Suicide “Top Cause of Death for Japanese Youth”


Japan has discovered it has the unwelcome distinction of being the only G7 country in which the top cause of death for its young people is them killing themselves, with government statistics revealing suicide now accounts for over 50% of the deaths of men in their twenties and thirties.

The full breakdown, below, shows deaths arising from suicide in blue on the left, plotted against age, with various diseases and accidents making up the rest of the chart.


Suicides have in fact topped 30,000 each year for the last decade, with 31,690 people killing themselves in 2010, more than 6 times the number killed in traffic accidents.


Government statistics also show dramatic increases in certain causes of suicide – the following chart shows a 276% increase in students killing themselves due to problems finding work from 2007 to 2010, a 252% increase in suicides from familial disputes between parents and children, a 225% increase from “life difficulties,” 196% from work failures, 180% from job loss, and 130% from work related fatigue.


Suicides stemming from students trouble finding work in fact doubled over the last year, probably reflecting the ongoing breakdown in the traditional system of companies recruiting long-term regular employees straight from university, with many young people now reduced to mere contract positions where they can find work, which in Japan carries almost as much stigma as being unemployed.

There are no statistics on the number of 2ch denizens killing themselves, not that this stops them being experts on the subject:

“This data is seriously disturbing…”

“We have a suicide boom alright.”

“Learn from us, foreigners.”

“We have no dreams or hope.”

“We’re the ideal race – you can abuse us to destruction and we just quietly destroy ourselves.”

“There are probably a lot more people who want to kill themselves. The only thing stopping the numbers here is the cowardice of the Japanese.”

“The gift of our slave upbringing.”

“This country has made becoming a salaryman into a religion. Anyone who disagrees is treated like some kind of  evildoer.”

“Well, it’s better than having the top cause being war deaths or something.”

“Or accidents or murders.”

“With such determined young people, our future is bright indeed.”

“Our latest young people really are small fry, aren’t they?”

“We still have our culture of harikiri so this can’t be helped.”

“Shouldn’t it be the top cause in most countries for people in their twenties? How else will you die? I expect religious reasons see the real numbers supressed.”

“Like in crime or gun battles? Americans are constantly getting killed in those.”

“We have half the population of the US and twice as many suicides. This is messed up. Live, you guys!”

“But America’s murder rate is 10 times that of Japan…”

“And there are still old farts saying young people today have it easy.”

“There are so many possible pleasures, and yet you still get surrounded by people with no hobbies or interests. If you have interests, you’d hardly want to kill yourself just like that.”

“I’m going to live long enough to see the endings to Berserk and Hunter, then I’ll kill myself.”

“Who cares about killing yourself, you can live perfectly fine on part time jobs. I’m optimistic that I may even be able to get married. Life is easy, even if you have no money.”

“Idiots like you certainly don’t kill themselves, do they? It takes a certain amount of intelligence to kill yourself, in order to look ahead.”

“The reason is that the lives of Japanese are set by their twenties. If you mess up, your life is over and there are no second chances.”

“Killing yourself in your twenties is easier than living from 30 to 80.”

“Despite the fact it’s the elderly who need to die, it’s the young people killing  themselves because of the policies they made to benefit themselves.”

“Half of Japan’s young people are now society’s losers, it’s no wonder they kill themselves.”

“Does a country where all the young people are killing themselves have any future?”

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  • I don’t understand where all the haters came from. This is not about who’s country has the higher murder or suicide rate or inflammatory racist comments.
    The fact is that a large number of fellow human beings are so depressed with their lives that they feel the only way out is to kill themselves. and this depression primarily comes from expectations placed on these young people by their own families.

    Does this not strike any of you as a tragedy ?

    It strikes me as a tragedy of monumental proportions. I don’t care what race these young people are or what country they come from. They should not be deemed failures before even having a chance to prove themselves. This is something that needs to be changed. It is wrong on so many levels. I grieve our loss… and I fear it will only get worse if nothing is done to change this cruel behavior by these young peoples own families..

  • “There are so many possible pleasures, and yet you still get surrounded by people with no hobbies or interests. If you have interests, you’d hardly want to kill yourself just like that.”

    Ishihara must be cheering at that logic. He’s going to institute new bans for sure.

  • “Like in crime or gun battles? Americans are constantly getting killed in those.”


    I used to think that too before I moved to the USA… It’s frightening the stupid reputation we have. XD

  • Well no shit, who the fuck wants to be Japanese or even live in Japan. You’d be the target of ridicule, Japan and Japanese people suck. Their own culture is dying out even amongst themselves, and the only thing hip they have is anime, which is garbage these days. We get crap like Tomodachi.

    • if they would be braindead enough to impose a religion to diminish the suicides then they should have faith to Allah, because in any case the statistics of suicide in muslim countries are the lowest

  • children is Africa and all around the world actually walk barefoot for days in search of food water and shelter. Crossing abandoned mine fields, wild territory and marauding bandits they fight for every step they take in their very often short lives…I have NO SYMPATHY for the weakling who kills themself…Not a damn once….Wouldn’t piss in a cup and hand it to them if they tell me that I would save them from killing themselves…

  • dude only cowards take their own life also religion has nothing to do with it, its just a matter of attitude, for example my country sucks more than either Japan or the US ( we are a third world country and most of the stuff here except food cost the same as in US) but we think of life a journey ( it doesnt matter if you will end rich or poor what counts its the journey itself) thats why are supposely the happiest country in the world infact we dont even care about war or that stuff ( we dont even have an army),before trying anything stupid like killing yourself you should live here for a couple of months and trust me you will change. 😀

    note: btw sorry for my bad grammar,english isnt my native language. 😛

  • Well yeah, suicide will be the top cause of death in a country where everyone is so safe and healthy that the only way to die prematurely is to kill yourself. I’d be happy to live in a country with this statistic.

  • They posted top cause of death for japanese youths, but they didn’t post the top reasons why, well I know what it is: small penis. Shit im serious, I almost killed myself too, but now I got my little hamster to suck my cock.

  • Boy there are a lot of people commenting on this one aren’t there?

    I’ve followed this suicide trend for a couple years. The most mind blowing thing about the rate is that while American gun deaths counts for anywhere from 20-30,000 deaths per year, Japan has close to 30,000 suicides per year, and yet America has twice the population, so per capita Japan is twice as high.

    I don’t think there are easy solutions to this trend, and the only thing that’s going to trend it downward is the death of the elderly conservative influences that survived WWII in that country which favor putting your job before everything else in life including family, slogging through a thankless salary man job for 50 years or more, then living an insignificant retirement.

  • The world was already aware of Japanese suicide rates. Japan can not just be ‘now noticing’ that suicide is high in their country. The country maybe culturally conservative and seen as “humble and polite”, but to one another it is a different vibe. The bully in Japan is particularly disturbing.

    “”Well, it’s better than having the top cause being war deaths or something.””

    They don’t study their own history?

    “”But America’s murder rate is 10 times that of Japan…””

    People are still dying… not sure what the comparison is.

    • Your intelligence is a level of the monkeys.
      The topic is the Japanese cause of death as of now. It is not the past history.
      The bullying becomes the problem partly in Japan, but is not full of bullying.
      You do not know the reality and are a fool believing it blindly by the media news.

      Well…You should study the American history.
      Your view was introduced by the blog of Japan.
      And you were ridiculed by Japanese people.

  • Religion was a way of forcing people to be better than they really were. I can understand that and appreciate that, but unfortunately humans tend to revert back to being scum. From scum we came and to scum we will return.

  • Here’s my cool story:

    I have good looks, I have intelligence, I have decent income (at least to have my own appartment, car, and buy my own PS3 and 360 and Wii and… you get it). I have everything to become a decent person in this society BUT…. I can’t stop playing videogames. Every day for me is like this:
    1. At Work
    2. At home playing videogames

    They so fucking interesting, and there’s so fucking many of them that I can’t finish them all. I play and play and play but they never cease to bore me. And now my life is ruined because I can’t go out and do somthing useful until I BEAT THAT FUCKING GAME, AND THEN ANOTHER ONE, AND ANOTHER ONE.

    Neat, huh?

  • Young people in Japan feel they have no power.
    The old decrepit bastards control everything.

    Just look up the words amakudari and watari.
    (Just in case you didn’t know- the guy running TEPCO during the tsunami was amakudari. Bastard pulled a sicky during the most dangerous part of it all-leaving his colleagues to deal with the problem.)

  • I think there’s no problem with the religious people & anons here.

    If they weren’t shoving their faith into other people’s asses that is.

    It seems to me that these people are implying god/allah/buddha/whoeverthebigguyabove is the panacea for all problems.

    We’re talking about the japanese here. You do know how they really prioritize their pride and honor. That and their culture that’s wasn’t influenced much by foreigners in the past hundreds of years.

    Like what I read, most of them thought that they’d rather die than to be a failure in life.

  • Gun violence isn’t anywhere near the top cause of death of any segment of the US population.

    Heart Disease – 28.5%
    Malignant Neoplasm (Cancer) – 22.8%
    Cerebrovascular Diseases (Stroke) – 6.7%
    Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease – 5.1%
    Accidents (Unintentional) – 4.4%
    Diabetes Melitus – 3.0%
    Influenza/Pneumonia – 2.7%
    Alzheimer’s – 2.4%
    Nephritis(Liver Disease) – 1.7%
    Septicemia – 1.4%

  • “Well, it’s better than having the top cause being war deaths or something.”
    I rather die in war, then shit myself to death in some hospital as vegetable, not to mention suicide. You have to be brain-dead retard to do that.

    I once read perfect advice for suicider wannabes: “If you think that your life is shit, and you got no reason to live, drop everything end start walking, go see Grate Wall of China, crystal cave in Mexico or Acropolis in Greece, and do that on foot, and when you walk through half of this planet, maybe you find your reason to live, and if not, then hay, maybe there some lion nearby since you’re currently in Africa.”

  • If they only knew that when a person commits suicide they will just return to the same kind of life they left behind and start all over again until they overcome the reason that drove them to commit suicide.

  • “Despite the fact it’s the elderly who need to die, it’s the young people killing themselves because of the policies they made to benefit themselves.”

    “The reason is that the lives of Japanese are set by their twenties. If you mess up, your life is over and there are no second chances.”

    “Half of Japan’s young people are now society’s losers, it’s no wonder they kill themselves.”

    “Does a country where all the young people are killing themselves have any future?”

    • dude only cowards take their own life also religion has nothing to do with it, its just a matter of attitude, for example my country sucks more than either Japan or the US ( we are a third world country and most of the stuff here except food cost the same as in US) but we think of life a journey ( it doesnt matter if you will end rich or poor what counts its the journey itself) thats why are supposely the happiest country in the world infact we dont even care about war or that stuff ( we dont even have an army),before trying anything stupid like killing yourself you should live here for a couple of months and trust me you will change. 😀

      note: btw sorry for my bad grammar,english isnt my native language.

  • Its their lives to do with as they please. How can we claim to be free men if we are not free to what we want with our lives? “Oh, you can do whatever you want, JUST DON’T KILL YOURSELF NO MATTER HOW HARD IT IS!” If a man is truly free then he is also free to take his own life, even if you don’t agree with his decision.

  • I have this crazy theory as to why Japanese people are so intelligent and good at EVERYTHING. And the statistics in this article explains it.

    Japanese people are so smart because all the academic “failures” committed seppuku/suicide or whatever. Leaving only the smart ones left to reproduce thus creating smart children. The Japanese gene pool therefore is only limited to the best/smartest/fastest et cetra. The ones who weren’t good enough, accepted it and weeded themselves out of the gene pool. It’s sad but hey, look at where it’s brought them today.

    The opposition would be countries where people with low IQ, genetic diseases and mental stability issues are left roaming around and lived long enough to impregnate someone with superior genes or vice versa someone smart impregnated someone stupid (or by accident, defective condom).

    I still believe humans no matter how much of a “failure” they believe themselves to be have some sort of untapped potential. We just need the right people or means to help bring it out of us.

    • But please, every one of you using brain smasher car stereos to kill all people and animals one half mile in all directions of your cars every where you go and every where you park, Please kill youselves now.

  • It’s ironic, I often hear right wing conservatives praising japan and the japanese as a ideal country and society, but in all truth its far from it. The very things that they praise it for are the very things that destroy it, capitalism and social conservatism.

  • thought i would chime in and give a bit of insight.

    im 24, live in america, and i know that im going to kill myself at some point.

    its not because anything bad happened that i can get over, i have been mulling this over in my head for the last 14 years. i have been board of the real world sense i was 10. nothing real interests me. and honestly, the only reason im still alive is that my life is easy. at some point it will stop being easy, and i will try to live, but honestly im looking at a life long paycheck of 500$ a week, at most, pre tax.

    i dont have any real career aspects, because i know how monotonous all the things i may like doing are. anything that isnt monotonous, im not smart enough to do, such as learn another language, program for the computer, things of that nature. but im smart enough to know that if i worked a factory job, it doesnt matter what, i would use my first paycheck to buy a gun, and put a fucking bullet in my head.

    and my interests revolve around video games anime and manga, and to be honest, almost everything i want to read is already done, im only waiting on 2 volumes of superior cross and i read all i want to read (berserk could last for another 20 years) i have no real ties to life, family, they will be sad, but fuck it, and friends, i only have 3 real ones, and a number of people who i talk to, some may be sad, but i only really communicate with them through the internet now due to out circumstances.

    i cant blame anyone who looks at life seriously, who realises that they may be working 40 hours a week for a job they hate, probably putting in all the over time they can, and still barely scrape by with middle class, have next to no time for themselves, and when they finally do in their lat 60’s to early 70’s they are to decrepit to do anything, and decides fuck this shit, and kills themselves, i really cant blame them.

  • So are these statistics for males and females together, or just males? The Sankaku article states “suicide accounts for over 50% of the deaths of men”, but the first chart seems to only list up to 50% (not over) for both genders?

  • Keep in mind that I am by no means a fan of the elderly japanese generation but when they say that todays kids have it easy (easier) they are damn right. Try living through WW2 and on the loosing end to boot. You’ll start to appreciate the luxuries you have now.

  • 1st world problems, blah blah blah. But it just shows that even with such an insular, ‘protected’ society like Japan, interpersonal relationships matter. The way society’s expectations (or just the parents’) expectations weigh on somebody matters.

    The way society is geared as a marathon or an Olympic and there’s a way to ‘win’ life, all that makes is have people feel there’s only loss and death and despair. People need to generally change that mindset especially in Japan. Status quo won’t help anybody.

  • I wonder if that makes American unemployment a joke… I mean, I hear of no American people killing themselves from lack of work (even though there is work in like agriculture fields, and probably sanitation)…

    tbh, if Agriculture work paid more and benefited more, I would probably want to try…

  • Leave it to the Japanese to turn something as grievous as suicide into a competition with America. In my opinion, their youth needs to suck it up like the rest of us. Beats dying in a pointless way.

  • It is truly disturbing to see that the progression and modernization of the world has created such tragedy, that there are such a tremendous rise in suicide for unemployment and financial related problems.

    The imbalance shift and distribution of chances, rewards and wealth for the past few decades has made the people think that money is the only thing that represents their existence in this world, and making everyone fight each other.

    The basic needs of a human is food, water, shelter from danger, and love. But today it has became money, social status, the need for respect and the basic necessities.

    “Life could have been so simple, but we always make it look so complicated” – Albert Einstein

      • @ Houselife
        Correct capitalism can only exist if children of rich people don’t get any money or moneytare support from their parents and have to participate as equals with the poor children.

        In this system, only the hardworking and intelligent people would get to a lot of money and it would be fair.
        As it is now, children of rich people can be the biggest slacker and get lots of money. And even if their not slackers they still have an edge over hard working poor people. That isn’t the idea of capitalism. Never was.

        Capitalism wasn’t even really against poor people, it was against the noble class, who had a lot of privileges just because they where born to the right parents. Capitalism was a system to put a stop at this wrong system.

        And if you accept Capitalism, I hope you at least buy your anime and don’t steal/pirate them. Else your just opportunist scum. Its capitalism when its my money, its common wealth when it is the money of others. Fuck you, dear sir.

      • None of that is true. You can make yourself look better with a little bit of effort if that’s what you’re worried about. I’m still on P90X, lost another 10 pounds, have a sixpack showing through now, and eating cheese steaks and pizzas and such reasonably each week as treats and not gaining weight.

        Choose your life, no matter what it is, no matter how poor you are, no matter how ugly you think you are, choose to be who you are right now. As soon as you do, you have true choice. This is what the line from Fight Club truly meant. Hitting bottom doesn’t mean you have to let your life turn to shit before something happens. The only reason that happens is that the person who let their lives reach such a shitty point was so unaware of the clusterfuck they allowed themselves to be, that they reached a point so horrid that even THEY became aware of it. YOU are the one who CHOOSES where the bottom is. The only thing that keeps you plummeting in life is because you are too lazy to end the descent for yourself and make a choice.

        Do you know why most people who are poor and unsuccessful hate the rich and successful? Let me ask you this. Can you walk up to a man driving a Porsche and say to him “Congratulations on that great car!” If you can’t congratulate someone for being rich right now, but blame them for it for reasons you’ve made up in your head, then how can you possibly believe you’ll feel worthy enough to be rich? Most people in this country mindlessly blame the “1%” with that dumbass buzz word, when most of that 1% is very generous, kind and earned their money. It’s the 1% of the 1% that have made the news as being evil, greedy bastards. If we admitted how little drive we had in life, we’d realize the only reason we’re not rich is because we chose not to act.

        • @ HouseLife 10:03
          Ref Anon 7:59

          Language itself have its limits. I am talking about social control when I mentioned “And now, because he have acknowledge his limits, is happy to settle for second best.” You yourself have agreed to this by mentioning about the “wealth ceiling”. I just told you how that “wealth ceiling” is constructed. Read it again. And I also gave room for this idea to be discussed since it would only apply to our era (1930s-present).

          The world do not have room for a 100% Alpha society where everyone is a CEO, a lead researcher etc. When I mentioned emulating someone is the first step to failure, it just means this. How much talent you as an individual have to become that someone? How many people out there can become the next Bill Gates or the next Obama. They are gifted in their fields. It is next to impossible to imitate them. I therefore, insist that you read “The Prince” to find out more about that I actually saying.

          Before I just end this reply, where I am neither paid nor graded, today’s world buys and sells information. It is inevitable that one have to read widely.

        • @ HouseLife 15:15

          You know, if life is as simple, everyone will be rich and money of no value. First mistake I noticed in your examples – HouseLife, is the want to emulate someone. I believe that you might have come across this book. “The Prince” by Machiavelli. If you have read it, you will know, imitating someone is the first step to failure. That person can make things happen his/her way because he/she is a maverick in that trade.

          Second, you have already bought into the rich ideology. I believe, you’re talking specifically about meritocracy. Your birth should be during the ‘cold war’. Have you asked why Capitalism is still surviving, while Communism failed? The answer, is not as simple as Communism is wrong. The answer is the power divide is too clear. In Communism, it is either you’re in power or not. Capitalism on the other hand tells you, you have a shot at power. That is where meritocracy comes in.

          The “shot at power” idea I am going to spell out can be debunked as well. But this applies to the general population. There can never be too many people in power. Now, person A have put forth his best effort in getting the best grades. He fail and he is satisfied because he did take the shot. And now, because he have acknowledge his limits, is happy to settle for second best.

          Next, let me explain economics. In the first place, if you are poor, why are you able to maintain credit cards? How can you still have the luxury of wealth to play games? The usual idea is to purchase what you want most. You walk away happy with your new toy. The company who produced it walks away happy because they have earned your money.

          Wealth and power are closely related. The first step into loosing money, is to buy into ideology. In today’s world, money no longer comes to the young. But people are willing to pay for knowledge. If you possess those, you will be rich. Anyways, this have gone totally out of topic. Think it through, and lastly, read more. I can only tell you the vices, but not a solution.


        • I think ‘education’ did take a toll on ye.

          I am not going to present my case (reason being, I am neither paid nor graded, and being too time consuming), on the philosophy that was endorsed by Anon 09:46, but, I would like to bring up the works of George Orwell, especially “Down and Out in Paris and London” and “Keep the Aspidistra Flying” as reference against his arguments.

        • I hate people who cannot see from the other side of the fence. While it is within ye comfort zone typing how well you’re doing from the keyboard. Try those words again when you have only 2 dollars to last the entire month.

          The poor unlike the rich do not have the luxury of multiplying money. Its about putting food on the plate. Ultimately, eliminate money and problems will be solved (by replacing it with another source).

        • “if you are poor how the hell do you manage your life to get richer, if you can only afford crappy meals that have more `stuffing` than actual produce in them how do you become healthy? a total load of horse shit”

          Says by the average american who has a Ipad,Iphone,Macbook,PS3,Xbox 360 whenever he/she goes to those occupy protests.

          Spoiled Brats. Tch.

        • @ Anon 22:59

          The rich are rewarded for their generosity in capitalism. The tax breaks they receive for their generosity exists as part of the capitalist system to encourage it. It is a brilliant part of the system to allow the money to go directly to the source, and the government recognizes that and removes itself from a large chunk of that money because of its intention. And yet most poor people somehow feel self-important and think rich people should be giving their money away without anything in return.

          No. They shouldn’t. Poor and stupid people do not deserve that much money, otherwise they would know how to earn it through their own actions. The vast majority of people who win the lottery squander their money because they are not psychologically prepared to have that money. There is actual psychological training you can do to clear your perceptions on money, which I have done. And I can promise you, there is no good place that hatred of rich people came from. It doesn’t benefit you, it doesn’t help you, all it does is prevent you from being rich. I said it before, if you hate rich people, why would you become rich? Your subconscious doesn’t distinguish between the two, so your subconscious will prevent you from being rich.

          Most people who earned a million dollars actually did earn it within the system, and didn’t necessarily screw anyone to get it. Some did of course, but we’d be hypocritical to blame the many for the actions of the few. We talk about it for creepy otaku ruining it for the rest of us. The same exact concept exists for the rich.

        • if you are poor how the hell do you manage your life to get richer, if you can only afford crappy meals that have more `stuffing` than actual produce in them how do you become healthy? a total load of horse shit

        • Maybe the beggar just got the wrong occupation. Right leave out Warren Buffett, spare Bill Gates and Richard Branson. Don’t we have someone like Steve Jobbs to blacken the names?

          Before sharing your “Greek philosophy” please read into context of the culture and the underlying causes. Whatever Greek you’re saying does not apply to Eastern culture.

          Education followed by employment are of important values in East Asian countries, especially in S.Korea and Japan (and Singapore is getting there). This is a social expectation, laid down by generations and enforced by parents. How do we solve this (problem)? I suggest, watching “Battle Royal” in-relation to this article for a better idea.

          – E

        • @22:59
          Capitalism also has a place for generosity: a bum receiving benefits and donations can go and buy your products to live another day instead of dying and not buying them, or (even worse) robbing people to survive and have a chance to go to jail, in which case you’d just pay for his existence from your taxes without receiving anything in return if he does get caught.

          (And yes, implying he still helps the economy to go round by being a successful thief/burglar. Reality is harsh, lol)

        • The 1% are not generous with their money. They are capitalists who manipulate their money to make it grow. You have to have money to make money: that’s the system. Generosity has no place in it.

        • @ Anon 7:59

          Emulating someone who has succeeded is a way to learn methods that work. The from there, you adapt based on what already works and make it better. You are the one who is thinking black and white, not me. Only the egotistical say that emulating someone leads to failure. You learn pitfalls and issues if you know how to listen, and I mean truly listen, something I know for certain nearly all of humanity CANNOT do because of their egos.

          I have not bought into the rich ideology… I listened, and recognized the truth. Those who are rich achieved it through action, and didn’t stop when they could have. I know that you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about as soon as you said “And now, because he have acknowledge his limits, is happy to settle for second best.”

          That’s called accepting your lot in life, and is where poor people come from. You NEVER stop growing, and grades mean jack shit. You need to STOP reading and start THINKING and ACTING. My current situation is because of my own cowardice, but I still took action for when the situation shifts. The key is I’m not waiting for it to shift, I am working on other projects to make it work.

          Oh, and I am ‘poor’ because I have redefined where my financial limit is. Every single person has a ‘wealth ceiling’ where they subconsciously believe they have ‘too much’ and they’re a bad person for having that much money. The difference between the poor and the rich is poor people have their limits low, due to religious bullshit or any number of pointless things that help keep us from achieving wealth. The rich have a ceiling that is in figures that the poor can’t even perceive. I’ll prove it. Think of the number in your head that makes you feel like you’ll be ‘comfortable.’ If it’s something that can be achieved through middle class wages, then you are destined for that. If a certain number higher makes you feel guilty, you’ve passed your ceiling and need to look at your psychology around money.

        • @anon 09:46

          Nobody believes in the saying “rags to riches” anymore.

          I was born in a poverty stricken country, I have no college education but I still move on and take on multiple jobs at a time at an early. For once, I know that living is hard, I assume anywhere, but I refuse to wait until the blessing falls down the heaven for you because it will never happen at all.

        • @ Anon 6:30

          By the way, I’m living paycheck to paycheck currently and am quite far from being rich in every way. The difference is that I have methods of doing it that will come with time, and I am patient. I need only a few games and some time to myself to be happy, but in order to reach the levels I’m sure I can, I have plans in place and am taking action to achieve my goals of financial freedom. Not many of my intentions have done what I wanted, but the difference between a goal and an expectation is that a goal is malleable and can never really be defeated no matter what happens as long as you move forward, while an expectation, when unmet, becomes a failure.

          I am poor and living on credit cards, but I am not stupid enough to blame rich people. As I said, it does nothing whatsoever to assist my situation in the slightest. In fact I would gladly apprentice under a rich person and emulate their actions to achieve their level of success. If they started doing something illegal or something that did not fit with who I am as a person, I would find another way. My goal won’t be stopped by mistakes or drawbacks.

          That’s how you become rich. And by the way, many many rich people were dirt poor at one point as well.

        • Manipulate money… meaning to say invest it to make it grow? care to elaborate it please? Everyone manipulates money to their own discretion. I for once would like my money to grow so I can have resources to move around.

          At one point, there are no people that are genuinely generous because everyone will expect something in return. I remember my parents always tell me to avoid free stuff as it is one of the greatest poison that ever inflicted the human logic, you become stagnant and dependent on that free stuff that once they are taken away from you, you complain and are most likely to do drastic measures to go back to the way how easy your life was in the past.

          Also regarding about the post, I am an asian and I kinda know the feeling of parents pressuring you to become the best that you can be. The whole issue is still based on the person’s fortitude if he/she wants to continue what he wants to do or succumb to their parent’s will. In the end, whether you become successful or not, you yourself will be the one to blame for you are responsible for the path you take.

    • Not necessarily. A whole race systematically killing themselves off in their primes? It’s just the weak ones of a race cycling themselves out. Seriously, if you’re gonna cry all day about how life sucks and it’s somehow a bright idea to kill yourselves, then just do it. Bunch of shabai crybabies, I’m so tired of your bitching.

      Yeah that’s right, I said it. The world is better off without people like them.

      • Sadly not true. The world is better off with people that aren’t talented or especially intelligent. Sadly, its most of the time the intelligent ones who go to suicide.
        They are way more important than most other scum walking arround like their is no problem in the world. Because those suiciding kids could invent jetpacks or space traveling at light speed if they don’t die, while the other just pollute the earth and die at some point.

  • Just as other people are saying, I’d easily rather have a country with higher rates of suicide than a country with higher rates of homicide.

    When Japanese youth can’t find work and their economy takes a shit all over them, they just kill themselves, and leave nothing but an emotional burden on their family. When young people here in the US can’t find work and sometimes don’t want to work, they blame it on someone else (or racism), join gangs, start dealing drugs, start packing heat and eventually murder someone. We have fucked up piece-of-shit assholes who think they deserve more than they get, so they have to do shit that isn’t right. Furthermore we maintain so many of those people in prison we have to start letting them free because we have no more room.

    I would LOVE IT if they just committed suicide instead of being a burden on society. Consider yourself lucky, Japan.

    • Erm…I don’t think Japan is lucky in any sense. If young people are offing themselves so easily, what does that say about Japan’s state of mentality? If people are that weak willed and useless the country wouldn’t grow, they turn into spineless cowards or resort to the typical racist rant about how Non-Japanese are the problem and basically ignoring the reality entirely.

      Suicide is way too romantisized as some “honourable” thing to do. It’s more cowardly than committing a crime. If people resort to crime at least there’s still a chance for rehab/change (depending on crime/mental state) so they can still contribute to the nations revenue. If you’re dead…you’re dead.

    • I think you watch too much TV and buy into too much of the fear culture. Most crime in the US is confined to certain areas, usually low-class where the people feel they don’t have any options.

      Most people in the US are sheltered and spoiled and have never had any real hardship concerning crime.

    • Really, suicide isn’t much better than homicide. You’ll still end up dead. You’ll have a decrease in youth (which Japan desperately needs). And someone’s going to be a burden to society. But instead violent youth you have to take care of in prison, it’s peaceful old people you have to take care of in pensions.

      Yes, it’s a way better scenario. But take in to account the financial burden this would leave on their overworked children in an already high priced way of living. You’ll end up with suicide being the top cause of death for the Japanese middle aged. You can say it’s better to kill you self than to kill other people. But in both cases people are dead, which is the problem.

      So Japan is lucky how?

    • The reason it is like this as you can see by the chart some where about 1995 all the new ones great grandparents died and their parents gave up and started using drugs. This lead to all their children having sex and doing drugs like 40 year old prostitutes in grade school. Having sex in grade school destoryed the girls bodies and the guys who the drug dealers sold the drugs to in exchange for sex also lost their man hood so they are on a path to destruction. Its because of Sex and Drugs in grade school.

      • Apparently we have no more white collar prisons… a good thing actually. Although I get the feeling they’re not called prison anymore so that people can’t complain that they’re too rich for prisons. That’s the way politics works anyway. People don’t like it, redefine it and you’re golden.

        I’m getting to the point that I want us to get attacked again… maybe then our stupid people will be forced to get our heads out of our asses again, even for just a little bit.

        • Interestingly, HouseLife, your post at 19:43 could have just substitute OWS for “Occupy Tiananmen Square”(1989) and everything would still be correct.

          In Tiananmen Square, the retired DengXiaoPing had to come out and fix the situation caused by the spineless “leaders” who showed no talent for leadership.

        • @Houselife
          I couldn’t agree more about the complete lack of any real leaders any more.
          Where are the John F. Kennedy’s and Ronald Reagan’s of our generation ?
          They are certainly not in politics.

          This has nothing to do with any “Emperor of Man”. I am speaking of true leaders with vision and charisma who truly have the support of the people. Unfortunately, it has been a long time since we have have seen a true leader, IMO.

        • @ Anon 5:14

          ‘golden power armor’ – A uniform.

          ‘wreck people into following his will’ – terrorizing, not leadership.

          You’re just a case in point that nobody knows what ‘hero’ actually means anymore, even after I just explained how what you described is not the definition of a hero. So many people don’t even understand the words coming out of their own minds, or how much their minds have shelved generalizations that are not real. A hero can show up in a suit, or rags.

        • @HouseLife

          The era of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King is long gone. The government will make those kind of heroes “disappear.”

          We’re going freaking downhill, and it makes me mad that shit happens just when I feel I can build the rest of my life in this country, supposedly the land of the free. That one is going out the window pretty fast from what I see.

        • @Yaku

          Can’t disagree there… I really don’t know what should happen. Really all that needs to happen is us young people need to speak, and with intelligence. I don’t honestly want another attack, but at this point we’re worse than an oil tanker when it comes to shifting direction.

          Occupy Wall Street was a movement built on a solid, reasonable, and noble intent. But intent is very difficult to maintain when something grows an essence of its own. The movement faltered because it was becoming infected by the mindless and the aimless who wanted something to blame. There was a lot of bad stuff happening in those camps, and as much as I wanted the movement to remain present strongly, it was doing more harm than good in the form it had reached at the zenith of its news coverage. It was destroying itself.

          I am a smart person, but I honestly just do not know what can be done to galvanize us as a culture anymore. Every movement feels fake, because we lack a leader. Democracy is a great concept, but if it is leaderless, it becomes worthless to the general populace. The weak-minded follow like sheep and they will always do so, otherwise they wouldn’t be weak-minded.

          What we need is a hero as defined in a more classical sense. We call anyone who wears a god damn uniform a hero now, and that just pisses me off. They’re not heroes. A hero is a state of being, not a cause to take up, and you cannot enlist into heroship by putting on a uniform. We’ve actually succeeded in making the word ‘hero’ meaningless now. What I’m talking about is a true leader of humanity.

        • No please not another attack! The opposite will happen, we’re gonna get a bunch of hardcore patriots going on about how we “aliens, immigrants and foreigner invaders” (even though you’re second generation born there) are the reason the country is going down the hill

        • “attacked again”? Wasn’t it just US cutting itselfs wrists to get attention? I remember Pearl Harbor and 911 that way. Heck, for Pearl Harbor exists evidence, that they cleared the way and made no attempt to resist, even though they knew days in advance what was coming.

  • Officer are too lazy to find cause of their death so they just fill it with suicide. Like someone jump and get kill by train it does’nt mean suicide but someone may push them. Even hanging can be set up. Suicide should not take lightly cause murder with get away.

    • @Anon 16:16 15/12/2011:


      Officer’s report:

      “The victim threw himself off a partially-completed high-rise building … and landed on top of twenty-seven bullets. It was another tragic suicide, but it couldn’t be helped.”

  • “Like in crime or gun battles? Americans are constantly getting killed in those.”

    Yeah, I hate having to leave for work early in the morning before the guys who clear out all the murder victims in the street pass through my neighborhood. It’s a pain to weave around all those dead bodies in my car.

  • Me and my gf were talking about suicides last night while we were watching anime. it was one of the eps of fruit baskets were the girl is bullied and can’t speak. i think she was tearing a lil bit while watching it.

    Then we started talking about how that ep alone may have save a life or 2 maybe…. or at least nice to think so.

  • they talk about murder in the us .. but isn’t suicide steaming from their stupid behaviour a murder as well ?
    discrimination in all it’s form … they live on this , how can they think people just kill themselves out of the blue .

    • Parental pressure in Japan is a bigger myth than not. Students in Japan practically run the schools. Parents expect the school to take care of any behavioral issues, but schools rarely implement any sort of effective corrective behavior.

    • I concur. Not just Japanese, but Asian parents tend to be really critical with their children. It’s no wonder they’ll snap under pressure.

      Metaphorically speaking it’s like if you were to add so much weight and pressure on to a plank of wood suspended between two rocks holding it up (1 rock representing friends; the other family), it’s only a matter of time until that plank of wood snaps in half from all the weight that keeps getting added on.

    • the following chart shows a 276% increase in students killing themselves due to problems finding work from 2007 to 2010, a 252% increase in suicides from familial disputes between parents and children, a 225% increase from “life difficulties,” 196% from work failures, 180% from job loss, and 130% from work related fatigue.

      For this survey I assumed that taking an arrow in the knee will likely increase about 180% chance to suicide……. oh shit what am I gonna do… 🙁

      • I think its mainly insurance companies’ fault. You have to pay more to your insurance company for every worker you have in case of accidental death, injury, or harm. And lets not forget basic health insurance. And the worst part of it is, you end up paying all this, but what if nobody gets hurt? That a HUGE loss of money, and it just goes to a service that says “Oh, he got injured how? No, we don’t cover that anymore.”

    • There’s just too much time-limited things there. If you do not perform before a certain age, you’re left to live as a loser. Sadly the space for performers is also really limited, the amount of ‘losers’ is immensely huge. This not only makes a large pool of miserables, it gives a lot of pressure for those lucky enough to get chosen as if they ever underperform, there’s a whole sea of replacements for you.

      Most of these underperformers also miss the point a bit. Society labels their only choice as ‘losers job’ but whether or not they can truly be happy in either scenario is really up to how they face it. A lot of these people end up as freelance and quite a many end up very well sought after in certain domain. Heck, they don’t even have to do obligatory overtime! can’t say they’re totally miserable. Just depends how they spend their time.

      Whatever hobby they can pick up, considering how maniacal they can get with it, DO something out of it! The worse hobby one can end up with is followers of celebrity and idol groups; there is absolutely nothing you can gain in those fields. At least manga/anime otaku can end up as freelance artists, like many of the famous illustrators we know today.

      • Anonymous says:

        The problem is not the underperformers, the problem is how they underperformed. The current society is so rigged these days. Employment, advancement and even justice is based on connections and financial status rather than ability, competence and qualifications. That is the reason why most of these suicides occur. Most of the time these people are capable of obtaining work but are often refused because they do not have connections within the company they are applying for. What occurs right now is crony capitalism, where becoming rich isn’t because you have earned it but because you were allowed to become rich by the rich people you were connected to. Merits of a person are now measured by who are the powerful people you know rather than how qualified you are. Why do you think so many women are in the workforce now. The previous generation of rich men employ them because of their sex appeal, leaving more qualified men jobless. That is why feminism has started. These women who obtained their positions by seducing the men in power have created a culture of materialism and superiority that equates that a man can only marry if he is rich and powerful. That is why men of only meager means have resorted to 2d and lolis since younger girls have not yet been infected by the materialistic culture of feminists. Unfortunately it seems that the culture of feminism is now reaching the younger girls as child prostitution has reached new heights in Japan.

  • ““Like in crime or gun battles? Americans are constantly getting killed in those.””

    I laughed my ass of at this.

    I seriously hope that not everyone thinks every square inch of the US is the exact same… Im sorry but most I would have to say are in isolated areas of states where its basically just ghettos.

  • “But America’s murder rate is 10 times that of Japan…” Very true we have too many black people over here that’s why lots of drugs and gangbangers i wish there was some kinda virus made just to kill off these disgusting people.. the world would be a better place i promise ya

  • I hate people who kills themselves.
    It maybe depends on the reason, but for most of them, they could get over it.

    Death is easy. It’s living that’s hard.
    And I hate people taking the easy way out.

    Because of young people killing themselves, theyre just giving more power to older people who’s running the country now. We need more young people to vote on younger politicians and crap so that they dont get another Ishihara.

    But whatever, suicide is what Japan is known for.
    And that’s one of the dark sides of Japan I hate.

    • That is an interesting observation OP anon.
      I don’t remember at all hearing about a homeless person committing suicide, and they are in the worst position, yet some are comfortable in their life because they ‘get by’.

      Besides that, I hope the poverty and homeless issue sees better days.

    • “they could get over it…”

      Yeah, right.. This is why I hate pretentious gits who think they seen it all..

      You will never understand why these people took their own lives because you’re not THEM..

  • The real cause of suicide in japan is because japs don’t have religion, they don’t believe in God. Yeah, typical rich asian country, where people are too busy with their works and studies.
    Suicide is the easiest way to solve your problems. But if you really believe in god, you know that suicide is a killing, which can bring you to the Highway to Hell. And, people who believe in God believe that God will never give you anything beyond your strength. When you’re feeling too much pain, just get down on your knees and pray, there’s somebody somewhere who will listen and help you.

    Okay, you can call me a christfag or whatever mate, but I do believe in god.

    • Idiot. Most Japanese are Buddhists with a few Shintoists and Christians thrown in. Why is it that so many fools think that anyone who doesn’t kiss the ass of their version of religion are atheists?

    • Actually there are a shitload of cults in Japan. I use to teach at one. And while I would never believe that crap, they do worship a God. It may very well be the same one you worship, but some fkbag wrote all teh rules and put himself in a position of “divine enlightenment”. Quite wealthy now.

      Religion ain’t what it used to be.

    • You know what, this God thing aka celing cat is getting tiring..

      It’s probably the ceiling cat’s will why these people killed themselves to begin with..

      Like what religious shits states.. everything that’s happening is the will of your motherfucking god!

    • It’s not a matter of religion or not, it’s a matter of basic life-view. Japanese people seem to have a very low tolerance for failure– you get bullied, you don’t get a job, your parents don’t think you’ve lived well– rather than thinking “oh, let me try to make this better,” they think “ahh, well then, I have failed, time to end it.” Potentially a belief in god might mitigate suicide, as I believe suicide is “illegal” in biblical law, but a belief in the afterlife might also have the opposite effect. I’ve known some depressed religious persons who do NOT feel that “God will never give you anything beyond your strength,” because they tend towards a fatalistic view of “ahh, well, it’s god’s will, so…”. A lot of them also deal with a lot of guilt and conflicting view on things. Conversely, most of the atheists I know are happy people who, when faced with a problem, simply try their best to deal with it because they feel that their current, mortal life is worthwhile and that they should try to make the best of it.

      Religion certainly could prevent feeling of suicide in some people (such as yourself, and that’s great), but I strongly believe that it is cultural. Say what you will about Americans, but we’ve all been raised, culturally, whether religious or not, with that “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” attitude. As Japan tends to be culturally fatalistic, I imagine they would tend towards the more fatalistic “why god, why” interpretation of religion as well.

  • Atheism is a big reason for Suicide. Atheist countries like Sweden, Russia, China and Japan have the highest suicide rates because without God life can be futile and over-bearing.

    Atheism and drug use are common themes in Suicide

    – Samantha

  • life is most precious, they must cherish their moments… it seems that they are the lost sheep who wandered all their life….and commit their suicide without the reason of the purpose of their life. I think they need a Spiritual Advisor like the Priest.