Berserk x Lotteria Burger Tie-Up “Too Surreal”


Even the most magnanimous of Berserk fans are having trouble with the above official image of Guts and Griffiths tucking in to a Lotteria hamburger and milkshake, as part of what must be the most mismatched anime tie-up yet…

The offer itself is available from all Lotteria shops from the 19th, and consists of an otherwise unremarkable teriyaki burger set with fries and a drink, along with special Berserk stationary, all for the princely sum of Β₯1,000.

The fan reaction is less than forgiving:

“This is too surreal…”

“Oh come on, they are eating a burger and shake…”

“Wasn’t Berserk set in a medieval European setting? Did they have hamburgers back then? I’m pretty sure they had no milkshakes…”

“Surreal, isn’t it? Particularly Griffiths…”

“Guts looks like an old man.”

“He looks Korean…”

“They could get away with Guts, but not Griffiths.”

The latest “Berserk: Golden Age – Egg of the Conqueror” trailer for those who missed it:

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