Femen Oiled & Stripped by Police Kidnappers


Nude protest group Femen reports that three of its members were stripped, oiled and left naked in a forest after Belarus police objected to their latest protest and decided to kidnap them in retaliation.

The Femen trio were toplessly protesting the Soviet-style dictatorship of Belarussian president Alexander Lukashenko, widely accused of having rigged his country’s latest election massively in his favour, demanding that political prisoners be freed.


Minsk police took a dim view of this and kidnapped them, after which they were blindfolded and taken to a remote forest, allege Femen.

There they were made to strip, doused with oil and threatened with being set alight. For good measure police cut their hair with a knife and took care to film the whole incident.

They were left naked but unharmed in the forest, and managed to find their way to a small village and thence to safety.

Police also apparently arrested a number of journalists for daring to cover their protest.

Belarussian authorities dismissed the protest as “a provocation” and did not comment on the alleged kidnapping. The Ukrainian government says it has dispatched a diplomat to investigate.

Femen’s Ukrainian protests usually end with them being arrested and bundled in police vans, all of which has been widely photographed. However, this is the first time they have made any accusation of completely illegal treatment.

The protest in question, which may be upsetting to some:


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