Taiwan Girls Murdered “She Came To Japan To Study Anime”



A pair of Taiwanese students were found stabbed to death in their blood-drenched Tokyo dormitory, having come to Japan to learn Japanese and study anime, it is reported.

The two female Taiwanese exchange students, aged 22 and 24, were studying Japanese in Tokyo. One had come to Japan intent on “studying anime.”

Their school was alerted to the fact that something might be amiss after two male Taiwanese students who had been due to go on a trip with them to Hokkaido reported they were not answering their phones, and the school soon sent someone to investigate.


The pair was found at the dormitory they had been staying at, owned by the Intercultural Institute of Japan and situated in Tokyo’s Taito ward – near Akihabara.

One was found collapsed in the entrance to her room, whilst the other was lying on a bed inside. The room was said to be “covered in blood.” The attack apparently occurred late the previous evening.

Police say they both died from blood loss after being stabbed in the throat, each being the victim of a dozen or more stab wounds, with one being found dead and the other expiring after arriving at hospital.

Investigators have not been able to recover the murder weapon or the keys to the residence.

No suspects are currently being held, although the father of one of the victims says he suspects an acquaintance must be responsible as nobody else would have had easy access to their room, whilst police have apparently found suspect blood stains in the room of a male Taiwanese student in the same building. Police are looking for him.

The pair were described as “cute girls with lots of friends who studied as hard as they could.”

The incident has understandably caused a media furore in Taiwan, and Taiwanese authorities have requested and received full cooperation from the Tokyo police in their investigations. Bereaved family members have also travelled to Tokyo to oversee matters.


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