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Court Rules Legless Man Capable of Schoolgirl Rape


Japanese courts have ruled that a man with an artificial leg is still capable of raping a schoolgirl after all, after having previously quashed his conviction on the grounds that he had only one leg.

The case in question centres on a 27-year-old Fukuoka prefecture man accused of raping a 14-year-old schoolgirl in the back of his car one morning.

He was initially found guilty and given the 3.5 year prison sentence the prosecution requested.

He appealed the verdict, and the court quashed his conviction after having been persuaded by the defence’s arguments that he could not possibly have raped the girl as he had a prosthetic leg.

However, a judge subsequently threw out the ruling, saying they had not “adequately explored the issue of whether the accused was capable of assaulting the girl as she maintained, whilst wearing a prosthesis.”

The court then concluded that he could in fact have managed to assault her as she claimed, and reimposed the initial guilty verdict.

The defendant maintains that he “never raped her, and never got into the car with her.” The whole case is apparently based on the girl’s accusation.

The latter point in particular  has aroused some scepticism online:

“Only on her testimony? Don’t they have any evidence? No body fluids or anything, just arguments over whether a one-legged man could physically rape her or not?”

“Just how incompetent are our police. To say nothing of the chance that this is a false accusation.”

“Don’t our police even use forensics? There should be some physical evidence in a case like this.”

“I can believe he raped her, but it’s hard to believe he forced her into the car.”

“In the morning and in his car. What the hell?”

“Sounds like enjo kousai.”

“Probably enjo. Her parents would have seen to it that became rape. She got in the car herself, after all.”

“He hires her and comes inside, she gets pregnant and her parents find out, she pretends she was raped, they get her to press charges.”

“What proof does she have that she wasn’t just whoring herself to him?”

“You can’t really tell what was going on from the scant details they’ve released. There should be bodily fluids or hair in the car or something. It’s pretty outrageous to convict someone solely on the basis of a schoolgirl’s testimony though.”

“If he were not disabled he would just have been convicted on the basis of her testimony without ever even making the news. Scary, it’s safest just to stay home.”

“They say Japan’s low sex attack rates are because nobody reports them, but I can’t help but think a huge number of them are false accusations of chikan activity and rapes. Any woman who takes issue with a guy after having sex with him consensually can just accuse him of rape.”

“For chikan convictions they go ahead without any evidence and solely on the accusation of the supposed victim. If you protest your innocence they brand you ‘unrepentant’ and give you an even harsher sentence.”

“All he has to do is hit her, strangle her, or menace her with a knife. It’s not like he has to threaten her with his leg.”

“A false leg is not going to effect his ability to attack her.”

“He could have raped her even with an artificial penis.”

“If there were any actual evidence against him something like this would not be coming up in a trial in the first place.”

“Stop pampering the disabled already.”

“Stop defending a rapist, you creeps!”

“3 years and 6 months does seem a bit light for actual rape.”

“What does he care. After he’s served his sentence he’ll be back on his benefits for life.”

“If he can’t manage an attack like that, what is he doing with a driving license…”

“A false leg wouldn’t fit in any case.”

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