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Aya Hirano’s New Look Quite Something


Aya Hirano watchers are complaining that the scandal seiyuu’s latest look is “massively degraded” compared even to her pre-scandal appearances, let alone her supposed glory days of long silky black hair.

Her latest look and the subsequent and rather predictable reaction:

“Aya Hirano lately… I can’t believe how bad she looks now.”


“Who’s this old hag?”


“Even a committed Aya hater like me can sympathise over this.”

“The only thing of hers I’d watch at this level is the sample for her upcoming porno.”

“Since she changed agency she stopped appearing on variety programmes, didn’t she?”

“You guys really love Aya, don’t you?”

“Look at you lot doting over her again…”

In other news, she has been attempting to tantalise her 250,000 followers with yet more details of work she is apparently undertaking:

“For now I’m doing a certain job at a certain place. I wonder when this’ll be made public?”

There is some less than flattering speculation as to what this might refer to:

“Another shoot at that pool?”

“More love hotel sex.”

“My date with her?”

“That 4th band member?”

“She filed her marriage papers?”

“She’s a classic attention seeker.”

“People who try to stir up attention by talking about things they supposedly can’t talk about are annoying. It’s not like it would even be a big deal…”

“Thanks to this person, Konata’s image is ruined.”

“This is probably Haruhi related. The author has quit being a royal NEET so it must be time for more anime.”

Fortunately there are always more pictures of her cat to be going on with:


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