Seiyuu Otaku’s Lowest Depths Plumbed in Ero-Manga



The recent scandal afflicting Yui seiyuu Aki Toyosaki has been rendered into ero-manga form, taking as much pleasure in depicting the wailing and gnashing of seiyuu otaku teeth as it does the imagined sexual antics of To**saki herself.



The story (below) likely needs no explanation – it follows the developments of the recent otaku stalking and subsequent online histrionics Toyosaki was subjected to very closely, although the sex scene her stalker witnesses is presumably an embellishment.

A brief summary – a stalker/reporter (it is not clear that there is much difference when it comes to celebrities) trailed Aki Toyosaki home, only to find she appeared to be cohabiting with musician boyfriend Tom H@ck.

He then confirmed this by sending recorded delivery letters to the home, having them both sign for the letters.

This all caused a storm online amongst those of her fans with a more tenuous grip on reality, and eventually prompted a great deal of bluster and strong-arming from her agency in order to force the stalker’s site (presented as a seiyuu celebrity gossip news blog) offline.


The lines most sure to gall Yui fans under the delusion she is voiced by an innocent virgin surely deserve translation:

“Ahh… Don’t lick there!”

“But it feels good, doesn’t it?”


“Haha! To think I’m the only guy in the world who gets to be told that sort of thing from the lips of the protagonist of K-**!”

“Ahhhh! Y-you mustn’t tell anyone I’m doing all these dirty things!”


The manga concludes with the remark that “this case is but the tip of the iceberg”…

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