Final Fantasy XIII-2 Beaten by Tales – “Final Fantasy is Dead”


Final Fantasy XIII-2’s first week sales figures reveal it has been outsold by Tales of Xillia, a fact which is being greeted as a massive humiliation and confirmation that Final Fantasy brand now lies in ruins.

The sales figures (with weekly and total sales)

1. Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3) 524,217/524,217

2. Monster Hunter 3 G (3DS) 208,427/730,386

3. Mario Kart 7 (3DS) 182,418/789,871

4. Inazuma 11 GO (3DS) 135,259/135,259

5. Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)112,533/837,143

6. Kirby Wii (Wii) 71,028/398,516

7. Minna no GOLF 6 (PSV) 61,412/61,412

8. Uncharted (PSV) 48,224/48,224

9. JUST DANCE Wii (Wii) 44,021/323,293

10. PokePark 2 (Wii) 43,829/164,018

For those wondering, Vita sales stood at 324,859 – compared to 367,691 for the 3DS.

Meanwhile, Tales of Xillia sold 525,605 in its first week, a fact which has not gone uncommented upon:

“It’s dead, completely dead.”

“Bloody hell, FF can’t even outsell Tales now!”

“So the brand has finally collapsed. I suppose it was to be expected, they’ve just gotten too bad.”

“It sold even less than I thought it would… Maybe I’ll buy it cheaply second-hand.”

“Everyone will wait for the second-hand copies. They’ve learnt their lesson from the first one.”

“It can’t even win in the first week. There’s no chance for it now.”

“This is seriously dangerous:

FF13: 1,516,532
FF13-2: 524,217 (Xbox 360 too small to register in sales figures)

Refer back to this:

FF10: 1,749,737
FF10-2: 1,472,914”

“They were saying it would sell a million without difficulty…”

“And it was released in the holiday season.”

“The Vita is already finished… it can’t even beat the 3DS even now!?”

“Both FF and the Vita are dead.”

“The 3DS is at its peak. I think we can expect Vita sales to grow from here.”

“Considering how bad it is I think FF13-2 did well to sell what it did.”

“Final Fantasy can’t even manage a million now. It’s done for.”

“TOX: 525,605
FF13-2: 524,217
This is a historic moment.”

“Maybe now that awful company will realise how bad a fix it is in.”

“Tales is now the leading JRPG!”

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