Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Now Too Non-Linear”


For Final Fantasy XIII-2, Square Enix seems to have been busy correcting the extreme linearity and general absence of RPG-ness which  caused so much criticism of Final Fantasy XIII, with some maps looking distinctly complex – although this has immediately prompted complaints that they “will be a complete hassle to navigate.”

Some of the maps:


Towns and other crucial RPG elements were also promised, so it would appear Square Enix is attempting to address some of the major complaints levelled against the original.

In fact it may have achieved the ironic position of being less linear (at least in terms of dungeon design) than the latest paragon of open-world RPGs, Skyrim – a game in which almost all dungeons consist of a corridor to the boss followed by a convenient one-way shortcut back to the entrance or surface.

The original, by way of comparison:


However, the online reaction still seems to be demonstrating that, for some at least, Square Enix can do no right:

“I hope you guys are happy – after you complained about it being non-linear it is now a total bitch to navigate.”


“It’s super-complex now. This game is godly!”

“It’s more complex than I expected.”

“They should have done the first like this.”

“Nobody really wants non-linearity with such small maps in any case.”

“They’ve just piled in pointless forks so much it’ll be a total hassle. Damn idiots moaning about linearity.”

The game’s international release is due in January, although the Japanese version is available now.

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  • People complain that it is too big of a map now but in all reality it’s not. These maps are usually the FULL dungeon for that specific area which means that it isn’t
    all that huge.

    Plus, I have played the demo for the third map and as large as that may seem, when i went through the full dungeon map i realized thayt every part of the map
    was enjoyable. There were optional areas to do missions so the map wasn’t just larger for no reason. so those who dislike the new maps should stop whining. They are no bigger than an average map.And have a reason for being big.

  • maybe i’m confused? or is it them? the shape of the map doesn’t make it linear or non-linear.

    linear is going from one map to the next, always forced forward on the same plot. non-linear would be jumping around to do things in any order you like, ideally with your choices affecting the gameplay and even the ending.

    Super Mario Brothers was linear.

    Mega Man was non-linear.

    Super Mario Land had linear maps, but the world map had choices that made it non-linear.

    Final Fantasy 1 was frankly, pretty linear, even though it has an open world map, since you can’t really do the plot or the missions or bosses in any order except 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

    most games today are super linear. GTA had a huge sandbox, but most editions had pretty linear storylines.

    nobody wants to spend millions of dollars developing gameplay, missions, levels and storyline for story branches that many players will never even see.

    for a very short but very non-linear game, look at The Stanley Parable. (isn’t there a hentai version of this game made with differenct source of course? wrong corner, attacked by tentacles. ‘don’t go to the bar’, ‘fine, go to the bar, tramp’. got too drunk, captured and sold.)

  • Oh, come on. They should concentrate on what jrpgs do best: stories and character development – instead of trying to imitate western games.

    Look at the success the Kingdom Hearts games had. All of the major ones have very entertaining stories and characters, but the maps aren’t complicated at all. Birth by Sleep particularly had a fantastic story, good gameplay but very simple maps. AND IT WORKED. You’re focusing on the wrong things, SEnix!

    …but I guess you can’t write good character development if you focus on multiplayer games <_<

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  • Cool. I’m definitely digging those new map designs. They got a good, complex, non-linear look. Much more like old-school 90s JRPGs, and that decade had the best titles ever: FFIV, FFVI, Chrono Trigger, and Lunar, to name some of the more notable ones.

    Linearity is for casuals. Complexity and exploration FTW! The people complaining about the new designs are just lazy youngsters and want to be guided by the hand. The linearity of FFXIII was a huge strike against it, and the best part design-wise was the vast and open Grand Pulse. Now all Squeenix needs to do is go back to a more old-school style of gameplay as well, with distinct character classes for each PC, a world map, MP, an inventory that can be accessed on the map, etc. Think of the DS port of FFIV, but upgraded to have the same graphical fidelity of FFXIII. FFXV would be awesome if it were like that.

  • A huge part of games these days should be the environments, when they’re needlessly linear it’s stupid but when they’re just as needlessly complex it’s a bitch to figure out. FF12 was great IMO because it was huge and OPEN (though a lot of it sucked beyond that), DQ8’s world map was AMAZING. Squeenix can do right … just not recently.

  • Even Grand theft auto’ s Map’s looks more confusing

    ive seen zelda games with more open maps then this

    ive seen mario maps more of a hssle to navigate

    ive seen the maps in old FF 1 2 3 4 etc… more
    of a hssle

    ive seen the Tales series have more complicated maps then this .

  • *Yawn* It’ll probably have some contracted singer to sing the ending song. Something about love or some shit.

    Final Fantasy will never inspire people to make songs like this:

    HOLY SHIT! What is this!?
    Forged in God’s very flames.

    Do mine eyes tell me lies,
    A new Elder Scrolls Game?

    Time is nigh, I must fly,
    Venture forth on my quest.

    Goodbye Ma, goodbye Pa
    And goodbye Girlfriend’s breasts.

    I’ll be off Azeroth, catch you later Hyrule.
    I’ll be gone Albion, I’m no longer your fool.

    Other crap filled the gap
    While I waited to begin…

    The adventure of my life
    in the land of Skyrim!


    Maybe “Final Fantasy is an RPG. It’s the only one for me.”

      • Yasunori Mitsuda is infinitely better than than Uematsu. Uematsu is a Koichi Sugiyama wannabe, and thinks he’s being creative by making the same music “But in Celtic style.” or “But with the piano/guitar.” or “But in Metal style.”

        All these composers (except Sugiyama, maybe) do is: have 1 main theme composed of 10 notes, make 2 variations, repeat it over and over for 3 minutes. There’s your One Winged Angel.

        • Nobuo Uematsu creates sweeping, beautiful scores and can adapt to any setting or atmosphere the plot or scene requires. One Winged Angel is far from the best of his works, though it is unfortunately the one most people talk about; you have to keep in mind that VII’s OST was made in MIDI, because the PS1 was brand-fucking-new at the time. The fact he even managed to convert the game’s OST to PC is incredible- it was nowhere near as good because he had to remake most of it (due to MIDI not being supported on PC at the time).

          Nobuo Uematsu’s best work is, in my humble opinion, Final Fantasy IX. The OST is over 150 tracks, all of which he made himself, some so minor that you don’t even hear the whole thing before it passes by (such as one song that plays in a single room of the game, which takes five seconds to pass through despite the song being four minutes). There was literally so much material that they couldn’t use it all. People say IX led to Uematsu giving up on solo composing, which is why none of his music has been as good since those days.

          I paid good money to see Distant Worlds live in concert and I will thoroughly enjoy it, thanks.

  • Consider the fact Skyrim been getting rave reviews in Japan. I’ll say Japanese gamers can handle/appreciate complex maps and storylines just fine. And that most Japanese game developers are insulting their consumer’s intellegence by thinking they can’t.

        • @10:35

          Because thats why its called a JRPG! Its the Japanese style of RolePlayingGames.

          And freedom? Play FF12, you get to do a lot of stuff, and you are free to go wherever you want. Most JRPG’s are like that anyways.

          Its just that some people think that freedom involves being able to go on a rampage and start killing NPC’s, burn villages, basically anything you want.

          All that is unneeded. So instead of working on how the quest giver is going to call on another quest NPC who you just killed, JRPG’s take that time on making a good story, and superior combat mechanics.

        • Hah, you get to fight on either side of a civil war. And how much do the NPC’s even care afterwards? None, that’s how much.

          There’s just no soul in Skyrim and that being the case, I’ll play JRPG’s so you know, things actually have an impact on the world in which I’m participating. You know, where the story was actually paid attention to instead of thrown upon a canvas with no attention to narrative.

          Saying JRPG’s have “predictable stories” is not only generalizing (not all of them do) but at the same time, it’s a bad point to make, since you’re here defending Skyrim which everyone here knows had a predictable and soulless story.

          But clearly these two that I’m replying to haven’t actually played JRPG’s, so there isn’t much more to say. It is kinda funny though that every time a Skyrim player tries to defend it, they always start generalizing and mentioning small things (but I can’t dismember people!) against JRPG’s like they’ve played all of them.

          To sit here and state cases for the contrary would be a waste of time. There are too many examples otherwise for each of these generalizations, anyone with google could find them for themselves. JRPG’s are multiple entities, because RPG is a genre for which JRPG’s have many entries. Skyrim is not. It’s one soulless game where your oh, so amazing choices have very little impact.

          How’s Skyrim enjoying the fall of the Dark Brotherhood? Who knows, nobody’s even mentioned it or cares.

          Oh, you’ve killed another dragon, great. And what’s that going to help?

          How are you dealing with all the bugs? Backwards dragons are all the rage, these days.

          Guys a war just ended, let’s see how the NPC’s are handling it! “herp derp, then I took an arrow to the knee!”

          Compelling AND poetic.

          Everyone always talks about the many choices they can make in Skyrim, but obviously the devs themselves can’t even handle all of the choices they included and in the end made a game where those choices don’t even mean anything. Skyrim is just like MineCraft in that you pay for it just to entertain yourself in its world, not so the game itself can entertain you, it seems. They can’t even get their bug problem under control. and I just LOVE how the vast, vast majority of WRPG’s are set in medival times. Definitely original. It’s really funny too how the icing on the cake of mundane was the slaying of dragons. We’ve been told basic stories of knights slaying dragons since we were children, it’s not that epic. Stop acting like it’s better than all the RPG’s ever from Japan, because it isn’t. Japan’s RPG’s have mediocre attempts and gems just like American games.

        • I’m not implying Skyrim has a good game, because I’m explicating that Skyrim’s stories are superior to your 3-act, one-predictable-plot, movie.

          Honestly, why do JRPG fanboys hate freedom so much? Is it because it’s much easier to make fanfiction when your player characters are prefabricated? Or you’re all a bunch of pussies that you can’t tolerate the possibility of your enemy being faster than you outside of turn-based combat? Are you all just really bad at hand-eye coordination that you need the computer to automatically hit your enemy and have some ridiculously long summoning animation?

          Now that I think of it, I don’t remember any Final Fantasy games with violent ways of dismembering people as a part of the game play. No ragdoll physics. Not even the choice to kill that npc who keeps saying the same damn line over and over again throughout the entire game.

        • Lo, I saw upon me, the Whale-bone Bridge, guarded by Tsun, and yonder I see the Halls of Valor, whereupon I see my line, who feast and celebrate their glory… Forever.

          And then you get to fight a civil war. And you get to choose sides. Do YOU get to choose sides that mean something in your JRPGs? Or, wait, can you even get through fighting one boss without relying on your teammates? Do you know why your JRPGs have so many characters? Because your main character is so one-dimensional, the entire game couldn’t even keep itself together without relying on some soap opera plot device in an absurd setting. Also: cute animals. Not a single cute animal in Skyrim. That is +infinity in my book.

          Skyrim’s premise: You’re the motherfucking Dragonborn, destined to save humanity. And so, so, so many questlines that are short and straight to the point. They help you create a multidimensional character, because what you do changes how characters behave towards you.

          And you know what? Japan will copy it, and think the knock-off is superior because it’s from Japan.

  • When a game gets panned for one thing, there’s a danger of it snapping back the other way if the studio takes the complaints too seriously. It’s like Pixeljunk Shooter: The first game was so easy, if you want to beat it, you will beat it. It’s suspiciously easy. So they took feedback and made the second game – which is wrist-on-fire ball-busting brutal from the very start. The first game is a bit easy, but the second one is useless. Looks like the same thing happened here.

    It’s really about perception of the players too. In Skyrim, dungeons ARE pretty simple, but they make sense so it’s not a problem. Some of the XII maps don’t look too bad there – they fork. Now though, it’s like a Doom map or something, which seems less than ideal for an RPG. Who wants to backtrack for 2 hours looking for the one door they haven’t opened yet?

    • “Who wants to backtrack for 2 hours looking for the one door they haven’t opened yet?” Prior to the ubiquity of internet forums and walkthrough guides a click away, this sort of nausea evoking exercise provided a great sense of accomplishment and relief- or at least when I was younger and used my imagination during playing a role-playing game.

      Nowadays everything is detailed to the point of not being able to suspend personal belief and fill in the blanks with a fantastical realm without it becoming short-lived, with pangs of being jaded.

  • it may not be that much of a problem, but I am guessing they done it because they like “you whined about it being linear?” now will make it the most “unlinear thing ever!” and if anyone complains tehy can just say “oh well you dont know what you want”

  • I just have an impression that producers or whoever in charge of the project NEVER ACTUALLY FUCKING ENJOYED ANY JRGP EVER IN HIS LIFE!!

    Just listening to what other players say, it’s bullshit. To make a good game, you have to make a game YOU yourself would enjoy. If you think games are shit and make them just for profits, well, you ain’t gonna get any.

  • Another reason because the japanese games market is drawning!!!
    How in the hell a boring qte battle system rpg with decent maps can score 40/40!?
    With an incredible masterpiece like Skyrim,a real deserved 96 from MetaScore,who cares about these ultra-overrated otaku’s average games!!!

    • The only problem with your argument being that Skyrim is nothing but an empty hiking simulator with the most repetitive content ever, and has much worse combat than any possible derivative of XIII’s battle system. Not to mention it was released completely broken, as with all Bugthesda games, and ends up an unplayable laggy mess a good deal of the time (NOT just on PS3’s, just predominantly so).

      The meta-score on Skyrim is just one piece of evidence showing just how mindless most of the consumer base really is.

      • You are one sad weaboo are you not? Saying that everyone is mindless and not looking at himself in the mirror for once.

        Hell with all the bugs and all of its fault, Skyrim still soars so high above the pc/console rpg market. The fact that one day, a Japanese modder can put Lightning/Miku/Guts in the province of Skyrim and reskin dragons to bahamuts shows the dedication of western/eastern fans on a game that most blind weaboo consider as “soulless(lol)”.

        And oh, after a year of patching it will be perfect. I am patient enough to wait, are you?

      • Nothing but an empty hiking simulator? You obviously never played Skyrim.

        You were merely googling issues brought up in forums and parrot them to seem as if you have some credible opinion on why Skyrim is inferior.

        Ironic how you talk about consumers being mindless. You play because of your own blind loyalty to one brand or genre regardless of how stagnant it has become.

        If the bug issue is such a problem, then many people wouldn’t be praising Skyrim. If anything, the fact that you bring up bugs in a really good game tells me that you’d rather play a bad game (content-wise) without bugs.

  • Ooooh nice. Finally they are back on trach. Btw My fav FF games is FFX. It was pretty linear too but had epic story and characters so it was lovely. And longer in the game you could go all over the place to get strong items. Was cool.

    2nd Place is FF9 and FF7 imo.

  • Does making complex dungeons really solve the base complaint? I thought people were complaining that they could only go through a specific series of actions in a specific order in order to finish the game, but they wanted to be able to choose in what order they would perform whatever was required to finish the game: Say, instead of going from point A to point B, maybe go from point Z to point L by way of point O and so on.

    But what would I know, I’m still playing FFI on my cellphone, and it’s definitely seeming linear the 2nd time around.

    Guess you can only program so much into a game when you only give yourself a limited amount of time to work on it.

  • Not this shit again……

    First people complain about FFXIII being too linear, with most people not even bothering to play the goddamned thing to realize that the plot makes it hard to make it non-linear.

    Now we have FFXIII-2, with proper maps, and they complain that it’s too complex?

    Somebody should play a couple of dungeon crawler RPG’s before saying these are “a total bitch to navigate”.

    • These Japanese crybabies are pathetic. Someone needs to make them go play the original FF and watch them try to get through the Earth Cave without using a map or running out of potions. Better yet, make them play one of the old Dragon Warriors where you can’t even see where the fuck you’re going without a torch or Radiant spell.

  • I always wondered about the complaints from the last game being ‘too linear’

    Would twisting the hallways in to pretzels and putting in a few dead ends with treasure chests really have changed the fact that you were running down hallways?

    • it’s more than just hallways or no hallways.

      it’s that none of that changes the fact that the game design still boils down to Point A to Point B. it didn’t matter if it was a “5 lane highway” world map or a “1 lane side street” dungeon hallway.
      it’s still all equally linear.

      that was the case with Final Fantasy I.
      that was the case with Final Fantasy II.
      that was the case with Final Fantasy VII.
      that was the case with Final Fantasy X.
      and that was the case with Final Fantasy XIII.
      they were all completely 100% linear.

      but you forget that we’re talking about an insular JRPG crowd that really didn’t really understand what “linear” and “non-linear” meant in the first place.

      • But in those games, you could always just stray a bit and go explore something. The linearity in those games then werent so bad, because you had loads of distraction and stuff to do and secrets to find. In 13, there was none. You just had to follow the road. I mean, even the treasures were obviously placed!

      • This game is not completely non-linear because it has an actual story to tell, rather than just letting you run around in its world, filling no particular role other than a bored player who attacks guards and gets in trouble just to entertain himself. 😐

        It’s not that I don’t know what linearity is, it’s that I actually enjoy games with stories. That’s why I play JRPG’s.

  • No matter what changes they make, there will always been positive and negative comments to cherry-pick from. I think most fans (myself included) will find this news heartening and I really hoping Square/Enix continues to show that they’ve learned from the shortcomings of their last several installments.

  • How is that hard to navigate? the top pictures look pretty Standard and normal to me.

    Has no one played regular or super Nintendo games or anything during those times? i have seen much more complicated maps / Designs then this.

    I am tired of the new generation of gamers fucking everything up. You all should just shut up, play your first person shooters and racing games, and leave my RPGs alone.

    • Oh, I’ll answer that. We want you to play our games on their own merit without letting random people tell you how to think because of their reactions, so you can see the game as we intended for you to see it, and not based on the perceptions other people insert in you. If you legitimately do not enjoy yourself after having no preconceived notions of what our games are meant to be, then by all means, please feel free to comment on how you think it could be improved, but we just ask that you please be aware when your perceptions of our creations have been peppered by random comments you have no good reason to believe until you try it, and to just maintain an open mind.


      A developer.

  • You know what..Fuck these fans… they arent true fans anyways.. I was fine with most of the things they did in FFXIII although im glad for the upgrades in FFXIII-2.. so all you fake square fans can just go die.

    • You sound so stupid right now, honestly just listen to what you just said. But you are right we aren’t square fans, we are final fantasy fans. What we want in final fantasy is an engrossing story with loveable characters, great soundtrack with great gameplay all summing up to be an aptitude of fun. With Final Fantasy XIII half of these are not included, characters are somewhat annoying and you don’t feel any pity or love for them. The soundtrack was great, gameplay great at start but got more stale as the game progressed, because the crystarium was downright crap. Story was good, but with half assed characters it started to fall apart. Why can’t square make games like Final Fantasy VI,VII,VIII,IX,X. I know 6-9 cannot be made due to being released on older gen console. Final Fantasy X was a great game, and if square can somehow manage to pull it off with a more traditional rpg still and less action, I’m sure many of us would enjoy it a lot more.

    • What does it mean to be a “true fan”? To take whatever Square Enix puts out with a smile no matter how much it sucks? If thats what it means to be a “true fan”, then I’m glad I’m not one.

  • Now this looks much better than the highwaymode of the previous Final Fantasy. And to me, a fan of games like Baldurs Gate, there’s no such thing as ‘too non-linear’.

    Besides, I highly doubt they get rid of the the big red pointing arrow of breadcrumbing, so it’s not a big deal.

  • Looks like the author of this article doesn’t realize that linearity in a dungeon =/= to linearity in the game in comparing it to Skyrim. People are not complaining about the linear dungeons of FFXIII. They’re complaining about the fact that FFXIII is itself a whole big linear dungeon for the most part, with the whole point A to point B sand exploration. Skyrim is not a dungeon. It’s a whole world that players are able to explore. The linear dungeons are just a small part of it.

  • Seriously? What the…? If THAT is too non-linear, and FFXIII is too linear, I fail to see what the middle ground is. Now XIII-2 practically just looks like the older 3D FF games, in the layout and map department. What are those ‘fans’ smoking?

  • I think the problem is that they don’t look natural. The dungeons were designed with the mindset that they’re supposed to be dungeons in a game versus structures with actual purpose like a temple or a government building.

  • Huh, I never realized how linear a lot of Skyrims dungeons were.

    The claustrophobic low ceilings and narrow hallways, dessicated bodies trapped in webbing, trinkets left at the feet of the dead, scattered bowls of food, and sleeping mats around a camp fire.

    I guess I always got lost in the atmosphere to realize I was just going from point A to B. Of course, I’ve always been an exploring type of gamer rather than a goal oriented one, but I understand the complaint now that I think about it.

      • I always enjoy killing an overpowered boss by skillfully manipulating him into a terrain he can’t traverse. Archery/long-range spells become really useful. You just can’t do that with JRPGs. You’d need to attack some convenient feature that would make the boss vulnerable in the most overly-complicated way of trying to guess a pattern.

        Or you go around, trying to level up to 99, getting that ultimate summon/limit break/whatever and do some sidequests, etc.

        This is why I liked FF12 so much. It was so sandbox-y.

  • I for one was totally fine with the linearity of the first (and it got extremely un-linear at the end which was actually kind of annoying at times.

    What they really needed to fix between the first and second game was hope and snow (ie: kill them off so they don’t reappear)

  • screw squeenix if they can show me proof of life from versus 13 then maybe i’ll buy this turd(which is the turd we should have had already) just to keep them from shutting down all projects again.

      • Nah. I grew up thinking JRPGs are the best. But then I found out how lame and boring it’s gotten. (Thanks to SMT and Persona.)

        If I honestly ask myself which game I would have fun the most playing with right now:

        Skyrim > Persona/SMT > Final Fantasy XII (tolerable) > All other Final Fantasy titles.

        • skyrim > persona/smt > Chrono trigger > all Baldurs gate > FF7/8 > Dragon age:Origins > Temple of Elemental Evil > FFXII > Neverwinter nights(lol opinion) > everything else.

          Need to play darksouls and that other dark thing to see if I can add another to my lust.

    • Don’t worry bro, you’ll get choices after you’re done with 75% of the game, which is an improvement over FFXIII that gave you a choice over your party when there was only 15% of the game left.


  • People will complain no matter what. I’m not sure what’s worse, the actual FF “fans” complaints or those of sanctimonious WRPG partisans who refuse to acknowledge there might be a different way to make an RPG besides Bioware/Bethesda methods. I like RPGs of all stripes but I’m sick of their fans.

  • I want it non-linear in the way that FFVIII was. Plenty of towns to explore if you want to and some nice (unimportant) side stories.
    I do not want it like skyrim and those types that are completely open. They never have a good story, and the story is the most important part of the game for me.

    • You are forgetting FF12. There are some nice little miniquests to go on, and there are a lot of places the main quest doesn’t even touch. Dont forget the hunts, either.
      Story? It was fine, but you know, it wasnt the usual Japanese-ish (you know) stories Final Fantasy is known for.

    • Might I recommend you look into movies or books if you’re looking for a story? If you expect a game to hold your hand the entire time, you might as well just turn on the tv.

      Don’t misunderstand me, I’m NOT saying that story doesn’t have its role in games. It’s just that when I shell out 60 bucks for a game, I expect a GAME, and not a sight-seeing tour.

      As for Skyrim, it’s got a lot of great short stories, you just have to find them and get involved.

    • FF13’s linearity wasn’t its only problem. What about the horribly crippled combat system. It’s like they merged ff12’s with some sort of ATB system and it is extremely boring.

      Mash X button;
      switch to medic when need healing;
      switch back to aggro;

      • I hope Square DOESN’T scrap that system. It was a fantastic evolution on turn-based battle and if you wanted to do well, you HAD to constantly switch the party’s roles in a fight.

        Sure, you COULD go the herp-a-derp route and eventually get through every fight, but that’s like going to a water park and only playing in the wave pool.

        There’s SO much more under the surface that can make your characters incredibly powerful, and produce so many 5 and 6 digit numbers that bosses tremble in your presence.

        But, if you’re having fun just mashing a button, then by all means, have at it. Me? I’m gonna see how big my combo count will go on this mecha-demon… thing I just found.

        • I like the system too, its just that there werent classes, like mages or swordsman. The characters could do anything, be a white or black mage (Synergist and medic for white, saboteur and ravager for black), the ‘standard’ class (just hitting with a melee or ranged weapon, commander role) and the saboteur (the only new thing… tanks).

          It was because of that that people didnt like it, it wasnt the traditional Final Fantasy.

      • It sounds like you took the easy way out instead of trying for speed kills to get five stars every battle. The combat system in FFXIII can be very boring or very fast paced depending on how challenging you wanted to make the fights, especially some boss battles.

    • This game looks awesome now. At the start when we heard that 13 would be getting a sequel, we all were very skeptical, seeing as how 13 disapointed many.
      But now, a 40/40 score from Famitsu, and all the problems from 13 seem to have been fixed. Now we all are really hyped up for this game.

    • Lol, thie maps look just like the FF12 maps in terms of complexity. Too hard? Yeah right.

      Anyway Im really glad now, I loved FF12. And this game also got a 40/40 from Famitsu, like 12. Me very happy. Im so going to get this now.

    • the problem here is called “bad design”. Exploration becomes a hassle when there are so many dead ends and just on the first map there are more than 12 corridors that lead to nothing. These new maps are more like a maze than an actual stage if you ask me, just like in White Knight Chronicles and I hated the maps on that game with a passion.

      • The linear vs. open is kind of an annoying issue, because often people wrongly see this as very black and white, as two extremes. Either

        1. it’s a completely walled-in, linear, almost on-rails game, that doesn’t feel like a world at all, merely a bunch of non-interactive flat pictures that pass you by


        2. it’s a game with a huge open sandbox terrain with random similar looking places everywhere that feel completely meaningless, useless and soulless.

        But, just because I hate FFXIII doesn’t mean I want FF to become a sandbox game, which is what people seem to think.

        I would like to see a return to what many games used to be: a hybrid of the best parts of both. Tightly and clearly structured, but not afraid to let you explore and find things by yourself.

        But that seems like a game we’re just not going to get anymore. Too difficult to develop?

      • Thats actually what I like. Sometimes they lead to treasure anyway. I just can’t stand of finishing a game before looking everywhere in the world the developers made, I just have to see everything, every little piece of detail SquareEnix put in the game. Thats how I play FF, and RPG’s in general.

    • for those who complains : you guys sure thing haven’t tried other rpgs compared to this. If you’re a real RPG lover, you know this ain’t the most complex that had been out there and this one just looks casual for a standard play game.