Miku Can Be Your Bride For Only $5000…


Even otaku are shocked that Hatsune Miku’s legion of admirers has some how managed to bid up the price of an unofficially created Miku bride figure to ¥389,000 – their astonishment in large part stemming from the fact that the figure was created simply by swapping the heads of two stock figures…


The originals (¥8,650 for the Sega/Tony Miku head, and ¥7,980 for the wedding dress Tamanee’s body):



Online there is the usual disbelief and some spirited bashing of Miku fans:

“Easy money!”

“With breasts that size she’s not Miku!”

“I’ll not bother criticising this, instead I’ll just jump aboard the bandwagon and make one myself…”

“What happened to Tamanee’s head…”

“It says it was repainted but it doesn’t look it. Seems amateurish.”

“I’d like to give this a try. I have a Godzilla figure, how much could I get for that if I stuck Miku’s head on it?”

“What do you expect from otaku…”

“There used to be some great mods, but these are just rude to the sculptors.”

“Mikuota are so dumb…”

“10,000 for the figure and 380,000 for the painting. Seems reasonable.”


“You’d pay ¥390,000 for this, wouldn’t you?”


“For this, ¥100,000 seems fine by me!”

That bride Miku is a gold mine appears to have become quite well known to figure modders – witness the nearly identical performance of a previous iteration.

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