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Miu Nakamura’s Hair Nude DVD: “You Can See She’s a Cutter”



The release of gravure idol Miu Nakamura’s new nude DVD should have been an occasion for much onanistic celebration amongst her fans, but all anyone can talk about are the marks on her arms.

Nakamura, a 20-year-old former junior idol, idol, actress and talent, has appeared in the pages of Japan’s Playboy and boasts a long list of her own DVD and photo album releases.

After graduating from middle school, she completed her high school education through a correspondence course rather than attend school normally, so as to concentrate on her career as an underage gravure idol.

In 2009, she became a “board member” of her talent agency (how genuine a posting this was is not clear, given she was an 18-year-old girl with only a high school education – unusual material for a company director) and soon after announced the end of her idol career, saying she wanted to help the other young girls her agency managed develop.

Her retirement apparently did not stop her continuing to make appearances in the likes of Playboy, eventually culminating in the recent release of her first “hair nude” DVD, entitled “a will”, which sees her gamely exposing her nether regions for the first time – she claims this release marks her total retirement from the world of show business:


Thanks to the wonders of Photoshop, it seems most of her photographic appearances do not feature the less than arousing sight of her self-inflicted mutilation.

However, the clearly visible scars of self-inflicted abuse do seem to prevent even some of her long-time fans from making full use of the DVD:

“Uwahhh. She has a serious mental illness there.”

“This is harsh.”

“It was spotted 3 years ago too, but then it was on her wrists. She’s taking things a bit far, going so far up like that.”

“At least she can’t die from cutting up there.”

“You guys are more interested in her cutting than the contents of the DVD?”

“It’s tame at first but the last half is hot. I can get off to this more than with a mere AV.”

“Her eyes are those of a dead person.”

“Those scornful eyes were always what her idiot fans liked about her.”

“I suppose a girl like this would be cutting. It’s so pitiful I can’t watch it, it just makes me droop.”

“I guess she won’t be appearing on Blu-ray any time soon.”


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