Comiket 81 “Now Fujoshiket” “Touhou Should Be Expelled!”


Once again the increasingly overpowering dominance Touhou worshippers and creepy fujoshi exert over Comiket is the subject of much discussion, thanks to the release of the latest circle numbers for the upcoming C81 – and so pronounced is their dominance that some are now calling for them to be forcibly hived off into their own events.

The circle statistics for Comiket 81:

Touhou: 2690

Tiger & Bunny: 1170

Hetalia: 1000

Sengoku Basara: 842

Vocaloid: 492

Prince of Tennis: 460

Reborn: 458

Gintama: 438

Blue Exorcist: 428

IdolMaster: 417

Inazuma Eleven: 398

Madoka: 350

Tomodachi ga Sukunai: 322

Nintama: 298

Arashi: 282

Durarara: 278

Lyrical Nanoha: 271

One Piece: 254

Naruto: 244

Magi: 227

K-ON!: 200

By now there is a certain amount of resignation about all this:

“Hardly any Hetalia…”

“They really ought to spin these off into their own events when they get to this scale. The way they use the venue is pretty wasteful.”

“With that many single work circles they really are more suited to having their own events.”

“I don’t think it’ll happen, Comiket has a lot of prestige for these circles.”

“Who’s to say how many are too many? Are Tiger & Bunny and Hetalia OK? If the organisers just decided your favourite needed to get lost and have its own event, you’d be pissed.”

“I think when one work totally dominates an entire hall it might be said to be too numerous. It has never been this pronounced, has it? Even compared to previous booms, there was never anything dominating the event like this.”

“1500 is the ceiling really. But Touhou has nearly twice that! They’re just too numerous.”

“Shouldn’t they just chase out the fujoshi? Is all men that bad?”

“Commoners associate Comiket with men buying ero-doujinshi, so it would be better just to ban male oriented ero.”

“Just chase out the Touhou maniacs and fujoshi and I’ll go.”

There do not appear to have been much in the way of management efforts to alter Comiket’s circle composition, so an eventual transformation into a 25% Touhou, 75% fujoshi event may yet be inevitable.

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