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Strippers Busted for Stripping – “Please, Not That Kind of 69!”


Police have arrested a stage full of strippers for stripping and a crowd of men for watching.


The bust occurred at the “Naniwa Music” strip club in Osaka, with police arresting the 80-year-old proprietor and 6 strippers aged 29-69.

The strippers have been charged with public indecency for exposing themselves to their audience, amazingly enough.

All the accused admit the charges.

Not satisfied with this abuse of power, police arrested a further 9 men from the audience for “abetting” their crime by paying ¥500 to take photographs, though they seem to have spared those who only paid to get in.


Amongst online sex crime watchers there is some bewilderment as to why the establishment was raided when stripping is notionally legal in Japan, especially given there is no shortage of establishments offering sexual services ranging from full sex to risqué dancing in Osaka.

Some sort of grievance towards the establishment on the part of authorities is suspected – “lack of payment” always being a prime candidate in these cases, given the unhealthily close relationship Japanese police enjoy with notionally illegal enterprises such as brothels and pachinko parlours.

Rather more bewilderment arises from the arrest of the 69-year-old however; explanations range from her being a fetish special for maniacs to her having been arrested along with the strippers for some other reason…

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