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Taiwan Girl Stabber “Commits Suicide” in Police Custody


The man responsible for stabbing two Taiwanese students to death has apparently killed himself whilst police were taking him back to the station – using a knife police neglected to remove from his trousers.


The 30-year-old Taiwanese man being sought on suspicion of murdering the two students was spotted by police at a SKE48 performance in Nagoya.


They stopped him, and he voluntarily agreed to go along with officers for questioning at the local station; they took him back to the station in a police vehicle, but when they arrived at the station and “police were not looking at him” he suddenly cut his own throat with a knife he had cunningly concealed in his trousers.

He was immediately taken to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

In a stunning display of incompetence, police had apparently failed to search him properly at the venue or when putting him in their car – although they say they conducted an “inspection of his person.”

Prior to his death he had supposedly apologetically confessed to officers, saying “I stole from them. What I did to them was inexcusable. I did it with a fruit knife.”

Police have said they will investigate whether his detention was conducted properly. The presiding officer has said that “It is regrettable that a suspect committed suicide. I would like to investigate these circumstances further.”

The gross incompetence of Japanese police is not particularly surprising to many, although so great is their reputation for corruption and malfeasance that many are highly suspicious of the actual circumstances surrounding the man’s death:

“As expected, total incompetence.”

“Did the police do it?”

“More police incompetence.”

“This time it may be an international issue as well.”

“Why didn’t they arrest him on the spot? He confirmed his name there…”

“At least search the people you arrest, police.”

“First they turn away an Aum Shinrikyo terrorist they had been hunting for a decade when he tried to turn himself in [he was told to go away and try a police box as the officers “thought it was a joke” – fortunately for police he did actually go to the police box], now this.”

“The top cops are going to be red with embarrassment after such a huge blunder. The quality of Japanese work is really dismal these days.”

“He went to see SKE48…”

“So SKE really do have fans.”

“Didn’t they even cuff him?”

“Isn’t it a bit strange to get a wanted man to ‘voluntarily’ come along for questioning? He’s a major flight risk, he should have been arrested on the spot.”

“Japan is safe so our police are totally useless.”

“They are great at coercing the innocent, but useless when it comes to actual criminals.”

“For them a body search probably just constitutes checking his pockets and looking in his wallet…”

“This is just unbelievable incompetence.”

“Now we’ll never know if he was really the criminal behind this or not.”

“I have to wonder whether he really confessed to the officers or they are just making all this up to cover themselves.”

“If he really said that they should have arrested him immediately.”

“He was surrounded by cops and none of them could stop the bleeding or prevent him killing himself in the first place?”


“Some of the reports started by saying ‘police found his body’ called it a ‘possible suicide’? I suppose they just ‘found his body’ after he killed himself in their custody.”

“Was this really even suicide? The only witnesses are police.”

“Our police are just a global laughing stock.”

“Now the whole world knows just how bad our police are.”

“Did he really hide it or did they just not bother searching him at all?”

“He killed two people and they didn’t even search him…”

“Now nobody’ll ever know what really happened…”

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