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“How To Make Your Daughter Love You” = “Bathe With Her”


Japanese girls who bathe with their fathers for longer are much more inclined to love them in later life, surveys suggest.

The survey quizzed Japanese on their bathing habits, and its findings regarding “papafuro” (“papa bath”) girls attracted particular attention.

Of those women who reported bathing with their father regularly as a child, 71.9% reported they “love their father,” as opposed to only 48.7% of those who never bathed with their father.

Children (of either sex) who reported bathing with their father until they were older also apparently enjoyed more involved relationships with their fathers – 44.2% of those who bathed with their father from ages 9 to 15 sought work related advice from their father in later life, as opposed to only 27.9% of those who only bathed until age 8 or less.

It is common for Japanese fathers to bathe with their adolescent daughters, although attitudes vary from those who consider it perfectly natural to those who think it a bit creepy – not least the misanthropic legions of 2ch:

“Westerners: ‘This is child abuse!'”

“One of my colleagues kept bathing with her father until she left high school. Honestly, I thought that was a bit creepy.”

“Bathe alone if you’re in elementary school!”

“At 15 I think it would be more of a problem for papa…”

“Papafuro… who makes up these phrases!?”

“I hear there are women in their twenties who still share toothbrushes with their fathers and families. Really it depends on the family.”

“There are a lot of people who are dependent on their fathers around, but you don’t hear nearly as much fuss about it as with those dependent on their mothers. Honestly, both are just as creepy.”

“If you somehow got an erection it would be extremely problematic so I’d never do it.”

“How would you explain that away?”

“So how old is too old for papafuro?”

“Generelly you’d stop once they started growing hair?”

“7’s the limit!”

“I bathed with my father until 13. I love and respect him.”

“I bathed with him until year 5 of elementary school I stopped when my hair and breasts started to grow, but I still bathe with mother even now.”

“My daughter refused to bathe with me starting at age 4 so I have no problems there…”

“You’d be arrested for doing it at any age in the USA. Cultural differences are scary stuff.”

“Tell a yank and you’d probably get beaten up.”

“Americans would just treat you as a pedophile and lock you up. I don’t know about other countries though.”

“My daughter is in the first year of middle school, we bathe together and share a bed. But she’s annoyed by lifting her skirt in the living room – you cannot understand the female mind.”

“Our daughter always picks papa when offered a choice between bathing with mama or papa… but she’s only 3.”

“Are there even any men out there who would be turned on by the sight of their own flesh and blood naked though?”

“This is just promoting incest and child abuse!”

“You lot would be grossed out by bathing with your mothers though, right?”

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