Louise Ridden Topless in Public


Tsundere queen Louise has been spotted being ridden in public in a state of total nudity, prompting a great deal of speculation as to just what services she has been providing…


For those wondering, the dialogue on the box is a typical Louise-esque litany of tsundere complaints.

There appears to be a minor mystery surrounding the usage of the bike, as even in Japan there are no naked Louise delivery services:

“This one surprised me…”


“The level… it’s too high!”

“I’m the one who took these and I don’t get it – can you actually run this on public roads?”

“She says ‘Don’t stare at me, you dirty perverts! Filthy perverts!’ – but how can you read what she’s saying without staring.”

“Looking closely, I can see her nipples are covered with heart-marks. Somehow I don’t think that makes it safe though…”

“I’d love to do something like this someone’s bike.”

“It’s yours, admit it.”

“It must be the OP’s!”

“The plates are out of town. So someone rode this on the highway?”

“What’s up with the mosaic on the box itself?”

“Some phone number. I thought I had better mosaic it. It was a mobile number so it’s all quite fishy…”

“Disgusting, I could puke. How much for the bike?”

“I saw it at Comiket.”

“I’d die if I rode this. I’d drive 10m – into a wall.”

“Isn’t this public obscenity?”

“Google ‘Louise pizza’ [in Japanese] and you get a lot of hits.”

“I tried Googling it and came up with more pics… there’s a lot of stuff about it on Twitter.”


“I want some of that pizza.”

“Japan, what a terrifying nation.”

“Even with all those tweets it seems nobody actually knows what it’s all about. A mysterious delivery service – Japan sure is a big place…”

“There was an URL with the number, but sadly it seems to be inactive.”

“Phone them!”

“I deleted the originals so I can’t! Besides, it’s too scary!”

“It would be nice if you really could get a pizza this way…”

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