“Hero” Father Beats Down Daughter’s Bully


A father who went to his daughter’s school and punched an elementary school boy repeatedly in the face after he told him he “didn’t remember” bullying his daughter has been feted as a hero.

The incident began in an Ishikawa prefecture elementary school, where the father of a girl attending the school, in his fifties, became increasingly concerned about the bullying his young daughter was suffering at the school.

His daughter had been subject to bullying and harassment at the school, culminating in a protracted absence. She finally rejoined the school only when her parents attended some of her classes to ensure she remained unmolested.

According to the school, with the school’s assent he addressed members of her class one day “to explain the feelings of bullied children” to them, and questioned several about her bullying in their classroom.

One boy replied that he “didn’t remember” anything about such abuse, which infuriated the girl’s father. Shaking off the teacher’s intercession, he proceeded to punch the boy “5-6” times in the face.

The boy was lightly injured and suffered a nosebleed. The school has retained a clinical psychologist in order to provide him with mental care. The boy is maintained to have “taken no direct part” in the girl’s abuse.

His parents have filed a complaint with police, who are investigating.

The school says that “this is a most regrettable thing to have happened, just as we were in the process of resolving matters.”

In recent years Japan has seen a significant number of schoolchildren driven to suicide by bullying, and it would seem teachers are either totally ineffective in dealing with such problems, or else prefer to turn a blind eye – when they are not molesting students themselves, at any rate.

As a result, the father’s rather direct intervention has accrued a great deal of support and sympathy amongst Japanese, many of whom view the risk of his daughter being driven to suicide as a very real one:

“What a nice story!”



“He became emotional and went too far!”

“It says the kid wasn’t directly involved though.”

“Which means he was indirectly involved, right?”

“He could have been organising it, for all that denial’s worth.”

“Having kids over 40 – no wonder her father was an idiot.”

“Of course you’d bash a cheeky little bastard who said something opaque like ‘I don’t remember’… He was mocking him.”

“Adults shouldn’t be beating up children.”

“He’s a good father.”

“Nice to see there are still pops about who really care about their children.”

“I understand how he feels. But do it whilst the kid is on his way home.”

“He is completely in the right.”

“The school just pretended nothing was happening. If he didn’t act, who would?”

“If my kid was in danger of committing suicide or becoming a hikikomori, I’d go and beat up the kid responsible too.”

“Don’t beat up people who have nothing to do with it though.”

“If he really had nothing to do with it, the teacher was pretty bad in lining him up to answer questions about it.”

“It’s obvious that in cases like this neither the school nor the bully will tell the truth.”

“He wouldn’t have said he ‘didn’t remember’ if he really had nothing to do with it.”

“There’s no way he’d admit doing it in any case. A brat like that is not going to have any problems lying about it.”

“He did a lot better than the kind of parents who tell their kids to put up with it and go to school.”

“The school sounds like a bunch of liars.”

“Right. They probably only admitted it when journalists started showing up.”

“The father may have scared off the bullies, but his daughter no longer has a leg to stand on.”

“It will make a good deterrent at least. Let this be a warning to you, brat!”

“Saying he didn’t remember, no wonder he got punched. That stuff about not being directly involved probably means he was the ringleader.”

“I’d sock him one too, if he said something like that to me.”

“He should have punched the teacher. It’s his class, he should be responsible.”

“Can’t be helped. Not like the teachers would ever do anything.”

“This is better than those scumbag parents who published a poetry anthology about their grief at their kid committing suicide due to bullying.”

“The people sympathising with this guy are just as crazy as he is. Having some parent bust into the school and beat up kids is terrifying.”

“What would you do if your kid was being bullied into suicide?”

“He’s a good father who really loves his daughter.”

“Beating up someone’s kids. He’s a scummy father. Sue him!”

“He put up with it too long. Waiting until your child becomes mentally unbalanced is leaving it too late.”

“Even if it stops, his daughter is going to be ostracised now.”

“No normal father could stand knowing his beloved daughter was being tormented.”

“Just replace the daughter with your cat and you guys will understand.”

“The kid was  probably like ‘What? I don’t remember anything about any of that stuff. Not got anything better to do than hang around our school on a weekday?'”

“Think of his daughter. Now her father beat up her classmate, she probably doesn’t want to go to school at all. If she’s not being bullied they’ll just ignore her.”

“She didn’t want to go to school before as she was being bullied, so there’s no change though?”

“They need criminal sanctions against bullying. You can’t rely on schools, all they care about is protecting the principal’s career.”

“You guys were all bullied so you are getting emotional. But think of that poor kid, getting beaten by some adult!”

“You can tell from the fact that they reported him to police that the boy’s parents are scum. They should be apologising to him.”

“Police: ‘Did you punch this child?’

Parent: ‘I don’t remember.'”

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  • when i was bullied in 5th grade a kid spit on my face, he tried to run from me but i catched up to him slammed him yo the ground and kickin him in the stomach quite a few time until a teacher stopped me, after they called in my father he said to me i had done great since then the kid did not bully me anymore

  • you cant be in the same class and say you dont remember it happening , thats even worse than saying it didnt happen

    when you are this stupid even as a kid , its to be expected that you get a father or two to beat you around

    • The father is there to speak as an authority figure with the sanction of the teacher.

      Father says something that the kid doesn’t remember happening. Kid blurts that out, as is normal at Elementary level.

      Kid gets beat up.

      Ever consider the following scenario?
      The bullying takes place during recess.
      While the blurter and his friends are playing at one end of the school yard, the girl is getting bullied at the other.

      How would the blurter be aware of the bullying if he’s on the other end of the yard and too busy playing?

  • Bullies are mostly attention seeker. They just want other people to notice them or acknowledge them and the best ways to seek attention is pick on weaker kids than them, showing people who the boss

  • the father got my sympathy. kids nowdays think they r high n mighty n cool by bulliying others n when confronted the mask as the innocent puppy. teachers have less power in their classes than the students WTH!? that or they r there just to earn their money(not a real teacher then n i would slap them in the face as well). now u c stupid comments like “Adults shouldn’t be beating up children.” r u braindamaged or something? everyday there’r kids that beat their own parents n u think its not reasonable that a father beats a bully kid? these comments r typical from ppl that dont have kids otherwise they would know a parent would kill to protect their children/family. the only thing i dont agree with what he did it is modus operandi, if it was me i would line the girl’s classmates n slap every1 until the culprit submited or some1 pointed the finger. i mean any1 in class would know who’s the bully so theres no excuse to “i dont remember”. then beat shit out of the kid (not to kill of course).

  • Anyone who calls this guy a hero is insane. An adult could beat up 10 of these kids, no problem! That’s not heroic, it’s a handicapped beatdown.

    What if this guy went further? What if he snapped and didn’t stop punching? Elementary school kids aren’t doing much damage to each other. They’re small, week, and they have no weapons.

    Good that the parent is actually concerned with the kid being bullied, but the child has to stand up for herself. Maybe she’s not the fighting type, but as someone who wasn’t driven to fight back, you have to use whatever’s in your arsenal when bullies come at you. For instance, the bullied are too caught up to realize that bullies are not too smart. You can at least outwit them, or make them look silly in public with a good line.

  • I dunno. I think every kid should let loose in the school and let them solve it out themselves. The weak should die anyways, strong should survive. You protect your kids now so they can grow up as pussies who can’t stand up for themselves?

    Instead of punishing the abusers, you should make your kid (boy or girl, no matter) strong, so he/she could punish those bastards him/herself.

  • That was AWESOME! Really^!

    Legal proceedings my A$$!!

    Even if the school knew that there was a case of bullying in their campus, they wouldn’t probably care. Leading to similar child suicides in the past.

  • I do not condone the hitting of a child for most reasons, but you can bet your ass that every kid in that class is not going to be bulling his daughter again.

    If it was me, I would be waiting outside the school with a baseball bat and brass knuckles when I pick up my kid asking:

    “Ok baby, Which kid was bulling you today?”

  • Personally I could say I understand this guys rage pretty well, so…

    Good job father!
    Don’t let them give you shit.
    Those bold punks can learn only through pain anyway.

    Although I’d go and beat that shrubs parents instead.
    Beating junior feels uneven.

    • > Although I’d go and beat that shrubs parents instead.
      > Beating junior feels uneven.

      It is. But beating the parents is likely to not do anything for your daughter.
      Besides, while there exist occasionally situations were one would admit it can be overlooked you hit a child since the child did something wrong and he needs education, hitting an adult is always an assault.

  • While those acts is regrettable, it is completely understandable… moral and ethic standard for current youth generation is almost beyond salvation…

    After all, never underestimate people in despair and deep grief… that boy, or that school in particular, get lucky they are not burnt to crisp… because if it was happened to my daughter, God forbid, I’m sure as hell I wont burn them down… I’ll blown them to bits and teach them what grief and despair can turn people into…

    Cornered people, especially who cannot lose anything else anymore, will turn into beast… something people who live in luxury and comfort will never understand…

  • This man is a hero. I agree that he went too far but come on, what else there was in that situation for those parent to do? Problem is that kids and young adults these days know about their rights and laws more and they take advantage of their young age increasingly to avoid consequences.

  • I moved a lot as a kid (due to my father’s job) and I was several time the target for being bullied. Lucky for me I have a strong personality despite what seems at first glance, and if you fight back the first time you won’t have anything to fear from that person again.
    I’ve also protected others from being bullied. I remember when I got to a school, the kids there used to bully this scrawny boy. They tried to bully me, failed, and wanted to go back to the other kid. I faced the bullies, and since I’d… smacked some respect into them, I managed to stop them.

    I can’t blame this father. It may seem brutal, but if the boy said he “didn’t remember” anything and was being cocky about it he clearly was involved. That outburst may cost the father some cash in court, but if he stands firm behind his actions I do believe the girl won’t have any more problems. If someone strong is protecting you, the bullies DO respect you, I’ve learned that.

  • “I understand how he feels. But do it whilst the kid is on his way home.”

    first timed i burst out laughing in a while.

    “Just replace the daughter with your cat and you guys will understand.”

    BURN HIM!!! no one bullies my cat!

  • “I dont remember” implies you are a bully, and bullied ppl constantly that you dont know who wasn’t bullied by you.
    “I dont bully ppl” means you are a bully.

    So many idiots here never dealed with bullies or kids mentality and should STFU. Who the fuk says “I dont remember” when questioned about something?

  • anyone can say they didn’t do it but the father was in its right place but for me i’ll do worse. you need to beat the shit outta your kids or someone elses kids because now these days kids are ignorant as fuck and beating your kids ain’t killing them just teaching them a lesson in their thick skulls that shit like this ain’t cool.

  • The fact that a parent had to deal with the bully himself alone shows the incompetence of the teachers.

    There should be severe punishments for bullying so that the kids learn that it is WRONG and does not make them cooler.

  • the best comment from 2ch :

    “Police: ‘Did you punch this child?’

    Parent: ‘I don’t remember.’”

    we don’t know that the boy is innocent or not but I say he deserve it when trying to be an asshole to the older people trying to convey honestly his feeling.

    Boy even if you did it, you should just be quiet rather then be an asshole.

  • Fuck nthose japs who talk as if the kid was the one in the right.

    In third grade i cracked a kids head open because i spent THREE YEARS being abused, beat up, and just treated like shit, and nobody did fuck-all.

    I’m STILL fucked up in the head over it, and the resulting punishment eked out on ME for defending myself.

    I hope the fuckers who think the dad was in the wrong get cancer.

  • The problem of bullying in the schools has gone on too long. All the schools ever do is say how ‘regrettable’ it is, after a bullied child commits suicide.

    What this father did was way over the top. But he got his message across: “I will not tolerate my daughter being harassed!” If more of the bullying kids began to realize that there is a consequence for their stupid actions, maybe there would be change.

  • ::applauds the dad for what he did::

    It’s about time that such a bully got such karmic payback, whether the daughter’s dad got arrested or not. I just hope that it sets an example for more parental bravery in the future.

    Everyone’s got a breaking point, even indirectly with someone related to another. Given the choice between suicide because of being bullied and being ostracised for what one’s dad did to that bullying kid, i’d take being ostracized. At least one would be left alone and has a lesser chance of being bullied.

    “The people sympathising with this guy are just as crazy as he is. Having some parent bust into the school and beat up kids is terrifying.”

    Who’s more crazy, those that do the right thing like her dad did, or those that didn’t doing anything and let your kid kill himself/herself or become emotional trainwrecks because she can’t stand the pain of being bullied anymore and snapped under the pressure?

  • I’d have to disagree with his sudden outburst of paternal instinct though…punching that kid is a bad move.

    Now, stalking that kid and anyone else connected, knowing for yourself whether or not they played a apart in my daughter’s unhappiness, and then orchestrating a nice little plan to get back at them by ruining their and their parent’s lives-along with any descendants they might possibly have and generally making sure their lives are a living hell as I’m alive without sacrificing anything on my part other than some resources is a much more proper course of action.

  • I was bullied and you know what? I had to stop myself from commiting suicide over and over again. My parents were like “go to school and try to befriend them”. Yeah, right. Befriend someone who kicks your ass every single day. Insults you every single day. Humiliates you every single day. And you can’t make friends with the bully one because it’s one more reason bullies get for bullying. I’m not saying I wish my dad did that, especially because it would only get worse. The first thing to do is to change schools. A fresh start is what a bullied person needs. Oh and while you can’t get out of the bully-situation, get up, stand up and kick some ass. Even if you lose everyday, you’ll still inflict some pain and relieve your stress towards those bully-bitches.

    • Bullys should be caned, Rapists castrated, thieves should have hands chopped off, murderers beheaded.
      Sharia Law might not be so bad when you look at how “civilized society” has become paralyzed with legal bullshit. This father will be a hero to his daughter till the day she dies because he did the right thing and acted like a man and aa father should. The family is everything!

  • “Adults shouldn’t be beating up children.” of course they should, if the parents don’t make the child to show a little respect and that their actions do have consequences, they’ll end up being a bunch of bullies and stuff…kids need a little bit of pain, that builds up character

    • Maybe in the west beating a child is taboo but in south america and southeast asia it’s “normal”
      you also have to remember these places are third world countries.
      By the way I’m from there,is that the kind of mentality you want from first world country parents?

      • No, behind closed doors, parents in the US beat their kids just like anyone else, but just because people are doing stuff we don’t agree with in another culture, that does not mean it’s right.

        If some in another culture killed their kids, should we just let it go because it’s their way?

  • After reading so many articles about kids committing suicide and others living with trauma, it’s great to see a parent not turning a blind eye and punching a bully’s eye. I don’t believe in child assault, but that bully kid seems rather snooty.

  • The Japanese sure have some real problems within the bullying department. You don’t get it as so organized, planned and with much malice in most other countries at all. I know Japan has serious problems with social segregation and social stigma, but how is it that these things keep happening and so often?

    Are Japanese parents that useless that they let their child get away with literally anything? It doesn’t help that the victims of bullying are less likely to come forward than most of the world. Which is reflected in their qualitative rape statistics.

    Anyway…*thumbs up to the dad*. I think it was a tad harsh, but reality hits you hard dude.

  • i personally wouldnt have punched the kid, cause i am only 21 and i have a bright future ahead of me (at least i’d like to think that i do). But i do admire him for standing up for his daughter, but not so much the beating up kids bit. perhaps one or two punches are fine, five or six sounds like he lost it. What he should do is get his daughter to self defence class, and the next time the idiot of a bully try to pick on her, she would whop his ass like them femdom porn, step on that motherfucker and him beg for forgiveness.

  • Come on! give the bully some kick in the face too !!
    Those bully always look down on the weak know that they can’t fight back.
    I hope all of them receive worst kind of mentally disorder in their life.

  • Everyone bitching and moaning about the “poor kid that the mean daddy punched” can go suck a chode, he had minor injuries and a broken nose, which will heal in no time, unlike his daughters emotional state. I agree that a comment like “I don’t remember” is just tantalizing someone at the point he said it, and deserved to get punished, what happened to the day when a kid did something wrong, even so much as being sarcastic at the wrong time would get him 10 lashings? now a father stands up for his daughter in a physical way and he’s probably going to be arrested for it, it’s all just so wrong, he’s a good caring father and any of you that think he did the WRONG thing have no idea what it means to care for something or someone far beyond yourself and be willing to go to any lengths to protect it. Hope the father gets treated as a hero and the bully gets raped by the teacher that is apparently thinking too much about other things to care about the children in his/her class.

    • That’s because the US has become a matriarchy ruled by “touchy feely” Dr. Phils and Oprah’s.The enforcers are spineless politicians and greedy scumbag lawyers.

      Men in the US can’t be good husbands and fathers anymore because they’ve been brainwashed into being women with cocks. Lets all have a group hug!

  • fuck yeah!
    that guy is awesome.
    i wish my father had done something like that for me instead of just repeatedly telling me
    >ignore them and they will stop
    which didn’t do shit…

    i salute this man for standing up for his daughter in spite of the consequences he’ll have to face now.

  • Reminds me of the recent movie Confession. It’s a bit like battle royale… but it’s about a school teacher whose daughter was bullied and drowned by two of her students. She feeds them both milk mixed with AIDS infected blood as revenge.

  • The power schools and teachers have are actually quite limited. Its not that they don’t do anything, it is more that they can’t. If they hit a kid, they get sued, if they accuse a kid, they get sued, even if they fail a kid, they get sued. There are actually places where deducting marks for late work is actually against the law. Schools are now just sanctuaries for students controlled by overly protective stubborn parents. Having to be politically correct all the time, to be neutral ground, and to satisfy society without offending any of the individuals is quite hard and limits what you can do.

    • nobody said the bullies were 5 years old. you all are automatically assuming that since it says “elementary school graders”. they could be 12 y/o prepubescent assholes as long as i know.
      a kid of 5 wouldn’t have the nerv to cynically say “i don’t remember anyone being bullied”. the father snapped obviously for something more than those words. the bastard had it coming, and now i bet he will be smiling on the court because mom and dad support assholeness. they all oughta be publically whipped 80 times.

    • Nope.
      It depends on how exactly the 5 year old boy fits into the equation.
      I do not claim he should take responsibility for his actions, I do claim it’d be complicated for me to beat him for a greater, noncertain goal, if he was innocent.

  • I carefully examined the article, nowhere did it mention whether the kid who got punched was a bully. What if he really didn’t know what was going on? What if the parent just asked a question to a student at random and got pissed off at the answer. Regardless of these matters, at least in the States this would be grounds for police involvement. An adult beating a child with several witnesses is clearly a crime, a responsible adult would have contacted the parents of the bullys to deal with the issue.

    • bitch:
      the kid didn’t say “i don’t know if there’s bullying in here :O”
      the kid said “i don’t remember there’s bullying in here :D”
      you gotta read between the lines. the man wouldn’t be infuriated just by the words “don’t remember”. even so, there is hell of a lot more cynism on saying “don’t remember” instead of “did not do it” or “didn’t know”. that involves denying what happened.
      the father is a hero. remember Zanghief Kid?
      sometimes doing the right thing isn’t being on the side of the law. this man will be going to jail, but we gotta do the right thing and stand for him instead for a smug brat asshole.

      • Punkass Bitch: Haven’t you ever said “I don’t remember seeing any of that at all.” to mean you basically DID NOT SEE ANYTHING?

        He could easily have meant it honestly & truthfully, but being a little brash. Maybe not the best way to put it to some father on the edge, but that doesn’t make him deserving of a beating.

        The bullying could’ve taken place OUTSIDE the class, away from him & most other kids.

        OR he could be a liar. There’s just not enough info in the story. “Reading between the lines” of a story AS DEVOID OF INFORMATION AS THIS STORY is pointless. It’s like trying to find meaning in a coffee stain.

        This is just another crap story posted on this site to stir shit up and increase hits. And I just fell for it. Again. FUCK.

    • This is why America now has a whole generation of young adults that are fucking pussies. I am not a huge proponent of capital punishment, but sometimes you have to do things in a non-PC matter to get some results.

  • I was bullied a lot back in middle school and I was deathly of afraid of going to school and my grades suffered because it.

    One day, I just snapped and slammed my 15 lb back pack with books, as hard as I can, into the the face of a bully. I knocked him down hard and he got a bloody nose and we fought etc etc.

    So me and the bully got a 3 day suspension, but the bully was crying like a baby when the teacher took us in to the office. Me, on the hand, sat in the corner next the principal’s office all bruised, but wasn’t crying.

    While I was sitting next to the office I though to myself,”I let this big cry baby bullying me for like a year?!”.

  • I still remembered a talk I went to about bullying…

    The speaker said: “The biggest problem with bullying is that those bully’s parents always say that they can’t control them. Well you could bloody well start with controlling your pussy, if you can’t control what pops out of it then you are a failure.”

  • Oh yeah, just how every fucker who fucked with me would claim innocence and that they never did a thing, and that I did things to myself.

    yes, I jumped myself, yes I swung a bat into my own ribs, etc.

    Even if the kid didnt bully the girl, the people who did will steer clear of fucking with her, but it also may lead to her being isolated, or even harassed by the teachers for having a “crazy dad”

    also the school wasnt anywhere close to resolving the issue.

    It amazes me how much these people do not get bullying, and I’m sure many suffered it themselves.

    Sadly it takes a proper beating or someone putting them in their place to make them stop, they either do not get the reinforcement at home, or are not told what their boundaries are by someone close to home.

    teachers are not seen as a true authority, they’re seen as that person who shits out facts at them every day and gives them stupid punishments for the most inane things rather than serious issues. “you singed your eyebrows? detention!” and “boys will be boys” when someone bullies someone else, usually punishing the victim for “inciting” the event.

    It’s the same the world over it seems. It’s definitely like that here in the US. Japan is no exception.

    Start throwing books at kids again and putting the fear of god into them, and parents, stop being pussies about your kids, slap them one when they get out of line. but dont punch them or slap them hard enough to draw blood, that’s overkill, make them afraid to do wrong.

  • Any loving father would do that to the kid. He’s lucky suffering only bruises and a nosebleed.

    Well the victim pointed him and he says he does’nt remember. Screw him.

    He should have just say the truth.

  • well even though he wasnt involved he was clearly asking for it by saying something as stupid as that out loud like that. Very least I think the actual bullies will be a bit intimidated, though there are some stupid enough to start teasing about her father beating them up too, schools across not just japan but the entire planet need to cut this shit out about turning a blind eye, it actually is a serious crime.

  • Hmm, suddenly thought of Family Guy. Well at least next time he tries to bully someone he’ll remember that fist flying towards his face. Would be even more amusing if he had nightmares about it. Then they can give her father the nickname akumu.

    But seriously though, not a wise action on her father’s part, but I can see where he’s coming from. Anyways, bullying is becoming quite an issue, not only in Japan, but in various countries. Part of the problem is the ineffectiveness of school administration. The other part is quite simply parents aren’t teaching their kids that bullying is wrong and/or how to deal with bullying.

    Humans are capable of great kindness or great douchebagery.

  • In my country, beating bullies is considered heroism too, and I agree with such thoughts.
    I too was once a target of bullying…until I became strong enough, to beat every single one. But me an japanese, especially girls, are very different people, and it’s not bad, I don’t want Japan to become country, where girls are manlike beasts(similar to my country).

  • “The school says that “this is a most regrettable thing to have happened, just as we were in the process of resolving matters.””
    Oh like hell you were. You didn’t do anything before, and you sure as hell weren’t doing anything about it after either.

    • Could say the same.

      Very few ever tried to physically bully me.
      That would indeed be a bad idea to try and bully me unless you can raise your own battalion to track me always. But my looks, intellectual interests, and obvious low self-esteem, would suggest otherwise.

      Hell if I know why they didn’t.

      • Bullies are weakling that can only pass their frustration on people weaker than them ,the real challenge for a bullies is to run faster that the guys after him when he realize he picked on the wrong guy .

        • > That anon’s right. Bullying is just simply fun.

          Yeah, which means they don’t care ’bout a challenge and they will bully weaklings first, those that won’t stand up.

          The op’s interrogation is legit, in accordance with the anon that was refuted by the anon you’re saying is right. He isn’t right, and neither are you, because you both get out of the discussion context for no reason.

        • Because the people who are being bullied sometimes feels afraid, or maybe because they are PROPER CIVILIZED HUMAN who try to talk with them first.

          Face it, bullies hurts others because it is fun for them, and i believe human have create a word to describe people who takes pleasure at others misery.
          I was a bully when i’m little, i did it just because seeing other kids have fun piss me off, so i hit them, once i cut another kids cheek with scissor. Until someday my mother were being called to school. after that, she said she disappointed at me. then i regret everything.

          Strangely, at senior high school, i was being bullied, i broke few teeth, crack few bones and such. It was hell, everyday, after school. Sometimes, in the middle of class, when the teacher is out and NO ONE, even my best friend said a thing, hiding the bruises is very difficult since i have to make sure my parents didn’t know, coz i don’t want to make them worry, or step in. I consider that karma, i never run, evade, or even parry and i put up with it until someday nearing grad, i had enough when that kid actually soiled a gift from my parents and we fight. Somehow, after being sternly reprimanded by headmaster, we start to talk things through (turns out he also being bullied by some other kid too), apologized, and be my friend until now

          My suggestion is… when you are bullied, u have a right for self defense. The more u put up, the more the take control of your live. if they insult u, just insult them back. if they hit u, hit them back, if they gang up on u, if u can, beat the crap out of em one by one separately, or just deal with the ringleader in front of the underlings. and u don’t have to play fair.

        • @Achiuakuna
          Even without psychoanalysis crap , they’re scum , and you just proved that.

          Now don’t you come saying stuff like “it’s in human nature” and all that crap like some anon tend to to justify the fact that they’re laughing about atrocities and stuff .

          next :
          “If the bullied are so strong and not insecure”

          where the heck did i say that ? i just said that the real challenge for these pussies was to run away when they mess with the guy they “thought” was a good target .
          Can’t judge people on their appearance , and i don’t expect retard that think bullying the weak is fun to have much discernment anyway .

          next :
          Calling the bullies weak doesn’t solve anything. how about some action huh?

          The father acted, see below for reaction .

        • That anon’s right. Bullying is just simply fun. There’s no need for all that psychoanalyst crap about being weak and insecure. If the bullied are so strong and not insecure, why the fuck don’t they just stand up against the bullies? Calling the bullies weak doesn’t solve anything. how about some action huh?

          *Anticipating a million vote down and feminist feely touchy “what if you are being bullied”defense with a shitload of ad hominem attacks.*

  • lmao I have no sympathy for the child if he was involved in bullying, hopefully it wont make it worst but put the fear of the fist in them hahaa, these little punks where bullying me and couple of mates really fucking intimidated them it was so awesome and the little punks gave up after that.

    but the risk of a child committing suicide is more important then if some punk gets a bloody nose.

  • While the father definitely went too far, schools really need to do more in regards to bullying.

    It’s harassment and abuse, but they call it bullying just because it takes place between children! If it was taking place between adults, the police would be involved but because it’s a bunch of school kids, it’s often treated with a “kids will be kids” attitude and the adults don’t even bother. It’s really kind of disgusting.

    Maybe other parents will learn from this and put a stop to it before it gets that far.

    • Exactly what I fought. Bullies are nothing but cowards. When they are facing the responsability of their actions, they will deny them.
      The boy is only saying that he doesn’t know, this doesn’t mean that he is innocent.

      You could say that the parent may chose the same line of defense.

      • There’s a reason why our societies work with the premise: Innocent until proven guilty.

        Otherwise we could accuse you of the most fiendish of crimes, and simply wave away any exclamations of innocence as lying, and thus you should be punished beyond the measures of the law.

        In this case, we’re dealing with a bunch of little kids (elementary remember), they’re more often than not too innocent to think up a half decent lie. So the kid blurting out that he doesn’t remember any of the bullying taking place.

        Guess what, it’s most likely the truth and fully in character for that age group. And that means that the Father has become the bully towards the kid, who was just as innocent as his own daughter.

        I can definitely sympathize with the father, I can understand him wanting to punish those preying upon his daughter. But for crying out loud, make sure you actually punish the guilty of the crime in question and not some kid who is just irking you for whatever reason.

        And that from my reading anyway, is very much NOT the case here.

        • Ultimately, I agree with your comment. There’s no definitive proof that he bullied her, and really—-there’s NO INFO ON WHAT KIND OF BULLYING WAS DONE: Was it physical? Teasing?

          There is still the possibility that the father beat up the wrong kid.

          If there was no physical bullying of the girl—just teasing—then the beating would’ve been wildly inappropriate even if he was guilty.

          People just automatically assume any negative accusation against anyone at all is instantly correct. No matter who makes it. No matter who it’s made against.

          I think there’s a lot of frustrated people out there that just wanna beat on someone they hate so bad that they’ll live vicariously through some sketchy story like this.

        • i would draw him a line n say “c this line? bully my daughter again n the next line u’ll c is the celling lamp of the hospital.”
          trust me if the kid wasnt the real culprit he was as guilty, after all we would b, in some way, protecting the bully. n yes im sure he would know who was it in fact every1 in class would know even the teacher would prolly know.

        • >they’re more often than not too innocent to think up a half decent lie.

          What?! Kids lie all the time without batting so much as an eyelash. Kids are programmed to avoid pain. And if they think that a lie will avoid pain, they’ll say it without a thought.

        • In other words, the father should be punching all the silent kids because at that age they are smart enough to keep their mouth shut for wrongs committed since they can’t come up with a decent lie.

        • maybe the daughter told the father who were responsible… so technically the dad already knew.

          and the kid taunt him by saying “i don’t remember”…

          i don’t agree with punching the kid though, i would have just grabbed the back of his head and smash it on the table… maybe 3 times should be enough.

        • > Guess what, it’s most likely the truth

          Nope, it is /possibly/ the truth, no reason to believe it could tend one way or the other. ‘I don’t remember’ is a typical lie, and indeed not exactly a decent one.
          Also, by the end, elementary schooler get somewhat better at lying.

          Agreed on the rest, though.

    • i was quite extensively bullied in middle school(grades 5-8 over here) but in my opinion this has only made me a stronger and more successful person. i have sometimes met these used to be bullies and cant say i have much love for them, but its not like i hate or resent them that much eighter. i realise at the time they were just stupid bored kids same as i was and if i meet them today they are totally different persons already, just as i am. as long as they bullied kids are mentally strong enough not to go suicidal/homicidal from the bullying there really wont be much lasting harm, it will probably even hone their social survival skills being benifitial in the future

      • I was bullied in middle school, too. Unfortunately, if I saw the people responsible now, I can’t say I wouldn’t want to dislocate their jaws with my shin. I’ve been practicing high kicks for a long time now, and even though I’d say that even though I’ve overall grown into a stable adult, I’d probably be inclined to take things to the extreme if some sniveling coward tried to gang up on me again and get his laughs at my personal expense.

        Course, the guy who bullied me went through parental divorce + his father committing suicide. At the very least, I’ve put that trauma behind me and resolved never to let it corner me again, should it dare resurface through some other individual.

      • You need not to experience bullying to reason about the hows and whys of it and its consequences.

        If you were solid enough to bear with it, you’ll grow up the same person as you will if you never met it. It did not make you stronger. It had, fortunately, no effect.

      • a bully won’t change into a respectful adult if he doesn’t find a bigger fish first.
        people who misbehave tend to do it and do it again. the misbehave is reinforced by the accelerating feeling that comes from forbidden things.

      • Lol hell yeah, don the costume and turn his face into hamburger meat! And he didn’t do anything wrong, cretins like that little kid only understand your feelings when things are taken to the extreme, otherwise they don’t respect you.

    • 9 times out of 10 bullies are already getting beaten and abused by their parents, family members or other guardians. That’s why they bully; they’re doing to others what’s being done to them. That doesn’t make it right, but if things were done your way the world would just be a worse place.

      • no no no ma boy or I don’t know who you are. but it has almost nothing to do with parents. 3 or 5 out of 10 are probably abused by their family but the others think its cool thats why they do it and thats why I did that when I was going to school.

        • You may not agree with the facts but bullying was the primary cause for Columbine it was a shit hole.
          The school even was described by experts as a pickling barrel that turned good kids bad.
          Before the shooting there were suicides and dropouts related to bullying.
          The faculty turned a blind eye and even went as far as saying it’s tradition.
          The situation at Columbine was a bomb waiting to go off.

        • “Bullying was one of the major factors behind the Columbine massacre.”

          No it wasn’t. The media has been spinning it that way since the day it happened. Go read anything from anyone who’s taken a serious look into the incident. Those boys were fucked up in the head and just generally terrible people. They wanted to kill.

          Does that mean all school shootings aren’t bully related? Of course not. Did the Columbine massacre inspire some of those bullying related shootings? Perhaps. But don’t use Columbine as an example.

      • @ Anon 13:31

        This person is correct, extreme, general punishments are the mark of mindless, emotional idiocy and shouldn’t be taken seriously in the slightest. There is a simple reality that physical repercussions are beneficial, but only in very, very rare occurrences, and in cases like bullying, the person being bullied has to stand up for themselves, otherwise if someone else does it it can really make things worse. I say this actually from personal experience.

        The reason this father’s actions feel so right is that kids have somehow been made so ‘sacred’ in being untouchable, because stupid people don’t realize that they’re smart enough to figure that out. And when they figure it out, well… they do stupid shit, get themselves hurt, and hurt others, and reasonable adults become unable to stop them. This father’s actions are the result of the boiling point being reached in more than just his own life.

        • > You have to violate their perceptions of you in order to get them to stop.

          You know, the underlying question was rather simple. Let me say it slowly:

          H – o – w ?

          If you try and hit them, the others will not ignore you. They will turn against you. Soon you will indeed get raped, and everyone will think the good-for-nothing violent girl was really begging for it.
          I’m not saying it’s fair. I’m saying society is this.

        • > Standing up for yourself or not doesn’t make a difference.

          Unless you have the right kind of smarts, you can’t stand up for yourself against non-violent bullying. Like verbal bullying or sexual harassment. You can deny and complain regularly to show to whoever has half a brain you do not agree and do not like it, but that’s about it. I’m with you here.

          Nonviolent bullying are more of a problem to me. I don’t know how to handle them. I already ignored whatever lowlifes have to say anyway, even when it’s not about mocking. And of course, I do not have the problem of sexual harassment.

        • @ Anon 15:07

          It actually depends HOW you stood up for yourself. If you were still letting them steal your stuff and sexually harass you, then you gave up on standing up for yourself as well. I had to fight off four people, AND lost, but I took two down with me. They stopped after that, at least all the major stuff. They continued little things, but even that diminished because MY confidence had increased and my whole demeanor changed based on having the experience of having fought back. You have to continue. If the teachers ignore you, then you have to do it yourself. Based on the sexual harassment, I assume you’re a girl.

          Girls have it differently of course, but the concept is still the same. You have to violate their perceptions of you in order to get them to stop. And yes, as cliche as it is, there is a possibility that they actually like a girl if they’re being mean to her and just never got out of elementary school logic in trolling her as a means to get her attention… it’s not common thought process these days, but it is very real.

        • Standing up for yourself or not doesn’t make a difference. I stood up for myself and just got made fun of more. I tried ignoring it and it didnt work either.

          Eventually I just gave up on school and went every day because I had to, but I didn’t do anything because there was no point. The teachers allowed people to throw things at me, sexually harass me, steal things of mine… etc.

          When I brought it up they told me I was obviously just making it up for attention. I don’t know if bullies have bad home lives. I couldn’t care less if they do. Making others miserable isn’t going to make you any less miserable, and if they’re too stupid to understand that maybe they’re too stupid to live and be allowed to potentially breed.

      • Bull fucking shit.

        Bullies are bullies because their parents don’t believe in discipline. That was the way with every fucking bully I knew in school.

        Perhaps if their parents would have kicked the shit out of the little monsters for being shitbags they might straighten up and behave.

        But no the shitbag parents just have the attitude boys will be boys and let it pass. But the same shit applies to girls.

        • ^Someone will do what they want to do.
          If you hurt your own child you risk payback,like them abandoning you when they grow up and you grow old and weak or worse.

          I’ve had my problems with cowards(bullies that hunt in packs) but it’s unfair to blame it on the parents.

      • anon dude, there should be a massive collect to bail this dad out of jail and pay him a “Phoenix Wright” level attourney. the man oughta have his own statue.
        remember when the whole internet united for Zanghief kid?

      • Were you beaten as a child? I was, maybe not 24/7 but I was still given a slap/spanking here or there. It made me into the man I am today, I can honestly say I am glad my dad beat some sense into me. It showed me the consequence of my actions and the repercussions of taking certain things too lightly, like the life of animals, I once knocked down a swallows nest and my dad beat 7 shades of blue into me, sure I howled like a banshee while he did it, but later on I realized that if he hadn’t I might have done it again. It also taught me not to hit women as I saw what he could do to my mom. I’m not saying you should beat the shit out of your kids, but if they’re doing shit like torturing animals or people, then yes correct them.
        Also saying Hitler would do this or that is just making you look like a fuckwit who can’t handle an argument without bringing in support from a long dead dude who can’t tell you if he would agree with you or not.

        • @anon 18:29 – Well, I too was beaten by my father when I did bad stuff, and today I find that a good measure. But it’s each parent’s decision to do so, also, to hit a child for something you don’t even know if he did or not is a complete different matter.

          And also, seems like you are the dumb fuckwit that cannot handle an argument without taking the discussion out of context.

        • > Were you beaten as a child?

          I was yelled at, and sometimes has to watch my then-depressive mom cry about it, and my father clearly at a loss of what to do, at least in great part because of me.
          I never did a mistake twice.

          Then again, I have a rather passive and obedient personality.

        • i am totally agree with u. parents should show love, sometimes tough love. every action will have repercussion, if they are being nice, praise them. if they’re being naughty or even “evil” (like torturing animals, stealing, etc) punish them sternly. From stern talking, sit in the corner, grounded, allowance embargo, or even a good slap on the cheek all depends on the gravity of the offence. That is how u teach discipline. Without that stern punishment, your kid will thinks he can get away with everything.

  • i’d do the same thing ,but the father should have thought about the fact that the bullying may be a “behind the scene” case and that the boy really didn’t knew anything …

    well , hearing most case of bullying in japan i don’t think that’s possible but yeah ..

    Anyway we all know ho school treat those matter , and what outcome await the bullied , so yeah , he’s a hero to me and a good father … well if the boy really was involved , else he may be unable to protect his daughter any longer …
    Now if the boy was really involved his parent got nothing say on the matter , it’s their fault too .

  • I get really upset about bullies.. My niece was also bullied in her elementary class for being an smart egg. She doesn’t have a father so I took on the roll and raised her as my own. I too went to the school and talk with the teacher. But luckily the Principe was smart thinking and removed all the bullies to another class, and had meeting with them. Next week everything stop.

    • you think that stops bulling? think again, went through middle school fighting with bullies every other month. after a fight things calm down for week or two but thats it. schools are just small prison societies, kids get bored and frustrated over years and start building their own little food chains for entertainment, as long as the kids dont get out of the box that the school is this is inevitable and few fights are not going to change that

    • @ Anon 13:03 11/12/2011:

      * “The System” obviously has failed.

      * Putting the “Fear of God” [well, fear of the girl’s father, at least] into the bully is tempting, but might, or might not work, because …

      o Some people/bullies are so self-centered and delusional that they will never accept responsibility for their own actions, nor for the consequences of their own actions. Their mental logic circuits are broken. (“No, Timmy, you did not get beaten up by that girl’s father because God hates you. You got beaten up by that girl’s father because after he warned you to leave his girl alone, you bullied her again.” — but Timmy will never believe that.)

      o Some people/bullies are addicted to the thrill they get from risk-taking. They love “flirting with danger”, or “dancing with the Devil”.

      That all said, the girl’s father did pretty much the only thing which _might_ result in the desired outcome.

      He didn’t give the kid a pass on the kid’s passive-aggressive bullshit (“I don’t remember.”).

      “Yeah you don’t tug on Superman’s cape;
      You don’t spit into the wind;
      You don’t pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger
      And you don’t mess around with Slim.”

    • This is the reality. And I’m not just saying that.

      If a bully exists in the middle school age, then it is almost a certainty that they must be physically defeated in order to understand that they are not invincible. In Elementary school, innocence still exists to the point that you can be told ‘that was wrong’ and authority exists enough to recognize ‘all these adults are telling me I’m wrong for beating this person up… guess I should apologize.’ But in Middle school, you are into the age of reason, but not developed enough to think beyond slightly more complex ideas. So if you think you’re a better person than everyone else because you can beat them up, then the only thing left is proof positive that that’s not a universal truth by getting beaten yourself.

      Most people, especially bullies, are afraid of pain and getting hit, ironically. So show them their fear, and they gain perspective. In High School, you’ve grown mentally enough to recognize consequence as being more than just in our immediate vicinity, so you can reason with people more readily, but Middle School…. nnnope. Doesn’t work.

      The only issue is that the father did it, not the girl. She should have worn a nice pretty ring and embedded it in his forehead. Her life would have changed that day forever for the better.

        • Somewhat agreed. The only ones that tried to physically bully me in middle school, stopped after I showed I would always physically defend myself, even when they come in gang.

          Had to beat them with a chair to actually manage anything, though. School didn’t like it.

        • We don’t know the age here, but rape isn’t really the first thing that enters a bully’s mind. And yes, ganging up usually happens. I had to knock two people down before the other two got me and they kept hitting me until a teacher arrived. They didn’t come after me again though. It’s not success. It’s the action that is important 99% of the time.

      • The girl should have done it, yeah. Go all Gasai Yuno all over them. Oh wait, ah well whatever.

        But I never get bullied, even though Im pretty weak and one of those people who get high marks. :/ Some schools work that way I guess. And this school has manga 😀 And I found one that had a nude girl (uncencored) in a page. O_o Dafck?

      • Ughu, totally, now if you would care to show up in front of me and tell that… assuming you are not 2m gorilla I can probably knock you out with the skills and physical strength I have gained in recent years to not get picked on ever again. Also did I mention that I’m going to crush your throat with a good stomp after that so that you can’t ever take revenge against me or my family?
        tl;dr Yes, getting bullied often makes people stronger as adults but also seriously fucked up.

  • I don’t have any problem with beating the shit out of a boy that picks on a girl.

    They’re bullying my daughter to the point of suicide?

    Kick the little fuckers teeth in, it’s not like they won’t grow a second set later in life!

    • The real problem is, why didn’t he just transfer her to a different school? If she didn’t wanna go back that means she doesn’t have any friends that’d stick up for her, so there’s nothing tying her there. If it’s a zoning issue, have her go to an aunt’s or grandparent’s and go to school there, send some money for expenses, visit often, and make sure its not happening again!

      • > The real problem is, why didn’t he just transfer her to a different school?

        It’s really a lot of bother, and frankly, this usually shows the child is likely to be bullied.
        Where and by who matter not. What happens once, happens again.

        Going elsewhere is a problem and is not a solution, hence the logic to try something else.

        • Agreed. You run from the problem, there’s no guarantee it won’t show up again, especially if the new student body she’s exposed to catches wind of the fact that the girl left her last school because of bullying. It’s not like kids that age don’t know how to network with kids from other towns.

          You deal with a drastic situation by doing something drastic. Even if that girl is ostricised at school, at least she’ll feel like she’s coming home to a warm and supportive family when the bell rings at 5 every day.

    • You can have no respect for these people and still not be able to fathom a correct way to support your children.

      ‘Just beat them up’ isn’t all that easy a plan to implement, if you decide to go for it.

  • I remember I was accused of bullying when I took no part in such and then a father came up to me abusing me thinking I bullied his son. I never did such. It was a misunderstanding. I can imagine that being the case here also. The father should not be treated as a hero but more like a criminal.

  • For me it depends on what kind of bullying it was. If it was physical id say it will help the girl. if it was just verbal abuse, not being included and so on it might cause more problems for her.

    I myself suffered alot of indirect bullying, never being included in anything and would probably felt it was worse if my parents intervened in any way. Not that it would have done any difference if they did, as i couldnt have ended up any worse ( a hikki now)

    If the parents really care for their child the best possible solution might be to move away right infront of a summer vacation and let the child make friends with others over that time before starting at a new school.

  • The father would have been better off sending his daughter to learn martial arts, THEN have her come back and do the beating herself.

    Revenge isn’t as sweet when it’s not carried out personally.

  • Jesus, what the fuck happened in Japan. I thought yankii’s lived there?!? I went to high school in Canada and if any father showed up to confront any boy in my high school, he would have had his ass handed to him in front of his child. Shit, if my father showed up at my school for ANY reason, I would have beat the shit out of him myself. Imagine the absolute humiliation of having to go to school the next day after your daddy had to come and protect you….that would (and should) make you a target for even more intense bullying.

  • Again, school rule also fail to protect the victim, punish the perpetrator, or at least become deterrent. so the parents took his own version of “unlawful” justice. As a parent, i think u have an obligation to protect your child. Sometimes, beating other kids who hurts yours is included. that being said, the parents of the boy who got punched has the right to exact his vengeance and beat the other father too. This is where the vicious cycle of revenge begin. (worry not, in Japan, police will step in)

    If you are being bullied, the longer u put up with it, the more daring the bullies become.It’s easier as a boy, u can just beat the crap out of those bullies. U don’t even have to win, just to make ’em understand that dissing u will cause serious pain, and they’ll back down and maybe find other victim if those bullies are really good-for-nothing kids. Sometimes, they can be your friend afterwards if u don’t snitch on them

    I wonder how it goes for girls…

  • Do this in America and your ass gets arrested in 30 seconds, as it should.

    Fuck that disgusting behavior on the part of the school, allowing an adult to hit a kid 5-6 times and then not putting his ass directly in a jail cell.

  • The comments here are mostly proof that people LIKE bullies, and feel scapegoating is a legitimate excuse for violence. This father should have been given a full psych workup, and been investigated to see if he’s used violence on his own children and family. Revering him as a hero is in bad taste because he’s just legitimized bullying.

    • All of the people praising him are ugly/antisocial dorks who were bullied extensively as children themselves and are now using this as a sick revenge fantasy. They will never have children of their own.

      • Be careful of generalizations.

        I doubt there are many here who actually completely understand the circumstances around this incident. So no one should really entrench themselves too deep into either stance.

    • Don’t worry, the only people praising him are ugly/antisocial dorks who were bullied extensively in school themselves and are using this story as a sick revenge fantasy. They will never have children of their own.

  • Incredible… Taking the parent’s side is just sick… but what do I expect from 2ch… A grown man punching a child in the face 5-6 times is just not appropriate. A hard slap or even a backhand is one thing but to punch the elementary school kid multiple times is just too much.

    I am sure that the kid probably deserved what he got: there must have been a good reason for the girl’s father to flip out like that, but even so… there are other ways to deal with these situations.

    First of all those useless teachers should discipline their class, constantly remind them not to bully and learn to pay careful attention to student behaviour. A lot of the time bullying takes place right under teacher’s noses, and they just dismiss it or choose to ignore it…

  • Why do I have the feeling that the people finding violence against someone who repeatedly claims to be innocent and is not proven guilty are mostly fascist selfish americans that think they can solve everything by punching it no matter the consequences or if its just or not ?

    • bitch:
      you obviously didn’t read well
      the kid didn’t say “i didn’t do it” nor “i didn’t know bullying was taking place” repeated times
      the lil’ bastard said “i don’t remember that bitch being bullied teehee”
      GET A GRIP
      even if he wasn’t directly involved, the bastard had the nerve to downplay it. who the fuck wouldn’t be pimpslapping that fucker up??
      “replace daughter with your cat”, OR YOUR MOMMA
      whatever fancies you, you may feel the wrath of the righteous too if you put it in perspective
      if someone is so cynic about a crime (yes, bullying IS A CRIME AND IT SHOULD BE STOPPED), it’s obvious tha bitch at least was a accomplice. he knew about the bullying, he had fun with the bullying, might as well be the bully!
      and this man is going to jail FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING: STAND UP FOR HIS DAUGHTER

  • One of the most saddest things is that most bullies have been bullied themselves sometime in their life. As long as one person is bullied, it will eventually happen to someone else because not everyone has strong willpower. We’re all humans afterall. It’s just a matter of how we react to acts like these that reflects who we are as a person.

  • as one Danny Choo would say, there are going to be haters in life. And regardless of how horrible you get bullied or harrassed, it’s how you deal with it that matters. And therefore, I would just move my kids to a different district. Why do I need to pay taxes to fund a public school that bullies my kids.

    I mean, i done my fair share of trolling and being on the other side (and no offense to anyone, but I bet you people here have trolled someone else). So the lesson is to grow from it. Not over react from it.

    • Did u notice that most kids that are bullied have this… imaginary neon box that says “BULLY ME” above their head? bullies exist everywhere, relocating your child to another school won’t solve a thing. Heck, these days, they can still bully him/her from SMS, social media site and email. Teach him/her to stand up for herself, and also file a formal complaints to school. bringing the word “press” in the protest also helps to make the school take it seriously

    • Depends.

      If the bullies are male, then yes, that’s pretty much it.

      If the bullies are female – ANYTHING GOES. Girls don’t even need a reason to bully someone else. They do it for the sheer pleasure of it. Guys may haze or bust ya’ across the chop, but girls will get inside your head and wear you down psychologically.

      It’s really quite frightening.

      • Yeah, and you can’t physically harm girls, even if they physically and mentally harm you. They get free reign to fuck with everyone and get away with it.

        People often say “females are more often the victims of violence”. That’s bullshit. If anyone wants to hit someone else, they’d do it anyway… but they’d only hold back (and society would only frown upon them) if the target was female.

        Equality, anyone?

        • @15:24
          So true. Hence in my book, women or child, if you deserve it you get it.
          I’d only hold back if they are young. And that is to whack them lighter.

          Bullies deserve no respect. Better beat them into sense than leave them misguided for life. Education does NOT have to be done by the parents, though it is indeed the parent’s responsibility to handle it; if they can’t do it, they should not be allowed to blame others for teaching their kid a lesson.

          And I say bravo to this father. Not only did he go against the way of the ninja (i.e. one who endures–and asks others to endure), all too common in Japan, he had the guts to do it for those dear to him.