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Censors: “Women Taking The Lead Turns Our Boys Gay!”


Japanese prefectural authorities charged with censoring manga have been caught saying that titles in which women take the lead are “very dangerous” as they may “promote homosexual development amongst the youth.”

From the minutes of the 13 member “2nd Miyazaki Prefectural Commission for the Promotion of Healthy Youth Development,” a local government body charged with censoring ‘harmful literature’ (the ‘harmful literature’ such bodies concern themselves with is virtually always manga):

[The committee is discussing the wickedness of displaying “boys love” and “ladies comics” amongst ‘normal’ non-adult manga in local bookstore shelves]

Committee Member A:

In these books there is some violence and cruelty, and most have sexually provocative material.

In particular, many include scenes of women taking the lead ahead of men, and I think they’ll promote the prejudiced view that women want this.

And if you keep getting these depictions of women taking the lead, matters soon develop in a homosexual direction and it must become difficult to develop sexually in a normal fashion, mustn’t it?

This may not always be the case, but I think for the male conciousness they may end up thinking they cannot take the lead themselves, and so they tend to turn homosexual more often as a result.

I can’t help but think it is very dangerous to our young people, should they see this sort of material mixed in amongst normal books.

No objection to these sentiments were recorded in the committee minutes, although whether this reflects the consensus opinion of the committee or merely the Japanese custom of never arguing or telling the truth in public in case it might cause group discord is not clear.

The body’s suggestions for works to be designated as ‘urgently designated harmful entertainment’ were apparently accepted. The committee could not decide on any titles to recommend, as it was “difficult.”

Online, the remarks have attracted a storm of criticism, not least because it is readily apparent that the self-appointed prudes charged with censoring manga are absolutely crazy:

“These people do not in any way have the requisite intelligence to debate this sort of thing, they are just forcing their prejudices onto other people.”

“They just treat anything they don’t like as unnatural or unhealthy. Who knows what they think is natural…”

“These people are like the ‘Pornography and Sexual Violence Victims Association’ extremists behind the Tokyo manga ban, saying people who read manga are mentally defective.

Funnily enough, they never said anything about Ishihara’s bashing of homosexuals. I suppose the only human rights worth defending are the ones which benefit their interests.”

“I cannot believe this committee has managed to come to the conclusion that an ‘environment which promotes homosexuality’ (and there is no scientific consensus as to whether homosexuality is environmental or genetic or both) is ‘very dangerous.'”

“The only prejudice here is that displayed by the person in this committee! Please, give this nonsense a rest.”

“I hope this member will write a manga featuring what they regard as ‘normal sexual relations’…”

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  • Don’t they realize that there are many dominant homosexuals too? They confuse dom/sub, sadist/masochist and active/passive with heterosexual/homosexual, somebody who likes to be dominated by women because of paraphilic desires doesn’t necessarily want to have sex with males..

    Well, to be fair, this was actually the standard view of sexuality in most societies which is why pederasty, ie same-sex erotic contact between adult men and beardless youths was so widely practiced in most places of the world (Japan, China, Greece, Rome, Islamic Caliphates, Muscovite Russia, Celts, Vikings, Aztecs etc.), since a young male was still considered effeminate..

    Ancient categories of sexual experience differed considerably from our own… the central distinction in sexual morality was the distinction between active and passive roles. The gender of the object… was not in itself morally problematic. Boys and women were very often treated interchangeably as objects of male desire. What was socially important was to penetrate rather than to be penetrated. Sex was understood fundamentally not as interaction, but as a doing of some thing to someone…

    It was felt that a man who subjected himself to another in sexual affairs would do the same in other areas, being a follower rather than a leader, and allowing others to do his thinking or fighting for him. Thus, homosexual sex was not what was condemned, but rather the failure to stand for one’s self and make one’s own decisions, to fight one’s own fights.

    Judaism and Western colonialism changed all this. It rendered the “gender of the object” very “morally problematic”; it declared that no one is “interchangeable” sexually. And as a result, it ensured that sex would in fact be “fundamentally interaction” and not simply “a doing of something to someone”.

    To appreciate the extent of the revolution wrought by Judaism’s prohibiting homosexuality and demanding that all sexual interaction be male-female, it is first necessary to appreciate just how universally accepted, valued, and practiced homosexuality has been throughout the world.

    The one continuous exception was Jewish civilization; and a thousand years later, Western Christian civilization (The Eastern/Russian Christian world was tolerant of homosexuality and pederasty prior to the westernization of Peter the Great, as was the Islamic world prior to colonialism). Other than the Jews, none of the antiqque civilizations prohibited homosexuality per se. It was Judaism alone that about 3000 years ago declared homosexuality wrong.

    And it said so in the most powerful and unambiguous language it could: “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is an abomination.” “And if a man lie with mankind, as with womankind, both of them have committed an abomination.” It is Judaism’s sexual morality, not homosexuality, that historically has been deviant. We do not find these prohibitions on same-sex erotic contact in Japanese history where Buddhist monastics were even encouraged to take younger male partners instead of women..

    Needless to say these warrior virtues and prohibitions on male passivity that made societies survive in the pre-industrial age may have made sense in those times but there’s no reason to continue discriminating against effeminate passive men whether hetero, homo or bisexual.. letting hetero submissives watch femdom won’t make them attracted to handsome men in any case.. it just makes them attracted to dominatrixes.

  • Committee Member A:

    … I think I can see where he comes from, but I can only say it is flawed. Not every man treats woman as inferior: some men even find dominating woman attractive, ya know?
    (maybe they can find those meek and weak woman annoying).

  • Committee Member A:
    In these books there is some violence and cruelty, and most have sexually provocative material.
    In particular, many include scenes of women taking the lead ahead of men, and I think they’ll promote the prejudiced view that women want this.
    And if you keep getting these depictions of women taking the lead, matters soon develop in a homosexual direction and it must become difficult to develop sexually in a normal fashion, mustn’t it?
    This may not always be the case, but I think for the male conciousness they may end up thinking they cannot take the lead themselves, and so they tend to turn homosexual more often as a result.
    I can’t help but think it is very dangerous to our young people, should they see this sort of material mixed in amongst normal books.

    ^ … *facepalms*
    Committee Member A, there exists something called “femdom”, and some men are into that, ya know? Never mind.
    To be honest, I think I can see the reason why he mentions like that, but I do think this kind of reasoning is just… flawed. Just want to mention that not every man likes only gentle woman: Some men like dominating woman.

  • ***NEWS JUST IN***

    “male conciousness may end up thinking they cannot take the lead themselves..Next we have a story of how many scenes of women taking the lead ahead of men, and I think they’ll promote the prejudiced view that women want this.”

    Next up police hunting a young man that asked a female for directions….Again…

    And new womens only busses and trains will be running from tuesday, we would like to remind any man caught on one of these women only services that if you are caught on one you will suffer punishment…

    So plz guys don’t turn gay, and remember your only as good as the money you bring home for your girlfriend to spend and have a nice day.

  • Wait a minute, what do they mean by “taking the lead?” Are they talking about explicit femdom action with bullwhip-wielding, leather-wearing dominatrices stomping dudes’ balls with high heels and shoving anal beads and dildos up their asses, or just female lead protagonists in shounen/seinen manga?

    For the record, I like both. Seriously, fuck these people. Bondage games don’t have to be so one-sided. Sometimes, it’s entertaining to see women getting a little of their own back instead of playing the victim all the time, you know?

  • This reminds me of something an American woman wrote about how her Japanese boyfriend told her he felt like he was dating a guy because she wasn’t completely submissive.

    Oh Nippon, you so crazy

  • @anon
    Even if it’s just acting, you chose to give yourselves a “bad guy” attitude, which is commonly considered as bad education for children. And women are considered kind, nice, caring and loving children.
    you know what that also why man dont trust woman because woman often only love what they love (own kid, lover,husband ,etc )they often dont care what other feel.
    are you sure they just didnt hid it well. because woman tongue so sharp and so flexible.
    im not hating woman but you describe it way too good but in fact they just money hunter. woman in their carreer often go by greed rather than contribute to society. in shoujo manga if you not go by prince as hero or rich guy you will go to bad ass /cruel man also with rich money. is your taste seem so wrong with other..
    i just posted it on hunch hope you dont hate it.posted it for fun not any other ill intention or because of hate of women

  • You get yourself ruled by old prude farts for tens of years, enjoy the effects 🙂

    Mosaic in porn is equally if not far more imbecillic. And yet you still dwell in that nonsense since ~1957, citing Meiji period “law” from times when noone dreamt about a computer, less so internet in any way or form.

    Wake the fuck up ?

    Ironically – assuming those are 2ch comments – they are +/- the same people that commented ?

    Seriously fucking epic hypocrisy ftw ?

  • Funny, I can imagine this censors being the husbands of the typical Japanese housewives that take over your bank account and only give them a tiny allowance, the kind that takes charge of their sexually frustrated lives.

  • reading this stuff makes me want to smack them in the head every time such moronic thoughts enter their homophobic little minds….

    and I used to like and admire the japanese….. not so much anymore, now I only admire their hot women and merchandise… and some of their culture

  • This is just proof that people in power (no matter where in the world) don’t know what they are doing, or if they do than it’s still wrong, or stupid.
    Honestly! Do these people think at all?

  • Making rules based on theories that are based on other theories… Why can’t some jobs come with a mandatory logic and reason refresher course?

    Having said that, if you’re just waiting for a strong-willed girl to take the lead and ask you out, you’re 99% sure to be forever alone.

  • ahahahah so thats a root of the ban- that women being strong female leads sometimes whom may have big boobs are turning man into homosexuals. That is pretty hilarious I hope this stirs up more of a storm- its certainly making it doubtful that the banning of manga’s is solely because of nudity etc.

  • i dont like the game title of rpg that have female lead. or shounen manga with female lead. it just feel weird you can create good story in it only if the woman itself could act like man and the story is deep and interesting. man found lust story better than love story. woman find love story amusing but rarely man do.
    perhaps thats why shoujo manga dont perform good in the market. perhaps not much but a little bit can sum up
    woman also dont like sex story like man do. somehow that also cause friction

  • “perhaps because in different of thought like women like to talk but woman like to walk”

    perhaps so if he saw many phreak fujoshi or woman that enjoy gay material. just for my experience i rarely or never see man that having feel enrage if his hobby of yuri being tease.
    but woman that like yaoi or shounen ai they so weird that make them so sensitive if they hobby got questioned or degraded.
    in summary yuri otaku very rarely closet otaku but yaoi otaku near closet otaku.
    you can see the fujoshi activity that like to troll hhmmm

    • As a fujoshi I at least gotta agree that I don’t like the way other fujoshi or fangirls scream about yaoi. I consider it the equivalent of a man running through the streets screaming he likes porn. You wouldn’t like if a guy was all over your face saying how much he likes lesbian porn, right?

      You don’t need to keep it to yourselves ladies, but don’t go around broadcasting it to the world. Either have other girl friends who like it or open-minded friends with who you can joke about the genre.

  • They seem to be implying being homosexuality is bad. Wonder if a lawsuit can be brought up because they said this. Equal rights to all, non-dependent to gender, race, religion, sexuality, or something? or does this just go under free speech? hmm…

    • The consensus among (serious) biologists on the subject is “we have no fucking idea”. There is some correlation between some biological factors and homosexuality but similar parallels can be drawn between pretty much any conscious choice one could possibly make if you are willing to spend enough money on research.

    • To say it is either completely due to genes or due to environment would be wrong. Identical twin studies only have a concordance rate of 48% (oddly, the same percentage as schizophrenia). If it were solely rooted in “biology” then the concordance rate should be at or very nearly 100%.

  • It sounds like the old fogey’s idea of a Non-turning gay Women is the now WAY outdated concept of the Yamato Nadeshinko.

    A women who is pretty but not overly attractive, submissive, and is only concerned with the domestic arts, rising children and pleasuring her husband sexually whenever he demands it.

    Le sigh….

  • Is this another attempt of Japanese politicians trying to argue that anime and manga is bad for Japanese Society? Because Im not buying it.

    Women that lead in sex dont make men gay. It makes for some wild and crazy sex. Im starting to think these assholes has never touched a girl ever in their life.

  • I think I see where this is going.

    1. Boy sees girl being aggressive in manga and taking the lead.
    2. Boy assumes a girl will take the lead with him, so he takes no initiative.
    3. Boy doesn’t get a girlfriend.
    4. Boy’s confidence falls.
    5. Boy devotes himself to his studies and becomes socially awkward.
    6. Boy invents mind-altering “sexual desirinator” raygun to make a girl fall for him.
    7. Prototype raygun misfires and explodes.
    8. Boy becomes gay from the ray’s explosion.
    9. ???
    10. Godzilla is summoned by Japanese gay pride parade.

    An all too common occurrance, I’m afraid.

  • Fun fact: Ishihara was friends in the 1960s with Yukio Mishima, a right-wing Japanese man who promoted the samurai practice of sexual relations with other men, and possibly partook in relations himself.

  • You don’t turn gay, you’re born gay/bi/whatever the fuck else there is.
    I’m a girl, I’ve been reading/watching a shitload of ecchi and hentai manga/anime, I especially love seeing yuri in hentai and ecchi. Despite of everything I still feel attraction towards guys and just can’t feel attraction towards girls.
    Also, a gay/lesbian friendly society is good, because then there won’t be a ton of closeted gay people who are unhappy with their lives and are afraid to be judged and beaten up for it. If there’s a gay/lesbian friendly society it won’t mean everyone will be gay.
    And what they’re basically saying is that dumb, weak, dependent and submissive women are the women which won’t turn men gay. I guess they’ve never heard of I-want-to-turn-my-boyfriend-into-a-vampire-so-badly-that-I-fed-him-my-period-blood-girl, she was dumb and submissive.

  • So, i guess japanese politicians and japan in general still think being gay is a choice.

    Those comments are so retarded, it only shows the level of intelligence these politicians have and it baffles me how these people got chosen to lead a country.

  • Honestly what a load of crap, its so preposterous that I cant fathom a thought as to why its even though up. This is like those people who say gay is a decease and you catch it or are born with it.

  • This is starting to remind me of what happened to American comics in the 1950s. To much censoring forced the industry to the established the Comics Code, which was the death knell of comics for some 20 maybe 30 years. Now I love comic books as well as manga and don’t want another disaster similar to that to befall on manga. It’s comes down to elderly people condeming what they see as odd and trying to correct that which isn’t fundamentally in need of fixing. Why do young people always seem to hate the elderly? This is a prime example right here.

  • So…
    If men take the lead, they’re promoting the bias that men are mysoginistic savages.
    If women take the lead, they’re promoting the bias that women are mysandric bitches.

    Am I missing something?

  • knowing me i’ll submit to her anyday, pleasurably leading me anyway

    it’ll turn me into a sodomasochist sex hungry hentai, till one day i rebel against her, switch positions, then i’ll leadher, and she will know true leadingship …

    (yes i was fapping while typing this)

  • Exactly, because every negative behavior glorified in fiction will eventually force the consumer to recreate these actions in blind submission. Every citizen, no matter his age, is just as impressionable as a 5 year old child, and the only way to save the masses from their own naivety is to choose what’s right for them! Hail Inner Party!

  • Judging how your stereotypical otaku could be, this:

    “In particular, many include scenes of women taking the lead ahead of men, and I think they’ll promote the prejudiced view that women want this.”

    Would have some logical sense to it.

    But after he started talking about extreme danger and gay-like development for the men kin due to that…well…I facepalmed.

    Japanese tribe, you ought to do something about that silly fossil trying to boss your society…they are plain idiots, it seems.

  • Wtf? What’s wrong with men AND women taking the lead at different times? To each their own, women should never be told they cannot lead and men should never be told they cannot follow! And of course let men lead as well, everyone has different tastes don’t they?

  • Aaaand nothing about rape hentai? This doesn’t give men bad ideas, but strong women turn them gay? Oh, right, for them, rape must be a “normal thing”, cause yes, a woman can’t say no and is always turned on when you touch her.
    Screw you Japanese mysoginist pigs.

  • Censors are the most evil people in existence. Period.
    Or,.. The roots of all evil is censorship.

    It may be unrelated, but it’s true nonetheless.

    I can sympathise with murderers, rapists, priests and warlocks, but I can’t sympathise with censors. At least the formers ain’t true evil. Just human.

  • You know those times when you encounter something so stupid, so retarded, so absolutely below what you’d usually expect to find that as a sensible human being there are literally no words to express your incredulity?

    This is one of those times.

  • Ah yes. The next step in Ishihara’s manifesto for dominance over the pansy Japanese. Just wait until they start putting up concentration camps for their minorities. Fascism is an ever-repeating vicious circle. Why? Because the foolishness of mankind is infinite.

      • Ok now THAT is something I NEVER expected to see in Sankaku, someone not just give an example from Brazil but an obscure one at that! Man, I assume you is a brazilian like me, I know of this movement from history books but I dont think I would ever uses it in an argument, you sir deserves a prize, congratz! And I am not using sarcasm!

      • it is of course quite common for it to devolve into superiority complexes, but there are numerous successful examples like modern-day Singapore, Novo Estada, etc. and existing democracies in the modern day do integrate fascist elements, the ‘vision’ of a community defined by a strong, cohesive group (typically the nation).

        • Competence is related to personal skills. Incompetent people can acquire the necessary skills and become competent. Furthermore, incompetence is an objective factor to judge by because it has a very significant effect on the final result, where physical traits such as race or gender are insignificant next to actual skill and aptitude.
          Discrimination is to prefer a less skilled person because he is (insert preferred stereotype). Preferring someone who will do a better job is pure efficiency. If getting things done better than the competition makes me a biggot then I’d rather remain such than cuddle people who put no effort into improving themselves.

      • It doesn’t take much.

        Germany was on it’s way of forming a stable democracy before WW2, however the centuries-old prejudices and nationalistic propaganda turned it into a death trap for minorities.
        Japan is full of unchallenged prejudice and hatred. Nationalistic tendencies are growing as we speak. The right wingers systematically rob the populace of fundamental rights and burden them with ludicrous, archaic regulations and bans.

        To be honest, we can see such developments in almost every other country on the globe. It really took off when the “war on terror” was used as an excuse to rule the masses with fear tactics. The crashes on the stock markets further intensified this dangerous situation of government versus populace.

        It really doesn’t take that much to tip the balances of a country. You think that cruelty against other humans would be impossible in Japan? It’s already happening as we post. Talk to people from Fukushima region about their current life. Representatives of the Japanese government openly challenged their rights as human beings. In front of a camera. For everyone to see. That’s where we are heading.

  • Being a masochist would sway a man towards homosexuality? Is that what he’s saying?

    I’m having a hard time typing because I can’t stop laughing. A bunch of legislators are now automatically qualified psychologists? If so, where are your credentials? Where are the research journals that record the results that justifies your assumptions? Are the journals peer-reviewed by respected mental health institutions?

    It’s SOPA all over again; a bunch of politicians thinking they know what’s right for people when they’re taking on a subject they don’t know a fuck about.


    • Women taking the lead turn boys gays.

      Men taking the lead turn boys into rapists.

      You can’t win with these crazies. That string of argument sounds like something from a Baptist church.

    • Wait strong men can turn their GF into lez and how is this bad, as long as she shares and the second is hot, I am all for it. More girls has never been a bad thing for guy. Good reason I don’t like China and India or those Muslim country. Way to many guys in them.

        • 8:52 I’ve set foot in America.

          The men are pathetic and I don’t see why the women there waste time with them.

          The men don’t know how to dress or act, they try too hard too look macho and think anything less than this pathetic macho charade is “gay”, but in the end they look like small dogs barking. Weak and pathetic.

          They also over-sexualize everything, which is why women have them by the balls over there. They are all so desperate. Show a hint of a breast or any sort of artistic or non-sexual nudity and they’ll call home bragging about it.

          Why would any woman in her right mind respect or want that? There are plenty of other countries for American women of all races and cultures to find men who are actual men, and not the whiny leg-humping dogs that American men are.

        • Seriously, have half you people ever set foot in America, ever in your life?

          Your bigotry makes you look as weak arrogant and retarded as you assume all of this country is.

          Do the world a favor, learn something, or some respect. Or kill yourself,bigots like yourself dont need to breed.

        • Why do American men blame all their problems on feminism? Men in America are weak and pathetic and all they do is whine about the past.

          I love American women. I find they are only selfish when it comes to pathetic American men because American men don’t know how to be real men. They are easily to push around and then get pissed off when it happens.

          Anytime I see whining about feminism I know there is some American “man” commenting.

        • “i dont want women to make the same money as a man for the same work”

          Are you listening to yourself? Americans speak about equality but the whole nation is backwards (and obese). No wonder those filthy Americans make other countries want to throw up.

        • American men are so behind. All you guys do is whine about feminism ruining everything but whining is all you do.

          The rest of us have managed to find actual equality in relationships and laws because we did more than sit at our computer and whine about shit.

          I don’t blame your women for treating you badly. There are no real men in America. I’d be frustrated too.

        • No one understands ~____~.
          What you call “feminism” is EXTREMIST FEMINISM.
          REAL feminism DOESN’T WANT PRIVILEGES. We want the same thing. We also want to pay on dates and pay for children, because we wanna be equal to men. All those things that exist right now are not fucking equal, this is why we call this a sexist society, duh.
          It seems to me that you only see the points you wanna see, and not the whole fucking thing. I’m a woman, but I DO realize there’s lots of things in which men are disavantaged.

          I repeat, what YOU call feminism is not, it’s extremist feminism.

          And for children custody, well, I’d say men got what they “deserved”. Saying “I’m a strong man, I don’t have feelings, I’m impulsive” and stuff, acting like a caveman doesn’t make you the good person to raise children. Even if it’s just acting, you chose to give yourselves a “bad guy” attitude, which is commonly considered as bad education for children. And women are considered kind, nice, caring and loving children.

          So…blame it on society. Blame it on centuries of “bla bla bla I’m a tough guy and here’s a weak women”.

          And I wanna change that. So fucking stop considering that having a uterus/a penis defines your whole personality and your place in society.

        • Sure is American in here. Don’t assume your fucked-up excuse for a society and civil law system works even remotely like in other developed parts of the world.

          This is @ anons 01:03 and 23:51.

          The current state of affairs with regards to gender equality in the world is nothing more and nothing less than backlash from thousands of years of female oppression. It’s much worse in the US though, since you lot always had a hang for going into extremes. In Europe things have calmed down a lot since the aftermath of radical feminism (though there are a few exceptions, like Sweden). You’re hard pressed finding a woman who doesn’t want to work, earn her own money and be independent even in marriage here. In fact, when my parents divorced, my mother had to pay thousands of Euros in marital gain compensation since she brought a lot more money into the family through her job.

          Your anecdotal “evidence” is nothing more than examples of another side of the American madness.

        • And no “ladies first”, we can hold doors too. It’s not because our average height and muscles are lower than men’s that we are oooh so weak. I punch boys and girls in the face the same way, no discrimination.

        • I’ll tell you what. Forget the term “feminism”, just understand “egalitarism”.
          Feminism ISN’T “all rights for women, nothing for men”. Feminism is about equality, and that means MORE rights for men, when it comes to paternity for example. Most men don’t get that feminism is good for them too.
          The feminism you think about is extremist feminism, which is a bad thing, just like machism. I don’t want to have all the rights (guess what, I’m a girl), I just want the same amount of money as a man when we both have the same job, I want the right to consider myself as a human being when walking in the street, and when I’m married, I want my husband to care about the children too. My father was a jerk, as soon as he got divorced he totally forgot about his children, not caring about anything, just wanting to see them to piss off my mother. I don’t want my children to live like that, for fuck sake.

          Also, in France, we have very few women at home, or women that have fantasies about rich and beautiful men. Japanese people really are…bizarre.

          So, don’t consider feminism as a bad thing. It’s not like you think it is. It’s good for women, and for men.

        • Yes, but when you look at what “equality” has done to society you’ll see his point.

          Lower birth rates. Women having fantasy-like expectations of their men. Declining job security and availability. One-sided divorce proceedings. The list continues, but the biggest problem is that its the same in every country with supposed “gender equality.”

          I’m not saying we need to take away the laws that gave them more rights, what we need to do is impose more laws that balance it out for the men’s side.

          The one I hate most is how one-sided Divorces are.
          1 Man (Working), 1 Woman (Not Working), 1 Kid (10yo, Student). The woman gets custody and Alimony and child support.
          1 Man (Not Working), 1 Woman (Working), 1 Kid (10yo, Student). The woman gets custody and the man is told to get a job to pay child support BY THE STATE.

          How the hell is that equal?

        • “Feminism is about equality”

          Read Gloria Steinem and say that again with a straight face.

          “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”

          Feminism promotes women over men. As evidence I submit the current form of the US judicial system.

          Example 1: A man drinks, a woman drinks, they both agree to have sex. If the woman wants, she can turn around and cry rape. The false rape victim may not have the opportunity to cross examine or even publish the “victim’s” name, thereby removing his right to see his accuser or even make the name public to rally public support.

          Example 2: If we’re so egalitarian, why do men still give 50% of their earnings over to women upon divorce? And why are the children defaulted to the women most of the time?

          Example 3: Black men have made it a point to show how the judicial system is biased against them in the form of longer prison sentences. The same applies to women vs men. Some women don’t even go to prison, but lax ‘mental facilities’ on much lower yearly terms, or simply dumped off on probation.

          Example 4: Women have all birth rights, but men have zero control over child support.

          Example 5: A false rape accusation is only a misdemeanor. With rape laws the way they are, the accuser may not even have their name published most of the time. In contrast, the accused is routinely striped of their careers, children and privacy, even before the verdict, which if guilty on the very thin terms, usually without evidence or being able to see their accuser, will follow them around for life, land them in prison and potentially lead to something fatal happened in prison.

        • Anonymous

          im in america, and male, so you get where im coming from.

          i dont want women to make the same money as a man for the same work, at least in low level to mid level jobs, if you are in a high end job (something that you have to graduate collage with a masters for, or rose above everyone else to be at the absolute top) you can make as much as you damn well please. my reasoning is this, men have to pay for the dates, men have to always pay for the woman basically anywhere, and its almost a non optional agreement if you ever want to have sex in that relationship.

          a divorce happens, they get half the mans shit, alimony, and if we had a kid, way to fucking much in “child support” (never has to be verified that the money was spent on the kid). and let me ask you this, if you bring up a prenuptial agreement, you are planing for the marriage to fail… tell me how well that goes over with women.

          i cant find it, but a study was done that accounted for all the money men have to spend on women, and it shows that women come out on top, even with a 25% difference, even if it was 30-35% they would still come out on time much of the time.

          and lets not also go into the perks of being a woman in the eyes of the law.

  • And if you keep getting these depictions of women taking the lead, matters soon develop in a homosexual direction and it must become difficult to develop sexually in a normal fashion, mustn’t it?

    Women with pride and confidence turn men gay?
    Shit, I must be the gayest rainbow loving homo-bastard then, cuz I love women with self-esteem and dignity whom stand up for themselves.

  • just… wow
    this is so beyond ridiculous i don’t even know where to start or if i should even bother.

    just how do you get from
    >women taking the lead
    >suddenly get sexually interested in men

    that’s… just not how anything works

    and just how- ah fuck it

  • Bronxdragon says:

    No…traps make them gay. It makes everyone gay. Strong women who like to lead just brings out the odepius complex in us all because who doesn’t like getting taken care of by a hot working women who’s decided to ride us like a damn pony? Shit I popped a boner!

    • i don’t think sexual orientation is something that can be changed. people don’t “turn” gay. maybe you can become aware of something that you didn’t know was there, but that doesn’t change that it was there before, just repressed.

      i agree on the boner-inducingness of that idea of yours

      i like strong women, i like weak women, i like lolis and i like traps. and a lot of other stuff. i like women of different ages so i can’t be gay, i wouldn’t even consider myself bisexual as i’ve never been interested in men, only little boys that kinda look like girls :3 the whole point of traps is that they look like girls, isn’t it?
      all that mean is that i have quite a a number of 2D related preferences and fetishes.

  • Thats what those evil girl gang groups do that attack and harrasses some poor kid they don’t know at school. And btw, all of them evil girl gang members end up marrying some guy covered in tatoos and with Hep-c who are also going to prison for killing people. So, you will get yours yes you will for doing cruel stuff to people.

  • Men should take the lead.

    There’s too much stuff out there where the boy is effeminated.

    IMO, Decades of “Feminism” have done very little good.

    The biggest effect is this; Women have been put in the workforce and (combined with illegals, outsourcing) the effective wage is HALVED. Actually less than half versus when men exclusively worked. Too many people out there to do any job, so skills/experience is diminished.

    Then, they get put in the workforce but almost all of them are just placed there to fill quotas and prevent lawsuits. Like “Minorities”. Now, I’m not saying against said people that got those jobs, but those hiring them did this deliberately. They scrutinize men, esp white men to make them prove every inch they are hyper overqualified for even a sh-t job. But women, minorities they just grab the first ones that have the basic pretense of qualifications. This keeps down the actual qualified ones and breeds hatred and strife in the workforce, so the labor pool is fighting itself versus unionizing.

    Finally, decades of “Feminism” training have taught women to be hateful of men. Just as men were taught how bad men had been in the past. So we get a generation or two of men trained to be “Sensitive New Age Guys” meeting a generation of women conditioned to hate and hurt men at any opportunity.

    I’ve seen this countless times, suffered through a lot of it myself. It does no good. And, IMO, is part of a larger world/mankind control conspiracy.

  • the problem isn’t this thing tho.. it might be better to actually improve your economy for your people to gain muscles. it’s not weird to call a jap youth gay. why? just look at them, aren’t they skinny and scrawny? besides, this has no influence in being gay; it’s a choice.

  • …..soo guys with kink that breaks sexual tradition somehow has otta bed implications. i find myself more manly for letting a woman lead. shows im not scared to not have 100% total control over who i love. im not japanese but i need to go be Governor there….

  • This is stupid.

    Okay, it makes you PERHAPS dislike womans, but that doesn’t makes you gay…

    It would be comfort to be gay in that case but I do not think that it would ever make someone gay…

  • Hate to break it to you, but aside from the knee jerk reactions on display, anyone that actually took the time to research this would come to the same conclusion as the committee.

    They have a youth shortage, don’t expect them to pull any punches just because you’re infected with political correctness.

    • I understand where you’re coming from in regards to the youth shortage thing (Japan needs more kids, therefore people need to have more heterosexual, unprotected sex), but…. seriously? If anything, they should be encouraging BOTH men and women to learn how to “take the lead.” Japanese guys, as far as Sancom has taught me, have no balls and don’t really like speaking to women. Japanese women, as far as Sancom has taught me, like to lie in wait for the first rich man to try to pick them up. Ergo, no one is actually getting any fucking done, because they’re all too busy waiting.

      So somehow I don’t think trying to limit people’s exposure to sexual material out of some utterly bizarre idea that a man seeing a woman do something sexually aggressive will suddenly and abruptly discover that breasts and vag no longer turn them on, but now dicks do. I mean, what? Really? Watching or reading porn involving someone of the sex you are attracted to is sure as hell not going to make you suddenly decide you are attracted to the other sex. : /

      • Once again, you need to actually research and not just think.

        Men have been emasculated in Japan by feminism. Men have a flight or fight response and due to cultural identity when a woman puts up a challenge, men simply forfeit(flight). This effect carries over into the workplace and college.

        Women on the other hand, were normally under control by men, with men emasculated by state sponsored feminism and the state dealing with women gingerly, women no longer have any social control mechanism other then the culture that’s promoted, which is feminism and their own natural instinct to have a well off man to mate with.

        With no men in the picture, women are pressured by feminism to become men, which confuses their sexual identity and as they attain manhood by achieving in their careers, other women become attracted to the wealth and with in vitro no available, they come to the logical conclusion, “who needs men?” The stats that homosexual woman are more well off financially supports this as well.

        Men on the other hand are sexually confused due to their lowered status of equal. Throw in grinding poverty and the inability to attract a mate with wealth, not to mention the anti-male feminist culture that makes women look and act foreign to them and the prevalence of a gay culture soon follows within a few generations, much to the detriment of the entire populous.

        The government is the wealthy Man, his wealthy CEO beta male buddies are the ones having children and the men the government replaced? Look at the poor population index and you’ll find a surplus of men, destroyed by bad economic and cultural policy.

        Feminism IS population control.

  • So we have a bunch of pansy guys who think women take the lead, leave the women to do so and thus frustrate said women…then they turn gay, and then they…are too much of a bunch of pansy to give it, expecting the other guy to do so because they’re too much of a pansy gay now that they’re all frustrated…


  • Man always take the lead because it’s in our genes. For thousand years of evolution, men suppose to hunt for food and women is stay in the kitchen and protect the kid.
    In modern day, men who can’t make money is like failure of the tribe back in the ancient time. Those who can’t hunt will die because they deserve it. In every men, there’s always something that motivate them to take the lead, if they can’t it’s simple that they’re gays 🙂
    However there are case that women are abusing the leading power, so it’s not a perfect conclusion.

    • Don’t delude yourself. Women didn’t take the lead because men denied them rights, education, ownership of property and even their own bodies, brainwashed them into thinking that’s the way it should be and beat and killed them if they tried regardless. You know, all those things they’re still doing in the backwards parts of the world.

      • Men have been taking the lead way before the vilification of women by the Church in the middle ages. This has been the case for as long as we have recorded history. Read the Code of Hammurabi if you don’t believe me. We have indirect evidence of male dominated society even from before the appearance of early civilizations, although obviously the lack of written evidence means it’s impossible to be absolutely certain.
        In fact, other than a handful of small nature worshiping tribes, you will be hard pressed to search history for matriarchal societies.

    • ‘In every men, there’s always something that motivate them to take the lead, if they can’t it’s simple that they’re gays :)’

      But what about John Wayne Gacy?

      He took the lead!

      Right into Gaytown!

    • there is no such think as “correct” when it comes to relationships because it implies that a person can “be wrong”. who decides what you have to be like in order to be “right”, is there some committee that meets once a year and decides on that stuff?
      can i elect those people somehow?

      if there is i’ve never heard of it

      • there is no such think as “correct”
        No, but there is something as “world order which benefits me more”.
        In a male dominated societies, men have more privileges than women. In short term, such such a society benefits all men.
        Of course, the disadvantage of essentially wasting the talents of 50% of our population far outweighs the advantages, but nobody said biggots have to be smart.