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Idol Otaku: “This Is Your Future, Guys!”



Idol otaku are mourning the horrible fate which awaits them after Japanese TV’s latest expose of an elderly idol otaku.

As the report originates from Japanese TV there are the usual concerns about its veracity, but few are in much doubt about it being a realistic portrayal at the very least:

“A 50-year-old who likes idols!”

“This is your future guys! It’s here!”

“Here is your future path…”

“You guys!”



“Don’t air this stuff on TV!”


“So this is how you’ll end up?”

“Horrible stuff.”

“This is our future?”

“You’ll end up like this!”



“15 years without a girlfriend…”

“He doesn’t need one any more.”

“He’s what’s known amongst idol otaku circles as a DD. Daredemo Daisuki [“Loves Anyone”].

The definition:

The present meaning:

He’s not a fan of any particular idol, but supports a number of different ones

He one of the ones you see at any and every idol event

The opposite type is the ‘only fan’ who only likes one idol”

“He was on TV in 2004 as well…”


“He looks pretty aged.”

“In 10 years I’ll end up like this?”

“Your future is bleak!”

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