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Korea: “We’ll Surround Your Embassy With Sex Slaves!”


South Korea’s president has threatened to surround the Japanese embassy with “comfort women” statues if Japan does not start coughing up more apologies and cash for the alleged wartime misconduct.


The issue began with a Korean nationalist group erecting a bronze statue of a young girl “symbolising the comfort women issue” directly opposite Japan’s Seoul embassy.

Korean authorities refused Japanese requests that they intervene to stop the statue’s placement.

This soon inflamed Japanese sentiment, but when the Japanese government failed to make any concessions the Korean government decided to up the stakes.

In remarks made to the Japanese PM, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak is said to have insisted that “this wouldn’t have happened if Japan had shown some understanding [toward the comfort women issue]” and went on to threaten that “if they don’t take steps in good faith, a second and third one will go up.”


There is strong Japanese resistance to acceding to potentially endless demands for wartime reparations – the 1965 Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea contained secret provisions in which South Korea promised not to demand further reparations in return for billions of dollars of aid, which Korea chose to spend on economic development rather than victim compensation.

Although the treaty made compensation the responsibility of the South Korean government, it maintains it has no duty to provide further compensation to its people and that the matter is now closed.

Demands for compensation continue in spite of this, most notably by individuals attempting to sue the Japanese government themselves – but provisions in the various post-war treaties normalising relations with other countries and limiting further reparations have been upheld by Japanese courts as making these suits invalid.


As far as the actual historical facts are concerned, although the abhorrent behaviour of the Japanese Empire towards both its neighbours and its own people is beyond doubt, the situation is complicated by the competing versions of history on offer.

Both Japan and Korea boast long traditions of exporting their women as indentured prostitutes throughout East Asia (a tradition which arguably continues to this day in the form of both prostitutes and pornography) – the two opposing versions of this history are that all “comfort women” were sex slaves snatched up from Japan’s colonies, versus “comfort women” largely being simple prostitutes who voluntarily opted to provide sexual services in response to official recruitment efforts.

Koreans claiming victimhood have also been aggressively pursuing large cash settlements with the assistance of Korea’s notoriously shrill mainstream nationalists, most of whom display levels of xenophobia and jingoism which make even the Japanese look cosmopolitan by comparison.

On the Japanese side, those claiming the entire “comfort women” issue is merely a diplomatic cudgel being used to beat concessions out of Japan have generally been aligned with extremes of revisionism, which maintain Japan was an innocent victim, first of American aggression and later of Korean and Chinese propaganda – needless to say, this is the version which now predominates online.

Whatever the historical facts, in Japan there is a strong sense that erecting such statues opposite an embassy is an incredibly crude way of attempting to extort concessions, and one only likely to backfire:

“And if we withdraw the embassy?”

“There’s no point in even taking any notice of people like this.”

“‘Show us good faith!’ – pure yakuza tactics.”

“Bury your wretched country in the statues, please!”

“He’s not ‘warning’ anyone, that is a threat, plain and simple.”

“They just love picking fights with all their neighbours…”

“When I imagine the embassy hemmed in by comfort women statues I can’t help but laugh.”

“Keep at it, and show the world just how crude a nation you are.”

“Make 200,000 of them and you’ll have my respect.”

“Didn’t our government just conclude a 5 trillion yen currency swap in their favour? And this is how they repay us?”

“They will just keep demanding money forever.”

“Only in Korea could a bunch of prostitutes make themselves out to be victims and then threaten an entire government.”

“Make a thousand of them and perhaps in a thousand years they will be Korea’s moai…”

“Can we surround their embassy with statues of all the Koreans who have raped Japanese women?”

“The only people this harms are the Koreans in Japan who are desperately trying to manufacture a Korea boom. Now even the idiots can see how anti-Japanese their country is.”

“More of their threaten-and-beg diplomacy.”

“This is shameful – doing something like that to an embassy, I think it’s good grounds to withdraw it.”

“It takes a particularly kind of country to have their president try to hold another country’s embassy hostage…”

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  • There is no was the fact that treated as forced sex slaves the girls Japan during the war is a Korean own none other you are you have the most damaging exposed person to sexual slavery and paraphrase they dignity the comfort women They had been receiving the consideration of more than Japanese soldiers are recruited to hope

  • now i see :))

    Democratic country’s style S.Korea give me money or I’ll Fabricate the evidence that will make you look the bad guy.

    Communist Country’s style N.Korea give me money or i’ll shoot you our Continental Missles hehe

  • i think japan is at fault for not apologize. and korea is at fault for being pretty greedy and want money from them hence that’s why they’re doing this.
    Someone said japan already gave them like 5 million yen right? kinda a waste of money to spend them on these statues..

  • it is amazing how whoever wrote this story got the whole thing wrong. I was watching NHK the other day, they stated that the South Korean president is against the statues, a crazy group is pushing for them and doing this. Also the south korean president says he’s trapped, unable to get rid of the statues because of a recent court decision.

    “Korean authorities refused Japanese requests that they intervene to stop the statue’s placement.” completely untrue. The government wants to act, but the courts have made it difficult if not impossible. It’s a freedom of expression thing.

    However the South Korean president has recently made this sex slave thing an issue, perhaps do to pressure from the people.

  • 自分の意見を言いたいだけ言ってその根拠も何もなしに相手の意見を反対票で押し殺しているっていうのはまさにGaijinだな(笑

    Try translate by yourself. I don’t like this to be voted down and hided as a thoughtless opinion, otherwise it ruins discussion and screws me.

  • Yeah right, like majority of the young generation of Koreans would care..

    Just look how many of them do cosplay or watch anime.
    Likewise, there are many japanese fans of K-drama, K-pop stars and play Korean-made mmorpgs.

    I bet most of them are more concerned about Kim Jong UN assuming power.

  • DPRK is so LOLing at this since Diplomatic strains between ROK and Japan would mean a disorganized defending force..

    Of course the US would be there but then, both ROK and Japan are their allies.. Should war erupt between these two modern nations just because of this Loli Statue, the US could be split an won’t support any of them and boom! There goes the North duking it out in Seoul!

    I can seen Kim Jong Un and his would be advisor having a big grin in his face.. provided that he even gives a damn…

  • i like japan, they did stuff in war, but its war…..the end justifies the means and its not japans fault that they were more powerful because they decided to industrialize……SK is just mad cause they’re rival from North Korea died the other day, so they’re picking on japan


    If the money are not what korean want, so WHAT the hell the japan should give?

  • I feel sorry for any women involved in this, but fact is: Money won’t bring back the dead.
    Many countries are still paying immense sums of cash to worl war “victims”. Im not talking about people or families here, but countries! Most real victims have propably died of old age by now. Its a buisness rather than accepting apologies. Just think how much money Izrael gets ewery year as “compensation” for crimes against jews. Most victims are dead by now and their livig relatives propably don’t even remember them… I mean like what kind of person he/she was in life…
    And i think that’s sad. If a country made such crimes they should pay a sum, but they should not pay forever. The important thing is: NOT TO LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!

  • Unfortunately people’s perception of Japan will be forever based upon their war crimes.

    As horrible as rape is I think people need to put things into perspective. Japan isn’t the only country to rape in times of war, granted incidents of mass rape such as Nanking are horrible, aren’t these accusations slightly hypocritical?

    For anyone in The West, we take shelter under a blanket of patriotism and self denial. The Japanese surrended after America dropped two atomic bombs on mostly civilian populations. They pummelled their costline physically changing its appearance, and dropped fire bombs on other civilian targets not already devastated.

    What about Project Orange in Vietnam? Has anyone even heard or seen the offspring of some of the victims?

    I’m talking about death, some of the most horrible ways to die, having every molecule in your body boil in an instant. Having lasting psychological and physical deformitites which inflict future generations as well (which considerably influence some of the best anime in existence by the way).

    We should all hang our head’s in shame at the nature of humanity, none of our hands our clean which however justified these threats are from South Korea are just plain annoying.

    • [quote]As horrible as rape is I think people need to put things into perspective. Japan isn’t the only country to rape in times of war, granted incidents of mass rape such as Nanking are horrible, aren’t these accusations slightly hypocritical?[/quote]
      Bad things happen in war. Who would have thought eh?

      [quote]The Japanese surrended after America dropped two atomic bombs on mostly civilian populations.[/quote]
      The Japanese GOVERNMENT surrendered. The people getting fire bombed had no saying in it and the military was all too willing to let them suffer for their own ambitions. Not that I agree with using super weapons on civilians to demonstrate power, but it’s effectiveness is a fact.

      [quote[For anyone in The West, we take shelter under a blanket of patriotism and self denial.[/quote]
      Patriotism is all but dead in the west. It’s on it’s death bed in some countries (US) but you won’t see a significant number of patriots anywhere else. Not that I’m complaining.

      [quote]What about Project Orange in Vietnam?[/quote]
      What “Project Orange”? Please tell me you don’t have magical eye powers.

      [quote]I’m talking about death, some of the most horrible ways to die, having every molecule in your body boil in an instant.[/quote]
      Dying instantly is not so horrible. Getting shot or stabbed in he guts is far worse.

      [quote]Having lasting psychological and physical deformitites[/quote]
      You watch too many movies. Radiation can affect fetus development but it can’t cause weird growth defects in adults. You can rest assured that you will be dead of radiation poisoning way before you get a third arm growing out of your belly.
      And when it does cause growth defects, it’s either plain old boring anomalies, or lethal.

      [quote]We should all hang our head’s in shame at the nature of humanity, none of our hands our clean which however justified these threats are from South Korea are just plain annoying.[/quote]
      I disagree. I will accept no blame or responsibility for atrocities which occurred regardless of my decisions. If I let my country commit war crimes under a dictatorship it’s my fault. If my grandfather did, it’s not. I am not an omnipotent god which can influence history.

  • Why foreighners can blame Japan without hearing Japanese opinion?
    1.Only ambiguous and contradictory testimonies of compulsive exist and no evidence of them.
    On the other hand,
    there is evidence of no compulsive prostitute.
    Plese watch:ttp://
    “慰安婦大募集” means recruitment of prostitutes.
    Eventually,Korean woman prostituted herself by the volunteer.
    2.Postwar compensations are PERFECTLY and FAINALLY finished by treaty.
    What Koreans are doing is a treaty violation.

    Why is only Japan always regarded as wrong?
    Do you know the contents of Hull Note which the United States thrust before Japan?
    Do you know the number of victims in Nanjin incident are too ambiguous?
    Then,foreingners necessarily insist “The problem isn’t number”,
    but Chinese also killed Japanese in Tushu incident.
    If the problem isn’t number,Chinese also apologize us.
    I don’t think Japan was right but Japan is also a victim like other countries.

  • Victims of American aggression? Yeah, not supplying a warmongering country with resources is an act of aggression.

    Never mind that America made Japan into what it is today. Without the USA, Japan would be a third world country, or part of Russia.

  • Korea tells a lie. I think that They had better watch the formula document of the United States Armed Forces.

    I hope Korea having a proud. It is shamed that to tell a lie. It is not human being to return harm for favor. Japan modernized the Korean Peninsura of the most poorest country in the world in those days. The Korean population doubled for 36 years when Japan governed it. The average life span spreads more than 30 years, too. All people understand it if they watch world statistics.

  • People do realise this was 70 years ago, right? If the people from the war are still alive they’re pushing 90, too old to be held accountable for anything. And blaming current Japan – or current Germany, or even current Russia for atrocities committed by their great grandparents is just stupid.

    They’re quite in their rights not to issue an apology now. That should have been done after the war, yes, but the current generation in Japan is NOT responsible for WWII.

  • Young girl? That statue look like 60 y/o hag to me

    Maybe because she’s fukken fugly and have the epitomy of what can be called the ultimate abscense of fukken taste in haricuts.

    Though I do understand girls of that time couldn’t care less about their hair.

  • The Japanese government and people have a terrible track record of addressing their cruel and inhumane actions before and during WWII. They present themselves as victims, and ignore the atrocities that were committed by the Japanese empire. In the Japanese view, WWII started with Hiroshima and ended with Nagasaki.

    Starting with the annexation of Korea in 1910, Koreans were systematically exploited for economic gain and political power. Although the Japanese invested in Korea and helped modernize it from a feudal society to a 20th century country, this was done for Japanese economic interests.

    The Japanese had many form of forced labor in Korea, and besides “comfort women” this included virtual slavery in mining, fishing and agriculture. They also annexed land and natural resources.

    By decree, they forced Koreans to change their names to Japanese names and suppressed the Korean language. They taught a fictional version of Korean history, and they moved, destroyed or looted Korean artifacts. The Korean government has a list of over 70,000 cultural artifacts that are currently in Japan. The Japanese have consistently refused to even discuss this issue.

    In 2010, multiple unmarked graves of Koreans were discover in western Tokyo. These victims were the subject wartime experiments (i.e. torture) on humans subjects. No one is exactly sure what happened, because there has been an ongoing coverup since the end of WWII. Since WWII the Japanese government has stonewalled attempts to investigate wartime atrocities and generally denied responsibility.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the avoidance of responsibility of the Japanese for what they did to occupied territories in the first half of the 20th century. So when the people and government of Korea embarrass the Japanese government by putting up a very tame statue, the Japanese are being arrogant when take offense.

    If you are interested in more facts, just go to Google and type in “Korea Japan Rule”.

    And if you are ever in Nanking in China, go to the Nanking Massacre museum. It documents another horrifying episode of how the Japanese army behaved during WWII.

  • Some of your comments makes me sick. Are you still a human being? WTF is wrong with you people? Hating just for the sake of hating? You guys don’t understand that the reason why many asian country have issues with Japan is that most people there can relate the past with their identity today. Whatever had happened, happened. Undeniable truth hurts, but you can’t hide them forever. Because these issues doesn’t relate to you, doesn’t mean it won’t matter to other people who feels the pain, who relates it to themselves.

    Keep that shit in your mouth, unless you can fit their shoes, which in many cases, you can’t.

    I applaud for the logical, and reasonable comments. Thank you for being objective towards the issue, and not hate-driven like most others. Thank god I never knew such people still exist on this site till today.

  • pretty sure koreans donated millions of dollars for the sendai earthquake. out of a country of 50 million that’s pretty considerable.

    now imagine like a third of all koreans, just going around the internet, newspapers and history books, denying that the sendai earthquake was such a tragedy, and the most adamant of them even saying these japanese deserved it.

    that’s pretty much what’s going on with comfort women, and it gets people angry again for none of the right reasons.

    i think germans handled their situation much better.

    germans feel victimized about their atrocities in WW2, but overall they aren’t treated with animosity today because they geniunely apologized and they didn’t go behind closed doors and recant their apologies.

    eventually one country needs to commit a solution like germany did, else there will never be resolution, like slavery in the US.

  • Simple facts.

    1. Perl Harbor. The Americans did nothing to intentionally provoke the Japanese.

    2. Japanese sex slavery was a real thing, even within their own borders. It continues to this day, but in a dramatically smaller and more hushed amount.

    3. Korean sex slavery is a MASSIVE industry because Korean women tend to be prettier than the other local races (barring certain preference for darker skin like Thai and Pinay) and that causes a higher demand and better pricing.

    4. Gestures such as this are an insult, but only a slightly annoying one. Anyone with diplomatic immunity can walk right up to it with a stick of dynamite and there you go problem solved. Good luck proving anything when the embassy’s cameras were out due to them performing electrical maintenance on the fuse box.

  • something that should be remembered is that in 1965 the South Korean government was little more than a military junta supported by the US where as now it’s the actual people who get a chance to have a voice.

    In general the Japanese get away with far to much in regards to their behavior in ww2, it’s much like if the Germans said “hey all that happened was the Russians invaded East Germany for no good reason, we were only trying to improve the situation of good European people.” The difference is of course, South East Asia is made up of insignificant bank waters and enemies of America (at the time) and as such the world in general didn’t care what happened with Japan.

    • Id like to know if you think about your country when talking about Japan’s wartime history.

      When I talk about histories of other countries, i always compare them with Japanese history. If Japan and another country have a similar historical event, I think I should have one opinion to Japan and the other country for this event.

      But it seems this is not always the case for foreigners in Japan. They change their opinions. Even for very similar event, they say one opinion for japan, and say another for their country. And they always downplay their own countries wartime history and colonial policy and demonize japan’s.

      • You don’t make much sense, but what I gather from your words is:

        “If I want to give an opinion on the matter of Japan and Korea’s military disputes, my own country must have experienced a similar dispute, otherwise my opinion is invalid”

        Is that correct?

    • The reality of foreign people in Japan from the experience in English conversation schools and others.

      American: We did good to the world, why we have to apologize. Some of them think their deed was wrong, but they dont think they have to apologize. But for some reason they think Japan should apologize. Is this racism, or discrimination, I dont know. But I am sure they are not equal opportunists. They treat people differently based on something.

      British: Hah? Opium war? I dont know. Lots of them dont know. This is the reality of them. They also say their colonial policy was better than japan’s.

      Dutch: Never apologized to Indonesia. They criticize Japan about their citizen having to live in prisons where they say the condition is too hard for people. But such prisons were built by dutch for Indonesians.

      Anyway, please ask them. They make lots of excuse why they dont need to apologize. But at the same time they say Japan and others should do. They behave like a teacher to Japanese students, and talk as if they are morally better.

      • None of those countries is demanding apologies from Japan anymore, as it was all settled a long time ago in post-war treaties and such.

        “…(Americans) think Japan should apologize”

        The idea that you should apologize is only in your head not in theirs, because you’re accustomed to people demanding apologies for the mistakes of your family and ancestors. A fine tradition, but it doesn’t exist in the west.

        You feel like they are demanding apologies from you because that is what you would demand from them if you were in their position. In reality, They don’t expect you to apologize.

        PS: I’m assuming you’re Japanese. My apologies if you’re not.

        PPS: ところで私はアメリカ人じゃない。

      • The atrocities by both the Germans and the Japanese during what the West calls, “World War 2” were horrendous, but most Japanese and Germans of today are trying to move forward and are ashamed on what they have done. The modern tensions that are between Korea and Japan go further back than WW2. The Japanese pirates screwed up with the Koreans, and the the Korean navy whooped Japan’s navy (if it could be called that) back during Hideyoshi’s ill fated crusade into China when his infantry lost to the power of the Ming military power house. Then Japan came back 200 years later and tried to retake Korea, and they did subverting traditional Korean authority and culture.

        However, the Japanese with their pride and success, and the fact that early Japanese architecture and poetry is defiantly Korean or at the least influenced by Korean kingdoms not to mention that we have a lot of evidence seeing that Koreans and Japanese are essentially the same peoples with various cultures (mostly because its an island nation vs. a mainland nation) and the the fact that the Japanese government and the Korean government both try to constantly prove the other wrong makes it so I don’t think either government should apologize nor give in… just stop and move on from these hostilities. Come on… Kim Jong Il is dead move on with your lives.

  • They really need to just accept that they did some terrible things during WWII make a formal apology to Korea and China to finally close those wounds.
    They’re not asking for money or anything just an apology.
    The Germans apologized for the atrocities they committed during WWII.

    • Sure because you and other except what you do wrong so easily, ROFLMAO not going to happen maybe in another 2 generation they will finally admit.

      Kid of America and Iraq when will we admit the F up we did there, in maybe 50 plus years, maybe. After all we liberated all those dead civilians.

      • Funny, but when I was in Iraq the insurgents were the ones slaughtering civilians as part of a premeditated strategy to seize power, not the US. It’s been about four years since I was there though, maybe my memory’s foggy.

    • Read carefully the article.

      “South Korea’s president has threatened to surround the Japanese embassy with “comfort women” statues if Japan does notstart coughing up more apologies and “CASH” for the alleged wartime misconduct.”

      I’d say that s.korea will just make japan their milking cow.

      • I’ll stand by this since I was about to post it. Yeah, the Japanese treated anyone on the receiving end of their attacks worse than animals in WWII. Also, that is over now, and even little kids back then are now retirement age or dead, and Japan has apologized publicly more than 50 times, including offers by Hirohito himself to apologize.

        Modern Koreans and Chinese want justice for this? Well, if they haven’t received it yet, they’re not going to. Through countless apologies and cash settlements, there is nothing more Japan can do to make this right. Instead, it’s just used as a cudgel to whip up anti-Japanese sentiment these days. This isn’t about apology – that’s done. This isn’t about reparation – that’s done. This isn’t about education – that’s done and done and beaten to death. Even in Japan, revisionist textbooks have been reduced to a rare fringe element that’s scorned by most. It’s just racism at this point – “look what the great grandparents of some of the Japanese did! Aren’t they all monsters?” Excuse me, but that’s bullshit.

        • @19:29

          That’s just it though, a lot of what you’re accusing them of is a myth. Not the actual atrocities – those were obvious. But the textbooks you mention are pretty much wiped out. They’ve been blown out of proportion by those looking to persecute the Japanese, and no decent school uses them.

          Hirohito was not trying to wage genocide like Hitler. Some of the war crimes were basically due to commanders lacking oversight and becoming warlords. Hirohito tried to apologize to the US and MacArthur refused him. Even he renounced the controversial Yasukuni shrine that houses war criminals. Also, rejecting the emperor would have had a serious religious dimension as well, possibly demoralizing Japan like Germany BEFORE WWII.

          So I think you are the one who fails to realize the difference between Japan and Germany’s atrocities and their treatment of them. How are they “going against everything the apology stood for?” It sounds like you’ve just loaded up on anti-Japanese propaganda. This isn’t making light of what happened – it’s just that at this point you’re calling on people to punish the descendants of the descendants of the criminals. They did not commit these crimes, and clearly nothing will satisfy the grandchildren of the victims. So it’s just an excuse to attack Japan now, no matter how sincerely they may feel justified in it. They’re going after people who never even saw that era.

          What more can Japan do now? Offer a bunch of modern Japanese women to be raped by Koreans and Chinese as an apology? You know that wouldn’t make things right, it would just be a chance for petty second to third-hand revenge.

        • Some of you guys fail to realize the big difference between Japan and Germany treatment of their atrocities. Japan having revised textbooks at all is a big “fuck you” to Asia anyway. Not to mention Hirohito is placed in a place for supposed heroes.

          If Germany at all had books that whitewashed their crimes, I don’t think the Western world would keep quiet. You think the West would sit down and shut up if Hitler was put into a resting place for heroes? I don’t think so.

          What happened in the past is in the past. But making light of it or trying to bury it 6 feet under like it never happened is only asking for it’s repeat. What’s worse is saying sorry and then go against everything the apology stood for like the Japanese are still doing. It shouldn’t happen and this applies to every country aswell.

        • Not cool of the Japanese to do it in the first place, but not cool of the Koreans to do this either. I’m not gonna get into the idiot nationalism I’m seeing even in these comments that don’t help anyone, but I think your post was a pretty intelligent rebuttal to this continual agitation over something that happened generations ago.

          Unfortunately, the day that ambitious dicks stop using racist/nationalist sentiments to fuel their own power is the day there will be no more war.

      • It seems like if they had paid reparations before and issued apologies yet other countries still wish to hold that grudge as a way to extort money, what they are doing with whitewashing history is the next logical step. It would serve to erase guilt from future generations whom will be victims of a repeating cycle of hatred/extortion.. much like the way you simply have to ignore a beggar on the street.

    • They are asking for MONEY. Money that the beaten and occupied Japan PAID back then to the government of Korea and they went on to spend on the development of the country, not paying the supposed ‘victims’….

      • This. Japan has apologised and paid more than enough, and besides the current Japan is a new generation of people who bear no guilt in the matter. The post-war treaties between the countries also normalise the situation. If the comfort women feel they’re still owed money, well they have been let down by their own government.
        Korea should take a few lessons from Europe.

        • 5:42
          Then you’re blind, or an idiot.

          The free speech in the US means that Americans are ALWAYS bringing up past and present mistakes. You can get arrested in other countries but in the US it’s common place to speak up, speak out, protest, etc. If the US commits a war crime, the US is the first to be on its own ass. You’d get thrown in jail for less in other countries.

        • Korea doesn’t need to take a few lessons from Europe since Japan hasn’t done nearly enough to come on terms with its war crimes and guilt in WWII. Compare Japan with Germany and you can see how different they treat their horrible past.

          It’s true that there should be closure to the happenings in WWII but only after they have been acknowledged by the respective countries which isn’t the case with Japan yet.

        • There are few lessons to be taken from Europe. Soviet Union was every bit as satanic as Nazi-Germany, but do you see Russia accepting responsibility for the atrocities? No, because they were among the winners. If being a winner means you can slaughter and impoverish millions with impunity, there’s really nothing at all to learn from Europe. Nothing at all.

    • Except Japan didn’t commit any atrocities Korea, because it was part of Japan prior to the war. Hence why we never see the Taiwanese going out of their way to hate Japan.

      The Japanese committed crimes in China, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, and Mongolia. Korea was a Japanese colony and hence was treated as a colonial possession.

      Really, Koreas constant complaining is just a guilt trip caused by being on the Japanese side.

      • This goes to show how the Japanese government will at least acknowledge the victims with that kind of money, but it seems everytime they apologize or give money to South Korea all it ends in is Koreans filled with hatred or stuck in the past.

  • I have to intervene. You folks think about historylike: oh shit, we payed. good bye assholes, till next time…
    And the revisionist and right wings in japan is a damn problem since the 90’s. There are several feminist and leftist that aren’t happy with the japanese government and the general treatment of such issues.
    Maybe you should just go to a fucking library and read a book about it. It would enlighten you..

    • So what? The people responsible for the wartime crimes in questions are all either dead of dying out of old age as we speak.
      If somebody tried to intimidate me into coughing up money for something my grandfather did half a century ago I’d be upset too.

    • While I won’t argue against 2ch seeming pretty xenophobic most of the time, in this one instance I think they are justified in their anger.

      What Korea is doing is pretty retarded considering they’ve already been given money in the past on Japan’s behalf.

      Not to mention I just really hate the idea of people wanting apologies from people who had nothing to do with whatever wrongs occurred in the first place. If a guy apologizing to you for something that didn’t happen to you, for something that happened before he was even born is something you need to further along your grieving process, then you need to be mentally evaluated.

      • In all of asia, only China and Korea still recall these crap against Japan all the time.

        China has a reason; Japans hasn’t acknowledged some of the worst atrocities they’ve committed there.
        Korea? In for the name and money. Seriously, the only vibe I get from seeing this nowadays is that Korea is hosting the modern nazi sentiment; and japaneses are their jews.

  • “Indentured prostitutes?” Seriously? Yeah, insulting victims help.

    Look at how Germany handled accusations of WWII atrocities. No whitewash of history, plus vocal apologies, while putting as much distance as possible between Nazis and present day Germany. “Yes, atrocities were committed, we apologize on behalf of our ancestors, but we’re a different people now.”

    And now Japan? For some reason, Japan government seem to see themselves as the same entity that started WWII in Asia, and thus feel the need to cover up for themselves. Covering up and whitewashing of history is a sure sign of guilt.

    A simple apology would deflate all the rage.

    • Yes, Japan paid out reparations in the 60’s which were pocketed by the Korean government. Korean government gave out jack shit to the actual victims. Japan paid out reparations again in the 90’s through a “Asian Women’s Fund”. Apparently, a treaty was signed with the first round of reparations in the 60’s where the Japanese government is prohibited from directly paying reparations to individual Korean victims hence the “Asian Women’s Fund”. I believe the Asian Women’s Fund was active for about 10 years.

      Now, apparently, the compensation wasn’t enough and/or the gesture wasn’t sincere.

      My feeling is that whatever the Japanese government does will never be enough for these folks.

        • This is war and fogive me to said this:
          This is what happen when you lose a war in Asia. In fact in history of Asia things like this happen whatever China invade other country or Korea Japan and other country start war in past. It may not write down in History but I belive it happen.
          Because this century you can find search everything what about the past the people today claim that they are victim may be their acestor were doing that. Maybe that what they cal KARMA.
          I also belive that a country and it people whatever this century they win or lose but in past they cause harm hurt kill and do Things at leat ONE.

        • Well said anon, while I think what Japan did was absolutely disgusting it’s the sad reality of war and violence. Besides there was (is) diplomatic approaches to try and smooth out relationships between both countries, and it’s best for their people to raise knowledge AND understanding instead of hate.

        • Unfortunately, people have a hard time accepting facts. Did I state something that is not a fact?

          It’s a fact that the Japanese government did horrible things to these Koreans during the war.

          It’s a fact that the post-war Japanese government try to do the right thing by offering reparations and apologies to “comfort women” in the 60’s.

          It’s a fact that Japanese government tried again with reparations and apologies in the 90’s.

          Unfortunately, for some people, no fixes will ever be good enough for them. Hence, the problem will not ever go away for them until they have forever past on.

          Am I condoning the things Japan did to these people? Hell, no. Horrible things happen in war. It’s important for people to recognize that these things happened and make sure atrocities like this do not repeat in the future.

          I just stated facts that the Japanese government tried to make right, but the gesture wasn’t enough and will never be enough for these people.

    • i dont remember koreans apologizing to japs for aiding Mongol invasion . Japanese already payed their dues , more than they should have . Now its just money sucking enterprise and victim politics .

    • Something you should know. Nations never really like to acknowledge atrocities that they have committed in the past. They like to pretend that it never happened and the people that are accusing them of doing those horrible things are mentally ill patients.

  • Heres Korea’s current president:

    Huge criminal record (no murders or anything, but fraud and scamming)

    Did not enlist in the army (pussy ass fuck blamed it on some illness or something)

    Launders money to his family and supporters

    Destroys Korea by sucking the USA’s cock, buying shit they dont need and agreeing to anything and everything the FTA throws at him (good or bad, but mostly bad)

    Hires foreign workers for Korea’s businesses, making sure university students / grads CANNOT find work, no matter how good your marks are or where you graduated from.

    Someone, do Korea a favor(hopefully you Japan) and assassinate Korea’s current president.

    For you Americans, think of Bush jr but 10x worse and more stupidier

  • I would expect this from North Korea, being the crazies they are, but South Korea? C’mon, I thought South Korea was the more levelheaded of the Koreas.

    It just goes to show that expectations can be shattered. You expect something and what do you get? Boom, it’s gone. Shattered into a million pieces like glass.

  • Korean President: “Ministers! We need more money! Japan should give us more and we need ideas on how to achieve this.”

    Minister Notdrunk: “How about we throw prostitutes at them!”

    KP: ” Yes! That’s a marvelous idea! We’ll built statues of prostitutes around their embassy and that’ll definitely make em pay up!”

    MN: “No sir, I meant prostitutes, as in the actual..”

    KP: “Yes, Minister Drinkstoomuch, commission a statue of a prostitute outside of the Japanese embassy, this is an order!”

    MN: “FML…”

  • This is just an excuse to get free money.

    It would be the same as if european countries who suffered a lot due to the Axis occupation in WW2 asking another compensation from the german goverment.

    Just a BS excuse to get free money in the current crissis

    • yes, its a childish arguments・・・
      they were not a slave, they were just a prostitute!

      they are racist, they want to put shame to japan.

      I am very sorry, all western people hear their story and believe it.
      they are just a lying.
      I suppose they had a hard time, but That was not japan’s fault! because their mother and father sold them.

      my english is very poor,,,
      but, i want you to know, and i want you to look up all the story about this issue.

    • The Allied Forces involved in the Pacific Theater.

      And while the Japanese may consider the issue of Comfort Women alleged, other nations disagree.

      Heck, they even underwent a UN investigation.
      Morally they don’t have a leg to stand on.
      And the antics from chaps like former education minister Nariaki Nakayama do not help.

      To cut and paste the bad stuff from Wiki.

      Following Abe’s declarations, former education minister Nariaki Nakayama declared he was proud that the LDP had succeeded in getting references to “wartime sex slaves” struck from most authorized history texts for junior high schools. “Our campaign worked, and people outside government also started raising their voices.”,[64]

      “It is good that expressions such as comfort women and forced labor have decreased in history textbooks”[65] He also declared that he agreed with an e-mail sent to him saying that the “victimized women in Asia should be proud of being comfort women”.[66]

      “Those women deserve much sympathy, but (being forced to provide sex) is not so much different from what was commonly seen in poor rural Japanese communities in the past, where women were sold to brothels. It could be said that the occupation was something they could have pride in, given their existence soothed distraught feelings of men in the battlefield and provided a certain respite and order.”

      Or in other words, these women should be proud of the fact that they got raped. But then again, this is the LDP we’re talking about, the same party where Ishihara made his mark.

      They’re not exactly poster children for women’s rights anyway. And they do give off the appearance that they firmly believe the quip: Raping is just the Japanese way of saying hello.

      What with Ishihara’s novels and all that.

  • I would say that SanCom as a site is pretty much anti-foreigners, but then I remember that SanCom occasionally puts out stories about pedophilia committed by some sick Japanese fucks.

    But it’s always the we-strong-eaboos are at the center of a racist-shitstorm whenever there’s a Korea or China story, but when there’s a Japanese person accused of having raping and having sex with children, all of a sudden it gets led back to “winning at life” and “that one anime”.

    So, nationalists < pedophiles.

    Watch this comment get buried by negative rates. I guess it just means that I hit the nail on the head. Stay classy, SanCom.

    • Please don’t breed. Racist and the inability to spell is the worst combo for a human. Ignorant retards like you should die.

      And Korea? Come on. Do you really need to push that gap between you and Japan even more? I say stop bringing back the past even if it’s painful because it’s not going to do SHIT.

      I await the day kpop and anime mixes together.

      Oh and about the plastic surgery. Get over it. People are insecure, especially in a superficial nation like Korea. Everyone gets surgery, including your precious idols…and nothing is wrong with that.

  • I say tell Koreans to make more of these statutes. If you leave these statues there long enough, it’s bound to “disappear” into someone’s apartment or garage. Those creepy guys will then do whatever they please to the statue. Since many guys won’t have dates for Christmas, this will help everyone.

  • So that statue is supposed to symbolize comfort women? No tits, big ass, wide hips, and big feet.

    More like a discomfort woman, amirite?

    Japan should be asking for reparations based on poor quality merchandise.

  • Why don’t the Koreans build a “wailing wall” like the Jews? The Jews have made a fortune squeezing money out of Germany for decades by whining and crying about the holocaust. They even had Germany build that fucking eyesore “Holocaust Memorial” in Berlin. Guilt can be very profitable.

    Maybe they can charge money to sit in the seat and put your arm around the “comfort woman”. Sell pictures!

    • I agree.

      Those damned Jews always carrying on about the Holocaust. It was a long time ago, it’s over, move on.

      And it’s not like the Germans had fun killing Jews. Wiping out 6 million undesirables is a lot of hard work. Executing a handful of homosexuals, gypsies, and communists is no big deal to accomplish. They only had a few years to try to wipe out the Jews, and it was tiring. Won’t somebody pity the poor Germans.

    • wait…
      “fight by putting up statues of sex slaves.”
      What the hell are the Japanese going to put up huh? I don’t seeing books that indicate the Chinese or Koreans capturing large amounts of Japanese women and treating them like sex slaves back in world war 2.

  • The Japanese should look at this the other way, and move to brutal mockery of Korea. They should erect 3 dozen of their OWN “comfort women” statues, but in DEEPLY provocative poses, outside and around the embassy building, but still on “japanese” soil.

    Fuck, while they’re at it, they should SEND the Koreans who placed the first statue like 6 TONS in high-grade bronze to make the other statues that are promised!

    Who the hell is going to be so offended at statues as to become cowering little dogs? I don’t know what the fuck kind of thinking is going on in South Korea, but shit on those gooks!