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“Haruhi Ruined Anime”


Anime fans have been discussing the controversial thesis that the advent of Haruhi and her subsequent blockbuster hit status is responsible for drastically lowering the quality of anime to its current moeblob worshipping Type B paradise status.

The exchange:

“Late night anime from 2004-2006 was great. After Haruhi it all went downhill.”


“You like Da Capo and Bottle Fairies?”

“This period was actually the worst!”

“No way!”

“After an otaku onanism title became a major hit everyone started worshipping them.”

“You can’t just come out with this stuff without explaining what causes it!”

“You can tell without explaining it. Now they just churn out these light novel adaptations in droves.”

“2004 was godly, but 2006 was a dark age. 2005 was OK.”

“I agree with him. Everything went crazy after Haruhi. Nobody funds proper anime, the work is all outsourced, the quality went down the toilet after they started getting those dirty Koreans to do it, and so fewer people watch it and the quality gets worse still in a vicious cycle.”

“Didn’t they say this sort of thing when Eva came out?”

“This guy doesn’t even watch recent anime! These days hardly any anime suffer quality collapse problems.”

“Besides, they’ve been outsourcing to Korea for years, long before Haruhi.”

“I think the animation quality has improved hugely. It’s gorgeous now. And Korea and China are much better at doing the work as well.”

Gun Parade March
Last Exile
Da Capo
Onegai Twins
FMP Fumoffu
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
Maria-sama ga Miteru
Initial D Fourth Stage
Gundam Seed Destiny

Oh! My Goddess
Honey & Clover
Eureka Seven
PoniPoni dash
Lyrical Nanoha A’s
Shakugan no Shana
Aria the Animation

“There’s no trash there!”

“It’s nothing but trash! Nothing’s changed!”

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  • Well, I kinda agree with them cause, majority of anime now a days are all “MOE” with a “FAN SERVICE” or “ECCHI” theme. Its not like I don’t like those, but is it really important to have “Fan Service” and “Ecchi”? Not all anime viewers are old, their are kids too..

  • All the ones I think are good like code geass, deathnote, higurashi, toradora ETC…. it would seem is considered crappy new anime by these guys.
    can you guys list some that is considered “good old anime”?

  • I love actually moeboobs anime 😀 The Melancholy of suzumiya haruhis was great. Haruhi worship is awesome, shes interesting and beautiful in more than one way. I think anime industries has gained new possibilities in the past few years, they got awesome software for creating anime, they used 3D elements for BG etc.- anyways, it wasn’t a step back, now its everything easier. thats why they shouldn’t think to make fast money, they should put more effort and love for the detail into their works.

  • Haruhi is a great show .. Yeah blame an innovative show with a great story just because it’s characters look slightly moe ! GO EFF yoURSELVES – and this whole anti-moe thing is pushed waay to far because THERE IS SUCH A THING AS GOOD MOE

  • to me honestly after 2008, there was a loli, moe, school life boom and less original theme anime, come to think of it. there have been less animes that are violent then there are moe recently. Madoka is a good example of breaking out of the moe mold with its serious theme nature that defy the magical girl theme. time to go back to the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000 style of anime genre. that we grew up with.

    look at adultswim. the some the new anime that they added are animes that are 4 years old. maybe with the moe boom, adultswim had to crete these lame live action shows to fill in the block, i mean FMA brother hood is their most recent anime along with durararara and the less popular bleach, and cartoonnetwork it self stop showing anime years ago after naruto became too long with all the censorship. other then Naruto and dragon ball z; Onepiece, Rave/Rave Master, zatch bell, yu-gi-oh, bo-bo-bobobobo, MÄR, pokemon, prince of tennis, and megaman star force had all suffered to censorship and dumbing down the content. because to a lot of network executives, think it is a cartoon, but why is it so serious and violent? cartoons are not suppose to be that way. and we end up with a from a mild teen anime to a lame kids show.

  • You know, it just keeps blowing my mind how old some of this anime is. It seems like last year or 2 years ago, at least, when first saw Last Exile, Fumoffu, GitS 2 and Eureka 7. Man, I have a terrible sense of time.

  • i have to agree anime has gone to the trash, at least most of it. i agree that there were a lot of exciting titles at the beginning of the decade. but all the resumes we get here on sankaku from most shows is like heck i wouldn’t waste my time watching that. and i definitely don’t see a title that matches the level,i am not talking quality but story , like Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll , Evangelio amongst others that became cultural references both in anime and outside.
    today all anime looks as taken out of an eroge. and heck i used to love those titles.

  • i have to agree anime has gone to the trash, at least most of it. i agree that there were a lot of exciting titles at the beginning of the decade. but all the resumes we get here on sankaku from most shows is like heck i wouldn’t waste my time watching that. and i definitely don’t see a title that matches the level,i am not talking quality but story , like Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll , Evangelio amongs others that became cultural references both in anime and outside.
    today all anime looks as taken out of an eroge. and heck i used to love those titles.

  • The problem to Haruhi is simple: the plot is interesting but the characters are the typical fetish, haruhi : the egocentric insipid egoist hiperactive, naruto clone
    Mikuru: the hiperboobs stupid moe 0 brain.
    Nagato: the classic clone of rei ayanami.
    The only 2 chars who breack that cliche is Kyon and Itsuki.
    But for me the real responsable of this down is K-on, and his stupid design and 0 plot.

  • Its not about Haruhi, or MOE, or 90s vs Now, or Korean animators, or computer usage, its about MONEY, this is the same spiral of shit that the music industry fell, Movie industry and TV fell, SHIT sells, be it silly brainless POP music, Bad effects based popcorn movies, or retarded reality shows, anime is no different the trend goes where the money is, if MOE sells well be seeing a TON of MOE, and if the next year, and the other after that also keeps MOE as a number one, there will be an avalanche of MOE, and it happenned, you have to keep track of the “HIT” titles of the last 2 years to predict the trend of the next 2 (and if you look at 2009-2010 what do you see?) at least some other genres are peeking theyr heads in popularity as of late, sadly is SALES what drives the trend not popularity or critical acclaim

  • Ya think? Sure took a while to find out right now.
    Right after Haruhi, K-ON started to catch up, and now anime is all moe. WTF! And manly mangas ceased to exist anymore. You know what everyone think a manly anime is? NARUTO. What in the hell are people thinking!?

  • I blame Winona Ryder, when she was on Beetlejuice everyone wanted to be a goth,when she was in Great Balls of Fire! everyone wanted to be a pedophile, when she was Bram Stoker’s Dracula everyone wanted to be a vampire,when she was in Reality Bites everyone wanted to be hipster.

    Even when she was in Girl, Interrupted everyone wanted to cut themselves.

  • In 2006 are:

    – Utawarerumono
    – Kekkaishi
    – Fate/Stay Night
    – NHK ni Youkoso!
    – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
    – Shinigami no Ballad
    – Paprika (Film)
    – Asatte no Houkou
    – Bartender
    – Joshikousei
    – Inukami
    – Magikano
    – Tsuyokiss
    – Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na (And the mutant lettuce XD)
    – Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora
    – Death Note
    – etc, etc.


  • Kinny Riddle says:

    Then how do they explain titles like Bakemonogatari, Clannad, Eden of the East, Toradora, Madoka Magica, AnoHana, HanaIro, Fate Zero etc?

    I don’t recall any of those from before 2006, in fact, the last 4 of those I just listed above managed to come from this year (2011), despite my unavoidable “recent-ism” bias, it still takes a really anal hater to declare that these anime are “ruined goods” not worthy to be on par with “pre-Haruhi” titles.

  • I really liked the last seasons though winter 2011 is not up there with the rest but its ok. But i dont see that Haruhi changed sth for the worse. If I look back, the majority of animes I like released after Haruhi.

  • If you don’t like the anime you are watching, move on…

    70’s – 80’s mecha/androids
    90’s – fighting (DBZ, Yuyu Hakusho)
    Ranma/Sailormoon – was the first moe/echii or (“pre-moe”) and the Internet was still in infancy during those times. It’s hard to tell which titles are okay.
    Bleach/Naruto – stereotype for me. Every bit and inch of it was from DBZ. If you are into this type of anime then you still have this “DBZ” hangover.
    The only anime they know is/are Naruto/Bleach because they believed it’s “popular”.

    Death note, Elfen Lied, Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo), Stein Gate, Haruhi – I didn’t lists them all, these titles are revolutionary for me. Moeblob/ecchi anime is becoming mainstream and it’s here to stay. Some may argue especially the mecha fans (most of my friends do) that it’s pointless/plotless, yes it is! this is now the ECONOMY of anime, you need to keep up with the times. maybe they accepted they are getting old. Serious and complex anime are sometimes emotional and depressing but with moe/ecchi, you’ll laugh most of time which is really good for you.

  • If anything, the problem is that there isn’t enough moe and loli.

    I think it’s about time for “shounen” anime to go down for good, at least during late night. If you want “macho” men doing “macho” things, go play gears of war or something.

    • Agreed. Nothing jiggles my funny bone more than people who are offended by stuff like loli and pantsu.

      Japan is the land where video games have entire tutorials dedicated to looking up girls’ skirts (Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy). If that kind of stuff offends you, indeed, go watch family guy or something.

  • If you want a real project to analyze this “why Haruhi ruin anime” it’s not impossible. When it come to journal or academic research which involve with clear point of view and statement. But for me it’s a nice topic to start the research anyway. Right or wrong, it’s up to the result. At least, it has scientific proof and weight more than a nobody statement.

  • Hum, not to be a picky biach here but isn’t this more a matter of taste? It’s a bit unfair so say an anime is crap when it’s catering to a different audience. You don’t like that type of anime? Maybe you should look harder and find the stuff you do like.
    The reason why these things are so popular with publishing companies is because they’re probably cheaper to make and bring in more bucks. They’re dumbed down so more people can enjoy them…or that’s what i’d think.
    The other possibly is that this is the kind of thing that really gets the mainstream over seas market. It’s cute and a little funny but no real brain work involved. I’ve heard being popular over seas is a good thing.
    Oh yeah, i’m also a little sceptical that this thesis has a bit of ‘things were better in my day’ syndrome. No way there were only that many anime out before haruhi.

  • There are somehow still some good anime playing… Only problem is that only a few of them are noticed because of them animes which pretty much has more fan service than what anime is supposed to be.

  • This is like saying that Halo ruined shooters, or the AVGN ruined comedic reviewers. Haruhi came out of almost nowhere, became a huge hit, then other companies wanted to get a piece of that action, so they started cranking out half-assed similar series’ only hoping to make a quick buck off the original’s hype. That’s not the “ruiner’s” fault at all. What, do you expect them to predict all that before producing it and make it worse on purpose so it wouldn’t happen?

    • If that was true then you’d have endless Evangelion clones today instead of the endless moeblob/loli crap that infests anime today.

      Instead, we got a few Eva rip offs like Rahxephon, but no more than that. If Eva did anything, it got anime directors/writers to try to think outside of the box with concepts plus having nonstandard endings to plots. I’m not saying they were successful with that though.

  • There was plenty of moe anime before Haruhi. Why the hell do you think her “recruiting” a moe characters was funny? It was already well established by that point.

    You want to blame someone for moe shows? 2ch needs to look in the mirror, then. It was their buying of these shows, plus the sales of moe-style eroge, that helped fuel it.

    It’ll end eventually. I’m already seeing hints in this season’s anime that moe is fading. Slowly, but it’s fading. Give it 2 more years, and we’ll really start to see non-moe female character designs again.

  • I think this is kind of an improvement. At least someone remembers anime was around at that time. Well.. just the mainstream titles, but anyway.

    Personally I think anime sucked the most between 2000 and 2005. The 1990s and earlier did better. Exceptions prove the rule.

  • The quality of anime? For the animation and character design I’d say it’s been improving a lot. But there aren’t enough “quality story” anime out there as much as there used to be.
    I think these guys are trying to tell us the latter. The story doesn’t have to be complex or anything, it just has to be worth watching. I don’t want to watch some girls living out they’re daily lives (K-On). Not really interesting.

  • Wait guys…


    No anime ruined anything, period. Anime is just evolving with the times. Modern day consumers may be to blame for overly exploded popularity, but the quality of anime is still top-notch. Saying that one anime changed the industry for the worst is really harsh. If you don’t like the new stuff, blame yourself for not living in the “now” and leaving your brain to rot in the ’90s. So shut up and admit that anime is still amazing and always will be! :3

    • You can’t live in a bubble in the present either. Without knowing how anime was back then how could you possibly know how anime is evolving or trending?

      You’d be one hell of a stock trader or weather reporter. “Hey who cares about this thing you call trends, let’s just care about the NOW and nothing else!”

      Fact is – things are capable of changing for the worse or better, and anime on the whole has slid downhill towards bad ever since it started appealing to only otaku and their fetishes instead of trying to grow its audience, all due to the collapse of profits.

      If you can’t see all this, then you are very very naive and childish…

        • I grew up in the ’90s watching anime, I’m not as submerged as others in the classics, but I know my fair share of good ol’ stuff. I’m sorry for saying “evolve”, that was just poor word choice. I agree that it’s just changing. But I still firmly believe that anime is NOT going downhill and quality is NOT disappearing.

          Anime is much different from 10 (oh damn, actually 20 years now… O_o)ago, but I don’t see it as a bad thing. The classics are good, the new stuff is good, just in different ways. I love K-On just as much as I love Cowboy Bebop or the old reruns of Detective Conan. Sorry, if I still sound unclear, it’s 2:00 in the morning and I’m trying to justify myself… 😛

    • “Evolving”? Evolving implies growth and improvement. Anime is not improving – it’s merely catering towards a more narrow audience. And anime is not growing – studios have closed and budgets have been cut.

  • It wasn’t Haruhi yet it really was 2006. 2006 was the Year with the most anime series. since then few and fewer series came out. The truth is: Around 2005-2006 the Mainstream lost interest in anime. Therefor the industrie had to make cuts by reducing the shows and concentrate on shows which are good sellers.

    The studios learnt, that Ecchi-Anime are allways “good” sellers. Good Seinen-Anime are also “good” seller but only if you give the customers enough time.

    If a season has about 6 or 7 Seinen-Anime the series just impede each other. It is better making fewer better Seinen-Anime with much lower cost by making much more money.

    There is more crappy shit then ever bevor but also really awesome good shit. The Anime-Industrie just learnt and stoppt beeing a “jack of all trades”. They making what they can which leads to the current situation.

    On the other hand, Haruhi leaded to a boom of Light-Novel-Anime.

  • While yes, the advent of Haruhi did indeed reduce the overall quality and drastically effect the style of modern anime in general, it’s not a bad anime itself. In fact, the Haruhi series is absolutely brilliant and revolutionary, but all the shows that tried to copy just fell flat in their tracks because they can’t write plot or develop good characters to save a life.

  • And people say Korea is hostile of Japan? Everytime something like this posted the peeps from 2ch are always bringing Koreans in. I find this hilarious even though they’re the ones who was the aggressor back in the war – it should be the other way around.

    Japs nerd raging to the Koreans even now in 2011 – here’s to the future bubs

  • Kanon (2002 Toei version)
    Final Approach
    G-On Riders
    Da Capo
    Ultimate Girls
    Operation Sanctuary
    W Wish
    Kokoro Library
    Girls Bravo
    Wind ~A Breath of Heart~
    Love Love?
    Smash Hit
    Azumanga Daioh
    Doki Doki School Hours
    Negima! (2005 Xebec version)

    All of these aired before Haruhi did, and they have plenty of ecchi/eroge/moe/loli/”cute girls doing cute things” content. And plenty of the shows in the chart image are either:

    A) Generic kiddy shows of the type they’re still making these days
    B) Shows that are just as moe/ecchi as late-00s anime (Magical Pokaan, Strawberry Panic, Inukami)
    C) Boring snoozefests with incomplete stories (Hack roots, Tsubasa Chronicle)
    D) Shows that had respectable elements, but sold like crap anyway because “Type A” fans either don’t put the big money where their big mouths are, or are too quick to find fault with any little thing.

    If any one thing could be blamed, I’d say it was overseas’ fans collective decision to go on “anime welfare” and let Japanese otaku subsidize their anime consumption. Note that a lot more action/sci-fi/violent shows got made in the early/mid-00s when foreign licensing and sales were more lucrative.

  • i agree, anime is shit these days, but thats ok, because the new generation of anime fans are pussies emo fags, i’m not 35 years old, i’m 21 and my generation is the best generation of anime fans. now all we get is the same fucking style with no personality, even the music is shit nowadays, fucking vocaloids and jpop makes me wanna go there and nuke all of them.

    good i feel good now…

  • Odd, I was actually just thinking about this.

    Not the idea that Haruhi caused a trend which ruined Anime, that line of thinking is ludicrous, spawned from looking too long through nostalgia goggles. However it is something related to that.

    There are many who think that the Modern era of Anime started after Evangelion. I think there might be truth to that when one compares the titles that have came out before and prior to it, and when seeing that the terms “Tsundere” and “Moe” were properly coined in the late 90s-2000 (and that Eva characters are often pointed to as the templates surrounding these terms, Asuka as one of the main influences of the Tsundere and Rei as the proto “Moe Character”) I think there is water to the idea that the Modern era of Anime began post-Eva (despite the fact that Tsundere and characters who would be considered “Moe” have occured pre-Eva, it was due to Eva that these terms spread).

    However, I think that Haruhi was also a changing point in Anime as well, that things are different (not better or worse, just different) post-Haruhi. More than once, I have entertained the thought that we are in a “Post-Modern” (for lack of a better term) era of Anime, and that it might have started post-Haruhi. I really haven’t thought much about what the exact guidelines for this would be, and just what is the fundamental difference between pre and post-Haruhi Anime (if there even is one). The only one that really comes to mind is that, at least to me, meta-humor has become more common post-Haruhi. Improved visuals and HD imagery would have come with improvements in technology, Haruhi or no Haruhi.

    But now I will ask the rest of you SanCom commentors. Instead of this idea that all Anime after Haruhi is shit, or that Haruhi ruined the industry, do you think that a new or “Post-Modern” era of Anime started post-Haruhi, like how many have said the “Modern” era of Anime started post-Eva, and if so what do you think are the defining characteristics of these “post-Haruhi/Post-Modern” Anime?

  • The ones that ruined anime are the otakus that support shitty anime. If a company sees you buying their dvds because they are moe, then that company will start developing more moe so they can get more $$.

    • It also might be the fact that its easier and cheaper to mass produce and pump out moe type shows. Even if they make less with moetype anime sales overall, it’s still more efficient then paying fees to make a remake of someone else’s work, or hire actual writers… I would say the whole industry is suffering in general so cutting corners like this lets them thrive.

      • You mean like Madoka (2011)? Sure, only one title but there are more like Durarara!! (2010) and if I tried really hard, I could probably name at least few more. Right now there’s F/0 (2011) which is written by the same guy who worked on PMMM script.
        Gundam 00 (2007), for example, is vastly superior to SEED (a 2002 remake of original Gundam series from 1979) not to even mention SEED Destiny (2004) which was a blatant copy of SEED.
        I could keep naming post-Haruhi anime (starting with Shinbo works) that are better than pre-Haruhi stuff but that’s a given since nothing has really changed. Right now there’s more and more original (as in anime first) series made since there’s not enough manga or light novels to animate and that’s a good thing. This might to some degree even help against the harem crap, sadly serious anime don’t sell and I don’t expect that to change which means for ever good series there has to be shitty harem and moe with low quality to fund the good stuff creators like to work on.

  • Don’t care, as long as the shows are fun, I’ll always welcome them with opened arms. Honestly, I’m not even a Haruhist yet this so-called hypothesis is just too stupid to be taken seriously; it’s like blaming porn for any recent rape cases when basically stuff like those have been occurring since only-God-knows when.

    If that’s the case, should I start blaming NGE for spoiling anime viewers to believe that every anime needs to contain mind raping scenes, philosophical elements and over the top plots to be at least good?

    • NGE’s story is just ok in my opinion despite the pretentious philosophical crap that the characters spew every episode. But what I really hate about it is Gainax deliberately milking the fans to death through merchandising. I mean, why the hell did they have to remake an anime that already has a remake(the 1st 2 EVA movies remade the ending of the anime)? Gainax just wanted to release a new line of merchandise through these new movies which is obviously shows how greedy they are. And mark my words we will have a cliffhanger/inconclusive ending yet again when they release EVA 3.0 next year and after 10-15 years Gainax will remake NGE again (maybe in 3D or live action)for the 3rd fucking time!!! *facepalm

      NGE collectors will NEVER complete their collection…

      • Actually, there’s still Evangelion: Final after 3.0. :3

        However, it should be pointed out that the new Rebuild of Evangelion films aren’t likely a ‘remake’ in the traditional sense, and there’s a a high likelihood that the final installments will be completely different. Many details indicate that Rebuild is actually a sequel following the same reoccurring chain of events from the original series, with the world ‘rebuilt’ largely as it was before. Perhaps that will be more obvious once the third film comes out.

    • You mean…. 19 minutes of endless talking/sign/pauses, with 1 minute of pure animation explosion.

      Its funny because at NGE time, there was another show called Escaflowne a shoujo one that to these days still feels looks and sound better than most of the common junk, hell IT EVEN HAD AN ENDING, unlike EVA.

      But Japan goes retarded like the rest of the world when a few words and scripts from the Bible are in it.

      • Yes, Escaflowne really had the tough slot of being on at the same time as Evangelion, and is often forgotten but was a true gem. The story, the music, the characters, (even the art IMO) was awesome if not ground breaking.

        Ultimately though, Eva had a deeper impact on anime because it threw so many things on its head and introduced a mythology. Just because a thing is popular doesn’t mean its automatically crap and we can like both Escaflowne and Eva without shitting on either.

  • “the quality went down the toilet after they started getting those dirty Koreans to do it, and so fewer people watch it and the quality gets worse still in a vicious cycle.”

    Oh 2ch. If North Korea and South Korea do actually wipe each other out, how will Japan cope without a scapegoat to blame all their problems on?

  • complaints to Haruhi for me…but one thing that is annoying is all the new anime these days. Their your typical school girl, girly types now. Last exile Season 1 was one of the greatest anime series I’ve ever seen. But in season 2, it just feels like I’m watching yet another school girl type anime…with the mentions of Cosplay and other shit like that…stuff like that shouldn’t exists in the LE world.

  • Haruhi represented a significant, instantly noticeable, and undeniable step upward in quality over existing anime. The story line was rich, complex, and evolving, and completely different from most of the conventional crap. Characters had individual personalities, instead of being flat with stereotypical characteristics. Part of that superiority came from the original source, the Haruhi light novels. There are subtle nuances which enrich the anime and are a tribute to the quality of the adaptation.

    Even the worst Season 1 Haruhi episode is head and shoulders above 99% of the crap anime before and after, and the best Haruhi episodes are unmatched. If the state of anime is worse (an arguable point), blame it on talentless hack studios and poor production choices.

    Older classic anime were dealing with an evolving art form, and establishing the conventions, which is why they still hold up well. A large part of current anime have cookie cutter character designs, cliched stories packed with stale tropes, and abysmal cost cutting production quality. This season has a number of particularly sad offerings.

    The recent Haruhi movie showed that this story and the characters are not worn out but can still be moving and engaging. The movie animation quality was also pretty damned good.

    You are permitted not to like Haruhi. If you don’t, please join the others with no taste and no clue as to what makes a good anime and hide in a corner where you don’t disturb us with your inane chatter and inconsequential opinions.

    And about Aya Hirano…I’d still hit it.

  • Ah, otaku… They’re like hipsters only somehow even more pretentious while still blinded to their own hypocritical, rose-tinted stupidity.

    I can’t wait until they grow up and start talking about the “good old days” and become the moral guardians crusading against the “degradation of morals” that they hate so much now. Should be fun to watch.

  • “Didn’t they say this sort of thing when Eva came out?”

    Yes, and I’ll stick by it! All the mecha shows after that had to have a quiet girl with an inhuman trait, bio-mechs, and angst angst angst.

    But it seems from time to time, something “kills” anime. Now the people who made Eva made Gurren Lagann… the absolute anti-Eva, apart from meek protagonist. Now, I just don’t know if moe stuff turned to crap or if I just liked it more in high school – but there are still good shows with the bad.

    Speaking of which… what’s the point of that graphic? Trying to show moe junk or exceptions to it? Some of that stuff is really mindless and others are top-shelf…

  • I’d rather see Haruhi (1st season) as one of the last really good anime before the moe boom. If anything they should be blaming K-On. Haruhi and Lucky Star were okay. K-on started the whole brainless moe issue.

    P.D. I’m a hater so let me hate.

  • i’d tend to agree that after haruhi in 2006, things changed dramatically for the anime industry with the moe bubble and mass produced blob shows.

    When you think back to 2006, haruhi was like the new cocaine of anime, everyone was high on that shit but these days that quick high just doesn’t cut it anymore.

    I wouldn’t go so as far to say that post 2006 anime were bad, it’s just that there was an over saturation of shitty crap produced trying to milk the moe success of haruhi and lucky star.

  • I really don’t see Haruhi as a “Type B” kind of show. It’s very smartly written, and most episodes (especially those based on the first novel) have a reasonably complex plot backed by a fascinating mythology.

    It’s not the show’s fault if some people love it only because of its moe/harem aspects. I still think it was the best show of 2006, and one of the best shows of the ’00s overall.

    • I agree completely. A lot of people don’t really understand me when I say this (and it’s probably going to make me sound like a pretentious douche or something) but I find Haruhi to be a really thought-provoking anime. On the surface it seems fairly straightforward, and on that level alone it’s an enjoyable story, but there is so much going on under the surface that it took me repeated watches to really understand.

      I actually strongly dislike the most “moeblob” character (Mikuru) but I feel like she was written specifically to be disliked. She could be moe and halfway competent. Instead she’s moe and completely useless, unless they run into some kind of alien that has hypersensitive hearing so she can wail it to death. But I even find her interesting as a character because of the questions surrounding her older self’s involvement, and (depending on whether you trust Itsuki’s word or not) how much of her incompetence may or may not be an act.

      • i forgive Mikuru for everything. no, not because she’s pretty.
        imagine this: you’re assigned to observe a rare being, potentially dangerous if provoked.
        you’re given specific orders to not interfere or interact with this being, as precaution.
        and then out of the blue not only the subject of your observation notices you, it jumps right at you and socialize openly with you, a thing which you were strictly forbidden to do.
        Mikuru Asahina is Dr. fuckin Emmett Brown dude. everytime i see her troubled face i think she’s like “Great Scott! this could have serious repercussions in future events!”

      • well, at least the first season was amazing for turning some boring books into a series full of plot tweeests. the broken timeline trick was so great that Lost copied it (not)
        that’s something.

      • For me, Haruhi was the anime that got me into seriously following anime.
        The emotional subtext is just beautiful, and frankly, “Someday in the Rain” is the most beautiful episode of any show I’ve seen ever.

      • For me it was the character of Kyon. His lenghty mental monologues(acted with excellence by Sugita Tomokazu) and his reluctant and sarcastic approach to his role as the anchor that keeps Haruhi from going (more) batshit insane.

        Some of the story elements are very interesting, like Haruhi’s ignorant omnipotence and so on.

  • Ridiculous. This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. Dumber than those crazy seiyuu otaku freaking out over their seiyuu obsessions having sex.

    First off, anime nowadays looks fantastic. Beautiful.

    And there ARE good—even GREAT—anime today. As well as moeblob awesomeness.

    We get a bit of both. Which is a good thing.

    Shut up, you crazy otaku.

  • Overall quality of anime production is better in transition (sans the usual studios with “a certain nagging budget problem” near the end); And yes, HD has something to do with it. Plots… well, there’s some uniqueness that shows up every once in a while.

    Honestly, Haruhi didn’t ruin anime, but otaku that were after moe~ things started a downward spiral due to the character designs. Thankfully, it’s under control now (or almost for the pessimists out there), Ishihara’s moralfaggotry notwithstanding. Maybe it’s just me, but these days I kinda have a hard time following just a max of 13 series a season, batting above .500 with the major hits.

    Forget whatever anon threw this grenade in the room with a bunch of Grunts that explode like plasma grenades. (*Halo reference*) Dude’s wrong imo and I stop short of calling him/her/it a troll.

  • Oh misleading title. How I wish I could fall for your mischievous trap.

    Seriously though, most of the show’s budget and quality back then were shit. Only a hand few were doing it right. Now, quality has improved for some. Still we can see some herps and derps in some shows with inconsistent production.

    Oh and wasn’t 2006 onwards the period where many half assed studios popped out of nowhere and started their own production? That would certainly be the idea behind why there was so much crap in the quality of the animation itself.

  • Huh? There has been plenty of good anime – even great anime! – since then.

    Baccano, Gurren Lagann, Higurashi Kai, Eden of the East, Steins;Gate, Railgun, Madoka… the list goes on and on. Despite the popularity of moeblob anime (which I’d blame more on K-ON than Haruhi), there are always a few good titles airing for the connoisseur to enjoy.

    • I remember hearing how the director basically made his girlfriend the writer, hence the crapfest that ensued.

      Worst Gundam ever though? Close, but I think Wing Gundam was an abortion from hell that perverted everything Gundam was before that point.

  • ehh people always say this about new anime, i bet people said this about the 2004-2006 era anime when it came out and bitched about it being trash, its either a troll fail or a retarded hipster.

  • I actually prefer anime now. It looks better, the character are more appealing and cuter. The stories have less substance but I’m not really into watching an epic movie every time I watch anime that gets a bit tiring. Old anime is overrated!

    • That’s your personal taste, and I think you are confusing old anime with “epic” anime or anime with serious plot. There were plenty of slice of life and light hearted comedies back in the 80s and early 90s that were high quality. Who can forget Urusei Yatsura, Ranma, Kimagure Orange Road, etc.

      Yes character designs are cleaner today, but as others have said – of course it would be with the improvement in technology.

    • But isn’t that still relative? I thought the character designs from the 90’s looked more appealing, and certainly less plastic than the characters look now.

      And can’t something be well-written without being ‘epic’? You’re mistaking ‘bombastic, epic, OMGCRAZYPLOT’ for ‘good writing’, methinks. Because they are not the same.

    • I agree quality is much better now and I like the current day character design much more then early 2000 animes.

      I believe this is partly due to the fact that since HD is now standard, animators need to add much more detail into their productions, so the change of technology is also past of what I consider a vast improvement.

  • K-ON ruined anime.
    Thanks to it many anime now turn to cheap-production moe-blob animation, because K-ON used that format and it got so popular.

    Not Haruhi, by the way, haruhi’s design are changed just after k-on!

  • fuck moe…fuck it! very few moe animes have so much as a plot! its gotten worse that ecchi harem series! Sustaince! Thats what the type A’s want! Substance, humor, plot, character progression, dynamic styling and writing! Good Art! not just huge tits and eyes and beach episodes!

  • Yep, I agree with ones saying that after that sh*tty moeblob Haruhi everything went “down the toilet”.
    Nothing’s better than good old 90-start of 00s animes
    There’s hardly 2-3 animes that are really worth watching in a year now.

    • In a non-hipster way, please elaborate how K-on should become the one that should get the blame for all these non-existent “Anime nowadays are ruined” shit. Sure, it’s famous and it got so popular than people could expected it to be in the beginning but honestly, I don’t see anything that can prove it changes the pace and style of anime nowadays just like how Sailormoon and Dragonball changed the style of action shonen/shoujo franchise. People really need to trace back to the early 2000 and see how many shows with cute girls (especially the forgotten ones) doing cute stuff have populated the industry since then.

      • because it was commerically successful. Thats the defining feature, If something makes money then TV studios will invest and take chances in it and similar products. Thus K-ON opened the door for many crappy MOE blob animes that would not have even been given a chance prior.-RiseofAtomsk

        ps, and incidentally, and Moeblob anime, haruhi included, that becomes success only fuels the fire started by its predecessors. Type B, are in general the ones who spend the money, so they are the ones whose financial opinion actually matters.

        • when you compare haruhi to such master pieces of the past like hokuto no ken, any leiji matsumoto work, but thats going waaay back to anime, near the millenium if you compare it to cowboy bebop is still crap, to me anime begin it collapse some around 2007-2008, a clear sign of that is gonzo going mainstream, but thats onli my opinion as a random guy over the internet.

          also fanservise didnt kill anime, we got that with early millenium anime, like ranma, evangelion, chobits, it was a good spice but makin a whole dish of peper just kill the flavor of things