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“80% Underage” Schoolgirl Delivery Health Service Busted


Police have arrested two men for running a delivery health operation where 80% of the girls were under 18.

Kanagawa police arrested two men, 32 and 28, for managing a Yokohama based delivery health operation, charging them with inducing minors to commit obscene acts.

They were found to have employed a 16-year-old “unemployed” Chiba girl as a delivery health prostitute, despatching her to the homes of two local men for sex, charging from ¥17,000 to ¥20,000 a time.

According to police, of the 10 girls working for them, 8 were minors aged 15-17.

Whether the managers knew their girls were mostly underage is not clear, but as the laws concerned specifically make no distinction between knowingly and unknowingly inducing minors to commit “obscene” acts (even if they use false ID or similar), it is not terribly relevant to the slew of charges police are likely assembling against them.

Although technically criminals themselves, the prostitutes will almost certainly not face any legal repercussions. Their clients are also technically guilty of committing obscene acts with minors even if they had no idea they were underage, but it seems police are not taking action against them.

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