Atheists “Less Trusted Than Rapists”


A study which found North Americans regard atheists as being as or less trustworthy than rapists has been making waves online.

The study, conducted by the University of British Columbia and published in the scholarly Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, quizzed American adults (14% of whom identified as atheists themselves, and 67% as Christians) and Canadian students on their attitudes to various groups.

According to one set of findings, atheists were regarded as even less trustworthy than Christians, Muslims, Jews, feminists and homosexuals, finding themselves only as trusted as rapists.

The study’s authors concluded that “people did not significantly differentiate atheists from rapists.”

The study was prompted by a 2007 Gallup poll which found only 45% of Americans would consider voting for an atheist president (which raises some interesting questions in light of the above findings).

One of the authors noted that it seems many find non-believers “a public threat to cooperation and honesty,” based on a belief that morality is impossible without a belief in god, an opinion expressed by nearly half of all Americans in a 2002 poll.

Japanese objections to these attitudes towards atheists seem to have more to do with hatred of foreigners than any actual religious or irreligious sentiment:

“This is why I hate religion.”

“This is crazy!”

“This is why Japanese will never be trusted by Americans.”

“Japanese are Buddhists and Shintoists, not atheists!”

“Rapists and feminists at least have a chance to be reformed. Atheists on the other hand are beyond redemption.”

“The guy who said Japanese are atheists is obviously a typical filthy Korean dog. Koreans only believe in rape, so there’s no way they could understand Shinto.”

“I think Japanese would be more considered polytheistic?”

“Japanese are basically atheistic. They happily celebrate Valentine’s Day and Christmas. They only go to shrines for matsuri, and temples for funerals.”

“The only people who have any real faith in Japan are cults…”

“This is why you can’t trust Christians. They just use justice as an excuse to go around butchering the non-white races.”

“Looking at this thread it is clear there are a lot of atheists about…”

“Religion is pure fantasy.”

“I think theists are the more dangerous lot for slapping a label on all atheists and distrusting them for it.”

“They believe the same about reds. Commies = atheists.”

“To be secular and without morals is to be like China.”

“Nietzschean atheism is harmless, but Marxist atheism is dangerous. The former is an individual creed, whilst the latter is a radical agenda for totally reshaping society.”

“Christianity is evil. They used to come to Japan and steal women and girls in Kyushu and sell them overseas as slaves. The Tokugawa oppression of the Jesuits wasn’t just to protect feudalism.”

“Slavery was common practice in the Warring States period… although I agree with you about the Jesuits.”

“Unlike Christians, Japanese are tolerant and respectful to other religions.”


Until the Meiji period Japanese were ruthlessly persecuting Catholics.

This is why Japanese are said to not know their own history. Catholic Japanese were killed by fellow Japanese. Japanese are extreme in their efforts to exclude other religions.”

“Japan’s religious repression was worse than ancient Rome’s. Japanese are known the world over for this. People who say Japanese are tolerant of other religions are idiots who know no history.”

“The worst are the ones who just label anything convenient to them ‘god’s will.’ Do Americans really think their precious god would forgive them slaughtering innocents at Hiroshima and Nagasaki using nuclear bombs?”

“If you believe you need to be constantly supervised by a higher power in order to stop you committing evil deeds then you really are scum, aren’t you?”

“West = culture of sin, afraid of God’s eyes

Japan = culture of shame, afraid of other people’s eyes”

“Anime otaku can be thought of as a religion. They believe they can interact with fictional characters, and go on pilgrimages to holy sites. All very religious.”

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  • Christianity you say?
    Isn’t that the religion that claimed that black people had no souls during times of slavery?
    Didn’t they also start the dark ages?
    Didn’t they also tell africans not to use condoms and help spread aids?
    Isn’t that the religion which has heaps of priests who fuck little kids?

  • in other news
    80% of people in jail are christian (or are part of some religion)

    while the other 10% are atheist.
    therefore, if you are christian you have an 80% chance of going to jail

    so why are atheist not trusted again?

    • I’m not quite sure you understand statistics.
      See in order for you to have an 80% chance of going to jail as a christian 80% of christians would need to be in jail.
      80% of people in jail being christian and 80% of christians being in jail are different things.
      Still your point stands.

  • An atheist told me a purple hippocampus in a bikini was making me pancakes. I was so excited I grabbed my camera and ran to the kitchen. There were no pancakes. I’ll never trust an atheist again.

  • Yep the ridiculousness has spread. I’m Christian I find this weird and totally fail. I’m talking about the whole article…Well that’s all I have to say *sighs* The world is crazier every day.

  • its sad actually, that people are so nationalistic, that they become idiots. Any country, anywhere at some point in history persecuted another group. unless there’s a countries that had no war whatsoever…..puny countries that have insignificant ammount of people dont count

  • I got one for yah, some people believe some people don’t, thats the end of it. I believe in God but I have friends that aren’t religious at all and I would trust them more then my crappy church going friends, Its people that ruin religion. Half of you can’t legitimately say a religion was/is wrong because all you do is parrot everything you hear or read, you never go out yourself and look for the answer.

    Another thing just because you can’t see a “GOD” doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Thats where faith comes in and whether you take it to heart, Luck or Miracles do happen. Just cause I can’t see your small dick doesn’t mean it doesnt exist.

  • While I am born Christian, I declare myself as an Atheist for a simple reason : I cannot understand why the God I was taught about who was just, merciful, etc would not even show disapproval for the atrocities which have (and are still) been committed by humans in many places sometimes even in the name of the church or by the church itself.
    The “promise” of some fair judgement after death where nobody has came back from to confirm that there is even anything after death is simply not enough for me to offer my time and money to religious practices.

    I chose to be a kind and righteous citizen who is eager to help those who are truly in need when I am capable because it is my choice and not cause I am expecting a divine reward in return >_<

  • “One of the authors noted that it seems many find non-believers “a public threat to cooperation and honesty,””

    Damn right. No way Im cooperating with jerkoffs who trust a rapist more than a regular guy who happens to not believe in an old man in the sky.


  • They probably asked dumbasses who thinks “atheist” sounds like some kid of sub-“specie” for rapist because it finished with the same sound, so went “oh, they can’t be trusted!”

  • Nuclear bombs, eh?

    Okay, how about this. Did the Japanese people have any say when their government bombed Pearl Harbor? Did they have a say about the Nanking Massacre or the atrocities committed by Unit 731? Those actions, altogether, destroyed far more lives than the atomic bomb ever did, and in a far more cruel and inhumane manner.

    Not a single Japanese civilian could have protested against those actions to any result, just as not a single American civilian could have protested against the creation of the atomic bomb to any result. The people are at the mercy of the state and what it chooses to do, and religion is just a tool that the state uses to control people and influence their political views.

    When religion isn’t used as a method of control, it’s used as a sort of calling card for parts of the herd to recognize and acknowledge the moral and spiritual conformity of their members. I am not at all surprised at the results of this study.

    You want to know what upsets me about the atomic bomb? It’s that a bunch of simple-minded schoolyard bullies on Capitol Hill co-opted the work of brilliant scientists and academics to suit their own ends. And religion? Religion is what enables these people to carry on in the way they do. Nietzsche was right all along. If you believe in a set of morals concocted by slaves, you will become one.

  • I am an Atheist, Not a rapist but if any of you have cute Loli daughters i would be happy to offer a Daycare service free of charge to prove my goodwill P:) and you can take your sons to the Nice Catholic priest and i am sure they will be fine..

  • Being a christian, catholic, muslim, etc. and believing in God is not an excuse for having a sin. Hate me or not for what I will say but, God gave us freedom to choose for what we believe in.

  • Christians, you are retarded. every last one, without exception. Your acceptance of your beliefs means that you are being retarded, and there’s no way around it. Fuck you, you fucking retards. I’m sick of pretending your idiotic “arguments” are even remotely sensible. You’re a fucking retard, eating retarded shit and calling it ice cream. Christianity is just plain stupid. If you believe it, you’re a retard. Period. You have no arguments for your position which are not retarded. If there were non-retarded arguments for Christianity, they would have emerged in the last 2000 years. Every argument I’ve seen for Christianity does not only fail to be a good argument, they all fail to be remotely non-retarded. From this, I conclude that there do not exist any non-retarded arguments for Christianity, as, if there were such arguments, Christians would be all over them like white on rice. Yet, Christians persist in putting forth the most idiotic arguments for their religion in the history of arguments, and cannot come up with even a single non-retarded argument for their religion. I conclude that no non-retarded arguments for Christianity exist, and that every Christian has either retardedly accepted a retarded argument, or has been brainwashed into accepting Christianity as a child (and children are basically retarded.)

    So…, Fuck you, retards. Your religion is retarded, and you’ve had 2000 years to come up with non-retarded arguments and have utterly failed.

    You’re all fucking retarded.

  • Fuck religion. Religions only cause war and other bad shit. At least, the western religions cause it all the motherfucking time.
    This is why I hate it and make sure to make every Christian cry by pointing out the many flaws in the bible. (Like for example, Eve was made from Adam’s DNA -> Eve is Adam’s clone -> Mankind is created by incestuous buttsex according to the bible)

  • “One of the authors noted that it seems many find non-believers “a public threat to cooperation and honesty,” based on a belief that morality is impossible without a belief in god,”

    Counter point: Any good thing done by a religious person is inherently selfish because it’s done in the belief that they will be rewarded for it by getting into heaven.

  • Me as an Athiest is on a higher moral ground then every single person who said that they distrust Atheists since I don’t discriniate against anyone and don’t distrust people without any evidence to cause my distrust. If you believe in a god/gods or don’t doesn’t mean you have or don’t have morals. The difference is in religion (depending on how religious you are) your morals are determined by your religion and as an Athiest or Agnostic you determine your morals yourself. For me the guidelines I go by are in some ways far stricter then in any religion and in others are less or non-existent. I believe that anything I do should never remotely harm anyone in anyway and that nothing should be forced on anyone for any reason except in extreme circumstances. If it is outside of that I go on a case by case basis on what I should do.

    • ‘Me as an Athiest is on a higher moral ground then every single person who said that they distrust Atheists ‘

      Whoops, you just assumed without proof that you’re the one who gets to decide where the higher moral ground is.

      Looks like your logic is even worse than your English.

  • “If you believe you need to be constantly supervised by a higher power in order to stop you committing evil deeds then you really are scum, aren’t you?”


    Some of us don’t need to be afraid of some “divine punishment” to behave properly. I try to be a good person for the sake of it. Doing the right things just because you would be punished for doing otherwise – I find that selfish and despicable.

  • “The worst are the ones who just label anything convenient to them ‘god’s will.’ Do Americans really think their precious god would forgive them slaughtering innocents at Hiroshima and Nagasaki using nuclear bombs?”

    pffffffffft like the Japanese have a completely clean slate haha.

  • this is why i hate living in America you have SO many closed minded assholes that think just because you believe something or/and are different that you must be evil or not trust worthy…. like for real that just pure arrogance and ignorance to think that your believes are the one and TRUE believes,like nobody knows the answer to anything really, every day scientist are discovering things that are making things previously thought to be fact far and away wrong, so to think you know the answer to everything is kinda like say i am omniscience.but seriously atheist on the trust level of rapist!the funny thing is most of these people blindly follow this faith because they had these arrogant and ignorant ideologies drilled into their brains at the time they could start to comprehend things,but they really lack the knowledge of the history behide their religion, for example the christian crusades were they literally killed,raped,and enslaved thousands of people just because they happen to believe something and are different.i really wonder if these people really read the bible and see the horrific things depicted in there ALONG with its history will still blindly follow it.

    all in all this world be a WHOLE lot less fucked up if religion didnt exist because people judge/distrusted/and hate others for their believes

    • just because you feel the world would be better without religion, that doesnt mean it would be less fucked up, consider the amount of people who do good deeds because of religion, now imagine the world without religion, what would stop these people from committing crimes?

  • You’re not stupid for believing whatever you want to. However it is stupid when you try to make other people believe the same thing, and then denounce what they believe. Personally, I’d like to think that I’m not on some leash or puppet string by a higher power.

  • Some people think religon is the main cause of butt-hurt in the world but their wrong the problem is with humanity itself it’s just fucken stupid.

    Religon just has the unenviable position of exacerbating the whole thing.

  • I’m an atheist, and as a rule I keep my mouth shut unless actually provoked. As long as religion stays out of government and education it’s reasonable enough as most individuals don’t take their holy book’s teaching ‘too’ radically.

    But when you have religious rule you get witch burnings, stonings, and girls being forced to marry their rapists. So people may not trust atheists, but they should pray their government stays secular.

  • man wtf atheists are less trustful? America is too fecking religous and christianity really aint a passive religon considering the crusades. But america is really a scary place considering its the biggest power in the world.

    I dont see a problem with religon but its when its abused to excuse massacres and brutality thats a different story. Wouldnt consider myself an atheist tbh, but I dont think they are anything evil.

  • The people who actually trust rapists more than atheists are obviously going to be mostly from the christian percentage that was surveyed.

    Growing up in a society dominated by Christians, most Christians would say things like “Why?? WHy don’t you believe in GOd?”, and etc. when I tell them I don’t believe in Christianity itself.

  • This is very interesting.
    I must say that I may be a little less trusting of an atheist. But to the extent of trusting a rapist more…I don’t know what to say to that. Would you trust your kid with the atheist babysitter or Chester The Molester?? Lol. It is times like this where I have severe disappointment in my country.

    Note: I’m attributing about half of my MINOR distrust to the ease of trusting like-minded individuals more easily. Basic sociological/psychological behavior. The other half is what I have seen from atheists IN MY AREA. They tend to live their lives in a less moral and ethical manner (but I know some who are just as/more moral and ethically sound than I).

      • Generally priests can be trusted. There are undoubtedly some corrupt religious figures out there (just as there are in any group or organization).

        You did make a good point though. Morals and ethics aren’t necessarily reflective of your religious values, however the influence of your religion (be a good person…yada yada yada) and belief in being charged with your sins has a big impact on what you do. Whether or not religion has any truth behind it or not, the values it teaches are beneficial.

        I am not saying that atheists are bad people. NOOO!! They can learn their values, morals, and ethics outside of religion. Religion is just another source for cementing those values/ethics/etc.

  • Unfortunately I cant read the article, so I really cant tell how legitimate this “study” was. All I know is that I have never been discriminated against for being an Atheist in the United States and I live in one of the most close-minded states, Montana. I’ve gotten into a few arguments about it, but when it comes down to it, I have a Constitutional right to be an Atheist. I also know many people with the same experiences.

  • “West = culture of sin, afraid of God’s eyes

    Japan = culture of shame, afraid of other people’s eyes”

    We have a winner!!!!

    From all of them, this is the most intelligent and useful comment.

    I never really stopped to observe it.

  • I’m technically atheist, since I have no religion. But I can’t deny that certain religions have appealed to me, not through worshiping or anything like that, but the mythology, or whatever you want to call it, behind them.

    I think everyone is entitled to believe what they want to believe, its when they start to force it on me that I make my stand. I don’t mean holidays and celebrations, because to be honest, I like the majority of them. Its when they start trying to convert me even when I’ve told them I’m not interested.

  • Funny, I find Christians to be the least trustworthy in practice. Why do you think they go to church?

    Guilty consciences.

    Why would anyone need to be forgiven unless they’d done something they knew was immoral?

  • The thing I hate about religion is that there are tons of people that ONLY do good because they are afraid of say God’s wrath or going to hell or whatever.

    Why can’t these people just do good, because its the nice thing to do. Personally if two people both donate to charity, I find that if one person is doing it for religion that its meaningless. He isn’t donating because he wants to help people, he is donating cause he wants to look good to God. He is selfishly donating.

    • You have no proof that he doesn’t actually want to donate, though. That’s the problem with arguments like this. Maybe his religion calls for him to donate, but that doesn’t mean that he, as a person, doesn’t want to.

      What you’re saying is a bit like saying that if someone likes blue and donates to organizations for air quality, he’s being more selfish than someone who likes red and donates towards the same organization, because the sky happens to be blue.

  • why is it their are a bunch of people here, wont name this ONE fellow thats super jolly on this discussion, thats taking anyone who thinks like them/ shares the same views as themselves as the truth and seeks anything that adds to their -very bad imo- argument than trying to understand the other persons view? what right do you have to criticize religion -mainly Christianity- when you yourself are no better than other religious people that are often criticized for certain things they do in their arguments, that you yourself are committing?

  • This is a sad picture of North America. People having such prejudice over religion even in what are supposed to be two of the most advanced countries in the world says a lot.

    I’m borderline atheist myself (more agnostic, really), but two of the smartest people I know are fundamentalist baptists. We disagree on a lot of things, but I know that they’re intelligent people, and they know I’m not an amoral rapist.

    Which is more than I can say for the people in this poll. Regardless of religion, some people are just prejudiced, bigoted assholes. You can be religious without taking this tribal “us vs them” mentality, but it seems that escapes a lot of people.

  • “…based on a belief that morality is impossible without a belief in god, an opinion expressed by nearly half of all Americans in a 2002 poll.”

    Morals are based on culture, philosophy, religion, and many other concepts. Religion is not the exclusive monopoly of “Good”, but merely an effective institution to foster it.

  • i dont trust a priest with my child and i dont trust a christian to be faithful to their families.

    i believe in hard work and all the hard work i put into something i take credit for and give my parents credit for, not some invisible thing.

    I don’t believe that one being should be able to tell people what to do. I don’t believe in hiding behind something fake so I can hate on others.

    I am an atheists, I believe what I see.

  • “Nietzschean atheism is harmless, but Marxist atheism is dangerous. The former is an individual creed, whilst the latter is a radical agenda for totally reshaping society.” Complete Propaganda!

  • atheist = smartass bandwagon jumper, who’s quick to insult others and vocally proclaim his so-called mental superiority. also known as a douchebag.

    nonreligious = someone who doesn’t give a fuck and just wants to be left alone by retarded religious extremists, of all types.

  • “The worst are the ones who just label anything convenient to them ‘god’s will.’ Do Americans really think their precious god would forgive them slaughtering innocents at Hiroshima and Nagasaki using nuclear bombs?”

    Most Americans didn’t know shit about the bomb until it was dropped. That includes the people who dropped it.

    • acutally those people that did like it(gods wrath) should get to read the bible again… Love the other person like yourself… If they hit your cheek hold the other one… OK now tell me where the hell you read gods wrath in there? Every Christians who jugdes others for their religion or who even thinks of realy jugding other person should go back and read the bible srly…

      I dont get how people(except muslim) justify feeling good for another persons death

        • There was also the fact the USSR was moving armies eastward. Japan had tried petitioning Stalin to mediate with America but Stalin ignored them. When the Soviets started attacking Japanese territory on the main land Japan knew then and there it’s better to surrender to America than be invaded by US and USSR especially with the latter’s political bent to abolish religion and monarchy. Quite a few of Japanese government officials had been educated in the West and not in the USSR.

        • At the end of WWII, the Japanese were razed down to the infrastructure and quite ready to surrender – but not renounce the emperor, as he was literally considered of divine lineage. So they got a bit of thermonuclear persuasion.

          Also, Russia was already had their eyes on Japan after the war, and quite possibly would have invaded, so the strikes were also a clear demonstration to Russia what the US was capable of.

          After that, the US and Russia went into an arms race, which kicked off the space race, to demonstrate that each could plant a nuke anywhere on the planet. When you think about it that way, it’s kind of beautiful how an old competition to make an ICBM became a symbol of international cooperation.

        • @Anon 07:35

          The Japan of then is not the Japan of now.
          The Japanese government didn’t give a shit how many of their own people died even in a lost cause. Arming their own people with spears to try and turn back the Americans in an anticipated invasion. Scaring the shit out of them by telling what was going to happen to their women and kids when the Americans arrived.

          Meanwhile Japanese troops were slaughtering women and kids in Manila before they left and encouraging mass suicide of civilians on Okinawa.

        • Japan wasn’t ‘going to surrender’; in fact, we had another plan for an all-out invasion that would have decimated both armies in place before the bombs were revealed.

          Also, we only had the material at the time to make two; more would have taken years to refine. We only used both to make the Japanese THINK we had several, rather than just a ‘one-shot’ deal.

        • 8:09
          They were only doing it to save face. It’s a little hard to try to look like the bigger man after you’ve raped and killed most of Asia. It wouldn’t have made logical sense to give them that sort of partial victory after what they had done. I wouldn’t take my chances either.

        • They wanted to dropp the bombs on Germany, but we surrendered and so they tested them elsewhere… They complain about what the Nazi did and about Pearl Habor, but killed ca. 200.000 civilian ppl for nothing. Japan allready wanted to surrender.
          Btw, I’m atheist, so don’t trust me 😀

        • @07:35
          Japan didn’t plan on surrender. They wanted a peace treaty both to keep their military and because they were buying in bullshit like the “samurai spirit” and “divine right”. The US military leadership was too arrogant to give it to them and wanted a decisive victory. The rest is history.

  • “The guy who said Japanese are atheists is obviously a typical filthy Korean dog. Koreans only believe in rape, so there’s no way they could understand Shinto.”

    Wait what? What the fuck did I just read?

  • I think distrusting people based on their religion is as stupid as distrusting someone for lacking one. There are fanatical people on BOTH sides of the debate. Your spiritual beliefs are only a portion of you as a person. I’ll get to know the whole person, and then judge you from there.

    People are always bringing up what people from this religion or that religion have done in the past, or what lack of religion has done to people and so on. Then you have the morons who think that you have a religion you suck at science, or if you have science, you couldn’t possibly believe in anything out of the ordinary. Fuck off with that nonsense. It’s just an excuse to be a close-minded lazy asshole and not get to know people.

    I don’t give a shit if you’re Christian, Atheist, or whatever the fuck… Jedi… whatever. Are you a good, intelligent person? There we go. We can get along then.

    (Except missionaries. You’re annoying. Fuck you and get off my doorstep.)

    • Following a religion means that there is a specific book with a specific mythology that you look at and say “Yes, these are things I agree with and want to abide by.”.

      If that book has pedophilia, promotes making war on peaceful neighbors, and has detailed instructions for how to mutilate non-believers and those captured in battle, then I think it’s reasonable to say that I distrust someone who uses that material as a guidepost for their life.

    • @Anonymous 6:31

      It’s not that Atheist think religious people suck at science, I’m sure everyone knows there are highly respected scientist who believe in a god. How I and most atheist think is that it’s strange that someone who understands and works in science can believe something so far from logical.

      The other thing I’d like to mention is that Many Priests, including ones in the Vatican, don’t believe in God, they believe in the Bible. Meaning they don’t think there is some supernatural being who exist but they believe the teachings of the Bible to be a good guide to life. This I understand, this makes sense to me as it’s just using the Bible for moral guidelines (treating it as just a book, what it really is) instead of dismissing science with the supernatural.

      And to say we just need to get along but then finish by telling missionaires to ef off seems like a horrible thought. It’d be like if I said, “I don’t care if someone is religious, as long as they’re a good person I’ll like them. Except for Jehovahs, they can rot.” It kills the sentiment when you do stuff like that. I don’t hate Jehovahs either, anyone that dedicated to something is pretty amazing.

    • “There are fanatical people on BOTH sides of the debate.”

      Iv never seen an atheist being fanatical because he is an atheist. He may be also a communist and being fanatical about that, but how can you do something fanatical from a lack of a belief in something.

      • because when you don’t get off your high horse and engage in reconcilliary debate, then you’re a fanatic. even if you’re fanatic in not believeing in something.
        most atheists i know’s religion is Science. they believe in any journal, in every article, in every statistic. Science is about doing, not about reading and saying “yes is true!”. as a matter of fact, there are always scientific people who are challenging familiar concepts all the time to see if it’s true or not. most people are lazy and take for granted human schemes such as evolution, or relativity, or how brain works, etc.

      • Atheists believe they are better than everyone and are fanatical about trying to get people not to believe in something.

        The comments being spewed should tell you that. Most of the people hurling around insults and calling names are people backing atheism.

        The people who have a religion, or the people who question it (agnostics or non-religious) are all having intelligent conversations or trying to reason with the people who came in to do nothing but complain and insult and belittle people. But for the most part, the religious were talking to each other while the atheists came in determined to add nothing to the conversation except to throw tantrums.

        And yet it’s always atheists who hypocritically proclaim that people are always trying to push their beliefs on them.

    • No, there’s definitely reason to mistrust people for their religion…

      When your morality and inhibitions are based on external commands, rather than internal, not only are you in danger of being mislead into doing stuff that is harmful to others, you are also a danger if you ‘lose faith’ and thereby remove the external pressure.

      Stephen Fry did a tour of America, and he told a story about this redneck he met that was absolutely convinced that if he didn’t have God watching over him he’d be raping and killing his neighbor.

      Tell me you feel safe around such people, instead of wanting them locked up for psychiatric treatment?

      • Most people who say that are just exagerrating stuff immensely to make an argument, but there is something to it. Many human beings don’t care about others unless there is some sort of consequence.
        Also there’s the whole concept of eventual justice’ over abstract justice.

      • You don’t know these people, and have no proof that all of their morality or goodness comes from external sources. An evil person will always show himself to be evil, religion or not. A good person will be good with or without religion.

        This is why it’s important to realize that a person’s spiritual beliefs are only a portion of the person. It’s inane to assume that a person who does a good deed only did it because of religion if they happen to have one. In the end, you don’t know that, and it’s trite to dwell on it.

        If a Christian fire fighter risks his life to save my family from a burning building, I’m not going to say, “Fuck you, you probably only did this because you’re Christian.” The man just saved lives. God didn’t tell him he had to become a fire fighter or run into burning buildings. That was his decision.

    • Yep Yep.

      The people who came up with the idea that atheist are not honest are… well, stupid. So many crooks and rapist are “Christians”. Especially when they use it as a title. “Hi, I’m a Christian – call me Jack” rather than “I’m Jack” – like who really cares.

      So for these idiots, they’d trust a Christian child-molester in their home than a non-believer.

      Proves, you can’t fix stupid.

    • I admit I was on the bandwagon of distrusting religions for the sake of it. But after opening my mind and doing some research (and maturing in my views towards people) I realized that religion wasn’t the problem. It was human ignorance that was ultimately the issue, which led me to understand that individuals couldn’t be judged for having a religion anymore than someone could be judged for lacking one.

      I couldn’t be stupid enough to deny that many of the world’s greatest scientific minds had religion. Nor could I deny that religions like Christianity gave rise to valuable artwork, music, and architecture. I also have great respect for humanitarians who had religion (MLK, Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, etc.) So instead of viewing these people as masses or movements, I examine them as individuals. Where they geniuses? Where they valuable? Where they helpful? Where they ultimately good?

      That’s what matters now.

      • Albert Einstein said he was a religious person. But he didn’t belive in the Jewish or the Christian God.
        i think being atheist is bulshit. people have “their own” God, their own view on something that is bigger than human strength. we could have 7 billion different religions, with each human their prophet.

        • [quote]i think being atheist is bulshit. people have “their own” God, their own view on something that is bigger than human strength.[/quote]
          I see this as selfish desire to feel important through some fundamental power which works in our favor. Without “god” humans are merely pieces of dust on a rock far away from anything significant in this universe and we only exist mere fractions of a moment barely affecting
          Some people have trouble comming in terms to that. We call them religious. Others, like Einstein see god as nothing more than a metaphor for the universe and it’s inner workings.
          [quote=Albert Einstein]…every one who is seriously engaged in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that the laws of nature manifest the existence of a spirit vastly superior to that of men, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.[/quote]

        • Then you’re an idiot. I’d argue the opposite– being religious is bullshit. People don’t actually believe in gods, they’re just projecting their desires for an orderly universe that recognizes their oh-so-great suffering, instead of the real, decidedly chaotic world that doesn’t give a damn what you think, feel or sufffer.

        • I see that people don’t like Mother Theresa. That’s fine. But that doesn’t negate the rest of the argument, especially when you’re willing to acknowledge that Gandhi and MLK were good people.

          Both of them should be examined as people who did good deeds and had good messages to spread to the world. It would be ridiculous to discount them among good, intelligent people just because they had a religion. What matters is they were good people.

          This is what I mean when I say I don’t care if you have a religion or not. Sure it’s popular and easy to make fun of Christians, but logically it’s also rather trite if you mean to actually make a point about an individual.

        • I don’t care about the idiot you’re replying to, but you don’t make a case for yourself by asking them to perform the equivalent of a Google search about Mother Theresa. Smugness isn’t the answer, you can use a computer too.

        • 9:18
          I’m happy to hear what you have to say about her if you’d care to elaborate.

          I’m not Christian, as anyone with reading comprehension could tell you from my post. If you want people to take you seriously as an intelligent individual, make logical points without labeling people as “christards” and maybe you’d have more credibility. Otherwise you sound like a brainless fanatic.

        • Don’t even bother bringing up a point if your idea of an argument is “I don’t like Mother Teresa, go search Google and see why *I* don’t like her.”

          I was hoping you two (three?) would actually have a good conversation about this. But no, we have someone telling someone else to just Google it because they can’t be bothered to make their own points while at the same time ignoring the core of the rest of the argument.

    • Missionaries are uselessly annoying, but there were actually a few women coming to my door recently to talk about something related to the feminine and god being a woman or something. These people, like any other, are glorified religion salesman and trying to make god a woman is just as stupid as making god a man. But the fact that women were coming to my door to basically talk about the Goddess energy really did actually make me happy.

      It’s proof positive that the perceptions of religion are really balancing themselves a bit across our collective unconscious. The concept of a male god and only a male god has existed long enough now, and in order for true balance to occur, the world has to remember the Goddess Energy, the feminine, and re-integrate it into the belief systems again. Balance can’t be achieved without recognition of both sides.

      It’s not new at all. Just forgotten. So bringing it back will not necessarily be as hard as it needs to be. Ironically the people who can really harm it are the militant feminists. They actually used masculine tactics to achieve their goals in a time where that worked in their favor. It doesn’t anymore, so it’s in their favor to reconnect with that side of themselves again.

      • You’re a brainwashed douchebag. Equating feminine traits with good things and masculine with bad is complete bs feminazy propaganda. Btw, in the end Feminism is like “White Power”. They only care about themselves and getting what they want and if they have to trample others and spit on their rights then that is fine by them. Or have you ever heard of feminists saying “oh no, that would be too onesided and unfair against men so lets tone it down to really be equal and fair to men and women alike” because I sure haven’t and I don’t think I ever will !

        • I had a buddy whose bitch of an ex used the same argument. “He used me for sex,” “I’m a victim of harassment,” blah blah blah. Stupid greedy bitch was lying to get money and sympathy.

          PirateKing, take your hiking boots and your butch mullet and fuck off, you feminazi piece of shit whore.

        • No one said anything about feminine traits being good and masculine traits being bad.

          But I distinctly remember you going on and on about how “men use women for sex,” which is Feminist thinking that is used against men at every turn these days, especially in faulty court cases.

          So if anyone is a feminazi it’s you.

      • Unfortunately, its now apparently a felony to write “Jedi” as your faith in Australia, as you can be FINED A LOT OF MONEY FOR IT.

        Well, they did descend from convicts, stands to reason they hate freedom of speech.

      • “The Jedi census phenomenon is a grassroots movement that was initiated in 2001 for residents of a number of English-speaking countries, urging them to record their religion as “Jedi” or “Jedi Knight” (after the quasi-religious order of Jedi Knights in the fictional Star Wars universe) on the national census.

        It is believed the majority of self-reported Jedi claimed the religion for their own amusement, to poke fun at the government,[1] or as a protest against the inclusion of the religion question on the census form.”

        • What Anon 08:14 says. Plus when your descendants look you up in over 100 years time after the census becomes available, and see that you thought you were a ‘Jedi’, they are going to think you were a bit of a twat.

        • @ Anon 08:14:

          “The information isn’t to keep tabs on groups like some kind of stalker.”

          The information will be used for whatever the people in power want to use it for. Maybe different purposes than those it originally was collected for.

          Maybe many members of some crazy religious group get themselves elected and decide that people of Religion X or Political Group Z are a “threat to national security”, “potential terrorists”, or excuse-of-the-day, and decide to fuck up these peoples’ lives.

          Why would you make such a thing easier for them to do?

          It has happened before. In the 1960s, FBI agents worked with credit bureaus to plant false, negative data which screwed the credit ratings of people belonging to selected groups.

        • silly assassinister, we all know otakuism is the worship of idols and hatred of anything thatll get in the way of getting their self reportetdly huge cocks/”mad vajayjay skills” to their unrequited love <:3c

        • The information isn’t to keep tabs on groups like some kind of stalker. Information collected by the census is very valuable and important for all sorts of things, from administrative to academic. The Census data is used for many, many things including research on human trends and population movements. There is a purpose, no need to get paranoid.

          Amusing as the Jedi stunt was, it probably messed up anyone trying to track religious movements or other population related statistics. Which is why being truthful is important, even if a good deal of people aren’t.

        • First time I had to fill out a census was last year and it was one of the most personal and prodding surveys I’ve seen.
          We’ll mock it as the government truly shouldn’t be forcing us to answer such things. Asking religion and other crap allows them to keep tabs and peoples beliefs. Personally Atheist, by why do the government need to know? It doesn’t seem right.
          If I remember right, 2001 had 650k people listed Jedi as their religion, which completely threw off their tallying. We are suppose to answer that completely truthfully by law, but can they truly do something against so many?
          This was also before the Internet went mainstream, so causing something like that to happen is amazing.
          One more thing, Jedi came way before Star Wars ever did, look it up.

      • Oh, wonderful. Another smug atheist. Just what the world needs. This is why I never identify as an atheist. Besides, being an existentialist is much more fun. You get to read unreadable books and be a pretentious ass. Just plain vanilla atheists on the other hand like to act all righteous and say how much better they are because they don’t beleive in some fairytale or whatever wording they like to use. I get it, you don’t beleive in God, neither do I, but I don’t go on about it. I let people beleive what they want. None of my fucking business. Besides, calling religious people retards? Thats not even funny, you just come off like a dick. See, I come off like a dick because I talk about my fancy philosophy, but I don’t go and hate on people because of what they beleive.

      • Gee, believing in something like a god makes you a retard?

        Hold the damned phone… Why don’t we go ahead and look up the term retard now.

        to make slow; delay the development or progress of (an action, process, etc.); hinder or impede.

        Perhaps you are right. Religion has impacted several fields of study and hindered their progress. Especially with all of the wars and everything…

        Then again, religion has been one of the ties that bind peoples together in general since essentially the dawn of mankind, and has been one of the building blocks of society that has caused amazing technological advances historically, often in an attempt to glorify deities.

        Look at the ancient Egyptians and what they accomplished. All for the glory of their gods. They created magnificent structures that have withstood the test of time for thousands of years and are still to this day beyond the comprehension of modern scientific minds. The Great Pyramids for example.

        Isaac Newton was a Christian for fuck’s sake. You’re going to tell me with a blanket statement that people who believe in a “God” are retards?

        Go ahead. Please go ahead and fucking contribute ANYTHING to mankind that is even 1% as influential to mankind as Isaac Newton’s Theory of Gravity, then you can call people who believe in a religion retards, JUST based on the fact that they believe in a religion, you ignorant, ARROGANT fucking bastard. I hope you jump in front of a train.

        IGNORANCE, is what hinders society more than anything. Especially in today’s day and age where all of the information in the fucking world is at your fingertips and a few button presses away on google, you have stupid fucking assholes like you, going around telling people all they know about everything they don’t know about. We need more fucking wars to weed out the dumb fucks like you.

        • Gee I see nobody actually cares what the core of my argument was.

          I stated that he was ignorant for making a blanket statement that anyone who’s not an athiest is a retard.

          Nobody can come up with a reason why MY statement is a bad one, but my comment is -‘d and there’s people coming along arguing against me?

          Maybe it’s because there isn’t a valid argument to counteract how ignorant the original comment was. OH boy look at that.

          I guess the ignorant are just making a hopeless stand together. Likely on the basis they’re too fucking stupid to be able to read and interpret what I wrote to begin with.

  • Most religions themselves bring good messages and such, the people that believe to radically and the problems it brings with them however… Meh, the many cults that springs from them, Religious terrorism, people thinking that their religion is the only right one, etc.

  • an athiest is a man who has no invisible means of support – john buchan

    with or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. but for a good people to do evil things, that takes religion. – stephen roberts

    maybe not the athiest needs to shutup but everyone who believes in something so stupid needs to realise whats going on.

    • They quized 350 American adults and 450 Canadian university students. I feel a rather small sample but a statistic discussion in one of sancom topic say it is possible to be representative with that size.

    • I can totally believe it. The big costal cities of the americas get lots of immigrants, so there is more diversity and open-mindedness. Central americas, however, are totally different. In the US for example, there are areas of incredibly white and incredibly racist/narrow minded people.

      If you don’t believe it yet, go to conservapedia. I didn’t even think such intolerant stupidity could exist until I went there.

      • Well, on the other hand, every expansionist group has claimed it was their divine right at some point or another (excluding communists i guess). the US claimed it was its divine right to take over spanish controlled areas. Virtually every old society said they were ruling by divine right at some point, cuz who was going to argue with the gods back then? Divine right has been the in excuse for violence and conquest for ages.

        • Which is exactly why I said that communism was one of the unusual exceptions to the general common theme that conquering powers claimed divine right. Communism was exceptional mostly because (in the form it ended up taking) it denounced religion.

        • In communism it wasn’t divine right. It was a belief based on Marx’s theory that history has a purpose and that purpose is a perfect social order – communism. The main conjecture for creating communism society would be a new process of production, which would be different from capitalistic. In soviet Russia they tried to speed up time. ^_^ Lenin thought that electrification of Russia would create this new process of production and he was wrong. Is it even possible to establish that new process of production? ^_^

        • The decision of the state is not always representative of the individuals of that state. The people in 2ch were mostly not around during the WWII era, and likely not involved in the policy making of that time. It should also be noted that Japan had been dragged up from a medieval level society very quickly at that time. The japanese emperors were supposed to be descendants of the gods, so it isn’t surprising that they would pass of their takeovers as divinely ordained, the same way as every other order from the emperor.

  • Maybe it’s because atheists don’t know to shut up about their lack of religion as if it’s a religion itself.

    And they are the most easily offended groups by Christmas trees and such. Their idiocy is offensive to people who actually have a religion, I guess those people are not “smart” enough to be offended and their opinions don’t matter. Double standard whoring just like every other special interest group.

    This is why I never call myself an atheist even though I don’t have a religion.