Jump Manga Suspended for Tracing


Grand Jump serialised gourmet manga “Dashi Master” is the latest manga to fall victim to the temptations of Google Images, with the publishers suspending its publication after its author was accused of tracing a significant number of images.

As might be expected, it was the mysteriously thorough investigation by online plagiarism police which was the manga’s undoing:


The editors say the manga’s publication has been indefinitely suspended “whilst the facts are confirmed,” leaving open the possibility of both a return and a humiliating full cancellation.

Online there is the usual wonderment at how anyone finds them out:


“It’s a trace…”

“You just can’t be this blatant about it.”

“Surely everyone always used to trace ingredients?”

“I don’t get what the problem is here?”

“There is no problem, if you take the photographs yourself. The copyright on those photographs belongs to the people who took them, you can’t just use them in a commercial manga.”

“Never heard of it. This could be good advertising.”

“How did they find this out?”

“Manga reading is serious business to some people.”

“I have to wonder about this. The people who find this stuff out are either dedicated, or connected behind the scenes. And suspending him like that seems strangely harsh.”

“Every time these come up I am left wondering just who finds them out.”

“In the aspiring mangaka threads there are scores of these people. They’re all desperately scrutinising the winners of every award to find traces of foul play.”

“Sounds more like they want to become trace detectives than actual mangaka.”

“That they spend their time doing something like that is the reason they’ll remain ‘aspiring’ the whole of their lives.”

“Why don’t the editors provide these materials for them?”

“It’s not that bad? Do they really have to take them all themselves?”

“Right. All themselves. Otherwise it is a derivative work of the photographer’s. Everyone illustrating operates under these conditions.”

“I bet he thought nobody would every rumble him.”

“How did he find these images?”

“Google Images – if you search for ‘Jinhua ham,’ those pigs are in the first set of results.”



“Haha. If that’s all he did, he was asking to get busted.”

“Honestly, mangaka are always doing this stuff. Hiroaki Samura said in an interview that ‘as I don’t have a PC, I gather material using image searching from my cell phone.'”

“I doubt the actual readers care about any of this.”

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  • Japanese are strange when it comes to such things as intellectual property. It seems they think every content someone created somewhere must be protected to its fullest so far as to not being allowed as the slightest source of inspiration.

  • Tracing is nothing new in Manga, even in art.

    I brought a Manga drawing technics books, Manga artist Ikegami Ryōichi has teaching us to trace photos for manga drawing, and he is also using this in his manga.

    Simply, if it is not tracing someone drawing, I don’t see a problem in there.

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  • Are you saying that every time someone needs reference material, you should go out and take a picture on your own? Or go to the store and take pictures of the hand mixers they lay out as store models? Who has time for such things when on a manga writer’s schedule? Sankaku Complex, you’re awful.

  • I just copied and saved most of the pictures in this article for reference. In fact that’s the only reason I come to this site I read it for the pictures.

    Most of those drawings weren’t even tracing internet copyright rules in general is a big can of worms.

    As an artist and a person I realize that most of the time you have to bend the rules especially since the odds of artist making it in the art industry are set against you.

    • You know, this could have been avoided if each end of chapter includes a list of sources, or just citing them all at the empty spaces on the pages (e.g. “Photo courtesy of Tokyo’s Fish Market”, “Information from World Cuisine Special Issue 21” etc)

  • That’s serious bullshit!!! If they want to act like that, then why not suspending the mangaka of Initial D, he use car photography for his manga. Or the mangaka of Shibatora, he use picture of tokyo for his background.

    Seriously, this is real bull fucking shit. Don’t they have other most important problem to solve? Their debts, Fukushima, the overcrowding, the teenagers prostitution… Why are they shooting their own foot, manga, is the only industry that keep working fine even today!

  • Jesus why should the retards who found this shit even care? It’s background fodder that they used to get the chapters out faster. Meeting a deadline is so stressful for them, it’s not hard to see why they do something like this. Normally anyone who’s not a complete asshole wouldn’t care in the slightest.

  • for most of those, they are pictures/drawing of food. if you don’t know those are specific gourmet dishes, with one way of preparation and presentation. With that being true, of course it is going to look like a photo of the same dish. derp. and ooo look a specific brand of limo, why it looks just like a photo of that same brand of limo!! EVIL!!

    the mixer, yeah; prolly traced. that’s a name brand, and her would have had to have gotten permission to use it in his manga. the stainless steel pots, same thing. the gas flame? lol, he could have just hand drawn that from stock photos.

    while i agree that if the mangaka traced copyrighted material he should be canned. most of what was “presented as evidence” would be hard to prove if he’s a good free hand drawer.

  • I mean seriously, who in the hell takes copyright action against someone who trace food photos from some random websites. Its not like the accuser owns any of these photos nor the accused directly paste the photos into his work. Even if he traced, he at least made effort to portray his drawings in a different light. Therefore, I totally disagree with him being busted unless the propitiatory owners of those photos actually came to him and said: “Look, your using my pictures form my work.” Then he can discuss with the propitiatory owners whether is it plagiarism anot before any charges can be pressed against him.

  • Fuck them and the sheep they followed in shagging.

    Found a cartoon I did for a newspaper years back online in lots of places, going nearly viral. I was flattered. Even made clear if anyone (due to politics) tried to take it down by a false DMCA letter (some had been doing this) I’d SUE them arguing their putting my stuff up was “Free advertising” and since I do get paid for my work being published I’d be able to get a lot.

    Frankly, yes it is the law for a drawing based on a photograph but the only real precedents are drawings based on pornography/fashion modeling photos. A bunch of cool drawings in “White Wolf” publications were based off of some cool Penthouse sets, but I never heard of the late Mr. Guccione suing them even though he would over posting his fine “Art” online without permission. Anything else they’d be flattered.

    The people that do this “Research” should do something more suited to their art and social life like going into Minecraft and hand crafting 10,000 400 pixel high “GoatSe” images in blocks, the center anus being wool and then lighting them all for a YouTube video.

    Really, if I published a cookbook, like “How to make WOMAN cook boar you spear outside thatch hut and beat her if she cry for oven” and later was reading a manga and saw some illustrations used I’d not go “I sue!” I’d go email “You vely much flatter me! Permission to be using all images from my copyright work, no charge! Please, though cite my book in credits.”

  • Claimant: hey that’s my spoon,my bowl,my fish,my pudding! Don’t you dare trace it.

    Mangaka: oh I’m sorry,I did’nt see your name on it. How about you put your name on it so I would know..

    They’re insane. Sheesh~ <(._.'')

  • So what the problem? I mean they even have special books with pics for this purpose only. I mean wtf- there is nothing wrong with tracing in such kind of mangas, it standard technique of doing them.

  • 2ch is mad because the mangaka forgot to include a disclaimer:

    “This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the products of the author’s imagination or are used ficticiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This work media may contain images based on reference works, photographs, paintings, verbal descriptions, and/or the author’s personal experience. May contain traces of wheat, milk, eggs, soybeans, and tree nuts. Refrigerate after opening.”

  • Step 1. Take a photo of something either common, or famous (a limousine, the Washington Monument, the Hanging Gardens, whatever).

    Step 2. Post my photo on the web.

    Step 3. Wait until someone publishes a manga/cartoon/anime containing the same item that’s in my photo.

    Step 4. Post some comments to get the Devil-Hounds of 2ch panting on the trail of the mangaka, yelling, “He traced it!!”

    Step 5. Profit ???

  • Common, nowaday, everything you can see is “copyrithed”, that a hell for do anything…
    There is so much awesome stuff on Internet, so much think to do or learn for “free”, but everyone need his little copyright. Its that “share” of internet wich gives his power, everyone can use or be help by some others works, that the best.

    You prefer everything copyrithed, should the states copyright the air when we breath, the ground when we walk or the sun when you wanna see something ? XD.
    Should the pen manufacturer copyright the manga because the mangaka use his pen ?

    Photograph sell their photos books or exposed them, wo cares about be inspire ou copie hardly the photo involved with our pen ? …
    Imagine only the huge time take to do a full and realistic background with your own mind when you have to draw thousand of pictures during the month…

    (and sry for my crappy english^^)

  • Really, I can’t understand why he’d have to resort to that. Manga artists should be good enough to use the image as an easy reference, but drawing it from a completely different angle and quickly changing whatever details.

  • i think the real problem here is that hes is not even taking them as reference, but it’s just tracing the exact same picture

    and is kind of an insult to the other mangakas that draw all the scenery/food/animals themselves

  • lmao poor mangka its not that big of deal, it is pretty blatent ahahaha I love the comment

    “Haha. If that’s all he did, he was asking to get busted.”

    I mean the story and writing isnt fake or copied just he using it to help him do the sketches, it probably eases the work for deadlines. I personally do use reference images but only as a base or foundation then i just do my own thing with them.

  • well i do think the claim is fair, even if it’s food it is another people art and effort they are abusing.
    but what bothers me the most is heck, as all of you said it is food! if the artist has a problem drawing stuff as simple and basic as that, he definitely shouldn’t be working as a mangaka. if he story is so good he should be a writer and work with an artist,
    This is the Photoshop’s evil side. it makes it tempting for lousy artists to just
    trace what they can not draw.
    and well this rises another question, has the comic manga industry fall so low that their so called editors don’t know how to distinguish an artist from a fake?
    let’s not forget the case of the son of one of the KISS who also traced from Bleach. in this case i would fire the editor who approved the work first. if they don’t pay attention to what artists submit then i think they have no place in the chain.
    A great shame to the industry.

  • This case is ridiculous because it is a gourmet manga, where it is necessary to copy the standard / best food that he wants to potray. I think as long as he doesn’t fully trace it should be ok.

    But looking back, alot of older gormet mangas have images very similar to those above. I guess Google did not exist in those days and there was no way to completely verify.

  • Every artist looks at stuff for reference, even other artists works, but to just trace the images without significantly altering them was a bad idea. I wonder if it was the artist or an assistant doing this?

    Of course I have to say the people playing “trace detective” need to get a life. It was pictures of animals and cookware and gas stoves. This was not like directly ripping off plot lines or tracing over an image from another popular manga.

  • What’s wrong about that? How do you think other mangakas make detailed pictures of cars/guns/jets/tanks/animals they don’t put every 2nd page? Yep, they use photos. Only a handfull of artist, and that’s mostly 3D artists, are using a blueprints.

    • I only see two cases that fit the claim 017 for sure and maybe 016 the rest look like the photo was a reference.

      I don’t think two cases should result in suspension maybe a speech on not cutting corners and trying to be a little more creative in interpreting your reference.

      But keep in mind these authors are under a time deadline.

  • Isn’t this what you’re SUPPOSED to do? Granted, a god-tier mangaka would only use the images as a PHOTO REFERENCE, but anyone else…especially on a serialization schedule, can’t hand-draw every-fuck-thing. I mean, most of it’s backgrounds and stock stuff. It’s not like they’re tracing characters.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if these aren’t even traced. Celsys ComicStudio has a filter that directly turns photos into line and tone images, and it does it very very well.

    ComicStudio is the premier digital manga application in Japan, available in the US as MangaStudio for reasons I can’t fathom given that as many traditional western comickers use it as OEL manga artists do, but I digress.

    • Yeah, so what… it could be considered the style. Some of the work is OBVIOUSLY traced/photoshopped. The only REAL issue is copyrights.

      For example, if he took a picture of a city – then converted into a manga style, its his. Taking someone else’s photo and doing the conversion… a no-no.

      Using free photos or even paid ones are not a problem. I have a legal collection of about 1 million photos on DVDs that I’m allowed to use for various things. I can search by subject, whatever.

    • Plagiarism is plagiarism. The images he went and found are all more than likely copyrighted material.

      The issue isn’t the tracing of the objects, or what type of objects, but the actual copyrighted subject matter.

      You can draw whatever the f*@# you want, you just can’t trace someone’s work other than your own. Go take a picture of it yourself and trace that is the moral of the story.

    • I agree there are some “traces” that are legit or even unavoidable (how many ways are there to portray a building? Is there any viewpoint angle of a chicken that hasn’t been taken in a photo by someone, somewhere already?)
      #1: Plagiarized: Make clear it’s not the same fish in the original photo by scaling parts of the body.
      #2: Acceptable (?): probably traced, but the framing is different enough to make it unclear if the viewpoint is the same as the original.
      #3: Plagiarized, but a tough call: Manufactured objects all look the same, so an exact match for the noodle maker might be OK. But the fall of the noodles matches too.
      … and so on.

      I think what this proves is that mangaka need to start plagiarizing 3D models so that they can trace objects from different angles. That would provide cover for just about any manufactured object.

      The other point point to consider is that if these objects were traced by an assistant (highly likely as most of these are background objects), the mangaka was probably not even aware of the tracing, or at least not how heavy it was.

    • i think the main complaint is that the mangaka might as well could have cut up pictures from a magazine, pasted them together is some different order & called it his work. or in thesis paper sense, copied entire paragraphs.

      it’s one thing to take a idea frm smt & another to completely reproduce it. though normally one would turn a blind eye towards cases such as described in the ‘article’.

    • Nope, it doesn’t. They’re totally misunderstanding what plagiarism entails. This is called “reference” and “research,” all artists do, especially with backgrounds, food, and other realistic stuff. Even “copying” actual people (naked models) is also reference; many artists will take pictures of poses and draw out of those.

      Plagiarism would be to copy, say, an existing character almost to the T and to claim it as your own; or to trace an existing drawing.

      • I’m Anon 11:06
        Tracing like this isn’t necessarily bad and it is still a common practice, and I don’t disagree with artists doing it, but it does reflect poorly on the artist’s reputation and that of Jump if his manga only consists of copies of copyrighted work. Also if a complaint is made then he must compensate the owner of the photograph.

        My guess is the suspension has to do with such a complaint or a preemptive action to get all the legal aspects sorted out after the copying was brought forth.

        I’m both an amateur photographer and artist that is good at tracing/transfer, and work in a related industry so I’ve done my homework on the subject of copyright. I’m also an advocate of creative freedom so I’m not against you in anyway.

        TLDR: Still copyright infringement, but it’s only wrong if someone complains about it. The suspension is probably a move to save face by Jump.

      • No, this is plagiarism. He is copying to the T a copyrighted photo. If he took the photos off a legitimate photo database, either free or paid, then it would not be plagiarism.
        Just googling images and tracing/copying them and using it for your own work without the express permission of those who took the photo is copyright infringement.

        To clarify any photo of anything is always the property of the photographer, unless they have either sold or given away that right. Even wedding photos and the like are still the property of the photographer, they’ve just given you permission to use them for personal purposes.

    • These ‘Plagiarism Police’ are as bored as PETA (accusing Mario of Raccoon fur-coat and slaughter and ignoring the fact that he killed a sh*t-ton of turtles) if they give this much of a harsh punishment for something as background/object/food stock images…

      You know how f*cking hard it is to draw a background/everyday objects especially if you have a dead-line..?

      It is not like the mangaka copied the characters off another anime/manga…If the bastards who did him in consider FOOD and BACKGROUNDS as characters…

      I have read and seen plenty of manga and anime who do the same thing (even in clothing and accessories like bags/shoes/notebooks) and they have not been canned or whatnot…

      These Plagiarism Police…Bunch of bored bastards with nothing to do but this as a means to announce their pitiful existence as a group doing good…Just like PETA right now…

      And yes, I agree with the good fellows above me…


      • I must admit, I don’t know much about plagiarism law if this is considered plagiarism, but he used it as REFERENCE. Reference is a complete staple for every aspect of commercial art. All concept artists have reference libraries and emulate the images in them. Yes this guy is getting relatively close and is basically copying them, but that’s only because he had the skill to copy them well.

        Hell, we’re trained to do this as artists. Setting up a still life and drawing it as close as possible is centuries old training for all artists of any skill. Copying an image from a reference photo and drawing from a live model are basically the same thing, just less cost. I’m sure I could be wrong, but couldn’t this be considered parody due to the usage of the images? One of my law books actually goes over a scenario like this and I believe that in the example given the person who used it as an addition to an image to form a concept was not in breach. If he just copied the images without any context it would be different. But again, I don’t know the nuances.

        Hopefully the mangaka is exonerated. This is kind of bullshit.

        • ^but you are still using it as reference. Most comic book artist uses a “morgue”. Plus most of the pictures doesn’t look copyrighted so what’s the big deal? It’s not like he stole it from another mangaka’s work.

        • dude, he didn’t use it as reference, he fuckin’ traced it. it’s obvious from the lines and the pose.
          if ever there’s a crime in here is this mangaka being too lazy to imagine things up, and getting payed even so.

        • I have no idea why you got downrated for speaking the truth lol

          It will come to an absurd point one day that when an artist drawns something, if a similar photo is take afterwards, it will be called tracing.

          These people must learn one thing or two about art, because this is bullshit. The photo owners will never be affected for having some parts of their works used as reference for a manga.

          However, in this case, there are some pictures that seem to have been used as the background…

        • Despite what you may think, tracing is a completely valid method to produce this kind of work. Tracing has been used in all fields of graphic arts and illustration as an accepted tool for producing stock imagery of this type. Any professional illustrator or graphic designer will tell you this. It’s only been in the last few years that tracing has come under fire, getting a bad name from lazy illustrators who copy the character work of others and try to pass it off as their own. Uneducated (in illustration and graphic design) fans who really, really have no idea how illustrations are created have taken the terms “tracing” and “photo reference” and associated them with cheating, short cut taking and sloppy work, without realizing that these are tools that every illustrator uses.

    • lolol im waiting for them copyrightnazi’s to complain when a mangaka decides to draw really weird foods, and then the nazi’s be like “OMG THIS SHIT AIN”T LIKE REAL FOOOOD BANNNNN DIIISSS CRAPPPPPP”

    • The problem still stands though that he (presumably) violated the IP rights of the photographers by violating whatever licensing they were under without getting permission from the owners.

      And yes, photographs of food really do have value.

      It may not mean much as far as “Does this really make the guy a bad mangaka because he didn’t bother to draw his own bowl of curry?”, but it’s still theft.

      • If that is true. Than the problem is between him and the owner of the photograph.

        We, or anyone else has no lawful right to take that case to him on behalf of the owner of the photograph – that is only allowed for crimes that hurt society as a whole – such as murder.

        • You can not violate the IP rights of someone unless it, somehow, creates a problem to the owner of said work. The person whose work was stolen would have to see, verify if said work was indeed stolen, and prove why he would have issues with part of his works being used as reference on a manga.

        • As I mentioned earlier. Theft and copyright infringement are two very different crimes.

          Maybe you live in somewhere, not the United States, where the laws are different.

          Theft is a crime against society.
          Copyright Infringement is a crime against an entity.

          The police can only stop you for crimes against the people (society).
          Therefore, they can not stop you from copyright infringement, unless the victim sues you and has the court order your arrest / etc.

        • What on Earth are you talking about? Even if we ignore the fact the whole law enforcement institution (the police, that is) is about the uninvolved getting between the criminal and the victim, simply reporting a crime is exactly what we are talking about here. If you look out of your window and see some scumbag breaking into your neighbour’s car, it’s not really your problem, but likely you’d feel like calling the cops (or at least the neighbour) in the hopes your neighbour would do the same if it was your car.

          Anyway, like somebody said, this smells like the work of competitors or nolifers. Unless somebody actually recognized his own photo composition when reading the manga, which is highly unlikely but not impossible.

    • Come on. Those traces just look ugly and out of place. A child’s silly crayon drawing would have been better.

      He has the freedom to distribute his comics for free if he felt entitled to trace stuff that everyone else drew.

    • Copyrights are serious business.

      Whenever you think or ask: “Who cares?” or “will anyone really care?”
      The answer is: Thousands of people care.

      You’re just ignorant of them, cause you’re a big fish in a small pond. 😀

      • The fuck are you saying? People redraw images practically all the time, a lot of people learn to draw at an early age this way. People use references in their work even as professionals. How the fuck can you prove that they have traced any of these pictures? Even if he did, they are simply of food. You can make the same meal 4 times and very well possibly arrange the plate to be identical in every cases. All that was done different here is that it’s drawn.

        This was nothing to end a series over. You seem to just be talking for the sake of talking, copyrights, which aren’t even clearly disrespected in this situation, have nothing to do with how petty the mentality of the manga needing to be cancelled is.

        Artist use fucking references for accuracy. He isn’t ignorant for considering this more than the preferences of the anal few. Stfu.

        • Most artists either trace from their own pictures they took, or trace other stuffs just for practice (no publishing), so this mangaka’s problem is using OTHER people’s work as material for a public manga. Had he took the pictures on his own it’d be different.

          Also, tl;dr.

    • I agree. This is all background stuff. What the fuck does it matter?

      Had it been tracing of the characters and such, well yeah. But just tracing things that are part of the scenery or background? What’s the problem? It looks better and he still had to draw it.

      People draw from references all the time and you don’t see people booing at that.

      It’s not an art gallery either, the traced elements are just part of a bigger total picture.

      • It may not be as bad as directly tracing characters or scenes from other Manga, but if you were the photographer of these images, how would you feel about someone using them in a commercial work without paying you anything for them? From the look of it, many of these weren’t even traced, but just ran through a Photoshop filter and pasted in. It would be comparable to having a song playing on the radio during a movie scene, and not paying the artist for the rights to use it.

        And seriously, how hard is it to draw some bacon or a bowl of soup on your own? That just seems lazy.

      • Yeah. I think you are right. I really cant see whats the goddam problem really.

        Hes using just background stuff for reference, people draw from reference all the time.

        I would understand If he were tracing over others people characters drawings or things like that, but this is just ridiculous.

  • So, what’s wrong with tracing food?
    It’s not like he copied somebody else’s drawings.
    An artist can’t always use their own resources! There’s no way he could’ve done photos to the animals to use them himself! (that’s what most comic artists do for backgrounds and textures, take photos of things themselves and then trace them)

  • Honestly, I don’t care about copyrights and such when it comes to small stuff like this. But tracing an image is just lazy. It’s one thing to use a photo as a reference and draw your own version, but it looks like he literally just drew lines on top of the photograph he used. You can draw a pig without tracing it. You can draw a chicken, too. You can look at a real picture of a chicken or a pig and draw it in your own style. The food I can see being harder to get right, but you shouldn’t draw a manga centered around food if you can’t draw food without tracing it.

    As a manga reader I can understand not caring. But as an artist it’s kind of an insult when people get away with stuff like this, when there are those of us out there who actually work hard to develop our skills without tracing.

  • I remember an interview of Timbaland when questioned on whether he


    A song from this one german composer or some shit like that, when he wrote that one shitty song with Nelly Furtado.

    “It aint stealing, it’s called “sampling””

    Excuses all the way O_o

  • People are asking “what’s so wrong with tracing pictures of food?”. The thing is, those pictures were taken by someone. The photos belong to a person. Tracing a photo is just as bad as tracing someone’s drawing. It’s still their creation. Their art.

    • yea their “art”

      tell me, how many people with a “look at my cat” or “lol pigs” or a cell phone pic of “look what im eating” would you consider art?

      tracing art and passing it off as own, wrong
      copping art (not tracing) and putting it in, homage
      basing images off a google search because those things really fucking exist… wrong? fucking how?

      • Hahahahaha, what are you fucking retarded or something? Those are professionally taken pictures not just some random picture someone took.

        You can’t just draw whatever picture you find on google without asking the person who took it unless it’s under cc.

        • ok lets go through them

          pigs – no pro
          the fish thing – looks like a micdonalds style advertisement. if cooked the same way, it will look the same/simmilar and he textured it differently than in this.
          the building – ok i can give it that, but o wait… it appears to be draws differently enough to not be copping
          the snot thing – not the same, possibly same model, but not the same image.
          the mixer – who cares, he based it off a model in real life, and took from an advertisement.
          what the fuck is that bacon? – he again, copied a food that really exists that looks like another advertisement piece.
          the bowl thing – another advertisement piece of a food that really fucking exits
          the chicken – o fuck that, that shouldn’t even be considered copping.
          flame – you know, light a fire like that 100 times, its exactly the same, on damn near every single one
          limo – everyone who takes a limo picture take it at that angle, and limos ALL look EXACTLY the same, only the type of limo differs.
          the cooking pots – ill give you that is a copy, but he drew it,
          grain – im not overlaying it, so i cant tell how exact that is, but its a PLANT THAT GROWS IN PLANT SIGHT
          food spread – how often in other things anime and manga where they take a real thing, scale the art way back, and have it background, BIG FUCKING DEAL
          oven mit pot – not a fucking chance, i have a bowl like that, and i have made food in it that looks just like that.
          last building – yea thats a definate coppy, but again who cares

          now let me get to another point. i take a picture of my cat, the gas station, my car, my bike, my pc. i couldn’t give a flying fuck if i seen those same pictures on a billboard so long as nothing identify me in it. some people do, but most couldnt fucking care. copyright should only extend to people in an identifying way, if the photo was taken with art in mind, if that picture is used lets say in a poster like manor, where someone sells the picture and the picture alone. any other use of the picture is fair use when you put it ONFUCKINGLINE

          it really annoys me when people put pictures online and get pissed when they find out people saw their pictures on a different website.