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Mugi Strips: “She Has Huge Boobs But They Sag Too Much!”


Gentleman’s favourite Tsumugi Kotobuki has finally stipped off in official K-ON! media, delighting fans with the size of her breasts but also causing much consternation with their all-too realistic inability to defy gravity…


Mugi fans swiftly flew into a kerfuffle:

“You finally did it, Mugi…”

“She stripped off?”

“Eh? Aren’t her boobs a bit…”

“So she’s a huge F cup with great sagging breasts!”

“I thought it was her belly but those are her breasts. How big is she! She blows away Mio and is even bigger than Sawako…”

“What, those are her breasts!?”

“Mugi is number 1!”

“Those are seriously drooping.”

“Was it for the money?”

“Mugi doesn’t exactly need the money.”

“Those hang a bit too low there…”

“Too huge. She is the greatest.”


“She’s pregnant!”

“That’s my kid then. And she said it was a safe day!”

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