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Aya Hirano Reborn – On Rolling Stone’s Cover


Aya Hirano has made the cover of the Japanese edition of top music rag Rolling Stone, rock and roll diva that she is.

The rag promises a “long interview” with Hirano about the direction of what remains of her career, sure to be an fascinating prospect given her long-held reputation as a deep thinker.

As it is neither Twitter nor a gossip-laden tabloid, neither scandalous utterances or difficult questions seem likely, but with Hirano surely anything is possible.

The reasons behind the astonishing resilience of her career are the subject of some speculation – and admiration:

“She’s starting something else, again?”

“Aya’s an angel!”

“She doesn’t have any fans left though – who’s going to buy this?”

“What is up with those clothes and that pose…”

“I don’t think much of that outfit.”

“Go to some auditions and announce some proper work for once!”

“Supposedly she has secured some proper roles for winter.”

“She’s no good for anything but bitch characters now.”

“Well, she certainly has the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle down.”

“What ever happened to that poor bassist of hers?”

“The Japanese version is really down market though, they even had AKB on their cover. It’s just an idol magazine really.”

“So there is still a mag which will take her. I remember buying it when they had Rei on the cover.”

“This rag has no sense at all though. They’ve had Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, 2NE, etc.”

“Given that she keeps switching jobs, she’s quite a rolling stone herself.”

“To still pull stuff like this she must have some pretty amazing connections behind her. Who is protecting her? Her parents?”

“What the hell is behind her?”

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