “I prefer 2D men, there’s no contest!”

    Well there’s your problem. Women like 2D guys because they’re perfect, and guys prefer 2D women because they’re perfect. The reason the birthrate’s getting so low is because both genders don’t want to interact with each other when they have their perfect 2D waifus/husbandos

    Or maybe it’s because we women are just fickle creatures.

  • I would love to see some statistics and research on US and European countries. Also I would like to see more participants they only use some subsets of 15000-20000 people .. it’s far from representative? or is it?

    well twilight or justin biber are far from MANLY! or mucho! the rambo 80s are over everywhere … and even the 90s boy bands wheren’t manly IMO. I totally fail to see the point.

    still I fit right into the description as a dutch mid twenty dude .. loving 2D and ignoring 3D *sigh*

  • Well the lack of strength to cope with the harshness of reality does have a say in this. There is also the issue with equal rights, women have been dumping on men thanks partially to femnist beliefs where they look down on men like women were by men in ancient times. Instead of feminist beliefs it should be equal rights instead, I have noticed that men do indeed get crapped on more these days.This can cause depression which does play into the large suicide rate as well. But that depression can also cause this otaku related obsession. Heck if not an otaku than a hikikamori. Basically there needs to be a greater understanding of compassion for this to ever change.

  • With almost everything in life you have to answer to someone to get what you want, but for once a man can be sexually and romantically satisfied in a matter of seconds! No courtship, no dating, no kissing ass, we finally have the power to have complete control over our sex lives, a new age is upon us!

  • I don’t think it’s Japanese women becoming stronger and more arrogant which is to blame. While it certainly is true that women have become more assertive with themselves, the Japanese men haven’t followed suit and are still unassertive themselves.
    So you see, things used to be fine because the women were less assertive than the men so everything was in balance. Japanese men need to pick up their game.

  • eesh…seriously? so what does the strong UK had so far? riots? uncertainties that war may come to them? 2D is there since 3D is rather disappointing to look at. i mean, you can find a girl as beautiful as a 2D but hey, she’s super high maintenance. not only that, she’ll complain and cry then get her friends to nag at all together…most women are rather bitches than understanding women. you got the stressful job, a nagging wife and the life you throw away just to slave away at your kids, who at their teens, would make you ask: how did they turn out like that?? so between the two, which do you actually prefer? the people is NOT the problem it is ALWAYS the GOVERNMENT. even if majority of the citizens are hard-working, if those old farts fuck the system, then most likely they’re bound to weaken.

  • part of this is actually true. If them creepy otakus can control themselves and actually…not be creepy and live their lives, we wouldnt have this problem. Some of us otakus actually live a life. its just that most men in japan need to man up and ask a chick out

  • “All the overseas articles about ‘hologram’ Miku were calling her ‘creepy,’ ‘bizarre,’ ‘crazy,’ ‘fake’ and so on. They never refer to her in a positive light.”

    These people are merely envious that Miku is more important than them!

  • This is BS!! – Japan has a classist society and their women don’t appreciate “Family” as much as they used to. There is no need to them to ‘Settle’ on just any guy. Japanese men have lost the will to impress REAL LIVE women – why? Cause society doesn’t male them feel desirable or appreciated.

  • I’d more so blame stupid laws in Japan that out law manly fun.
    Can you go target practice in Japan no all firearms are either outright illegal or highly regulated.
    You get in trouble for carrying anything bigger then tiny little 2.2 inch pocket knife in public so no real outdoors hobbies.

    Hotrods and motor bikes are taxed heavily and typical manly behavior in general is discouraged.
    Then add on top of this Japan is a patriarchal society.
    The 2d world is their refuge where they can still dream.

  • They have the strongest right arms, no wait they are all left handed, correction, they have the worlds strongest left forarms in the world!!! Yes it is true, those who read right to left are left handed.

  • “If you want to have a relationship with a middle schooler you’ll be arrested, so there’s no other choice than 2D.”

    “If you foreigners keep watching Japanese anime you’ll end up like us. Hollywood has no such powers.”

  • WTF with the corporate mainstream media. They’ve been censoring, and deliberately ignoring the U.S. Presidential Candidate Ron Paul and his supporters(even an editor from the NYtimes admits this), and now they’re attacking Anime fans????

    The Mainstream media knows no bounds. They are all propaganda pieces controlled by the 1% in our world’s society. Who are they to tell us what we should like or believe in?

    • -I’m a weeaboo for watching Japanese cartoons.

      -I’m a paultard/extremist for supporting constitution abiding, only honest candidate in the race.

      -I’m racist for not supporting President Barack Hussein Obama.

      -I’m a terrorist for opposing George W. Bush’s foreign policy.

      -I’m a teabagger for supporting the American Constitution

      -I’m a conspiracy theorist for uncovering facts about our federal government.

  • It’s all the cause of FEMINISM. Women get to choose so they become picky and normal guys are not enough. So lot of people end up alone and when you are 25-30 and never dated anyone, it’s really rough to start. Women seem to only respond if you give your 110% to them and I’m not up to that if the girl is just okay.

  • Japanese women wrong direction of feminism is the cause of these thing.
    They are used to be the good wife & mother (ryousai kenbo) of Japanese men, supporting them from the back , but rapid economic growth and the so called feminist movement that is started in the 80s make them “too picky nowadays”.

    Japanese women is demanding too much

    2d women winning the tender, they can provide cheap, fast, love. cure for Japanese man unrequited love

    • I don’t blame Japanese women for looking out for themselves. Japanese men have never been good protectors or providers. I don’t know why this article is surprised. Japanese men have always been weak. Women in the West gained more rights but the men didn’t get more effeminate as a result. Only Japanese men are this weak.

    • japanese men imagery of women is still the good ol’ wives they see in their mother, while the society is already drastically changed. feminism made japanese women macho and unfit to japanese man liking.
      thus made many fetish based on imagery of good women : MILF, osananajimi, onee-san, imouto, kuudere, etc

  • I think the Japanese constitution should be allowed to be tweaked to let the JDF expand its roles a bit more. Let the manliness of military service start to trickle back into the Japanese mindset and culturally strengthen them with confidence, especially against the growing threat of China, North Korea and the looming South Asia problems of AfPak.

    It should be a gradual process, as not only perceptions of militarization could negatively influence people’s associations of a more “peaceful” Japan, but with money problems as they are without an expanded defense budget, jumping headfirst into growing the military at too “fast a pace” can exacerbate money woes.

    The logistics and financial questions are very looming to say the least, but to diversify the strong buffers against China and to perhaps engage in a better arms sales market with a strengthen Japan can help the Asia theater of diplomacy (from an American standpoint) and perhaps bring some measured, albeit tenuous security. It’s easy enough to spot certain immediate concerns: the effect of the defense budget on government spending (already notorious a problem in the Diet), oil needs, regional reactions (from China, NK, other parts of Asia)

    While the US plays not only a strong defensive role (as irritating to those in Okinawa) and economic role, as per base leasing and funding, the US ability to spend has been diminished by its own budget concerns and thus needs to see its “allies” step up while playing a more supportive role rather than fully protect the countries it has essentially absorbed into its influence through a number of historical circumstances.

    With all of that said, perhaps some West barbaric show of manliness vis a vis a strengthened military show of force can bring some confidence within and toward the male Japanese population, instead of the age old Japanese style of domineering women through shame and familial oppression?

  • I had to laugh at the comment that here in the UK we are `plagued by sex crimes` Yeah I can`t leave my home for fear of being molested by sex starved Japanese women, lol.

    Why do people get all riled up by newspapers, most of the stuff they print is lies and the rest is exaggeration, I personally believe it is silly to take in all that is written in newspapers or see on TV.

  • >“I can’t deny that there are those sorts of people in >Japan, but it’s not as if everyone is like that. It’s >as if foreigners think Japanese are nothing but anime >and AKB48 fans?”

    wut. they’re not? |:

    • You mean the japanese tried to strike back at an overwhelming power and was bombed into oblivion as a result?
      However heroically they fought it was a losing battle to begin with.. the only wrath anybody would taste in a new war would be the Japanese being crushed under us and UN’s boot should they be stupid enough to even as much as think of declaring war..

    • Sure, everyone fucks off. Everyone will stop selling anime and games to you, your employer will fire you because you have an otaku fuck face. No one will sell you food either because you literally wanted everything and everyone to fuck off.

      • hahaha pathetic troll is pathetic. Why they will stop selling their stuff to me? That’s what they do. if you think they care what you think of them and what kind of human you are you a naive newborn all they want is money. i’m employed by my company for 5+ years and right from the start i was openly hardcore otaku i even have figures in my cubicle.

        • Implying loser and not just choice of lifestyle, all changes on each person’s perception, what you see has a loser, he see’s has perfect lifestyle on wich you could come with thousands of arguments and actually none of them would be 100% correct to fully explain whats wrong with his lifestyle or what is right with it, its matter of personal choice.

      • But unfortunely the world doesn’t work like that….

        There will always be people who are normal and willing to keep the system working….but nice try though.

        Though when it ever happens, that is when the world ends. But unfortunely, just not yet.

  • “If you foreigners keep watching Japanese anime you’ll end up like us. Hollywood has no such powers.”

    psshh I watch anime and hentai and I have a lovely partner who I’ve been with for 5 years now…yes she knows I watch hentai 😛

  • Don’t worry far east colleagues.

    UK is known for being morally deranged here, along with having that particular awkward sense of humor.

    I wouldn’t pay them any attention.
    But hey..if you want to get even on them, remind those hypocritical bastards about riots that roamed their country.
    Supposedly it was about “foreigners stealing our jobs”
    But it’s enough to ask them who was that actually gave and paid for those jobs to foreigners.

  • I think it’s kind of stupid to say “UK blames 2D for japans weak men”. I think it should be “Whoever wrote this article blames 2D for japans weak men”.

    I’m from the UK and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Japan. Anime, loli, hentai, food, culturue, etc, doesn’t bother me =)

    It really does my head in when countries do this! >:(

  • “I can’t deny that there are those sorts of people in Japan, but it’s not as if everyone is like that. It’s as if foreigners think Japanese are nothing but anime and AKB48 fans?”

    Wait, not all Japanese are like that?!

    • jamesownsall says:

      You’d think millions would like them if you base on CD sales alone.

      What you probably don’t realize is that many idol crazies have this wasteful practice of buying multiple CDs per album, which may or may not win them admittance to petty ‘handshaking’ events with their idols. It’s not weird to see one idol otaku buy 3 or 4 CDs of the same album. Some even buy thousands, and NOT WITH THE INTENTION OF RESELLING IT. I believe even this site covered it before.

      So if AKB48 management claimed to have sold 100k CDs, you’ll have to divide that value by 10 or 20 to get the real amount of individual people who bought them. Even then, that’s a generous set of suggestions.

  • On this side, we have men whining about how mean and strong japanese women are, they should just cook and clean.
    On the other side we have women, willing to have strong and wealthy men, who should juste work more.

    Good thing you don’t reproduce, fucking sexist people. The world will be a better place if you all stay virgins. Let the ones with brains make children, that is to say, those who recognize men and women as human beings with rights, desires, feelings.

  • Japanese men are “Men going their own way” or MGTOW. They’re realizing how moronic and silly the nature of females are. Women are the ones that keep men from expressing basic nature. Soon as a men shows normal human weakness or even shows a little bit of insecurity, it’s ALWAYS the female that shame men for it. Women act like men have to be perfect, nice car, no emotions, dress perfect, nice body, TALL, and all that other bullshit just to go on one freaking date.

    Basically YOU WOMEN MADE DATING TEDIOUS AS HELL. Plus you are suck of shit test after shit test. So not only are women super picky and control the dating scene but they screw men over in marriage. Most women always end up taking everything in the end.

    Males built and invented most things on this damn planet yet all we ask for is a little respect from women. Girls can’t even do that nowadays.

  • I like how no one argues about the premise of Japanese men being weak. I certainly see them as such. They can’t even ask a girl for directions without being considered stalkers, thier own wives keep the money they earn stashed away assuming thier feeble relationship won’t last, and they barely have time for anything else other than work because they are too scared they might lose out on thier yearly bonus and not climb up the corporate ladder as fast.

    It’s all pretty pathetic.

  • i remembered watching some video.. a woman said somewhere on the line of “japanese men plucking their eye brows is actually not feminine, it only shows that they take care of themselves… even the most athletic men can pluck their eye brows.”… to this day i still totally agree…. loving fashion doesnt equal less manly… and spitting on the street doesnt make u macho, it makes u filthy.

    • The social construct of “masculine/macho” and “feminine/girly” is ENTIRELY based on the precepts of abstract ideas and actions being labeled as either/or.

      Because of the association of eye brow plucking and generally behaviors that go beyond everyday expectations of hygiene (showering, brushing your teeth, beard shaving, etc) that is considered more and more feminine. On the other hand, spitting on the street is something of the unkempt variety and unhygienic. It is immediately considered something filthy, thus a guy.

  • I swear… the Japanese actually have much more children then we do. They just don’t have as much immigrants! Only immigrants and old fashioned christians reproduce themselves in my country. I know a christian family that has 5 children. And immigrants living of social welfare with 13(!).

    Feminists don’t reproduce themselves for most of the time. And if they do, they usually have 1 child as a single-parent.
    So, if you put immigrants aside, Japanese are more likely to survive then us.

  • if I had to work a 56 hour week plus alot of overtime and comuting to work, ontop with drinking with my boss and co workers every weekend I wouldn’t want to date.

    Could the lack of dating be more about the amount of work thats expected on Japanese men rather than a exceptionally niche hobby of people who wouldn’t be having sex anyway? I find it hard to believe that most Japanese men are otaku.

    Sex and relationships take alot of time and effort, if you dont have that time of course your not going to be having sex. This is a problem thats with the older generation too, how often do we hear of sexless marriages? The young are just being scapegoated when this is a problem the whole of Japanese society faces.

    To Alienate this issue the Japanese Government should change the laws on non paid overtime, then men would feel less tired and would devote more time in the pursuit of women.

    • I agree the non paid over time is probably the biggest issue here in crushing spirits.

      If you’re dog tired you don’t care about relationships.

      It also probably dose not help the state of the government as everyone is simply too tired to give a damn about politics and you end up with people like Ishihara voted in because retirees are the only ones with any free time.

    • >time and effort

      Not just time and effort.

      Time, endless amounts of emotional and general physical energy and lots and lots of money – all with no guarantee that the relationship will even be lasting.

      Unless you’re a man-slut who just wants short-term flings and doesn’t mind providing the endless amounts of attention demanded by modern girls, or someone coming from a high-tier family background that managed to get the upbringing required for success or a high paying job through connections, it seems as if the entire system is basically against you.

      From their jaded business culture that actually puts way-back traditions over practicality and the business needs of today (overwork only dulls the mind and body), to the monstrous demands of their suitors and families – combined with the fact that they have tiny dicks… the nipponese males have it tough.

      (Of course, all this is just my narrowed view derived from narrowed info about the nips)

      • When you look at a lot of Japanese salarymen who are basically grunt level in their respective companies, you’ll see that their ‘job’ often do not end at 6PM. Socializing with co-workers(typically the supevisors) and especially clients would require them to put a straight face until late in the night. For those with worse luck for living far, they could be reaching the door of their homes by 11 PM almost daily. That leaves them little time for themselves; let alone others.

        How else do you see those typical stories of housewives being sexually depraved? lol

        • I wasn’t disagreeing with you there. I am aware of the after-work work culture.

          Just felt that you are forgetting an important fact, which is that most young salarymen get paid a pittance as their economic worth is set up as only being of any real value after decades of toil, working up the career ladder.

          Most males in any sample are always in the middle of the curve, or maybe, given the general inequality distribution (i.e. a power law distribution), where many earn very little and few earn very much, a large amount of males are below average.

          These males will not have the financial backing to truly invest in many relationships, as that is generally something very expensive to do; weddings, children, houses, even dates probably cost a great deal for a young man – and all these costs add up.

          But at the same time, they are not very likely to be successful with many women, given the fact that women are all whores who always seek more than they deserve given their value as an individual.

          What I’m talking about is the 45% being not interested in sex.

          Women work now, hence they have power. Before they had to be choosy but at least, be reasonably loyal and attentive to their partner, but due to the fact that women working are worth more to the world than women not working these days.. women are working.

          They no longer have to rely on these types of males, so femininity has all but disappeared – and all we are left with is cash guzzling attention seeking worthless whores that simply don’t know their worth.

          Sure, plenty of these men are probably too tired for relationships – but relationships are generally meant to be something that heals – something that gives your life meaning and makes it fun to wake up in the morning and work hard during the day for.

          I don’t doubt that them being overworked is a reason why their society is the way it currently is, but I wonder if there is also another reason.

  • Again, and I grow tired of repeating this, otaku are a symptom, not a cause. Japan’s quote-unquote weak men are caused by socioeconomic and cultural problems, namely the lack of high paying jobs for young men and the hard-coded cultural gender roles of society (And yes Japan is very patriarchal, anyone who says otherwise is a fool). 2D is a refuge for men who can not afford to get married or have a relationship.

    • Oh – the guardian, that feminist left leaning piece of drivel. Not that any of the other papers are any better, they’re all best ignored as either left or right drivel and they’re all very happy to insult any foreign country and trivilise problems pretending they have a clue.

    • I found the reaction to this more interesting than the article itself. The article (itself), has repeated itself, in many various forms. It talks a lot but at the same time, said nothing. So in relation to this point, how is anyone able to react to nothing?

    • “2D is a refuge for men who can not afford to get married or have a relationship.”

      If you look at how much they spend on different figurines and exclusive merchandise, you’d think money wasn’t really the problem.

      It may look like they all share the same reason, but that’s not really how it works. Yes, some men stay away from relationships because they just can’t financially support it. However, there are others who just don’t have the mental and emotional capacity to have a relationship. These men, who probably have much more problems coping with their own strict codes of the society on a daily basis might just prefer to be by themselves when they’re done serving their drunk clients at 10PM. They have to be back at work in 10 hours anyway.

      I also personally know some Japanese men(I work in an industrial area where plenty of Japanese are sent here as management staff or trainee) who happens to have the worst luck of only having the most bitchy, the most self-entitled women who are stricken with superiority(or victim) complex. Not saying all women are like that, but the emotional stress AND the existence of such outlets as ‘2D’ closer to them made them stop reaching out and look for the right one.

      It’s a combination of problems, and no two men share the same cause. Well, not the ones that I know anyway.


      • if i not mistake, men running into 2D because sick of real women. let say simple things:

        1st 2D women never complain, 3D women complain, even for cloth we are wearing.

        2nd excessive product. well yes it expensive but what happen if you girl demand prada, LV, hermes?

        as i know modern women are smart. they knew they are pretty or charming. in my opinion “why should i date poor guys? not the rich guys?”

        state at much as the japanese women are fans of Premium fashion, if they don’t have one they on shame. and they depression blame on men/husband/boyfriends

        every body want to be rich. even for women. can’t blame on women, fashion are they life’s. and Prada LV are their highest target

    • Don’t forget that Japanese men also got accused of…

      Sexual harassment For asking direction to McDonalds

      Sexual harassment For saying hello to a middle school girl

      Kidnapping and Attemped rape For helping a lost child to find their parents……

      and the list goes on and on…. I am not surprise they will turn to their waifu

      • The ruling men of Japan are too caught up in political correctness and mass media propaganda promoting the superiority faction of feminism, lightly disguised as a movement for equality.

        In return, laws made to fulfill this popular perception has shifted so far away from ‘equality’ and fair rights into an overprotective social scheme only serves to shift the prejudice on women into prejudice on men. Just go around any topic with a hint of issues on women’s right, and you’ll see a majority of comments from these feminist extremist who demand superiority masked by ‘equality’.

        In the past, there have been some things women can’t have, but there have been other aspects that balanced it. For example, despite all the discrimination some elements of the society persisted on doing, there are others who treat them well as a gentleman’s gesture. They may suffer rape and other such humuliations in an event of defeat in wars of old, but women was never really an active part of ancient armies drafted into the battlefield to risk their lives, because it was considered mainly a man’s duty.

        Ironically, the enacted laws and fabricated social values brainwashed into society was promoted in major part by several corrupt men in power to further their own agendas and interests. Many have since long rot, but the effects are set to last. Feminists might take a potshot at this, but power has been known to corrupt anyone. You can look back into history and examine the handful women who did wield some power, and see that they too became corrupted.

        Come feminists. Come one, come all. See how butthurt can you be.

        • The feminist movement was meant to break up the family and tax the other gender while giving them more rights then men.

          That’s what feminism is and if you don’t believe me, read gloria steinem and tell me with a straight face she wants equality and not superiority…you can’t unless you’re lying.

        • 03:56 pretty summarized it all. The whole women’s superior rights seems to be a common disease of mature democracies in both the East and the West.

          At least in the US, there is just too much trouble to get married. I do long for marriage and kids, but the cost is just too high for me to handle. We are all human and no one is perfect so there’s no telling how a relationship is going to end up, but no matter what the cause is, a divorce ALWAYS results in punishment to the male. Even if the wife is cheating as seen in many court settlements. Prenup is a useless scheme because once you have kids, you’d pay child support regardless of the prenup. The court assumes no man likes their kids and they would love to pay money to get their kids away from them, which is not even nearly true. If you like your kids, you are losing money AND losing custody of your kids. Besides, bringing up prenup is like the best deal breaker in a relationship. Women can simply choose to not marry you if you bring it up, with tons of holier than thou justifications abusing words like “trust” “respect” and all that. Unless there are massive legal reforms that at least makes marriages more affordable, no democracies can expect the birthrate to stop declining.

        • How much do you know about feminist, other than those portrayed on TV, and those females who, watched TV, come across a usable tool against patriarchy, to gain sympathy from other women and male sympathisers, but deliberately used feminism to further their personal agendas?

          Before railing against feminism, you will need to understand the feminist movement. If I want to argue against the statements of 03:56 17/01/2012, I can go on for ages.

          When these “feminist” try to impose their form of equality on you, just throw back the question at them. “If matriarchy is in power, then what?”

          Lastly, I am a guy.

    • This is very true. I’d also like to point out that, what SC omitted from it’s posting here is that in that very article the writer says that the subculture is “many times removed from mainstream Japan.” It’s not the norm by a long shot, but it’s an indicator of a larger widespread problem.

  • I think it’s the somewhat crumbling social structure due to the extreme high living expenses and the dreadful expenses that is necessary just to raise a child, no less go to a school and get a full education suite. Certain middle schools and highschools have a near American-college prestige to some of them. As in you need to get good grades + pay a ransom just to enroll. The standards of what makes one successful scholastically and professionally is way too unreasonable in society and it adds unnecessary pressures on people just to live their lives.

    Take those economic pressures and you can really see why the marriage/birth rates are so abysmally low. The anime fanaticism could be a certain part of the equation since escape from such a bleak and dire economic situation IS going to be very attractive than worry that you ‘won’t make it as a parent’. It’s all a part of a larger issue, it’s not THE issue alone.

  • We need to keep going this way. Imagine a world where women had to beg us for a date or more. It was somewhat humiliating being rejected more then 5 times before I had my first girlfriend. Would be great if men get rare and women had to get out to find us lol.

    Well thinking about that, most women wouldnt even have the ability to take the initative.

  • >>he popular image of men in Asia, seen from a western perspective, is more effeminate than macho
    >>seen from a western perspective

    >>me, a Japanese-American

    Everything is said here.

    How about minding your own fukkin business and leave the asians alone ?

    Seen from a non-american perspective, it looks to me that that the US will never let the rest of the world alone until all countries are filled with fatass macho crazy christians shooting everything around with their gun…

    • I think though, not all Oriental Asian’s are perceived this way. I mean, in Australia, I think many people of Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laos etc backgrounds are really thought of as effeminate as Chinese and Japanese males.

      • japanese males look effeminate to westerners for all I care, what matter is that these effeminate males look MANLY to japanese women, so the whole article is bullshit and meaningless.

        Come to japan and see these effeminate ‘ikemen’, you never see them walking without a girl at their arm. Never heard of “Riajuu” ? Even akihabara is full of them lately.

        On the opposite side, girls show no mercy towards normal (futsuumen) and ugly guys (kimomen), so no wonder some of them end up being otaku…

    • uhUhua thought the same.I’m latino American …and in my view are all rich arrogant …hardly you see something on the midia showing strong British males … probably the only famous English is james bond …
      I think the greatest guilt is of Japanese women this new generation, in the search for rights are abusing and to continue in power are smothering male rights. …
      Even in midia … anime women are heroes and men are weak and sexual slaves to be protected …
      Most AV nowadays are lesbos …
      Probably the Japan in the future will opt for clones

  • What a great day to write a article about the indifference of men towards women, marriage and sex.
    Ok who should I blame….
    Government, feminists, Double standard, Poverty, Corruption, Oppression, Corporation, Strict age of consent and the increase of unemployment.

    The 3000 cameras aimed at me said 2D.

      • I was referring to woman that lie about their age.
        She looks like 20? She said she was 18+?
        Well, she’s 16 years old. Go directly to Jail – do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

        Also, Take your pedo shit comments somewhere else.

  • [quote]It’s not easy being a young man in Japan today. Every few months sees the release of a new set of figures, stats and stories trumpeting the same meme: today’s Japanese men are unmanly – and worse, they don’t seem bothered by it.[/quote]
    If a large portion of the population does not wish to confirm to a set of social norms then perhaps it’s time to reconsider our values.

  • “The Guardian’s writer can probably be considered to have fallen deeply into the trap of believing the drivel the media writes about Japan (whether Japan’s notoriously deceitful domestic media or the pathetically credulous foreign correspondents who inhabit Tokyo) – any generalisation about 60 million Japanese men which is based on the niche habits of a fringe and much despised population of otaku which numbers a few hundred thousand at most surely deserves to be treated with ridicule.”

    Holy shit your hypocrisy is so outstanding I’m just sitting here laughing.
    How long until anyone here admits how easily they believe ‘the drivel the media writes about [china/women/insertothercountryhere]” which gets touted around as gospel truth on this site?

      • Sometimes the “China quality” hate is justified, especially when they sell that crap over here.

        First year of college, I made the mistake of buying a Chinese scooter for commuting. A new 50cc scooter for $1500? Sign me up.

        Over two months and maybe 100 KM, I dealt with everything from wiring issues (bad connectors) to bolts randomly loosening (red LocTite is your friend) to the front brake caliper breaking off under a light stop to an engine fire caused by the positive cable to the starter being too thin of gauge.

        I ended up trading it for a used Honda Ruckus which needed nothing but regular maintenance and a set of tires for the four years I had it.

  • Konami skillfully arranged for an otherwise deadbeat beach resort town called Atami to host a Love Plus + holiday weekend. Players were invited to tote their virtual girlfriends, via the gaming console, to the actual resort town to cavort for a weekend in romantic bliss. The promotion was absurdly successful, with local resort operators reporting that it was their best weekend in decades.

    Can’t argue with that.
    I’ll just leave this here then…

    Love Plus Atami Campaign

  • Maybe its not because of 2D girls, but more on a cultural level. Japan is a very patriarchal society, and the emerging culture of strong women-types is something they are probably not used to. It’s not so much that they are under the influence of 2D girls, but probably more of because they find ladies who take charge as weird and disturbing, as opposed to the 2D girls that the male-ruled japan sees as ideal: meek, submissive, needs a man to set them straight, etc. etc.

    • I agree, I’ve lived in Japan and in the West. Japan is very patriarchal, and the weird thing is, what they consider “strong” or “assertive” or “arrogant” women are really just normal, everyday women who are, might I add, still very feminine.

      I think Japanese men are SO weak and unassertive that they want ridiculously meek women, which just isn’t going to happen.

    • You’re wrong. Japan is not and was not a patriarchal society. That’s the problem. When foreigners came to Japan and told women to get more rights, they didn’t realise how quickly they were pushing them off a very careful and uneasy balance.
      They had elevation of males in the class system, but it was very different to European and Islamic patriarchy so we thought we were saving the women. In fact, we were empowering them over men. Giving them the rights they had plus the new ones we forced on them.

      The class system was the problem but, in the end, it wasn’t the target – men were.

      • Even at the most cynical, you can’t really say that Japan was suffering because of American/Western influence. In fact, the government kept using Dutch military technology, finding ways to tap into the Western medicine and politics, etc.

        If anything, the government was pretty much adopting Western ideals very openly. The whole way Europe overran China was another thing.

        Also, the way males had the ONLY power in the society IS a patriarchal system. Even today, pay rates between genders is uneven, and so is the opportunities at workforce. It’s changing for the better, but WAY slower than it is in China and America and Europe.

      • Patriarchal means men had more power over women and that’s how it was, dumbshit. (Ironically, much, -much- longer ago, like pre-Tokugawa longer ago, it was more equal, oddly enough.
        If guys don’t want a woman who can think for herself, fuck em.

        • I think there is something to his basic position – characterising traditional Japanese values as “macho” seems to be in error, as in reality qualities of extreme subservience and obedience to authority were stressed for men as well as women. Most Japanese clearly experienced vastly curtailed rights and social empowerment compared to modern westerners, whatever their gender.

          Stressing “empowerment” for women in an environment in which even men were never really empowered to begin with could have unexpected results.

  • Referencing 2chan… what has the world come to. Soon we will be referencing wikipedia and anonymous comments like this one as reliable sources of information… How so very sad…
    What happened to teaching critical thinking is schools?

  • Trust me, living in Japan gives you no credentials in judging the whole culture. This is a massively misinformed gaijin who probably lived in one of those gaijin bubbles in Tokyo, never bothering to immerse himself within real japanese people, playing amateur anthropologist in theoryland. Japanese people are having sex. Lots of sex, trust me. They are as much people as any other human beings on earth. Another thing that pissed me off is his fucking overbearing views on gender roles and his ethnocentric views on what a “man” is. The styles that are prominent in asia wouldn’t be there if the women didn’t demand head over heels for it in the FIST place.
    You can’t really force the western macho style and attitudes on asian builds and asian culture either. It just doesn’t work.

    • In the FIST place indeed.

      But much agreement about the ethnocentric treatment of that “Tokyo source” quoted.

      The fact that the Brits are responsible for calling Beijing “Peking” for a good century should be enough proof how bad they are at observing and understanding other cultures.

    • It’s also kind of interesting… the Japanese seem to be having their equivalent of the American 80s, but they are just technologically superior, so it appears to be completely cultural. Ours seemed to be cultural and technological, rising nearly equally, and it influenced music and therefore everything else artistic. The 80s was our most recent ‘effeminate men’ phase as well, but I guess people conveniently forget that. It feels like an eternity ago, but was only around the last corner really. They’re having theirs now, and everyone forgets about a little concept called ‘time’ and that it moves forward. They started similar to us with the Fist of the North Star men having their time similar to our He-man phase, it transitioned through the 90s with its Cowboy Bebop-like phase which I guess I compare to our culture’s sort of Frank Sinatra suave suit-wearing phase mixed with sci-fi. And now the 80s Prince and David Bowey phase. Think of it like racial traits in D&D. If Americans are the control group with base 0 in cultural development timeline, then Japanese have a -1 in Cultural Era timeline, and +1 in Technological Era timeline.

      Oh well, they’ll be fine. My ideal is the high school swimmer body anyway. Sleekness of the effeminate with the muscle of the fit regardless of the sex. Best of all worlds, and survives all cultural eras. Plus a girl need not try to arouse me at all if she has a racing swimsuit. Walk around in that and my mind will go into overdrive all its own.

    • Totally agree. The “man” definition of this person is just stereotypical piece of popculture bullshit fed to the masses.
      If a man chooses to be a boring random maggot who’s life is all about drinking and having sex with random girls, without any deeper thought about it, then let him do so. But don’t ask every other man in the world to be the same.

  • The generalizing is pretty negative and wrong, however, this is the truth for plenty of otaku, but not ALL of them.
    Ahh, to think that I still want to go to England to study at Oxford, if I reveal my weakness with 2D guys and girls, I’ll probably be shot down quickly.
    Maybe it’s because Europeans don’t get that many licensed anime?

  • I don’t know who these British are but hearing them say that 2D turns Japanese men weak has got to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Not to mention that it’s also nothing but a bunch of lies if you ask me.

    Ha! What a bunch of idiots. What morons.

    • You, and the rest of Japan are in denial. Japan is spending all their time watching cartoons instead of spending their time productively, like working out, socializing, and what not.

      Japan as a whole is incredibly xenophobic and closed minded, so much so they can’t accept any criticisms about their own society, from their own society, and much less a “foreigner”. They treat foreigners as subhumans. Believe it or not, in other countries, we don’t call people or treat people as foreigners. Why? Because it’s rude as shit and it’s just plain fucked up.

      Now that women have independence in their society. Of course they ain’t giving any pussy to some weak willed anime-loving freak. They want a man who can take care of them.