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Japanese Men “Scum” for Not Yielding Seats to Pregnant Duo


Two Japanese women complaining of a group of men on a train failing to yield their seats to them have ignited a furore online after they denounced all Japanese men as “scum” and proceeded to post photographs of the men online in an effort to shame them.

The incident began when two women began complaining vociferously on Twitter about a lack of chivalry on the part of Japanese men, after four men apparently ignored them on a train rather than leaping to their feet and offering up their seats:

“Japan – where four young men won’t yield their seats to old and pregnant women.”

“Japanese men are the lowest of the low.”

“They wouldn’t give up their seats for two pregnant women. Despicable.”

“I was stood in front of these bastards with Mai, two pregnant girls, and an old lady. That guy was looking at us. He wouldn’t give up his seat. There are hardly any good men in Japan. #assholes”

They also decided to publicly upload photographs of the offenders in an effort to shame them (all photos were originally posted with blurs or bars).


As some have noted, this may actually have constituted a criminal offence itself, as Japanese law grants strong likeness rights and there are also a wide variety of anti-voyeurism ordinances used randomly against men taking photographs of women in public.

Online all this has provoked a furore – and not just from the harpies on Twitter:

“Japanese men are all so tired though.”

“Don’t try and force virtues onto people, scum.”

“Tell it to the elderly on their way back from their latest picnic. Young people are stuck working themselves to death.”

“Why didn’t these trashy women just tell them themselves?”

“Ask them already, fatties.”


“The women didn’t give up their seats either. So why are only ‘Japanese men’ scum? She’s just saying what’s convenient to her views.”

“They’re no worse than some Jap bitch who won’t ask them to give up their seats and instead tries to shame them in public on Twitter.”

“Get over to the priority seating you scumbags.” [Japanese trains usually have priority seating specifically designated for the elderly and infirm]

“Go find one of your precious women-only carriages.”

“Exposing them like that is just low.”

“Getting yourself knocked up is a choice, so don’t force people to do stuff for you. But people who are injured deserve sympathetic treatment.”

“So she’s smoking and due to have kids? It’s clear where her priorities lie.”

“So now we live in a mutual surveillance society? I’m afraid to go out…”

“What’s with all those Japanese commenting on this whilst pretending to be foreigners?”

“The women complaining:” [Taken from their various online postings]


“Who’d give up their seat something like that.”

“You can’t tell whether that one is obese or pregnant.”

“She just looks obese to me.”

“A tattoo?”

“Ahhh, she even has a tattoo!”

“Pointless ‘one-point’ tattoos like this are so tasteless. What kind of idiot tattoos a plane on their arm anyway?”

“Harsh. She’s no woman.”

“Poisonous creatures evolve gaudy appearances to warn others about themselves.From the looks of it, she’s deadly.”

“She sounds like someone with a complex about westerners…”

“I’ll only give up my seat to beautiful black-haired virgins. Die bitches.”

“If there are many young women who won’t give up their seats, isn’t it sexist to blame only men for this?”

“When did they make virtuous behaviour into a rule? If you force people to do it, it is not exactly virtuous. Japan is so full of people who think this way.”

“Men who don’t yield their seats are scum, no doubt, but so are women who take photos of them like this.”

“Isn’t this way equality of the sexes?”

“Forcing kindness upon people. Disgusting.”

“Leaving aside those four guys, how is this representative of all Japanese men?”

“You can’t even let your guard down on a train now? What brave salarymen to travel on them.”

“Is standing on a train that much of an ordeal?”

“How many pregnant women have died from standing on a train? How many corporate slaves are worked to death every day?”

“If you’re so desperate to sit then stay at home rather than on a train.”

“They paid their fares just like you did!”

“In a country which works salarymen as hard as Japan, it’s the elderly and pregnant who should be giving up their seats.”

“It’s pretty unpleasant if you offer someone your seat and they refuse to take it though…”

“A 46-year-old Chiba man was recently arrested for taking photos of a woman who fell asleep next to him on a train without permission, under anti-voyeurism ordinances.”

“Of course, this only applies to men, not to women, yes?”

“If a man did this to a woman you can bet he’d be arrested for a ‘peeping’ offence.”

“Not giving up your seat is not a crime. Taking pictures of people without their consent is a crime. Both her brain and womb must be full of maggots.”

“So she’s smoking and apparently drinking as well… isn’t that foetal abuse or something? Is she going to try and say women normally drink whilst pregnant in the west?”

“If they can get away with this, will people give up their seats to me for being a virgin?”

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  • Anonymous says:

    Trains in japan have a specific corner in every car for disabled, elderly and pregnant bitches. Why didn’t they just… go there? Also, I imagine that they probably didn’t even ask them did they? They just expected them to leap off their feet without being asked, typical feminist behavior.

  • So debatable

    I side with that woman :). Without doubt, the healthy man who does not give pragnant a seat is scum. It is a common sense. If this basical matter has to be argued, then our world is getting low on morality I guess.

  • i was raised to give up my seat on the bus or train if a pregnant, elderly or infirm person got on and their were no seats available its how you are raised if your raised with manners then you will get up and offer your seat…….. if they needed to sit then they should of asked when noone offered someone would have gotten up and offered instead of doing this, and as others have noted if a man had of taking their pics and done this he would have been arrested and life been ruined im all for equality……..equality for all not just when it suits one gender.

  • Women demand of tall and cool guy. Most Asian guys are short. Men makes effort – failed.
    – Tall men wins

    Men demand of cute girls. Girls not cute. Have a make up/over and plastic surgery . Girls become cute.- win.
    – Cute girl wins

  • Men why do men have to give up their seat, Fuck that, you want equality this is how it goes. Why did non of the women there give up their seat after all they should in theory know what it is.

    So the whores want equality or not. Equality means just that. What women want in this case is subservient men.

  • Why is this almost 600 comments now?

    You guys should give it a rest, because in the end, anything you write in this topic, nor anything you write on sancom matters one fucking bit. so at least enjoy new years~
    ta ta~

  • if you’re don’t know what other people been through, please don’t call them scum easily, taking photograph and spread it in internet make you even worse human

    if other people willing to give her seat, why force those guys to give up their seat..?

    advertisement here mostly naked women, can I judge them that they’re sluts..?

  • i wouldnt stand up for thos whores either. they look like the so called fujoshi we hear so much about. no more chivalry coz u wanted equality. if you want that back drop feminism and turn things to how it was 50 yrs ago. its give and take. not just take

  • ahaha hilarious, good on the guys for standing their ground and not giving up their seats. all these women/bitches are always complaining that theres no gentlemen left in the world but consider this, where are all the ladies eh? maybe men will become gentlemen again once women get it out of their thick skulls that every male should give in to everything they desire. despicable i say!

  • All I would say is this;

    BITCH you went outside, you know you was gonna be walking.

    Now your standing and you want to sit down, sit in a grave you ho for all I care.

    Nobody told you to leave your HOUSE and bother the rest of society with your views and beliefs.

    This is what causes WARS; myob and handle your own problems and whipe your own ass.

  • Men need to give up seats even when they are exhausted or not feeling well? 🙁

    I usually give up seats when I see pregnant women, but they should think about other people’s condition too.
    That men don’t give up seats for pregnant women doesn’t always mean they think little of women.

    these 2 women probably think they are allowed to do anything they want because they are pregnant..
    Their acts are wrong.

  • What annoying me more in lesbos, ideology of man are a garbage and go look up in hell to prove that they are correct..

    The situation can occur anywhere in the world not only in Japan, but who gives the right to post the photo of any individual and call scum …

    Are women like these more collaborates with the low birth rate and lack of male collaboration..

    I am not against helping those in need but the way how to put the issue is sickening

  • In all honesty, I thought she was chubby and not pregnant. That being the case, I wouldn’t have gotten up either.

    The other thing is, there is nothing worse than taking a 2 hour train ride, giving up your seat for someone and then 5 minutes later they get off at the next station.

  • “Get over to the priority seating you scumbags.” [Japanese trains usually have priority seating specifically designated for the elderly and infirm]

    “Go find one of your precious women-only carriages.”

    And she took the picture on the train.
    She did not know the manners of Japan.

    • The blond lady is as thin as a pencil, there would be no way for anyone to not immediately know she was pregnant, but I guess common sense isn’t something I should expect from someone like you.

  • I am sorry, but were those 2 MEN the only ones in the train?

    Really? There was no young WOMEN sitting there that could have given their seat to these pregnant ladies?

    Does that mean the whole train was scum them? Including the whole of women and men in the world(by the logic of these smart pregnant ladies…), they should be more impartial about this !

  • I’m a female who is wise to your male bullshit!

    Young men are inconsiderate selfish louts to begin with.

    If you lazy bastards can’t give up your seat for an elderly person, then don’t complain when it happens to you somewhere down the road, because it will (time is a bitch).

    If you think it’s a joke carrying some guys “produce” around in the third trimester try tying a sandbag to your front and walking around with it all day till your back is screaming and you have to pee every 15 minutes! Remember, your wife or girlfriend will probably be in this situation someday.

    Male chivalry and consideration only exist when there is something to be gained (pussy). Otherwise it is nonexistant. Male selfishness is definitely more the norm.

    • No.

      Do not generalize us white guys with the jap… we actually got manners and don’t need policies in order to act like a man. Not all of us is perfect, but the norm is more often than not that we are good people. Whereas i’m sure there are some decent jap doods, but their norm is being a little bitch.

      It’s the west in which the concept of chivalry was made in the first place , that should tell you something about our nature.

    • Perhaps you need a trip in this strange world. This world is called reality. You talk as if women are pure white and angelic and that men only do good for sex.

      You’re the definition of ignorant and idiot. Your words would be used as a quote for these words. Either that or you never saw a male in your life and you’ve been living secluded with only a window to see the outside world. Also, chivalry doesn’t mean shit. Being a good person is what matters.

    • UH this happened in japan. i assure you if it happened anywhere else those guys would of stood up no question asked, or they would of got mean glares from everyone!
      This type of behavior is only acceptable there.

    • @23:55

      “Female selfishness is definitely more the norm.”

      Fixed that for you.

      You know, the only reason you think of men as “selfish” is because you think your vagina automatically entitles you to a continuous stream of sacrifice and deference from anyone who has a penis. That, my dear, is what TRUE selfishness is – the belief that you are absolutely *entitled* to other peoples labor and favor by virtue of simply being alive.

      You want a real mind-screw? Try asking yourself if maybe – just maybe – you aren’t worth all the trouble you seem to think other people should go through for your benefit. Try asking yourself if maybe – just maybe – you don’t have the right to demand other people do things for you just because such would make your life more convenient. Nah, you won’t think any thoughts like that. Your frail, narcissistic ego couldn’t handle the strain.

  • I can’t tell you how many times I have helped women out over the years. Carrying heavy stuff, giving up seats, picking up things they dropped, giving them taxis. I don’t expect anything in return, and I never get anything in return. I’m still forever alone. I see guys walk by girls and knock things out of their hands, slap their behinds, call them names, and treat them terribly and get girls every other day. Being nice gets you no where.

    • 1) women do like nice guys more than mean guys

      2) you are ugly
      a) you are akward
      i)you are broke, have no friends watch animes

      3) mean guy was good looking
      b) mean guy is confident
      i)mean guy doesnt watch anime, has a car & friends

  • Who would give up their seat for pregnant women? Chivalry is only alive when the guy actually has a chance of receiving something in return. It’s called flirting. If they were young, hot chicks they would have gotten up immediately. No one wants to help a lady that is 100% taken. Just as guys never give up their seats for other guys. These girls need to stop complaining and make it to the darn subway sooner if they want a seat.

    • You guys should try reading, it’s a useful skill to have!

      “Japan – where four young men won’t yield their seats to old and pregnant women.”
      “Japanese men are the lowest of the low.”
      “They wouldn’t give up their seats for two pregnant women. Despicable.”
      “I was stood in front of these bastards with Mai, two pregnant girls, and an old lady. That guy was looking at us. He wouldn’t give up his seat. There are hardly any good men in Japan. #assholes”

      Blame japanese women for bringing up all japanese men in general, and get your “racist” comments out of here.

      • Instead of denouncing something as merely racist or a conspiracy, how about you open your eyes a bit and realize there is a real problem happening in japan that is unfair for the female populous.

  • Oh man, Japan even has a feminism problem now.

    Or should I say that twitter has a feminism problem? It isn’t even as much as the feminists themselves, but the white knights their presence tends to spawn. You know, guys coming off all high and mighty against something you said that they perceive as being sexist against women.

    In any case every good argument on this topic has been made in the article’s quotes. Most pertinent being that apparently it’s only the guys’ responsibility to get off their arses for teh Womyns, and that this somehow is grounds to denounce all men as pigs. That’s basically sexist and chauvinist on both counts, but I suppose feminists haven’t got much in the way of self-critique.

  • Letting go of your seat for someone else sure is nice. However, it’s not something just men should do. I think, in this case, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman.

    In my country, you let the elderly, pregnant women or people with disabilities sit in trains, buses and trams. It’s seen as extremely impolite and inconsiderate if you do not do so. It doesn’t matter at all of what sex you are. And why should that matter anyway? If you’re young and healthy enough to stand and there’s someone who needs the seat more than you in the vehicle – lift your lazy behind!

    Of course, you can’t pay attention all the time. It can happen you just don’t notice sometimes. However, people have mouths. They can use them to ask for a seat if they really need it.

    Moreover, women who don’t act like ladies have no right to expect men to act chivalrous. What the men did may have been impolite, had it been intentional. But what those women did was, in my opinion, even worse. It’s not that they weren’t on the train as well, after all.

    • don’t defend those guys you can see their true nature by the post on 2ch. Those women is pregnant and therefore, any gentlemen or man worth their salt, will give up their seat no questions asked. But it is japan so i guess they need to make some sort of policy if they wan’t people to abide by it.

      • i had to reply to this…First, i dunno how it works in japan but in my country every public transport has sit areas designated for pregnant and elderly people, those seats don’t look like they fit that description therefore they are not obligated to give up they sit. Second, in my country there’s a saying “who has mouth goes to Rome”, means if want something or something done, speak up. Third, are Japanese trains so small that only have 4 seats? I think i don’t need to comment more on this point. Forth, as i said before in my country those transports have designated areas for “special” people other can sit there but they HAVE to give their seat to the those “special” people that said that doesn’t constitute a crime punished by law, now taking photos of people without their consent IS doesn’t matter the gender. Some people think that this pregnant woman believe that because of their condition they get to have all the right and privileges and none of the consequences. They might be the king or queen of their own castle but outside they have to abide by the law its only another thing that make us humans and a civilized.

      • I’m not defending anyone. I’m just saying that it shouldn’t matter who you are. Someone, ANYONE, should have got up and let the pregnant girls sit. When I see that the jerk sitting next to me isn’t lifting his butt, I lift mine. If I don’t like something, I say something. It’s that simple. But all the people just pretend not to be there instead of giving up their seats or at least sticking up for the girls. And I don’t care if it’s a cultural thing.

        However, what I also don’t like is that certain groups of people just expect to be treated all nicely and get angry when they are not. If I ever get pregnant, I won’t expect passengers to turn a train upside down just for me. Sure, it would be nice if they did, however, you shouldn’t expect to be treated like a princess wherever you come, whatever the circumstances. Isn’t that a bit selfish?

        • As a guy that uses public transport i think is stupid to expect guys to get up for everything. I don’t even remember ever taking a bus or a train and not have at least a few people of the category old-injured-pregnand enter. If you always get up you will never sit for a whole ride in your damn life except when you get old. At one point you get sick of all this gentlemen staff and say “fuck them, i’m tired too, i’ve been working all day and i got the seat first”.

          Personally i got sick of it. Now i only get up when the person standing really is a mess that can’t stand. You can see that by the way they even walk into the bus/train. Is not that hard to see when a person really suffers trying to stand. Not every old person has trouble standing or every pregnant woman will collapse after standing for a little.

        • I just think that men that are tired after a day of work have as much right to the seats as these women, if you pay the fare, you have as much right to be sitting as anyone else, I think “first come, first serve” applies perfectly here. Sure courtesy is nice, but what right do you have to expect someone to be nice when you do shit like these women did? Some women seem to think they can say and do whatever they want and that it’s fine, and whenever men do the littlest of things they’re scum, and that pisses me off greatly. If you’re so gravely pregnant that you NEED to be sitting down, then stay at home and ask someone to help you with whatever you have to do outside the house, but eh.

        • @ Anonymous 21:53

          I see. That’s kind of you. I’m glad there’re still decent people around.

          As for the comments you mention. Some people just lack empathy, I guess. It’s sad. But I believe there’s still a lot of kind people in the world these days. I commute to work by tram or bus everyday and people there always give their seats up for elderly, pregnant etc. The world isn’t as bad as the internet makes it look like.

        • i dont know… Im a guy and i see it as natural to comply with the need of a pregnant lady… because you can say its two people and it would probably be straining on the back. 🙂
          but i see the comments on both here and 2ch that thinks otherwise… you could say i was both surprise and a little let down. oh well

  • I agree that these men should have allowed these women to have their seats… but…

    Whether they’re Japanese men or not, people all have a different personality. I don’t know about what happened there but if there wasn’t a single word said, these guys might have been clueless. It’s hard to imagine but there’s people like this everywhere and getting stared at isn’t always a method that will allow the person to understand. In fact, it might make them feel nervous.

    Of course, it’s fair to assume that these guys were indeed rude but again, I’m curious whether the women were stuck standing up or if someone were courteous with them.

    Also… really? I’m gonna get some hate for this but while it’s true that our cultures are different, we north americans sure as hell have our fair share of different flaws.

    Real Life 101 in short: Don’t be a dick

  • Ok I always wondered why otaku’s seemed to have a strong dislike of fujoshi. I always thought 30-40 year old virgin would be desperate for any type of female contact no matter how ogreish their appearance.

    Then I see this article…salarymen caring less for the needs of average looking pregnant women.

    My theory is japanese male acts like a bunch of gay dudes… no wonder theres so many character like rito from 2loveru who got women around them but are so oblivious… it all makes sense now.

  • This is sad for both the men and women of japan… to the men, if they’re pregnant, old, very young, or otherwise have trouble standing, get the hell up. Yes, sited normal women should get up too, but that’s not the point. The point is that ANYONE, guys or girls, should get up. You don’t have to be the first or anything, but you should be ready to get up.

    …However, what those women did just made them just as bad as the men. If I was asleep, I sure as hell wouldn’t know if someone needed my sit. Those guys in the picture are reading, and if they are really focused, they might not notice who is around them. It might also be possible, as others have pointed out, that it was not easy to tell if the women was indeed pregnant. The men might also have injuries that hinder their movement, making it difficult for them to stand. Because these possibilities stand, I think it is unreasonable to call the men scum from this alone.

    tl,dr; both the men and women are at fault / too little evidence to make a correct judgement.

    • “I was stood in front of these bastards with Mai, two pregnant girls, and an old lady. That guy was looking at us. He wouldn’t give up his seat. There are hardly any good men in Japan. #assholes”

      Reading comprehension – it’s a useful ability!

        • Actually, I was too quick to call him scum. I cannot prove that his legs were not in pain or a bad hip or something. Besides, the “post” was biased, from the photo, the men don’t even look aware.

          The comments from 2ch are kinda disturbing as to how the women aren’t deserving of aid. Well, in the case of a drama queen who could stand, I would agree with 2ch… but pregnant women? nah.

        • i really dont care if they didn’t stand. i dont know those people and couldn’t care less of whats the right thing to do.

          but its pretty obvious those guys would realize the circumstances. making up excuses like pain is just silly. they knew and they didnt stand thats all you can say for certain.

  • If we are obligated to give our seat to pregnant does it mean we have to give up our seat for obese people? I reckon only disabled or elderly should have that privilege and pregnant people belong to optional section.

    • What does innocence and purity have to do with anything? Expecting people to be innocent and pure is ridiculous. Life doesn’t work that way. The most you can expect is that they are a good person, which is the best anyone can be. If people only decide to be chivalrous towards the innocent and pure then everyone will be treated like shit.

  • I just looked through that girls tokyo blog, and she and her friends are ugly as shit.

    Seems Japan shares my own cities downfall, which is the fact that all the ugly people are socially popular and breed… whereas all the good looking people are picky and socially withdrawn because they don’t want to associate with ugly people.
    The world is doomed.

  • “I was stood in front of these bastards with Mai, two pregnant girls, and an old lady. That guy was looking at us. He wouldn’t give up his seat. There are hardly any good men in Japan. #assholes”

    I give the guy props for standing his ground to these beastly women. Uglies deserve nothing from no one.

  • Would YOU guys really give up your seat to that cigar smoking, bleach hair, tattoo’d crazy lady or the short fat oompa loompa thing? I would try to avoid eye contact because they are really scary :3

  • Looking through the blog pics of the bleached blonde girl… you see post her pics of carton of cigarettes and rejoice… reminds me of that article where the guys fear girls that have carton of cigarettes and cigars in their room. I guess it really is more common than i thought, EWW.

  • If they were so butt ravaged they should’ve just asked the guys for the seats, rather than just stare at them then let it all loose online where the men aren’t right in front of them. This is just passive aggressive.

  • The point being that something like giving up a seat to a pregnant woman ,or any woman for that matter, should be considered a kindness and not a duty. The problem here is that woman in modern societies expect to be treated as equals until it’s not convenient for them. Then they want to be given all the little considerations that woman were given when they were not equal as a matter of course.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think woman should be treated as equals but they also have to take all the little inconveniences that come with it. The double standard that MOST (most not all) woman consider a given and a right is abominable.
    They being said, I do think they guys should have given up their seats as well but to be ridiculed for it to to that extent by a woman who obviously lives and breathes by the aforementioned double standard is a joke of astronomical proportions.

  • It ridiculous how everyone makes a big deal about this without having a good look at the picture.

    The four men were just doing something else, two of them were reading and the other two seem to be sleeping and weren’t paying attention to the people around them, if they really needed to sit down they could’ve just speak out and ask them nicely. it looks to me that these women didn’t have something to tweet.

  • The difference between Japan and North America is that when this situation happens in NA other patrons will confront people who are not giving up seats. I’ve been on crowded trains full of tired people, and I’ve witnessed teenagers yelling at people older than them for not giving up seats to elderly/pregnant patrons. What I’m saying, is that we generally don’t let “injustice” happen in our presence, whereas Japanese have the attitude of “there isn’t anything that can be done”.

    I say this as someone who was born in Canada, but taught English in Osaka for two years.

  • They have their own damn carriages, not to mention none of the woman offered their seats either. And god forbid, some poor man gets tackled to the ground trying to be nice and the wrong woman thinks he’s a sexual predator earning her favour.

    It’s no wonder most of them don’t have relationships.

  • Let me see if I get this right. So four guys don’t give their seats and suddenly all Japanese males are scum. That is bullshit.

    I do agree with the fact that if the other person is handicapped in some way the nice thing to do is to offer your seat, but the other party should have some hand in it to. If you want a seat, ASK. For all I could know, those guys didn’t even notice the pregant women. Hell, the picture of the guys shows them with their attention on something else. I know I wouldn’t have noticed a pregant woman in front of me if I’m not paying attention.

    While I know that could not be the case, I still find it stupid to just expect others to do something for you. For some, maybe more than others, but not everyone in any situation.

    In the end, while what the guys did wasn’t exactly right, they didn’t break the law like the woman did.

    Also,I knew the Sanaku community, the vast majority of it at least, was downright stupid and troll-ish but damn. Haven’t seen this much sexist bull being thrown in a long time.

  • “Getting yourself knocked up is a choice, so don’t force people to do stuff for you. But people who are injured deserve sympathetic treatment.”

    Jesus Christ, this. If some bitch chooses to incapacitate herself with a parasitic foreign body, why the fuck should anyone give up anything as little as a seat on a train for them? They chose their situation. At the very least they chose not to have the parasite expelled when they had the chance. This is nobody’s fault but their own.

    Fucking harpies should be forced to work out in a rice paddy through their pregnancy for trying to use it as a platform to shame others and garner sympathy.

    • Exactly. They look like they got up 5:AM to get ready for work, then on their way back from a hard days job their tired and worn out not to mention fighting sleep on the train. Then they have to deal with these bitches! Why didn’t other women offer their seats to these pigs? And then these pigs have the nerve to upload pictures of these innocent guys on twitter!

  • Some of you guys need to stop disgracing yourself by siding with these scummy men.

    Part of the reason these men were targeted is by comparison. Women in Japan have realized that men in the west are a million times better than Japanese men.

    WHY are we debating this?

    • Wait, It seems like a lot of people ae misunderstanding things here.
      Those men didn’t refuse to give up their seats, the women just didn’t ask them to stand the fuck up.

      Yeah, of course in normal situation you would let a pregnant / old woman sit on your place. But I don’t think that you guys do that every fucking time. Sometimes you are just too tired, and if the women don’t ask, then it obviously don’t bother her to stay up.

      Galantry is good and must be done, but you can’t expect all men to be knights in shining armor every seconds of their life.
      Why take photos and shame people like that, when you can be a regular human being and ASK, like with your FUCKING TONGUE.

      Both sides are wrong, but this girls is obviously the worst here.

        • Yes men should jump whenever women just looke like they might want something, anything. Afterall men are less worth and only servants of the females.

          You guys should realize that all the benefits of being male are gone since we introduced “equality”. Yet women managed to maintain most of theirs, since guys like you allow them to.
          We’re further away from equality then we ever where. It just isn’t in our favor anymore. And people like you make it worse.
          I bet there were women on that train aswell who had seats. Yet they most likely never expected them to get up.

  • You know, when I see/hear these kind of “problems” I always remember how most women have a “inferiority complex”.

    Why? Well as someone pointed out in the comments, why do they expect only men to give up their seats and not women? If you ask women that same question, they’ll probably answer with “Well because men have to be gentlemen” And that’s a lie. The true reason behind that answer is because they automatically and unconsciously think they’re weak and inferior, thus requiring special “treatment”.

    And it can be understandable, women have been “fighting” for their rights since always, leading to that inferiority complex. Of course, there are also women who fully take advantage of these situations.

    • They expected the men to give up their seats because there were men in front of them on the train.

      The reason why they targeted men is because Japanese men have no sense of decency because THEY view women as inferior. If a woman is pregnant or injured or elderly, Japanese men won’t give up their seats because they view the woman as not being worth the effort. Japanese women, on the other hand, would have given up their seats.

      It doesn’t matter what country you are in, if there is a pregnant woman in front of you, it’s the right thing to do to give up your seat. Most men in developed nations all over the world know this, just not Japanese men, which is why they are specifically targeted.

  • Maybe people don’t know she’s pregnant. If what they are saying is true about the low birth rate in Japan, maybe most of these men have never seen a pregnant woman and thought she just eats too much.

  • lol
    those bitches deserve shame back at them.

    Forcing kindness upon people. Disgusting.
    Not giving up your seat is not a crime. Taking pictures of people without their consent is a crime. Both her brain and womb must be full of maggots

  • I have to admit I find this hilarious.

    Japan seems to be the only country where the women seem to openly put down their male counterparts on more than one occasion…

    So either the women are bitches or the men are scum… which is it?

    • Of course the women here are to blame:
      1. They don’t look like they’re pregnant

      2. If they ride like 1 station only,why would you have to offer them your seat? The other passengers obviously didn’t,either.

      3. If they didn’t get to sit, the women on the train didn’t offer them their places,either. So why are only the 4 boys to blame? Smells like feminist rage!

      4. Did they ask properly? Maybe they weren’t noticed by the boys…

      5.If they really have to sit,they could ask someone else? Why bother about someone who doesn’t react? I don’t think the boys attacked them in any way…

      6.Maybe they should wear something that marks them as pregnant women?

      7. Instead of ranting about this,they should go and ask the politicians for pregnancy-seats or just park their “fat” body at home if they’re already pregnant for over 6 months…
      Their relatives or husbands could do the shopping for them,for example, that’s way safer for the baby than carrying it around like that.

      Anyway,I feel bad for their children, they seem to be of the “I give a shit about role-models”-kind (using twitter and posting lots of photos of their uglyness is proof enough), so their children won’t become any better but even worse than those men who didn’t offer their seats to the count of 3 when these women entered the train….

    • All women are sexist bitches.

      Why can’t those pregnant cows just open their mouth and *ask* for a seat ?

      Why do women say they want equality but still demand preferential treatment and special rules ?

      If women have to work their ass of with 16hour brutal workdays they also want to sit down and not stand up unless asked to.

      And all those douchebags who think they are oh so much better than japanese guys never had to put up with japanese women for which they can work their ass of and only get an allowance while they blow out the money all day long for fun, the newest designer bags, shoes and whatnot. They are all show and fake and tend to be brutally nasty and mean behind your back….

    • You guys are so easily trolled.

      People here are so busy keeping score on the other sex that they are completely ignoring common courtesy,respect, and decency.

      The opposite sex shouldn’t have to prove anything to you in order for you to be a good person. All I see here is a bunch of “Why should I do that?” and “What am I getting out of it?” This sort of entitled attitude is why the world is going to shit.

      If you keeping score is keeping you from being a good person, there is a problem.

      • Giving up your seat just because it’s expected of you isn’t being a good person, it’s being a sheep. Asking “Why should I do something for someone else” isn’t selfish, it’s logical. You could be giving 50% of your paycheck to the Red Cross for food for kids in Africa. Are you? Probably not. Why not? It’s the decent and courteous thing to do. You can probably survive fine on 50%. You won’t have everything you want or a lot of expendable income, but that’s ok because some people you’ll never meet/know nothing about/probably don’t care about are now fed for a month, right?

        If you can’t answer why one should do something without referencing some antiquated belief system that’s highly subjective then you have no reason to judge others so harshly.

        • No one has been able to answer my question yet.

          WHY is everyone so intent on defending these men?

          -Japanese men treat women like shit.
          -Japanese women acknowledge that foreign men are better than Japanese men.
          -Japanese women start to prefer foreign men.
          -Foreign men complain on behalf of Japanese men?


        • “Yes they were not cool, but hey they smoke and drink how does that make them fit human beings either. The men should have given up their seats, these women shouldn’t allowed to bear children.”

          You are a complete fucking moron, seriously. There is no evidence that these pictures were taken while they were pregnant.

        • I believe there are some common grounds in ethics guided by common sense, but since common sense has become the rarest of all senses here’s a thought:
          it’s not that pregnant women have preference on being protected, it’s the offspring. kids are supposed to be protected because without kids there is no more species, isn’t it so? hormones like oxytocine even drive you naturally to carry on with this behavior, isn’t it? isn’t everybody instantly enamored of babies and animal cubs?
          so here’s an afterthought: this is the era of individualism and selfishness. “I’m the one who is suffering, why i should bother with the others of my kind? i deserve too to be protected and pampered, right? after all I gave to you, the society”… this is the line of thought i’m seeing in these guys. you tell me where this is leading us (bio-socially speaking, there’s not even a need to include tradition/religion in the explanation)

        • No one said anything about not being able to answer why they do or don’t do something. Who or what the fuck are you responding to? People have their own moral code that governs them. Why is that so hard for you to figure out?

        • Yes they were not cool, but hey they smoke and drink how does that make them fit human beings either. The men should have given up their seats, these women shouldn’t allowed to bear children.

    • While I don’t disagree that giving up seats for pregnant and the elderly should be common courtesy, I can’t blame the men entirely.

      From what I can see, women always want to be treated as equals to men in opportunities and rights, but emphasize their differences and weakness whenever it suits them to gain advantages. Honestly, if woomen want equal rights, they have to be prepared to be treated as EQUALS, meaning, no special treatment, no nothing. It’s these double standards that many women have that drive me nuts.

      • That because most feminists do not want real equality, they just want the good stuff but never anything of the bad. They want the men to help cook and clean, they do not want the women to have to help do the heavy lifting, repair stuff that’s broken, and other stuff men typically do.

        Likewise, they won’t complain that 99% of the trash truck drivers are men, but they will complain when 80% of the CEOs are men. There are countries where men and women are 50/50 of the sitting parliament, however, when listing the most “equal” countries, those countries were listed below the one where 62% of the parliament were women… because equality doesn’t actually mean 50/50 for the feminists, it means 100/0 to them.

        • What country do you live in with such lame ass women? Our women can fix things, ask for help with lifting if they can’t do it themselves, and bring in a second income which is why men are expected to help cook and clean. Oh, and the men here can cook and clean because people aren’t retarded.

          Are you from Europe? Their women are ugly and the men are whiny.

      • I live in a western European country and work with a number of women who find it “interesting” that I hold doors open, help carry heavy stuff, etc. This is not me “looking down on the weaker gender” or anything, it is just basic plain good manners. Men and women are *not* equal, no matter what some people might want to believe (when us men can give birth, then I’ll consider equality) and we have evolved into certain patterns of life. I would not expect to find a cute girl and install her in the kitchen forever, but if we had a child, I believe she would look after it a lot more than I would (or, perhaps, more than I would be capable). It’s a genetic thing. It’s called motherhood.
        In return, the least I can do is hold the door open, offer to carry heavy stuff, and yes, give up my goddamn seat on the train for a pregnant person (yes, even this oddball).
        A little bit of random kindness doesn’t hurt…

    • The men are scum, and the women only seem to be bitches because they are tired of the men being scum.

      This isn’t an isolated incident. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen men refuse to give up their seats. And I don’t just mean to women on the basis that they are women. I’m talking about pregnant women, the elderly, women holding tons of groceries with small kids in tow, the injured, etc. Japanese men really are selfish scum.

      It’s no coincidence that part of the appeal women see in men from other countries is their chivalry and “ladies first” attitude. Many of us complain about chivalry and the unfairness of how some women view and use it, but the fact of the matter is, men in the west are generally much more caring and protective of those smaller/weaker than themselves.

      The fact that these men were more concerned with how the women looked and not the fact that they were pregnant pretty much says it all.

      It’s a human trait for men to want to side with other men, but Japanese men are disgraces to ANY definition of a good, strong man.

      • So men have to give up their seat because they’re men? That’s not sexist at all! Women want to be treated equally as long as it benefits them and when they don’t, they want chivalry back, right? Come the fuck on. They really need to choose. Chivalry or equality. They can’t have both. Being chivalrous is not something men must do or should do. It is something they can choose to do for women that they respect or know.

        • 07:16

          THIS! Just fucking ask and there won’t be any problems! And if there is then and only THEN can you start bitching!

          By the way ever thought about why they call it “bitching”? Do the math yourself.

        • You’re a weak and pathetic beta male.

          Where the fuck are all you pussies from who bitch about giving up your seats? It would suck to be around you if someone was in trouble or needed protection or help.

          Stop whining and start doing. If I see a pregnant woman or a sick man or an injured child I will kindly get the fuck up and give them my seat and not give it a second thought.

          I don’t let what women do or don’t do dictate how I treat people, and you’re a pussy for giving them that much power over your decisions.

        • @07:30

          “There were no women in the picture.”

          There are only 3-4 people clearly visible in the pictures in question. Are you honestly saying that you think those 3-4 people constituted the whole of the passengers on the train? If so, then the pregnant women should have had NO problems finding an empty seat. Face it, there were plenty of women on that train, and NOT ONE OF THEM gave up their seats, either. You just want to use this issue as an excuse to bash men. Your motivations couldn’t be more clear.

        • Whether or not there are women in the picture, it’s still a really stupid point to ask why women didn’t give up their seats. Because even if there were women to give up their seats it would still only serve to prove that Japanese men are scum, and that only other women will look out for Japanese women.

        • There were no women in the picture. Everyone keeps bringing up this point but it’s clearly only men sitting there. That’s like getting pissed off that no Korean people gave up their seats even if there were none in the vicinity.

      • u know everyone paid the same train fare right. it is good to give up the seats to elderly or pregnant women but it’s not compulsory. y do only men have to give up their seats when they paid the same train fare as women? besides, for elderly and pregnant ladies paying the same train fare, they should not even expect special treatment

      • Yes and of course women do not side with other women. Also it’s not true that men always side with men, in many cases it’s the opposite. Since they can benefit from siding with women.
        And from all we know about Japanese women, personally I would stay clear of them. Hell I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near them as long as I’ve got a choice. This one thing left completly aside, they seem to be horrible, egoistic, unfaithful, ungrateful, annoying, greedy, oppressiv, people with no regards for anyone but themselves.
        And I doubt you can blame that on the Japanese guys.

      • You must be fucking joking, these women got pregnant on their own. And beside men pay taxes that get spend on contributions for people with kids. But no that ain’t enough. Now they also want extra social right. Well, I say fuck these women. This is why I hate feminists. They’re genderist(pun on racist). Can someone plz tell these women to go lie in a well or something. Geez.

      • Who wants to do anything to women who demand everything al the time. Fuck off, I have the seat and I’m gonna keep it. Bad luck on your part for not getting one.

        Also japanese women are famous of gold digging whoriness.

        • Your also missing something there are also women around who didnt have the same decency and were just as selfish and demanding.The whole “well she was pregnant or old or injured” is not that person sittings’ problem it seems these people have enough problems i have nothing against women or men i have no biased the fact of the matter is these men arent wrong these women arent wrong for being mad but they are directing the anger solely on men is wrong. If you want equality be equal be angry at everyone because they were all being “selfish”. Personally (Now with bias) Thats the person prerogative to get up or not it is a “Free” country after all and not one get special treatment in an “Equal” world so if you dont get a seat regardless of circumstances you just dont get a damn seat this world isnt kind and if I was in the same situation i wouldnt have given up my seat for them or anyone else for that matter because they wouldnt do the same for me its a cold world people and if you feel this is wrong your just a pussy punk bitch point blank. Fuck what you feel fuck what you think this is the real world and stop thinking you deserve something you havent earned no one is born better than anyone else so if your pregnant good im happy for you if your old good im glad you made it this far if your injured im sorry for you but your shitting me if you think im getting up and i expect you to be the same to me

        • @07:19

          Why are Japanese men so terrible for not giving up their seats to those pregnant women while, at the same time, the other women on that train who didn’t give up their seats to those same pregnant women aren’t even an issue to you? Why are you so focused on bashing men, when there were plenty of women who did the EXACT same thing that the men you’re bitching about did? Maybe because you’ve got some kind of sexist, anti-male axe to grind? That’s the only explanation I can come up with for your highly gender specific screeching on this issue.

        • You have such a huge chip on your shoulder you’re missing the issue. This isn’t about gold diggers or whores. It’s the fact that Japanese men have no decency and are generally selfish and demanding themselves. They won’t give up their seats for pregnant women, the injured, or the elderly. Why are you defending that? Stop being overemotional about the male vs female issue and look at the facts.

      • If Japanese men don’t treat the women nicely, it’s not reasonable to assume it’s entirely the man’s fault. From what I’ve heard of how they’re treated, Japanese men have ample reason to harbor resentment against Japanese women. You can’t just blame one side, it works both ways.

        Don’t know about that chivalry stuff… it’s like men are expected to do it, but if they do, they’re labelled as a chauvinist pig who only uses their “brain down there”. Can’t win either way. Generally, men can’t express kindness without being accused of having a negative ulterior motive.

        Back on topic, I see nothing wrong with giving up seats to pregnant women, but it’s not very reasonable to oust people for not giving up their seats. Everyone has their own circumstances.

        For example, I’ve given up my seat before, but there are times where my legs and feet are hurting so much that I can barely stand. I have to sit there feeling guilty because I can’t express my pain or circumstances to everyone else. On the other hand, there are times where I’m dying for a seat, but I just stay silent and endure the pain.

        It’s just the way things are. Who are we to judge who is more deserving, if it’s not clearly evident? I’m sure there are also times when I simply didn’t notice that anyone in need was standing nearby.

        • @10:55

          “Those of you using the argument are quite frankly completely and utter morons. THERE WERE NO WOMEN SITTING THERE SO THEY FOCUSED ON THE MEN.”

          Oh, yeah, right. There were no women on that train and you know this simply because those couple of tight angle photos you see in the main article don’t clearly show lots of women. You can’t see more than a half dozen people AT MOST in those pictures and, since many of their faces are obscured, it’s kind of hard to even be sure if you’re looking at men or women in some of the cases. Still, from this “evidence” you’d have us all believe that there weren’t any women on that train, and therefore there’s no reason to worry about why it is those non-existent women didn’t surrender their seats to the pregnant women causing all the butt hurt. You want to talk about complete and utter morons? You’d HAVE to be a complete and utter moron to believe the bullshit you’re spewing here.

        • @07:28 What does your little smear here: “Japanese men have serious issues with misogyny that dates back centuries, and frankly, they aren’t doing enough to change their outdated attitudes” have to do with the fact that these MEN are being bashed for doing the exact same thing that many, many other WOMEN on that train did – not giving up their seats to those pregnant ladies? Why is it such a big deal to you that MEN didn’t give up their seats to those pregnant women, when many other WOMEN on that same train did the EXACT SAME THING and didn’t give up their seats, either? Why are you so focused on the MEN – and only the MEN – in this case. You’ve got a very sexist fixation with this incident, and you’re totally oblivious to it. Try taking off those self-righteous blinders you’re wearing, and maybe you’ll see that the “point” you think you’re trying to make isn’t even appropriate here. You want to complain about sexism? Then stop practicing it.

        • This exactly. There have been days coming home from work where my feet hurt so badly that I had to sit for 5-10 minutes in the car with no shoes on before I was able to actually use the pedals safely and go home. But if I had that problem on a train and had the gall to ask a woman who had just been out with friends for a seat, I guarantee she would look at me like I was a monster. And any excuses would be treated as though I was lying or should suck it up.

          Double standards are the cause of a lot of this bullshit, but it seems like women are much more keen to keep them these days than the men I know. They like being “equal” while still having all the benefits of traditional sexist pampering.

        • I appreciate the fact that you’re willing to look at both sides, as so few people do that. But since I’ve lived in Japan I’d like to give my thoughts about this:

          “From what I’ve heard of how they’re treated, Japanese men have ample reason to harbor resentment against Japanese women.”

          Japanese men have serious issues with misogyny that dates back centuries, and frankly, they aren’t doing enough to change their outdated attitudes.

          The thing is, Japanese women have been bringing up issues (fairly) for years, but the men turned a deaf ear to the complaints. In other words, the women have decided to move on, many with a growing resentment, and the men, still unwilling to change their outdated attitudes, blame women for not being “how they used to be.”

          There comes a point when people have to realize that you can’t sit around begging for what you hand in the past. In a world that develops and changes as quickly as we do now, that’s an unrealistic expectation, especially when the way they view women is pretty poor.

          A lot of Western men here are complaining based on their experiences in their own country. But those are completely different circumstances. Men in countries like the USA worked to help get their women equality and freedom close to a century ago. Being so far ahead of the game, I can’t understand why American men would want to defend the Japanese men, who aren’t nearly as evolved in that area.

          You can’t use the same arguments regarding the opposite sex if you don’t know the circumstances of the resentment. You can’t assume, just because you’re men, that these men are in the right. There is more history to these situations than that.

        • “Why are you so focused on the MEN – and only the MEN – in this case.”

          Those of you using the argument are quite frankly completely and utter morons. THERE WERE NO WOMEN SITTING THERE SO THEY FOCUSED ON THE MEN. It’s not that hard to understand. If there was a woman seating in the area they boarded they you can bitch about it and use this point. Until then we’re dealing with the men we KNOW were there as opposed to the women you’re make-believing are there.

      • @13:39

        “The men are scum, and the women only seem to be bitches because they are tired of the men being scum.”

        That’s a very subjective statement. You could just as easily say that the men only appear to be scum because they’re tired of women’s bitching and self-entitlement.

        “This isn’t an isolated incident. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen men refuse to give up their seats.”

        I notice that you don’t seem to be outraged about the other women on that train not giving up their seats to those pregnant women in question. I guess your idea of common courtesy only counts when it’s men refusing to extend it to women. That says a lot to me – and what it says isn’t good.

        “It’s no coincidence that part of the appeal women see in men from other countries is their chivalry and “ladies first” attitude.”

        Your idea of chivalry seems to be men sacrificing of themselves for the benefit of women, and women raging at men when they don’t do a good enough job of providing said sacrifices. Yeah, I can see why some women might like useful idiots who practice such “chivalry”, but I can’t imagine why any man with any sense (or self-respect) would want anything to do with such women in the first place. If you’ve got a woman who *expects* you to put her on a pedestal and slavishly subordinate your own needs for her benefit, then what you’ve got is something you’d be better off without.

        • @11:07

          There was nothing illogical about any of the statements made in the 16:17 post. The replies made were directly in context to what the 13:39 post said. There was not one false inference or illogical leap to be found in the 16:17 post. Everything stated in the replies in the 16:17 post was directly in response to something directly and obviously stated in the 13:39 post. If you disagree with this then why don’t you point out SPECIFICALLY which parts of the 16:17 reply were illogical and state your reasons why (and, no, you didn’t already do this). I don’t think you’ll do this because it’s much easier to just attack a straw man – which, ironically, is exactly what you’re accusing the 16:17 poster of in essence. I’ll be waiting for your amazing analysis.

        • @18:33

          Take a look at the quotes in the 16:17 post. They’re all taken directly from the 13:39 post and the responses to those quotes are all directly related to that content. Maybe you don’t like what was said, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t spot on.

        • 16:45 if you can’t understand the difference between stated facts that directly point out a person’s beliefs and opinions, and drawing illogical assumptions based on what wasn’t said and only your stereotypes based on the type of discussion being made, then pointing out any facts at this point wouldn’t help now would they? You’ve already proven that you’d rather read an argument based on people guessing at what someone else is thinking rather than making the more logical progression of simply asking and responding accordingly.

          Now, unlike him, I will do you the courtesy of not assuming your opinions on the subject, if you’d care to elaborate, but see no point if your “discussion” style is anything like the previous anon.

        • “I notice that you don’t seem to be…”

          “I guess your idea of common courtesy only counts when…”

          “Your idea of chivalry seems to be…”

          All illogical assumptions. ASK for the facts and then maybe we can take your “discussion” seriously.

        • 7:45 yes he took direct quotes, but most of his points were made using illogical assumptions. It would have made more sense to ask the other anon’s opinions and for clarification rather than dumbing down his own argument with assumptions about what the other anon stated.

      • What are you on about? We are supposed to be in the era of “equality.” This era also grants the ability to almost certainly control pregnancy.

        Therefore, I don’t condone giving up seats for the pregnant unless they specifically ask; I sure as hell wouldn’t unless they told me they were in pain.

        Quite frankly, let the elderly and injured take the seats without question. Pregnant women ought to learn to assert themselves at any rate.

        • Women have control over pregnancy but they don’t have much control over the hassles that it brings. I agree that people should assert themselves more in general, but considering Japanese culture isn’t one that fosters that sort of attitude…

          Anyways, if a woman is visibly pregnant, it would certainly be helpful for her to be able sit down. Of course it’s not just men who need to do this, women should do it too. All people should be considerate, and it is wrong to just single out the men. After all I’m sure there were women with seats on that train to, they were just as much at fault.

      • Selfish scum!?… Wow like u can even talk… srsly ppl need to stop judging others. You don’t give up your seat? Fair enough, that could be considered going ‘against chivalry’.

        But I ask you this: “In what world was chivalry a part of the social norm?”.
        I’ll tell you. Chivalry was a part of society where women were generally judged as being the submissive ‘weaker’ beings that deserved lots of care and respect as they were ‘fragile’ and ‘needed protecting’.
        However, in this day and age, do you think that should be the case? Every day you see an article about some man being put down by women who strive for ‘gender equality’. If this is taken to be true, then how can ‘chivalry’ even exist? It’s an outdated ‘tradition’ in the West.
        If women really want equality, then they should stop crying about things that don’t go in their favour. I mean, if everything did go in their favour, where would ‘gender equality’ be? Men would be oppressed. NO equality results.

        Now back to the point. Nobody has any rights whatsoever to publicly call ppl (mostly men >_>) who aren’t chivalrous, “selfish scum”. They take a seat. They sit in that seat. They have the rights to sit in the seat. They break no laws or regulations. Just go against the woman’s ideal view that men should treat them as delicate objects (which they also protest against). A pregnant woman? How do you know that these ppl weren’t tired from working their ass off for a pregnant wife? Surely they deserve the seat equally?

        By calling these men “selfish scum” you are also branding yourself as “selfish scum” who cannot think of these ppl as HUMAN BEINGS. The word “scum” should only be placed next to the guilty criminals, both legal and political, who, like you have just done, DO NOT RESPECT OTHER PPL AS HUMAN BEINGS.

        I hope you understand the reason behind my words, as I do not present a mere emotional response like many internet denizens, but rather a logically constructed argument as to why such an emotional response is futile in proving anything.

        • I think something needs to be clarified here. The woman in the article are bitching about what they see as a lack of chivalry. From what I can tell from the comments, most of the people here are more upset that they didn’t give up their seat for pregnant women.

          We’re turning on each other as though it’s a male/female issue, but it’s not the girls on this site who brought up the idea of men lacking chivalry. I’m sure if we asked Western girls about it we’d get a different answer.

          This is clearly a cultural issue and a personal issue for these two women. In other words, they were trolling and a bunch of people fell for it.

        • @20:38
          This attitude is still perpetuating the double standard though. What if those guys had just come off a 12 hour work shift on their feet and were dead tired? Those women may have just been out shopping or having lunch, and yet believed they deserved the seats by default.

          When I am capable of doing so, I try to be kind to those that could benefit more, but the bottom line is, if I’m about to collapse and I managed to get a seat, I’m not going to give it up to someone who was out shopping and decided they had to buy more clothes than they’re capable of carrying.

        • Yes, giving up your seat is a courtesy, not an obligation. Those guys had a choice whether or not to give up their seats.

          If you’re man enough to give up your seat, you acknowledge the difficulties a pregnant or elderly might have in standing on a train, bus, boat, etc… whatever. Guess what? You realize that you don’t live in a bubble and decided to help others in need. More respect and power to you.

          If you’re man enough to remain sitting and ignore the person in front of you, then go ahead. That is fine if you’re man enough to take the criticism for that action.

          Problem is, it seems there are guys who want to remain sitting and expect no criticism for it. That’s just retarded. Then on top of that, they try to make excuses for it, it makes them even more shameful and weak as a person.

          Be a man, own up to your own actions. Doesn’t matter what spot on Earth you were born.

        • Then again, you have to admit, that is a very logical and reasonable question. Why must men give up their seats for the pregnant or old? Because it is right? By what definition are you basing this ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ on? What’s to say that an extremely tired, worn-out man isn’t deserving of a seat as well?

          I know this won’t be considered a popular opinion, but I have to say that it really depends on the situation. Just because one is pregnant or old doesn’t mean one isn’t able to stand or do anything anymore. From these articles, it would seem to me that these women just seem entitled.

          Not to mention, there’s the concept of first-come-first-served.

        • @14:12

          RE:Giving your seat to pregnant women is the right thing to do.

          But why? And why can’t you answer that? Your lack of a meaningful answer just suggests that you have no idea what you are talking about.

        • If you have to ask why, you’re probably one of the Japanese scum.

          It’s just the right thing to do. We’re not talking about women who just had tired feet. These were pregnant women. It should be noted that Japanese men won’t move for the elderly or the injured/sick either.

          Some of you are trying so hard to keep score of men vs. women that you’re not stopping to realize what is right and what isn’t.

          Giving your seat to pregnant women is the right thing to do.

      • Well honestly with as little sex as Japanese men are said to get its no wonder they are rude. Men tend to get rather whats the word easily agitated when they haven’t had sex tack on long work days it ends up all work and no reward and your expecting them to be nice? Its amazing if they ever do let you sit where they are.

        • 07:17

          OK there. So, Japanese men are a bunch of sex-hating, workaholic, emotionally void automatons, eh? Wow, way to stereotype. You sound like some kind of sexist or bigot who probably got all their knowledge of Japan from some angry Japanese housewife you met on AIM. Why don’t you pull some more slurs out of your ass and blast them into the comment box? I’m sure we’re all waiting with baited breath for your next amazing pronouncement.

        • @07:17

          “Sexless marriages are the fault of Japanese men, not the women.”

          What, really?

          I guess you know this first hand?

          I didn’t realize that you had a bedrooms eye view of the home of every couple of Japan.

        • Sexless marriages are the fault of Japanese men, not the women. Sexless marriages are a major complaint of women. The issue is that after the kids come Japanese men tend to view their wives and “just mothers” and not sexual beings the way they viewed them before the kids came. Also, while forcing their wives into sexless marriages, they don’t meet any of women’s emotional needs, they work long hours (which is hell for anyone’s sex life regardless of country), and a large percentage are unfaithful.

        • “But unlike in Japan, I don’t think men in USA would have to pretty much handing over every last dime they work their butt off to earn, and only get a small allowance to spend in return.”

          This has been blown out of proportion. The women in Japan are generally the ones to pay the bills and allocate funds for everyday living, and men often expect that of them as part of their role.

          No one is forcing these men to hand over their paycheck. That wouldn’t make sense. It’s a cultural difference in the way funds are handled.

        • Women fought hard for equal rights in USA. The fact that chivalry is dieing in USA is necessary for this transformation to be complete. Some people won’t like it because they enjoy being treated like weaker people with low expectations.

        • Men in the USA are great to women. I have never been to the UK so maybe it’s similar?

          Men and women will always have issue with each other anywhere, but men in the USA are much better than Asian men and from a young age too.

          At least in the USA men don’t make problem of working with women or if the women want to do more than be housewife. I get impression that men in the USA really care to protect.

          Sorry my English is not good.

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          “At least in the USA men don’t make problem of working with women or if the women want to do more than be housewife. I get impression that men in the USA really care to protect. ”

          But unlike in Japan, I don’t think men in USA would have to pretty much handing over every last dime they work their butt off to earn, and only get a small allowance to spend in return.

  • Eh, I don’t know but being polite shouldn’t be limited to men…Every person who is able to stand on his/her leg for a couple of hours should leave the seat to ppl who seem physically challenged in one or the other way…[ to you guys pregnancy might not occur as a big issue but try to imagine a 2-3 kg living thing in your belly kicking you in unawaited moments…]

    Not that the rampage of these women would be justified either…Indeed they could’ve at least ask the men if they were willing to give up their seats – if not, at least their complaints would be real…

    Like this, all they did was to send back equality a good 20 years…

  • Let me get this straight

    young women – get molested and felt up.. “wtf why did you make women only carriage for??”
    pregnant lady – stand up u old hag.. “who would want to stand up for that gross hag”
    elderly lady – why havent u died yet.. “they are not even a person anymore”

    thats japan mans mindset, no respect for female.

    • This is why I never blame Japanese women for being selfish. If their men won’t take care of them, then of course they will realize they can only rely on themselves.

      Then Japanese men wonder why so many Japanese women like foreign men. Because we treat our women like humans. You should try it sometime.

      • @13:43

        “If their men won’t take care of them, then of course they will realize they can only rely on themselves.”

        Why shouldn’t women taking care of themselves be the ‘default’ instead of the ‘fall-back’ as you seem to be implying? Why should women need other people to take care of them, and why should others be obligated to provide that care?

        “Because we treat our women like humans.”

        Normally I’d say that sound very reasonable but, given what you’ve posted immediately prior, I have to wonder just what you mean by this. Does treating someone like a human mean caring for them like some kind of child? Maybe you should try to clarify what you mean here.

        • THANK YOU for asking for clarification. I’m not used to logical debaters on this site.

          When I say “take care of,” I don’t mean in a childish sense. In my opinion, women should take care of men and men should take care of women like a partnership. It’s a process of mutual understanding and balance. And in this process men and women get to know and understand each other rather than building resentment.

          But what I see in those comments is a bunch of men who refused to give up their seats unless the women are perfect, beautiful, virginal sex objects. It’s like if a bunch of women sitting there who would only give up their seats to an injured man if he had a fat wallet and a perfect suit and idol looks. In either case, the person of the opposite sex is objectified. That’s not treating them as a human being.

          We also have to consider the differences between men and women for those in relationships. Men are often more prone to needing sex to feel wanted, and women are more prone to needing affection to feel wanted. Now, Japanese women are known for being sexually adventurous. But Japanese men aren’t known for being affectionate.

          Then we look at how the culture works over there in terms of the working world. More Japanese women want to work now, and want to be treated with equal value to men. But men, although many of them wouldn’t turn down a second income, are still treating women as though they should be fully in charge of the home and shouldn’t be granted respect as people who are also a part of the working world.

          Now, for comparison, in the west, there is more balance. We aren’t perfect but we strive for it. If the man works, the woman should take care of the home. If both work, we try to split the chores. The woman has triple figures with small kids when the man makes a lot less? Then he’ll stay home with the kids. These things are logical to us as we seek to find balance. We might not always like the circumstances, but it’s rarely us acting out on the opposite sex and more of us examining our unique circumstances.

          And women have been a part of our workforce for so long we don’t even bat an eye at it. Despite all of our “get back in the kitchen” jokes, most of us would be pissed off with housewives. And even if we did have housewives, we’d never imply that they couldn’t do a proper job at work if they wanted to. We got over that in the previous century.

          Basically what I’m getting at is that people in Japan haven’t found balance, but from my interaction with Japanese people, the women tried a lot harder to find it. But with the men not meeting them halfway and refusing to budge, the women turned away from them. They stopped looking to men for harmony and started to resent them and started to only look out for themselves. And when resentment builds up towards the opposite sex, no one wants to do the right thing. People start keeping score over who is doing what because they are trying to find balance again.

          In the US, men helped women get equality decades ago. They wanted it and we met them halfway. Some of them may not want to give us credit but they couldn’t have done it without us. Then, we went to war and they proved that they could work the jobs that we thought were too hard for them. They proved themselves. And it’s logical to evolve when you have proof that things will work. In Japan, the women gave them proof and their men haven’t evolved.

          So then the woman get selfish, the man don’t want to budge for selfish women, and the cycle continues.

          Lastly, we have our issues with the opposite sex in the US, but there is no denying that we are far more evolved in our gender relationships.

  • “Japan – where four young men won’t yield their seats to old and pregnant women.”
    “Japanese men are the lowest of the low.”
    “They wouldn’t give up their seats for two pregnant women. Despicable.”
    “I was stood in front of these bastards with Mai, two pregnant girls, and an old lady. That guy was looking at us. He wouldn’t give up his seat. There are hardly any good men in Japan. #assholes”

    That is really sad. why cant they just get up for some elderly and pregnant ladies is it so hard??

    • Marine-RX179 says:

      lol…I don’t think it’s just the problem with men not giving up the seats to them…but more a question of what kind of attitude/impression those two were giving off to people at the time as well.

      There’s a huge difference between pregrant WOMEN that look gentle, matured and polite and some pregrant GIRLS with their hair dyed, tatoos, smoking, talking loudly ignoring people around them, and looks as if haven’t got a clue who the father of their baby is…

      No matter how you look at it, this girl is clearly one of those self-centered bitch…even if the men did give their seats to them, she’d just whine online how the men didn’t give up their seat sooner lol