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Yamakan: “We Have To Exterminate The Jews!”


Yamakan, in many respects the production staff equivalent to Aya Hirano, is in hot water for his controversial remarks again, this time having spewed some barely decipherable nonsense about the extermination of the Jews…

Some of his remarks, needless to say delivered via Twitter:


“This is what anime is now, eh?”

“This is no good. Sorry, sensei. The heavens have shifted!”

“We have to exterminate the Jews!”

“I’m going to the hospital.”

“Everything white only looks black to me. I’ve snapped, I think.”

“Ideology, belief, philosophy, humanity, emotion, they are all meaningless before anime!”


After this screed attracted some attention he attempted to “clarify” his remarks:

“A summary for the people who really don’t understand. I’m saying anime is now controlled by the traditional ancien regime and weird Nazis who all wholeheartedly endorse the extermination of the Jews.

If you still don’t get it, by all means report me to the International Court of Justice.”

Nobody can make much sense of his latest remarks, least of all his wretched anti-following on 2ch:

“What the hell is he on about?”

“What anime is he talking about?”

“People with persecution complexes are better off staying offline.”

“He really does seem to be on drugs.”

“Jews? What anime is this?”

“Please, someone decipher this nonsense.”

“His remarks about Jews are totally out. He’ll be done for if someone over there reports him to one of their groups.”

“There are western anime fans too! This is atrocious, he’s the shame of Japan!”

“It seems he went crazy after the total failure of Fractale.”

“Who is he fighting with?”

“Somebody tell the foreigners about this!”

“He could at least write the name of the anime he’s criticising.”

“Who cares about him, just get on with the second season of Kannagi already.”

“You can’t excuse these kind of remarks about Jews, you idiot.”

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