“9 Reasons You’re Glad To Have An Otaku Girlfriend”


An article pondering some of the major merits of having an otaku girlfriend has lately been the subject of much discussion, with some quite convincing merits evident.

The reasons:

1. She’s tolerant towards your own maniacal interests

“They’re easy to date because there’s mutual respect for each other’s hobbies.”

2. She has broad knowledge so there’s lots to get worked up over in conversation

“Otaku have a lot of curiosity, so she’ll listen to all sorts of stuff.”

3. If they get hold of a DVD of their favourite anime their mood soon improves

“Whatever happens, watching an anime DVD box set soon puts her in a good mood.”

4. They like 2D men, so you can relax

“She doesn’t have much interest in 3D men, so there’s not much danger of her cheating on you.”

5. If you’re having trouble settling on a date venue, she’ll always be happy to stay home

“Actually my girlfriend doesn’t want to go out at all. We have enough fun just playing games together.”

6. She’ll recommend you shoujo manga, so you can get into a whole new world of material

“Just checking out your girlfriend’s recommendations can open up whole new genres to you.”

7. Since you may both like the same things, you can save some money by sharing them

“If we both like a title, if one of us buys it both get to enjoy it!”

8. They are easy to understand as they express themselves in a ‘manga-esque’ way

“It’s easy to tell what she’s thinking because of this, when she says ‘gaan’ and so on.”

9. You can enjoy her cosplay skills when the two of you are alone

“Seeing it is amazing. But I wouldn’t want to show her to other men…”

Not all of these points have successfully convinced actual otaku – although just how many actually have experience of the fairer sex, let alone their otaku subset, is a matter of some conjecture:

“Isn’t it a paradox for an otaku to have broad knowledge?”

“Wouldn’t it be better to date a fujoshi though…”

“My girlfriend does actually use phrases from One Piece in her speech.”

“These kinds are the most jarring.”

“It’s bad to say ‘gaan’? I had no idea.”

“Otaku do like saying ‘gyaaaah’ and similar.”

“It may be prejudice, but aren’t most of these otaku girls seriously ugly?”

“The ones who hate BL can be cute.”

“These researcher-type otaku can’t be more than 10% of the total otaku population. Most of them are tedious and exclusively interested in one thing.”

“The article is pretty realistic actually.”

“Interesting, but does anyone like this really exist?”

“My wife is no otaku, but we do enjoy watching anime and Kamen Rider DVDs together.”

“Having sex with an otaku’s girlfriend feels so good. NTRing some creepy otaku gives you a real sense of power and superiority.”

“What if you don’t like the same anime? You’d be seriously facepalming if she was like ‘Angel Beats is soooo good!'”

“Whether man or woman, train otaku are a no go though.”

“Are you jealous of our arguments over who is the cutest IdolMaster girl? She was dissing Ricchan and saying how much she hated my favourite, Chihaya.”

“I’ve no interest in anyone but seiyuu.”

“I want an otaku girlfriend!!!!”

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