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Marriage “Impossible” for Over-35s


Japanese census statistics reveal it is now “impossible” for any Japanese over 35 to get married, with as few as 2% managing to net a spouse in the 5 years from 35 to 40, and fewer still for those who are even older.

Japanese government census data presents some alarming findings – for example, in 2005 the proportion of unmarried men aged 35-39 was 30.9%, but the same census conducted 5 years later on men aged 40-44 showed 27.9% were unmarried, suggesting a mere 3% managed to marry in the intervening period.

A similar pattern emerged for women, unsurprisingly considering the pariah status accorded to such “old hags” – only 2% of women in the same age groups managed to marry.

The situation is even worse for Japanese in their forties: only 0.4% of men and 0.5% of women over 40 managed to marry during the period, a tiny 0.1% of the total population of men and women.

It seems no exaggeration to say that Japanese over 35 have almost no chance of getting married.

The government apparently has no idea about the causes of this trend, whilst academia and western observers rarely manage to go beyond a simplistic caricature of Japanese society as an oppressive patriarchy in which women’s only escape from marriage slavery is to stay single.

Opinions from within Japan’s lucrative marriage industry are more varied – one such “marriage consultant” holds forth:

“The fact that people are much more forgiving of people staying single in this day and age is a big factor.

Most of the unmarried over-35s are people who prioritised their hobbies or careers over romance when in their twenties.

A great many of them have limited experience dating, and they tend to look for partners with much higher specs than their own – for men, young and cute women, for women, hot guys with high incomes.

The conclusion we can draw is that they don’t understand their own value on the marriage market.”

Particularly for men, having a below average income is thought to be especially damaging to marriage prospects.

For those men seeking partners from “konkatsu” parties and traditional marriage interviews, as these involve trying to find a wife from a group of strangers, the importance of a man’s “spec” (income, looks, career, etc.) is only increased.

A combination of being over 35 and having a below average income is said to be particularly deadly to a man’s chances.

The marriage consultant is brutal about the prospects of venerable over-35s:

“Thinking you will eventually find a partner is now just an illusion. As the data shows, once you are over 35 marriage is  even harder than getting into an elite university. It’s not very romantic, but its just akin to hunting for a job.”

In the face of such barriers, many Japanese seem to have simply given up on both marriage and sex. Nonetheless, 86% of Japanese still profess a desire to marry.

Online, there is not much doubt where most of the leftover 25% can be found:

“What was that? Did anyone mention love at all?”

“There used to be something called ‘love,’ but now everyone is happy living alone.”

“What horrible statistics…”

“These stats mirror the increase in women’s average age of marriage. There’s no such difference for men. It’s quite clear that the cause is women deciding not to marry.”

“Is there any hope for an unemployed 31-year-old virgin like me?”

“It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise a child. Your wife detoriates as the years pass. And you kid could end up a criminal or whatever…”

“If you’re that pessimistic even being a bachelor is going to be miserable.”

“I can see unmarried women over 35 being in difficulty, as all that’s left is the ugly ones and the ones who have totally unrealistic expectations. But men? If you’re not fat or bald you won’t have a problem, I guarantee it.”

“I’m a 47-year-old singleton banker. Can I wed?”

“I think that depends on your income.”

“To think I’ll never marry, despite getting two chocos on Valentine’s Day in middle school.”

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  • But you fail to realize the fact that men lose testosterone the older he gets losing muscle, drive, hair, and overall energy. Like having yourself neutered for not taking care of yourselves…
    Bald fat men with more estrogen than me (the fat around your waist becomes estrogen and that is why fat men grow breasts) is not attractive.

    • Overgeneralize much? Not all of those problems are purely a matter of hygiene and eating/drinking habits. It’s all tied to ones genes. Some people will have their hair turn white very early in life while others won’t. Some people have a strict tendency for amassing body fat while other have a better metabolism. Some are naturally slim while other are more muscular.

      You can take “care of yourself” by trying to stay healthy and there’s nothing to stop you from using artificial makeups. But in the end it’s the limits of your own body that will define your “attractiveness”. That’s why plastic surgery is going rampant in the US.

      What i’m trying to say is that sometimes people have clearly defined limits and it’s just as unhealthy to try to be something you aren’t meant to be.

      A “bald, fat man” isn’t frustrated about himself but rather the society which deems him unattractive. The same goes for women.

      To each their own. I won’t try to change anyone anytime soon.

  • It’s like that in all first world countries. A girl who is not married by 28 years old, will have her chances of marrying decline 50% with each passing year.

    By the time you reach 35, your chances of marrying are almost zero.

  • [rant] Basically this is true for all but the richy-rich, in this world you either have the time to work or the time to find romance – not both. So either you die rich and alone or you die poor with a family. People aren’t exactly comfortable with how the future looks, so of course they’re going to worry less about romance and focus more on their jobs in order to get ahead … then by the time they’re able to stand firm against an unsure economy its already too late to find romance and start a family. The deck’s stacked against us – it’s ALWAYS been stacked against us. [/rant]

  • What is it with all this marriage stuff, have sex and move on. Unless you want to have kids I see no reason to even waste time in marriage for men. I am sure money will bring way more happiness than some old ugly wife.

    Getting sex is not that hard you just have to be a bit outgoing and your fine, Otaku need not apply. But for the rest of us we do just fine and at the end of the weekend we have our house all to our selves as we like it.

    • Because 30 is way too old to start having kids. 35 is guaranteed birth defect territory.

      Plus, both men and women are most trainable before 25. After 25, the habits get set, and they have trouble adapting to new ways of life.

  • “It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise a child. Your wife detoriates as the years pass. And you kid could end up a criminal or whatever…”

    dollars? in japan SRSLY? this made me lol hard

    OT: who cares? a wonderful selfish world builds this kind of on-their-own people … me too … 31 yo single female and no interest at all. It’s all about money again and again. To be alone is just the right thing to protect oneself.

  • Also, after 30 the chance of advancing in a career decreases a lot. This is especially important with men, as women want a man who is not only well paid now, but has the expectation to be better paid in the future. After 30, the current income becomes more important, because it in not likely to go up much more.

    • Also, if you happen to be born at the wrong time, the whole world economy will suck and the middle class will vanish into a new poor underclass – and that can hurt your chances for promotion, too.

  • Dear Japan,
    You do know we are now in 2012. Maybe it’s time to consider, for women, that it’s not so great to stay home while the man does all the work, and for men, that it’s not so great to have a housewife staying home and bored all day long, just waiting for you to come home to say “do you want dinner, or a bath?”.
    European developped countries in which marriage is not a problem.

    (Oh, plus, being a girl, I think you’re really misogynist dumbasses. Japanese men consider women as shit. Oh, no, wait : every fucking japanese people consider everyone as shit. It’s a shame my sister’s gonna go to Japan for a year.)

  • I am 27, young man, and I think I’m OK in appearance.I already have a stable job, income higher than average men( at least can still save quite a lot ), have my own car/motor, and living decently now.Loves music making. I’m looking for young woman that stand at commond ground with me, the same vision at least to live together. The only problem usually when dating a girl is I’m shorter than average guy out there. ( and usually become problems when trying to date women, most of my ‘girl’-friends are taller than me > 1.60 m ( 5 ft 4 in )
    My height is 1.580 m (5 ft 2 in). Can I still marry ?

  • The statistics are a bit skewed. Men who are already married at that point are not looking to get married and should be excluded from the %

    Really in 5 years 9% of unmarried men get married. Assuming that the single pool isn’t being increased by divorces.

  • ill never understand the whole like “you have to marry” thing in US and japan. Just be with someone you like/love and IF you happen to marry so be it.

    But in US and japan it seems almost like a most to marry. Like life is job and married=done o.O

    In sweden ppl rarely marry. I know very few that actually have done it.

  • Everyone I know who’s been marrind, has also been divorced and lost big. I may be single and bitter, but all my divorced friends are bitter, single and broke. I still have all my stuff. 😆

    • ‘And what the fuck with “give up on sex” stuff. Can’t you afford ~$100 for an hour of sex with a whore?’

      I can afford the initial cost, but the medical check-ups for sexually transmitted diseases get troublesome.

      You are aware that some prostitutes transmit diseases, right?

      Has it occurred to you that diseases are costly and result in missed opportunities for future income?

  • Money can’t buy you a Big Dick that isn’t plastibadger.

    Its your dna that does that;

    Learn to listen; women will fuck you they talk to much to know we don’t care anyways.

    Just cut to the chase;

    Date yes or no;
    Fuck when or never;
    Let me meet your parents; (IS THE KEY FOR MARRIAGE)
    Fuck now or I divorce; FUCK MY MONEY take it I won’t put up with your shit anymore if your not PUTTING OUT.

    DOn’t MAKE THE MAN GO LOOKING a real man will say FUCK money; and FUCK YOU WOMAN!

    My hand can replace you anytime till I get another woman doing the Date, Fuck, Parents again.

  • From the article:

    “The conclusion we can draw is that they don’t understand their own value on the marriage market.”

    Or, maybe, many of these people *do* understand their own “value” but just aren’t interested in the sorts of partners that they can realistically attract. I know more than a few singles who realize that they could get dates if they just “lowered their standards” a bit, but these same people would rather just stay single. Maybe some (a lot?) of people think they are just better off by themselves than they would be with a partner of approximately equivalent “value” on the “marriage market.” Who’s to say that they’re wrong?

  • So no one thinks all that “compensated dating”, molestation by civil servants, “health” service junk, and other forms of sexual prostitution/exploitation that the Japanese inflict on themselves & each other have anything to do with the decreasing likelihood of marriage in conjunction with the unreasonable requirements they put on each other for being considered desirable for marriage?

  • Hence why their animated heroes are constantly growing younger. Toddler Gundam lies just around the corner. Yay?

    What the hell, who cares. Living in Japan is no longer my fad, nor am i really feeling any sympathy for their screwed up society. If they want change, they had best stand up for themselves. Which they won’t anyway.

  • Thing is, Men and Women can live their life however they want, if they want to live it single, they can. If they want to live it together with one another, they can. NO ONE IS STOPPING THEM FROM MAKING A DECISON TO LIVE THE LIFE OF HOW YOU WANT TO LIVE. HOWEVER YOU DO IT, ALONE OR WITH SOMEONE ELSE.

    I can’t blame society for the way it is, there was always some trouble that I found disturbing, about what is exactly up with love, sex, marriage, and all that stuff. Maybe Japan as society has things wrong, they can’t be 100% right, it’s impossible for anyone to push it that far.

    I do concern myself about that a person’s decision, especially if that person was someone who I’ve seen in my life, and possibly be atrracted to, to the point I want to let my feelings out and say those words to that female, and given that person’s past, what she learned, the events that happened to her and such, it can be something that can be worked out or not at all which will end up in a break up with one another. Having a heartbreak hurts, but when it happens, I move on and hopefully find someone who will return those feelings. And it goes on from there.

    And I don’t want to go to some brothel and have sex with some prostitute whose done have sex with every men many times. And I’m not hoping for much, it’s really tough out there, and I’m tired of anybody trying to bring me down to their level with their BS. Yeah I have to look good, and I do so every day, because not being good looking and perfectly hygenic is stupid, but I’m not one of those fools whose looking for some pussy to get inside to that quick.

    Anyway, I honestly don’t know why I’m even posting comments in the most ridiculous web site with the most insane news where everyone runs there mouth, saying just anything. Just wanted to give it a shot though.

    • Samsun married Delilah. She got him killed.
      Haphaestus married Aphrodite. She cheated on him.
      Vulcan married Venus. Ditto
      Hera married Zeus. He on her with women AND men!
      Juno married Jupiter. Ditto!

    • Absolutely. However, the problem with prosititues is that they tend to become so cynical and hardened that they have a hard time really enjoying sex anymore… in an emotional way, I mean. It’s sort of like how if you want to be a doctor, you need to get over cutting people up and looking at their innards — you have to become desensitized to it.

      I think most prosititues become desensitized to the emotional intimacy part of sex. For them, it’s just something they do to make money and their partners are clients, not lovers. So, that sort of mentality, would probably have to be overcome if you wanted to marry a prostitute.

      • ‘I think most prosititues become desensitized to the emotional intimacy part of sex. For them, it’s just something they do to make money and their partners are clients, not lovers. So, that sort of mentality, would probably have to be overcome if you wanted to marry a prostitute.’

        Somehow that doesn’t sound like a good bet to me.

        A whole lot of marriages fail visibly – ending in divorce.

        Other marriages end up with cheating.

        A woman with a high number of prior partners is more likely to cheat on her husband once she has married.

      • ‘If so many guys are willing to have sex with a prostitute — whom undoubtedly has had sex with MANY other men — why wouldn’t they be willing to marry an EX-prostitute?’

        Because sex is a short-term risk of STDs, and marriage risks all your life savings.

        A bad divorce can turn a man into a perpetual slave.

    • The problem is that many of those single Japanese AREN’T enjoying their single lives: The single teachers & policemen are molesting the kids, salarymen are groping unsuspecting women on the buses & trains, and hikkomori & NEETS obsess over their waifus & dollfies. And the young girls & women find themselves feeling the need to engage in enjo kosai, work in “soap lands” and for “health” services, work hostess bars while patronizing male hostess bars for relief, and posting nude pics of their body on 2ch for attention.

  • “for women, hot guys with high incomes.

    The conclusion we can draw is that they don’t understand their own value on the marriage market.”

    Problem found. Honestly most men settle for the partner being hot the women also want them to earn much more money. Yet they couldn’t even give them a family anymore, because of their age.
    A guy can earn lots of money for a good long time. If a womans only appeal are her looks then her worth is rapidly decreasing over thirty.

  • The only problem I have with this “crisis” is that it assumes men and women MUST be married to have a functioning society. As far as I’m concerned, the most anti-religious society on Earth being the one that least follows religion does not boggle my mind at all.

  • Well what guy would want to marry a girl who already prostituted herself out from the age of 11 to 14 on the Japan Sex with Under Age Girls forums sales and pimp service? And what girl would now want to marry a guy who hasn’t execise a day in his life? This is all straight from Japan, walking to the train or subway station is not exercise. If their gov. didn’t follow a communist doctrine it might be more favorable for the young people who do not want to become gansters and prisoners to have a future.

    • I wouldn’t care, per se, whether my potential wife has fucked 10,000 guys for fun or for money.

      I would care:

      * about possible STDs (“Doctor, check, please.”);

      * that she probably does not value or respect herself as a person; and,

      * that she probably has a prostitute’s outlook (“I’m just in it for the money.”).

  • the world worshipps youth and beautiful above all eles , character love compassion seems to mean nothering untill later in life , at a time when people have learn to live happyly my themselfs they have they hobby and shows that they like and after so much time really just don’t have room in there lives from someone else

  • Personally, I think that this points back to the fact that men and women both are getting smart all around the world and realizing that hitching yourself to one person for life is an extremely bad idea, considering how random and changeable life is.

  • Natures way of thinning out the herd. Disease, famine, war and global warming aren’t efficient enough so let’s try social barriers to decrease the overabundant human population.
    I guess Japan is a fertile test bed for this tactic.

    • This is misguided comment with a seed of truth.

      Over-regulation of human nature leads to breakdown of the family and consequent fall of the society.

      Many many people (esp scientists) underestimate the role played by the herd mentality (or heard instinct), a totally un-researched field. Herd mentality is what largely holds family together and makes the society out of the families.

      More people suppress it, more people regulate it, more sublimation and surrogates they need to substitute the herd instincts. Once deeply suppressed – not easily recovered. And then the people suddenly realize that they can live all alone and do not need anybody…

        • What we are seeing is naturally occurring selective breeding:

          Men instinctively look for healthy bodies (beauty/fitness)
          Women for social superiority (alpha-male/status/money)

          Without a state-run social welfare system poor (stupid/lazy) men and ugly (fat/unhealthy) women won’t have the resources to breed, increasing herd quality.
          This system is still intact in Japan (almost no state welfare), but is strongly undermined by state regulation in Europe and to some extend the US.
          It gets even more twisted when we take into equation that those intelligent enough to remember things taught in school won’t have children to “save the planet” and stop overpopulation. While those that didn’t give or can’t remember shit, won’t care and fuck without being able to use contraception properly.

  • “The conclusion we can draw is that they don’t understand their own value on the marriage market.”

    This phrase alone is nearly depressing.

    As many others noticed…seems that those days marriage is nothing more than another deal, rather than bonding based on deep feelings :/

    • Well, chums. I won’t question your individual approach to the matter.
      It’s nothing more than a clash of ethereal vs practical values here.
      Kinda like Religion vs science.

      If you say that it’s fine when the wallet is your only measurement of personality and trade card in finding your life-long companion.
      Then that’s your deal.

      I however find such concept dis-appealing, if it would ever apply to me.

      And before any trolls will flock down.
      No, I’m not the “forever alone” kind of guy.

      PS. It takes ignorant brick to compare other people to wall with capability to argue, just because their values do not go along with yours.

    • Feelings ?

      The feelings are in reality hormones driving people to breed, to preserve species. We can naively mistake them for some magical “feelings”, but in harsh reality it is what it is (and becomes very obvious few years into marriage …).

      In Japan, I’d guess – the reality also is what it is. As ridiculous as it can be on many levels (blind obedience to elderly/authorities, endless rat race, striving to turn one’s life into worthy cogwheel at all cost, imbecilic laws, etc.) – the approach to marriage is just a very pragmatic effect of that society’s reality.

    • Contract marriages, arranged marriages & “marriages of convenience” have been de riguer all over the world ever since there were humans. It’s why every culture has a word for dowry or “bride price”.

        • I didn’t say land, I said wealth.

          Also, Romantic accounts are the exception in those days, that’s why people bothered -recording- them, because they were unusual.

          If you do look at traditional marriage ceremonies and shit, you’ll find a ton of things referring to wealth (exchanging of, joining of), but nothing about love.

          Hell, even vows now don’t necessarily include the word love.

        • Of course they were … Obviously in the mindset of that time dogs wouldn’t marry with cats but still people of the same status were marrying and having childrens. The church had nothing against that. Even though in relatively rich families you couldn’t marry who ever you wanted, it was still so not so long ago.

        • No they didn’t. An old story from the dark ages tells that a novice priest from the Vatikan stopped by a town in England on his way to a church. There he saw a peasant proposing to a local woman. The novice recorded what they said. According to him, the couple met a year prior to the confession, then the man asked will she marry her and she said yes. the the two stood up on a bank and called out to the people on the street, that they will marry and they are the wittneses of their confession of love. Then the two kneeled down in front of each other and both said the good olt phrase: I *name here* hereby swear to love and honor *partners name here* in good and bad times, in health and illness, and remain loyal to you until we part. then they stood up, kissed, and the people cheered for them as they went off hand in hand to the mans house. That was how the poor wed until the Vatikan heard of it and made a law thet each weddig must be made by a preast, or the couples will burn in hell, and they also tryed to intervene with the followers sexlife.

          This is not a made up story. It’s the real deal.

    • I agree marriage being considered a market is depressing.

      It’s too bad my standards are considered so astronomical that I’ve given up on women.
      Takes care of their image, no obesity.
      Non smoker
      No drugs
      Doesn’t go to parties, I’m referring to University parties.
      Not a women who gets a new boyfriend every few months, I know this girl in my University who is 19 years old and has had around 20 boyfriends, apparently I am the only one who finds that disgusting.
      I think I just eliminated well over 75% of the population but then of course we have to share interests and I have to fit her standards and she has to like me. It’s a lot of ifs.

      I don’t even find any of those standards to be outrageous…

      • My best friend is exactly like that. She’s never had a boyfriend because, apparently, she gives off a cold/unapproachable air.

        And you better be successful to get together with that type, because they WILL be.

    • Always was just a business arrangement. In SOME Western countries from about 1850~WWII, this idea of actually marrying someone solely for love seemed possible… it will be remembered in history as a brief and weird cultural experiment.

  • This is so delicate and complicate question, what i don’t even know how to answer this for myself. I agree with first comment, japanese get this too far, but… I saw children who has been “created” under alcoholic intoxication (this leads to horrible problems with health) and parents married after pregnancy fact, i saw people, which are living meaning of words “honor” and “kindness”, and they lonely as hell. I saw many nor-this-nor-that examples. Happy and unhappy, kind and evil, poor and rich, lonely and not. I just don’t know how to explain. There is only one word for this – Destiny.

  • I have never been under the delusion that only the very young are attractive.

    Attractive women who take care of themselves will be attractive at all ages. And even those who don’t have top looks can easily be attractive if they keep themselves looking polished, fit, and confident. I don’t care about age, race, or anything like that. Hot is hot.

    HOWEVER, finding women willing to bend their expectations when it comes to income and lifestyle is a LOT harder. So any flexibility men have with looks goes out the door. And women who want to be housewives and live on a high income from me can go fuck themselves. She needs to get a job and help achieve the high life if she wants it.

    I’m in it for love and will gladly grow old with you and still see you as beautiful. So why the fuck would I want to deal with a woman who might walk out if I lose my job?

      • BULLSHIT.

        Only lazy bitches make this excuse.

        Put down the fork and stop eating junk and most of the work is done already. And you only need twenty sustained minutes of exercise a day to maintain decent health. And to be confident all she has to do is stop whining that she’s over a certain age like most of these Japanese bitches and there you go.

    • A lot of women, especially the more athletic types can keep a late-teenaged/early-adult type of body well into their 50’s. It’s just that a lot of people also has a tendency to let go and just give up trying to live youthfully.

      As for this topic, I think Japan is pretty guilty at times of embellishing and overhyping the youth factor in almost all aspects of entertainment. The way that one’s life is basically ‘set’ and ‘over’ by age 30, it’s just a bit of a weird, defeatist attitude in regard to age. That’s probably more damning than any sexual attraction or money issue as I see it.

    • Trophy wives cost: They’ll willing to make you look good as long as you’re willing to let them live good. That’s the [often unspoken] deal. You can’t lose your job & expect a trophy wife to stick around for long ’cause you’re not holding up your end at this point.
      The woman who’s also willing to hold a job will also leave for the same reason if you show no signs of getting another reasonably well-paying job soon enough: If you’re expecting her to work, she’s going to expect the same of you too & doesn’t want to hear about how you need more time, ’cause the bills are due now, not when you get your next job; and she’s not going to work & go without while you loaf about, looking for a job. She’ll feel she can do just as bad all by herself, she doesn’t need your help.

      • I wish we could get refunds of the hundreds of years men did all the money earning with this new equality stuff, meaning woman do all the work and men tend to the house/kids. But apparently that’s not how equality is supposed to work.

        • 15:17 sadly it’s true.

          My dad could cook circles around any woman and made the house a really comfortable place to live. But it’s obvious from the way other people reacted to this that a lot of other guys still have a hang-up about it.

        • “Um, no that goes both ways. Women aren’t attracted to men who tend house, regardless of what women say.”

          That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. “We’re talking about what women think, but let’s completely ignore what women say and make up our own shit.”

          There is no benefit to lying about that, and even if there was it would be completely pointless, especially for as many women who say they wouldn’t mind. Maybe YOU have an issue with that, but that’s your own hang up.

        • Chen, tons of women would love this. It’s men who make a huge issue out of “feeling like less of a man” if they stay home with the kids. If men would get over that hang-up then there would be no issue.

          But with all the “get back into the kitchen” jokes out there it’s obvious men don’t respect that sort of thing, so it will never happen even if women don’t mind.

    • Try reading “The Year of saying YES”

      In a nutshell, Woman wants to be happily married.

      For a year she says yes to every date.

      She wants a handsome guy with money and single.

      What she gets is a bald guy with two daughters.

      She has never been so happy in her life.


      You don’t know what you really want till you try it~~


      • He’s saying both need to lower their standards, because women aren’t just hot when they are young, so men need to stop looking at only very young women. But men are more likely to look at women of all ages than women are willing to look at men of all incomes.

      • I believe the point was, men will accept women of any age if the woman took care of herself ( I believe staying in “decent” shape is all that’s really required). Though women with will -only- accept a very well paid husband so they can live a work free existance as a housewife, needs to go.

        So yes, in a basic way it’s “lowering standards”, though it in a more literal sense is “have more realistic standards with respect to income and lifestyle”.

        • It’s a matter of gender stereotyping. Women are by and large considered the caretakers. We’re associated with household tasks, and taking care of children. Being a financial contributor isn’t exemplified as a role for women the majority of the time. As a result, women often accept that ultimate role of a homebody, and in turn seek out a man that can support her and the family she makes with him.

          However, it does in no way dictate who we ultimately end up with, or choose. So long as both parties are flexible with what they’re willing to accept, and work towards a mutual future together, things will work out just fine.

          Personally, I’m fine with the gender stereotype that I’ve been dealt with, because my guy is fine with the stereotype that’s been dealt to him. I can stay “in the kitchen” and make my guy’s home life as comfortable as possible, and he can be the breadwinner. That’s how we prefer our roles in our relationship. I don’t care about the actual figure he makes – I don’t need a rich man to spoil me. I want to live comfortably, and that’s not an unrealistic expectation for women to have. He wants a woman to support him, warm his bed, and provide a place where he can unwind without any other responsibilities to worry about (making dinner, doing laundry, etc). It works very well for us. Couples just have to figure out what works best for their relationship.

        • I totally agree with the term of women choices and there standard of choosing men from income and lifestyle. But even if some women can over come that certain part, a large chunk of men still over look those with less attractive in physical form. Or even if the women are attractive and rich, those lucky bastard still hardly agree to be totally dominated in social standing.

    • younger women are more attractive, we can all kid ourselves and make excuses but for the vast majority younger is better. men don’t cheat on thier wives with old women, they usually marry younger women in the first place… old women do thier best to look younger, you women do thier best to stay looking younger. yes i’ll admit some kids want to look older but there is that sweet spot in the 18-26ish range that every woman wants to appear as. marriage can be about love but the facts are if you have an established income etc you have a much better chance of marrying well. A lot of it boils down to choice and money really does give you more choices because the more money you have the places and people you have access to.

  • Foolish Reasons for Getting Married
    By Wayne Jackson
    There are a number of good reasons, in harmony with God’s design for the home, for desiring to be a part of a marriage relationship. One may meet a winsome Christian person who has attractive spiritual and personal qualities that appear to be ideal for a life-long marital union. Certainly children of God, who opt for marriage, ought to seek companions who are compatible with them, and with the Lord —someone who will be able to enhance their journey toward heaven.
    It should be recognized, however, that marriage is an option, not an obligation. There are some who choose not to marry, and they seem perfectly happy and well-adjusted as single people. Others, who desire to marry, simply have not discovered a suitable prospective mate, and, with patience, they choose to wait. Perhaps they are familiar with the old adage, “Marry in haste; repent in leisure.”
    It is entirely possible, however, for men and women — young or older — to feel pressured to marry. Hence they may enter this sacred union rather impulsively, without due consideration for their eternal interest, and thus for a variety of wrong motives. Such a rash judgment can prove disastrous.
    Marriage is an “until-death-do-us-part” commitment. It ought to be approached from a joyous, yet cautiously-solemn, vantage point. Marriage should be embraced for wise reasons, not foolish ones. Let us reflect momentarily upon some of the impetuous motives that lend themselves to the abandon of some, who rush headlong into marriage.
    Some marry for financial security. All of us have heard those exotic stories of the young American girl who is romanced by, and becomes wedded to, the Middle Eastern oil baron in order to live in splendid luxury. Such cases are rare, of course, but the happiness sought in such arrangements is rarer still.
    Closer to home are the situations, for example, where a daughter is reared by a shiftless, unproviding father. Determined to have the “better life,” she marries the first young man who is able to offer her economic stability. Such a barter is a sorry basis for marriage, and she may learn well the heartbreaking lesson that a happy home is more than dollars and cents.
    There are those who enter marriage to escape a miserable or boring domestic situation. Late adolescence is a difficult and confusing time of life. Youngsters are in a “twilight zone” of sorts. They are not ready to survive on their own, yet they have developed a sense of independence. They are restless for new adventures. If their home-life is an unhappy one (with perhaps harsh and insensitive parents), they may be tempted to quickly find a mate — simply to “escape” the misery of their present circumstance. This is a serious mistake. It may be going from the proverbial frying pan into the fire. “Escape” is not a noble motive for forming the most intimate of human relationships.
    Some marry out of revenge. It is difficult to fathom the fact that there are those who would enter into such a sacred union merely out of the desire to punish another person. But the “I’ll-show-you” attitude is more prominent that most would care to admit. A young lady may enter marriage to “show” her parents that they cannot control her life — particularly in the case of a young gentleman of whom they disapprove. A jilted youth may marry on the rebound — just to demonstrate that “two can play this game.” But it’s not a game! Marriage relationships can have eternal consequences.
    Not a few have entered marriage because it’s the voguish thing to do. All their friends have marital mates, why should they be left in the lurch? Peer pressure is so great at certain times in life. Far too many have impulsively “run off” to “get married” on a dare, or because others were doing it. Snap decisions can generate a life-time of bitter experiences. Marriage is not an arrangement with which to trifle.
    Marriage should not be entered just to cover a mistake. In this age of lust and promiscuity, what should a couple do when they discover that a child has been conceived out of wedlock? Sometimes, a “we-must-get-married” is the quick-fix formula. In the event of such a mistake, a Christian couple, first of all, should repent — with genuine sorrow — and seek God’s pardon.
    Second, the couple should then devoutly consider their options. Do they really love one another, and are they committed to serving God? If so, they well may wish to marry, and put their mistake behind them.
    On the other hand, if exalted qualities are not a part of the relationship, merely “getting married” is not a resolution to their problem, and it certainly will not enhance the happiness of their child. In some cases it would be far better for a young woman to wait, perhaps eventually finding a devout father for her child, than to wed her partner in fornication “for the sake of the baby.”
    Marriage on the basis of mere physical attraction is a foolish mistake. The grass withers and the flowers fade — and so does physical beauty. Thousands of American couples have watched the degeneration of their marriages because the relationships were grounded principally on external features.
    Spiritual qualities and personality traits are the real “glue” that bonds couples in committed unions. Beauty is only skin deep, and if some were “skinned” how hideous they would appear. Our youngsters should be taught the true values that undergird lasting marriages.
    Finally, it hardly needs saying, but it is the epitome of folly to marry out of desperation. It is better to be single for life, than to live one year in a house with a hateful mate. But some are so afraid that at their “advanced” stage of life, if they don’t marry soon, the bliss may never occur! The thought of that is too horrible for them to contemplate. And so, marry they must.
    I have known of several cases where folks married out of “panic,” only to have the relationship crumble within weeks. I cannot but be reminded of a whimsical poem I once read (author unknown). I share it with you for its humor and wisdom.

    At sweet sixteen, I first began
    To ask the good Lord for a man.
    At seventeen, as I recall
    I wanted someone strong and tall.
    The Christmas that I reached eighteen,
    I fancied someone blond and lean.
    And then at nineteen, I was sure
    I’d fall for someone more mature.
    Then at twenty, I thought I’d find
    Romance with someone with a mind.
    I retrogressed at twenty-one
    And found the college boys most fun.
    My viewpoint changed at twenty-two,
    When “one man only” was my cue.
    I broke my heart at twenty-three
    And asked for someone kind to me.
    Then begged at blase twenty-four
    For anyone who would not bore.
    Now, Lord, that I’m twenty-five,
    Just send me someone who’s alive!

      • It can’t be helped. Americans don’t even memorize the multiplication table. They hang out in school and never learn anything. That’s why they have low IQ.

        I know because I went to American schools and I never learned anything until college.

        • IQ is not measured on knowledge. The skills necessary to take one are pretty basic and a barely literate man will score very close to his actual level.

          The US education may be in shambles, but this has nothing to do with intelligence.

      • The US average IQ is slightly below 100,
        higher or lower depending on population group.
        Some places in sub-Saharan Africa manage below 60.
        (the upper Arabic region tends to be around 80, like most Islamic countries including those in the pacific region)
        Australian aborigines are last, but statistically irrelevant.
        (the scientific “reason” why they were considered “fauna” was that the average brain volume is close below a threshold originally established to classify which fossils should be considered a different species. African pygmies which might have served as original reference point are slightly above this threshold)

        The funny thing is the more you read about IQs and brain structure the more you become a “retarded racist” f^^;

        When only talking about historical population groups, not emi-/immigration and welfare-system stupidity breeding, the basic rule could be summed up as:

        The people get stupider the further you move away from two areas of roughly equal, although differently structured, mental performance:

        Southern germany spreading towards Warsaw and Venice (Mercedes, BMW, Siemens…)
        The north east asian costal regions. (Toyota, Toshiba, Samsung, Foxconn…)

        They interestingly also both (among other north eurasians) have relatively high amount of shared “Neanderthal” DNA which might be responsible for a congenital tendency towards long therm planing. A capability necessary for survival when coping with changing seasons including cold winters.
        This DNA is almost non-existent in Sub-Saharan African population groups.

      • Yeah, us stupid Americans are the only nation on the planet ever to send someone to the Moon. Most of the most important inventions in the past century or so have been made by Americans. Most technological advancements have come from America.

        But, yeah, we’re stupid people with a low IQ.

        If that’s true, then what does that say about your country?

        • Going to the moon was a giant dick waving contest you had with the USSR back in the 20th century.
          And after the dust cleared, NASA suddenly lost most of it’s budget and they can barely afford to launch equipment in space now, let alone people. Face it, you didn’t do it for the science, you did to show the world yours is bigger. Talk about your commitment to progress as a nation after your military budget isn’t several times bigger than your scientific and education budget combined.

        • I don’t mean to be rude, but america only sponsored finantially these inventions and then used them. They didn’t invent them. they just sponsor the inventor, if they profit from the invention.

        • The US born citizens only did the Concept and Funding.
          Getting the thing build was the business of “Operation Paperclip”-Americans. German Scientists who used to work in NAZI weapon programs and (were)moved to the US after the war…
          But as the families are now mostly part of the US population I guess we can proclaim that “Americans” build the thing. ^^;

        • Going to the moon doesn’t mean shit, retard. What, you want to roleplay as a spaceman? Going to the moon has nothing to do with intellect, or are you too STUPID to make a sound argument? I hope you know how to multiply without using a calculator, ignorant obese American.

      • and Americans women have bad teste in men , most will pick looks over character every time and the men here wont talk to a lady if she fat . and with the women forget it if a men is fat ,unless he rich as hell .most women get marryed here to get way from mom & dad , and most only want sex both do not understand the give and take ,

        • Sounds suspiciously a little bit like the complaint about Japanese women…

          The American women’s taste in men is not any better or worse than any other women’s taste. They just have less familial or even parental influence affecting their decisions except in some [relatively] rare & exceptional cases.

          Of course they want to get away from the parents, they want to live their life as they see fit, not as mommy & daddy see fit.

          Both men & women understand their give & take very well: As long as men supply lots of money, hot dicking, and ego stroking disguised as actual respect & consideration, the women will supply good looks, unrestrained sex, and the vaneer of loving support & fidelity.

  • I don’t see how Japan is any more patriarchal a society than most of the West. Senile old men like to run the show.

    The college I studied at also tried to emphasise that Japan is a “very patriarchal” society. Funny, because a quick internet search reveals results suggesting that Japan was once the closest thing to a matriarchal society.

    • I think it’s the mass medias fault. They say rich=good/what counts/all you need, beuty=good/success in life/youth.

      But that is not realistic. People look for something in their partner. But who has this “something” is different. A woman might find happyness as a plummers wife or the head of a company might fall for a woman who is not beutyful, or young, but has that certain thig hees been looking for in a woman. It all depends on the ability to see beyond what soceity/enviorment/traditions etc. expect of you.

      In short: Dont look for what others say you should look for, but look for what you really need.

  • Well, my Dad got married to my Mom when he was over the age of 35… But that was more than two decades ago and they are not Japanese, so this little factoid has technically nothing to do with the topic at hand at all…

  • This is the end of the women who spent his life searching for just a husband rich, beautiful and famous …
    On the other hand a guy who went from 30, just look for any prostitute under 18 years spend the minimo and back home …And spare money for the entire month

  • Ever thought they just haven’t found that special someone yet?

    From this, Japanese men are expected to prepare the nest and look their best, instead of building a warm and loving home together with your loved one.

    All I see are “too old” or “too poor” excuses, compared to truly loving each other, not the size of our wallets. Finding love and getting married is all part of the process of getting through the good and bad times, in sickness and health TOGETHER.

    • If love alone provided the wherewithall to pay the bills, keep a roof over one’s head, clothes on one’s back, food on one’s plate, etc., there’d be no problem. Love may make you wish to provide those things, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to.
      In the Old Testament in the Bible it’s said, “Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a fatted ox and hatred therewith.” But in Japan as elsewhere, it’s more like, “As long as there’s a fatted ox, you need not worry about [open] hatred therewith.”

      • These are the kinds of things that any healthy human being can and should procure for themselves. I fail to see why anyone except people with an entitlement complex would care about it. But then again, “love” has always been about money outside of idealized stories.

        Don’t quote the bible on the subject of love unless you want revelations 19:8 shoved into your face.

        • Revelations, Chapter 19, Verse 8:
          “And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.”

          I’m missing something here…

      • No wonder why suicide rates are so high in Japan. It’s this kind of shit that’s terrorize Japanese people everyday.

        Really, it’s so sad that’s ‘love’ isn’t exist anymore, instead it’s ‘I’ll live with you and take ur munney’ thing. I’d rather live single than have to bear with that.

    • Agree definitely, unfortunately we got people who seems to think the very concept is now overrated and all that BS, and we have to accept what “their now is” I’m sorry, but I’ve been always told about how to do things right when it comes to love and marriage, i’m not gonna listen to somebody and just take that seriously with this and that with the having to have high expectations or not have any love at all. If people are gonna be like that, that I rather remain single and let these fools keep up with this foolish charade they called “love” which could end up badly in divorce.

      Why can’t people see that and realize that people have made it further with thir marriage for over many years going through tough times and good times and still be there for each other, apparently their threw any meanings of the wedding vows out the window. Of course I need to calm down since this isn’t getting me nowhere. All I’m saying is that it’s bulls**t what I’m seeing right now.

    • Yeah, I’m so tired of hearing about women not being “young/cute/virginal” enough and men not being “hot/rich/chivalrous” enough. If they focused on love and actual happiness (not just being content, HAPPINESS) then their problems would be solved.

      • TV soap operas, reality shows, hero moves are the ultimate truth of how people should be and how relationships should go. [/sarcasm]

        The unrealistic expectations are made of the garbage filtered by the TV.

        Some people can see that it is unreal and unworkable – but most cannot.

        People are superstitious beings and they need the superstitions. Religions were bad but worked as a whole. TV which has replaced them as source of superstitions is both bad AND doesn’t work.

        • Believing in unreasonable claims is not superstition. For something to be superstition, it needs to have a supernatural explanation.
          People rationalize love through delusion, but not all forms of delusion include the belief in superstition.

        • Anonymous 11:44, the insurance companies are not killing the job market in the slightest anywhere in the world.

          What is killing the job market in first and second world countries is the ability to find basically slave labor in the third world, along with no punitive tariffs to punish corporations for using that slave labor.

        • I’d say the biggest issue is that not enough people are minimalists. Keep only what’s necessary in your personal lives.

          And in jobs, hire more workers, divide it into 3 short shifts instead of 2 grueling drags. Your workers will be healthier, you’ll pay out less overtime, and productivity will go up. (Insurance companies don’t help this though, because their rates increase by the worker… Fucking insurance companies are killing the job market.)

    • It’s easy for young people think like that. “love is all what you need to live” but the raw reality shock you… but you are right, they are taking this too far… we need money to live yeah not having a car or a 50” TV or a penhouse on the most exclusive street of the city, but well i might think you understand me (if my english is not that bad XD!)

      well, other country, other culture… you have to respect what they think, at least they aren’t doing something bad =w= come on japanese man are not that mighty that what you saw in anime, and with the high % of NEET’s and unemployed 30th men, well that’s a serious problem…

      • True, you’ll need money for the harsh world, but it’s love that’ll help you make it through hard times. Without it it’s just another crappy roommate leeching your wallet.

        Besides, they’re living more than they can pay for. Expensive stuff that you’ll never use, just to show them to others is almost like a custom everywhere.

      • No, it wouldn’t be a better place, Solace. Why? Because the fact is that you cannot decide whether you are ‘truly in love’ with a person until you have spent time with, had sex with them, etc.

        Even then, the fact is that most people if someone ‘better’ comes along will drop that person who they are ‘so in love with’ like a hot potato.

        Why? Because life is so changeable in the real world, that it’s time to acknowledge that you are just not meant to spend life with one person.

        • I wouldn’t say a delusion of romance, more a delusion that someone super hot is out there looking to be with them for life.

          Everyone wants someone they’re attracted to. Whether they’re attracted to money, sex, or intellect is the real matter.

          The stereotype promoted on TV says all you need is to looks hot and have enough money for and endless supply of vodka and a plasma screen tv.

          Money alone can get you all the women you want, Intellect can get you fame, and being sexy means nothing unless you’re a model or porn star.

          On the women’s aspect. Staying under 150 lbs, and knowing how to do your makeup properly can get you everything. Big tits can replace both of those.

      • Thirty-five isn’t an old hag. Japanese people have conditioned themselves to look at the number more than the person. I think women in their 30s are hot if they take care of themselves. Besides, I’m looking for love and common ground, not a trophy wife.

        • I like how all of you are actually pretending to give a shit about having kids and reproduction and shit.

          Let’s me real. What most of us are concerned with is having an attractive wife.

          THE POINT is that 35 is not old! If a woman takes care of herself she will look good well past 35. If she doesn’t she was a lazy bitch.

        • ‘no, 35 is not the threshhold for safely giving birth. Whenever you stop having menstrual periods naturally is.’

          In the gynecology profession, any pregnancy in a woman past the age of 35 is called an “elderly pregnancy.” Ask your gynecologist, don’t take my word for it.

          And 27 is the cut-off date for starting on kids. If you try to start at 30, you’re headed for problems.

          Yes, fertility therapies will work for some patients, but they will fail entirely for others, and produce birth defects in a third group.

        • 10:05 in the terms they are speaking of “old hag” refers to an ugly woman because she is too old to be attractive.

          I’m saying that people 35 and older aren’t automatically unattractive. I don’t want children so I could care less about that.

        • “Anonymous, no, 35 is not the threshhold for safely giving birth. Whenever you stop having menstrual periods naturally is.”
          You obviously have no idea about biology, right? After the age of 35 the risk for mother and baby goes through the roof. There’s a reason we have more and more children with the down-syndrom and other defects nowadays. Look it up before you spout your feminazi nonsense.

        • Thirty-five is the threshold for safely giving birth to healthy children and will see a sharp decline in the outwards appearance.
          It isn’t them being conditioned to see them as “old hags” it’s most of the western world being conditioned to see old hags not as what they truly are.
          Sure they take things to far. But you guys should stop deluding yourself.

  • well not married doesn´t mean that they aren´t living in a Partnership or Sexfriendship. Marriage is coming off age and somewhat luxury if you wanna celebrate it in a traditional way.Another reason for marriage are the tax-advantages.And young folks give a Sh* about traditions anyways. Happy new Year btw.

    • I don’t give a flying fuck about my DNA. I’m more concerned about my own existence. And just to be clear “spreading your DNA” is determinant to the later once her boyfriend finds out.

  • It’s the high standards. NEETS want a virgin, and an attractive one at that. Yet they live in a promiscuous culture.

    Of course so do I. That’s why I married a foreign devil from a more devout region, where nuns and muslims protect the virginity of their girls with an iron ruler.

    • Sorry but i’d bet that japanese (or any other culture, even middle easterns) man want (to start a relationship or marry) a virgin is an absolute exagerated stereotype, only exacerbated by weak minded and easily brainwashed religous folks who need to happened to find in that religion a tool to make himself feel morally superior by trying to insult others (non-virgins, “whores” etc..) with derrogative religous propaganda.

        • Those of you who think that virgin girls will only be thinking about your dick and never anyone else’s are complete idiots who know nothing about women. Women fantasize and if they were married as virgins they ABSOLUTELY WILL think about what it would be like to have another cock.

        • ‘If you know how to do your job, you know the girl won’t be thinking about anyone else’s dick but yours.’

          Statistically, women who marry as virgins are the least likely to cheat on their husbands.

          The more partners a woman has had before marriage, the more likely she is to cheat.

          And don’t forget venereal diseases.

        • And this is exactly how virgins think. If you know how to do your job, you know the girl won’t be thinking about anyone else’s dick but yours.
          Virgins are dead wrong in wanting a virgin girl, because they fear the comparison with the previous guys. What a virgin NEEDS is an experimented woman to teach him how to fuck properly and how to give pleasure to a woman. Once you get taught, you don’t care about “previous guys” and you know the value of an experimented girl. Because you DON’T want one who will be afraid of doing tthis or that, or find it dirty, or whatever it is. You want a girl who likes sex and knows what she wants in bed.

      • Two wrongs doesn’t make a right. It doesn’t ignore the fact is that those Americans will leap at the opportunity to use steroids to improve gameplay.

        I swear, these Americans get more stupid by the second.

        • You’re clearly a moron who believes everything you see on TV. There are tons of pro-athletes in the US, and most of them don’t use steroids.

          Calling people stupid while believe every tidbet you see in the media doesn’t really work.

  • Bull fucking shit.

    It used to be the NORM for men to wait till much older, then marry (outright buy from her parents) some young virginal girl. Especially in “Civilization” so to speak. That’s the reward for surviving and amassing wealth/power. Women didn’t like it, but tough. Marriage = consent.

    A man has a distinct advantage over a woman that he can be in bed at 99 with twin, young virgins and give them both strong sons!

    Fix your country, Japan, stop being lab rat puppets for the New World Order. Make it so men have to work BUT have cool jobs waiting for them. Kick women out of jobs and tell them to marry. Reverse divorce laws so it isn’t advantageous for the woman to cheat on and leave their men. That’s the way it should be.

    • ‘A man has a distinct advantage over a woman that he can be in bed at 99 with twin, young virgins and give them both strong sons!’

      One man in a billion might be able to conceive healthy sons at age 99, but most old men who conceive children produce sickly brats with lots of birth defects.

      After age 30, a man’s reproductive health declines! Men should start making babies early.

      • You gots it back asswardz…

        Men stay potent till they croak. After, even. Though it’s mostly “Letters to Penthouse” fodder there have been slut and necrophiliac nurses “Raping” invalid/corpses and getting a bun in their ovens!

        Women, on the other hand, if they try to have a kid after 40 it’s likely a ‘tard. An inferior retard that’s a drain on mankind since they can’t be euthanized.

        • Wrong. They have found that ANY child can be retarded, even one born to a 20 year old. It has more to do with the mother not getting some certain minerals/vitamins during pregnancy.

          It also has some to do with vaccinations, genetic disorders that are not so uncommon, and the link between those two things.

    • “A man has a distinct advantage over a woman that he can be in bed at 99 with twin, young virgins and give them both strong sons!”

      Wrong. Women will always have the majority of the power in sex or relationships. The vast majority of men won’t be big shots or have massive incomes, and even if you are an older man, you actually have to be attractive because not only do women like money, they like men to be attractive. Men also value youthful looks. And to top it all off, they are the ones who control sex.

      So nice try making yourself feel better, but you have to look at the reality of the situation. Anyone who thinks women aren’t in control of the arena of sex are probably virgins talking out of their asses.

    • This is the stupidest thing I’ve read in a LONG, LONG time. xD

      Not only does it show a complete lack of history knowledge, it shows that you have no idea about women or relationships. xD

        • We always hear about the extremes, but most cultures around the world didn’t have massive age differences. Also, feminists won’t tell you this because they want you to believe men are evil oppressors, but the world has had quite a few matriarchal societies in which women had most of the power and could wed whenever they wanted.

          Also, men seem clueless as to how much women care about looks. Looks and youth are valued by women except in instances where women are extremely geared towards gaining money or assets, and I wouldn’t wish a parasite like that on any man. Most women generally will never desire an old man. In terms of biology, although an old man CAN get a woman pregnant, he won’t be desired because as in nature, women will look for the strong, young, fit man who can protect her and her offspring.

          There are many people doing young men a disservice by telling them they will be more successful with women when they are older. The fact of the matter is, most men won’t be rich, most women don’t want old men to begin with, and most importantly, if you aren’t successful with women in your young life, you won’t suddenly gain confidence and strength with women when you hit a certain age.

          TL;DR women are just as shallow as men for looks and youth but won’t admit it.

      • Your funny smilys imply you’re a girl. In fact he isn’t wrong about most of it. The only reason women do hold the power they hold today is because men gave them said power. It was a very very bad idea and hurt most of the societies who did it badly.
        You can’t even begin to understand what would happen if our modern societies collaps or cease to exist. The world wouldn’t be kind to you in the slightest.
        Yet you people are those who actively sabotage it.

        • Women in the past did not hold power over sex, what brings you to that absurd assumption? People of both genders mostly did whatever their family expected them to do and catered to what society felt they should do.

        • Women have always held power over sex and relationships. You can even see it in societies that are heavily patriarchal. The reason the men are so threatened by free women is because of the power they know the women wield. This will never go away unless the world is over-run by gay men.

          That’s why so many of us find submissive women attractive. But the difference between us and societies with less freedom is that we don’t want our women submitting to anyone but us.

    • Unfortunately losing WW2 has had the side effect of demasculinating the entire Japanese society.

      The thing that baffles me is how Western society transformed from a society of World Conquering Demigods into socialistic pussies.

        • @ Barbarian of Gor 08:37:

          Hmm… I don’t know what you’re like in real life, but your post reminds me of what I hear from smelly old guys wearing all the clothes they own and holding up cardboard signs downtown, begging spare change.

          It’s not attractive to the ladies. I’m just sayin’…

        • They are socialist when it’s for them and anti-socialist when it’s someone ELSE they pay for.

          Lots of the “Welfare Reform” issues were over people “Squatting” on welfare because the good jobs were dissapearing to foreign outsourcing or illegal immigrant labor. But the same giant companies that manipulated the government for such a market still shrieked for “Corporate Welfare” when the bribes to Genaralismo Sadsimo outmatched the “Savings” of moving overseas and having children do slave labor in a ramshackle fire trap of a factory.

          Likewise, the women, especially the “Equality Now” feminazi bitches want to be so “Empowered” and “Liberated” but when men decline to marry them – men worth more than maybe the skin on their backs – and just go for “Sex Tours” and “mail order brides” they scream “Human Trafficking!” want to trap men with them only so they can parasite off of them.

    • Don’t know if this is how it “should be” but I do know that this way works out for everybody and what we have now… doesn’t. Just talking about marriage and family, though. And birthrates… but certainly not about personal happiness or fullfillment and stuff.

      • Happiness and fullfillment are romantic nonsense that should be considered exceptional bonuses rather then the base.

        The problem with modern relationships is that we have come to expect Romance as the norm, when frankly it is beyond the capacity of most men and women.

        • I think you’re right. Romance isn’t exactly what fills your belly, even if hollywood & co want to suggest otherwise. And sadly lots of people now think like that too.. based on some movies they watched. Incidentally they damn what Barbarian of Gor (I like the irony of that name) said because of some other movies they watched. They don’t have any real experience. Given, some of them read it in books, but that’s just the same. Dreamworld. Doesn’t work so well in RL.

        • 7:01
          i agree.. romance is bullshit, if you spend 30+ years with someone you need more than romance to sustain that. Most retards confuse infatuation with romance, but that falls flat after about a year.