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China Builds “Leaning Tower of Zhejiang”


A China quality apartment building is currently being hailed as an inadvertent copy of Pisa’s famous architectural blunder, thanks to its increasingly pronounced lean – and as an added bonus, the tilting tower looks as though it may be about to create the world’s largest domino set.

Completed in China’s Zhejiang province in January, the 68m tall high-rise residential tower block was found to have started tilting in June, but specialists dismissed it as being “within design specifications.”

However, it kept tilting, and by the start of October it was so heavily tilted that even the local government was finally inclined to issue an evacuation order – not only for the leaning building, but also for several of the neighbouring towers, lest it suddenly topple into them.

A problem with the foundations is blamed for the tilt. It is not clear what will happen to the building.


The residents of the 18 households which had to be evacuated from the slanted building are now being housed at the developer’s expense.

Online, Chinese have dubbed the tower “The Rip-Off Leaning Tower of Pisa” and wondered if Italians would consider suing them should it lean any further – although given the fate of similar Chinese towers, it may not be around for much longer:



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