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Judge “Whipped Disabled Daughter for Game Downloads”


A judge who was recorded viciously belting his disabled daughter for her illicit downloads has caused outrage online, not least because he specialises in presiding over domestic disputes.

The girl, who suffers from cerebral palsy and was then 16, is shown in the video being whipped by her father whilst being subjected to a torrent of abuse. Her mother also briefly joins in.

The girl’s sins apparently included downloading (Japanese) video games, music and anime.

She claims she took the film in 2004 in the hopes of stopping the assaults, but decided not to do anything with it. However, her exasperation at continued harassment from her father even 7 years on finally prompted her to upload the video to YouTube.

Her father makes light of the affair:

“It happened years ago… I apologized. It’s not as bad as it looks on tape.”

Local prosecutors are not so blasé – the District Attorney is considering whether to press charges against him.

Whether or not he acted criminally, as a campaign has already been set up to ensure he is not re-elected to his post he may well face future career difficulties.

His behaviour has been condemned as particularly disturbing given that he is a “family law” judge and has been noted for dismissing child testimony as “no evidence” and children as “fantasizers.”

His daughter, now 23, downplays the obvious career ruination, media furore, and Internet vigilantes she has inflicted on him, saying she wants to help him, not ruin him:

“I’m feeling some regret for publishing the video because to ruin my own father is heavy indeed. But I really want him to seek help.”

“My father’s harassment was getting really bad, so I decided to finally publish the video that I had been sitting on for seven years.”

“Please spread the word that my father needs professional help and not hatred. We can offer him the tools to be a better person.”

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  • “Please spread the word that my father needs professional help and not hatred. We can offer him the tools to be a better person.”

    So fucking weak. I’d make sure he wouldn’t be able to use a computer (or his arms, for that matter), if he hates them so much.

  • You want to know what’s fucked up? I saw this and laughed that’s it? Try getting hit with metal foldable chairs and long thin sticks that act like whips. I’m telling you getting hit bluntly and being hit around with long sharp pains until you can’t move are two different things. Yes I’m from an Asian family. Funny thing is my parents went through a 180 change from some major life issues and now I’m torn loving them and hating them.

  • If you have a good relationship with your kids, you won’t ever have to disipline them.

    Whenever I was diciplined, I, being the little sociopath I was, realized this: “If you do this, a bad thing could happen if your parents find out, and that’ll be shitty for you, so make sure your parents don’t find out.”

    Then a few things happened, and my parents started spending more time with me. I was told how wonderful I was to them, and how much I meant to them. In short, we became freinds. They never diciliplined me, because they never had to. Knowing that they were dissapointed in me taught me that “Doing these things make people you love and care about dissapointed in you”. That was far, far more effective, because it stung harder and in completely diffrent way than any kind of punishment.

    I think people who have to dicipline thier kids in any way (time-outs, corporal punishment, no dinner, ETC) have misunderstood something fundamental about being a parent. A good parent is supposed to be someone that a child can turn to when they feel sad or unjustly treated by “the bad guy”, no matter what. People who punish their kids turn themselves into a scary, untrustworthy “bad guy”, involantarily ruining some bonds in process.

  • I was always accused of attacking my parents, I dont get it, although the doctor said I had “blackouts”, I don’t remember biting or scratching, which is what I was accused of, and saw marks on mother and father’s faces and arms, and bite marks, I did not remember doing it. They said when they tried to beat me, my eyes “went evil” and I looked “soul-less” and went into some kind of altered state, began biting, growling, scratching, they could not give me a proper beating if I (or the body I live in) was like a wild animal. I still today do not remember being beated by parents, only told that they tried to, and I bit them. SIGH. I don’t hate my parents, but I do not love them either. Well, I guess it is better to respect them than to love them. Mother asked me if I love her and I told her, “I respect you.” and that was all she ever asked that question again.

  • Oh I love how they get mad because she doesn’t just immediately obey and take it.

    The mothers comment about ‘taking it like an adult’ is also priceless.

    Hey lady, when you do something wrong does your husband beat you too? We call that ‘assault and battery’ where I come from.

    You know good and well that the moment anyone started hitting these two people for ANY reason no matter WHAT they had done they would immediately scream bloody murder and demand charges be pressed, but hey, it’s perfectly okay to subject your 16 year old daughter to something that would get you arrested immediately if you tried it at ANY other point in time.

  • weak faggits! thats not domestic abuse! its with a beat only to the legs(where your SUPPOSED TO BEAT A KID). Her hands get hit as well but not anything that will lead to actual physical damage just a very high stinging sensation! This is again NOT DOMESTIC ABUSE! ITS A DUMB CHILD GETTING BEAT BY THEIR PARENTS!
    And No offense if more parents did the world would be a better place!

    Most children get spanked, and thats all this is! an average spanking! get over it! just becuz you hate your parents for showing some backbone doesnt mean a thing!

  • Hmm ….. I am from Thailand , and I get whipped a lot when I was a kids .

    And yes it’s when I did some bad things .

    I do not hate my parents for doing that , They are very very kind .

    I don’t know , I admitted my own deed and face with the pain .

    But in this video , The parent is kinda harsh and unreasonable !!

  • To every one saying this is wrong, shut the hell up. Ive been hit with golf clubs, belts, shoes, vacuum wire, chairs, fist, sticks, and basically anything that would not break and was near my parents when i was gonna get hit. I know that more then half the time i deserved it and i know my parents love me and would die for me. Beating a kid for disobeying is what parents should do, we dont know if the dad warned her over a dozen times about loading shit on his computer, or that she may have given it a virus and he was pissed. All i know is that hitting your kids is a form a discipline just like any other. It will work or wont depending on the child but its not wrong.

  • Man that is just too much and I should know I must admit I wasn’t and still isn’t the best child my parents brought up well by my mom anyway(from a broken family) but even though I was given a beating a considerable amount of times I’ve never had a beating like that(from a Chinese family in the Philippines) and damn the reason is just so stupid I was given a beating for my damned attitude like I don’t give a damn in hell but never for something like this and the daughter was handicapped this is just too much even if I admit sometimes talking to your child isn’t enough to make them understand what they did wrong still it isn’t right to beat your child senseless! especially the dude is a judge for god’s sake

  • Now I wonder what will happen when she is having sex with her bf or husband and he said “turn around and take it like a grown woman” will she:

    A. Feel disgusted and sex is off.

    B. Gets turned on even more because it reminded her of the pain daddy gave her when she was 16.


  • i’ll say this, i know some of her pain. i was beaten as a kid, ( NOWHERE near as bad as she was) but it got worse each year. at age 5, i would get 10 spankings if acted up. and it would add 2 spankings each year after that. sometimes i got beat just cause one of my mom was in a bad mood. she’s better now and far less angry but i suffered from it. I recieved her anger and short temper.

    I set my own morals early on but what my mom did scarred me. when i get angry i find it difficult to hold myself back. of course this is made worse for the fact that i was bullied by my entire elementary and middle school, Even the teachers hated me for being the quiet, speak when spoken to kid.

    i’m twenty years old now and i’m better myself but the anger is still there. i now know i can’t have a famly for fear of lashing out at them as i know i would.

    For anyone that say this beat is nothing, or you’ve gotten worse. Think for a moment. Did you parents swear at you while they beat you? did they do it for years and for the littlest of things? did you have noone to turn to for help?

    I had noone i could rely on to help me. the only person i did have died.

  • Ok, now this is just ridiculous. At least the Chinese stories are tangentially related to the usual scope of Sankaku, but what the hell is with this CNN crap?

    This stinks of Sankaku being tempted by surefire traffic by posting something trending even if it doesn’t fit with Sankaku’s “supposed” focus on anime, games, manga, H, and Japan.

  • That is a priceless video, there are Judges that work with Former Police Chiefs in Texas to run murder rackets and extort money from the Tax Payers with court losses and wins that never should have happened. My county has been run by 3 familys doing that and more since the 1960’s. You call the cops here on some crime house here the cops beat you to death when they arrive. Its typical Texas behavior since the 1940’s probably. Murder is Legal long as you marry into the Judges or Former Police Chiefs family, they can always find someone to stick their familys crimes on. Just as almost any one named Anderson is a criminal world wide its true in Texas too.

  • OH, PLEASE. I got my ass whipped FAR worse than this 16 year old wimp. Come on, man. When I was a kid, me and my younger brothers got our asses whipped everyday for misbehaving. She is lucky she only got a few lickings compared to people like us who got their asses whipped. 🙂

  • Mother: Turn around and take it like a grown woman! -good advice lol.

    But sometimes a beating or two will show kids who to respect. You see this right now and say oh that guy is bad. Just wait till you get a kid that is out of control. All it take is for you to show venerability and kids will take advantage of you right away.

  • I just Love how all Americans with their noses turned up and their I,m better than you attitude always reply with sarcasm ..sure there are other places in the world that do it but You don’t see them flashin their dirty underwear everywhere goin I,ve got skidmarks in my society and I don’t care so fuck You..and then in the same sentence expect sympathy and respect Don’t get me wrong not all americans are bad but get the internet away from the ones that are just a fucking waste of semen

  • My father beat my ass a lot worse than that, and I ended up just fine! Now hold on and let me put on the Miku pantsu I bought in Japan, attach the Love Pulse brand electrodes to my nipples, and handcuff myself to my bedposts until the device auto-shuts off after 15 minutes. And then masturbate furiously.

  • I got beaten when I was a kid too, but I was pretty reckless though. I used to throw food away because I wasn’t hungry and my mum would beat me for that. This is was okay at first, but when he came back that was not.

  • I want to beat this fat ass American pice of fucking pig shit of a dad

    If I had kids, I would NEVER beat my kids (although I am Asian…)

    After reading the whole article, the American Court is still judging whether to charge the fat ass dad or not!


    What kind of a Fucking Country is this?!?!?!

    If this was Japan (in ASIA!!!!!)
    The Police would have arrested his god damn ass ASAP

    Obviously domestic violence is wrong….

    Download games and watching videos are not that great of a crime especially when you are not selling it..

    I also DO NOT UNDERSTAND how the fuck is the bitchass mother NOT GET ARRESTED AS WELL

    In the video, that fukin bitchass was helping the fat ass hitting the daughter considering their daughter is already mentally disable.

    Cut her a BREAK JESUS!!!

    Also, beating the crap out of your kids for many year is just OUTRAGEOUSLY WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    AMERICA, if you do not want to look like a fucking asshole, then ARREST THOSE 2 FUCKING ASSHOLE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

    • Yeah so you’re gonna kill her parents just because she was stupid enough to illegally download games and shit? You’re real bright ya fucking idiot.

      Wow she gets beat with a belt and verbally abused by her father who was at the time providing her with clothes, a roof over her head, a computer to play on, etc. He’s hitting her with a fucking belt, not like he’s punching her in the ribs and slapping the shit out of her or throwing her around. Give me a break.

      but yeah he’s such a terrible parent. If she knew her father didn’t want that shit on the computer then she shouldn’t have been a dumb ass and put it on there. If she was smart enough to just play free online games then this whole situation wouldn’t have even happened wth and her being one of the millions of kids in this world with CP isn’t an excuse at all.

  • That was difficult to watch.

    And that wasn’t just a mere whipping with a belt.. that was a severe beating. He was out of control with himself. But with this video, it’s crystal clear that asshole (I can’t even call him a man for repeatedly whipping his daughter in a blind rage like that) has very serious anger issues. If he has no qualms beating up his daughter, he can certainly beat up his wife as well. I’d even say he might be dangerous to the public if given the right circumstances. How would a person like this react if their car got accidentally hit in a parking lot? Gotta wonder.

    Her mother shouldn’t have added to the problem either, but I believe she was probably too scared to go against him.

    I commend this girl for wanting to get the right help for her dad before something horrible happens – something so horrible that it would be too late to turn back from. But 7 years is a long time to wait on it. O_o

  • I am against child abuse but physical punishments are good from time to time. Nowdays, kids spent less and less time with their parents and have easier access to porn, drugs, violence, etc. Parents still need to have the power to put limits and rules and that is when the belt comes handy.
    However what this guy does in the video is just the action of some sadistic and frustrated jerk trying to feel good about himself.

  • my mom whipped me 100 times for being disobedient, and my dad hit me with a belt for talking in class and getting in trouble(i was 5), but i know they cared for me, because if i didnt recieve disciplinary punishment i would be a delinquent like my brother who was babied by my parents…..but this….was a little bit over the top…..especially the cursing….

  • Poor girl.

    I bet his father father is one of those that want to look all high an mighty, a retard moralist when he was also downloading stuff and who knows what other secrets, a lover or something of that nature, this is typical of this kind retarded persons.

    Also probably greedy evil US corporations gotta have loved this and actually support the father hitting her child for downloads, parents supporting those evil scum companies that want to puke and crap money, best allies they can get surely.

  • I’m 19 now. Parents used to spank me as means of discipline, well; there were times when my folks did use me to vent their anger but no matter what they did they provided their logic and reason to the cause of my punishments. Later on, their use of corporal punishment died down with time.

    I love and resent my parents for what they did and currently do (they still can’t accept some of my ideologies) because without them, I would have been a spoiled brat who takes no initiative about inquiry and independence. Well, watching this video has deepened my appreciation towards my parents.

    TLDR, my parents are awesome and I hope the girl gets her justice.

  • I was hurt like that when I was little by a step father of mine who is no longer even part of this family and that is the most painful thing that you can feel, especially at full force. This man is awful and legit scum. he should be imprisoned for her he did. I am more than sure this girl has welts that are bleeding because I sure as hell did when I was abused like this.

  • I think that that fucking shitt ass father and her mother deserves some beat up themselves…. oh.. You’re saying that it wasn’t that worse as the video showed.. Stop defending yourself asshole! Face the fucking fact! Who the hell thaught you child discipline? Or did you have a bad childhood? I hate such people.. It makes me so much to come at them and beat them up…

  • so what? my mother used to hit me with the belt when i was 5. i don’t bare anything against her for that. it’s good parenting or else i would have strayed on the wrong path like half of my neighborhood kids.

  • The most sicking thing is she is disabled.

    A beating like this would be bad enough for a healthy kid but someone inn her condition it’s down right dangerous.

    She has ataxic cerebral palsy which means she is quite frail.
    I’m talking the kind that makes Patchouli Knowledge look like the image of health.

    I hope this guy enjoys being on the other side of the bench and his time in prison.

    Even what many people call scum look down on child abuse as they were victims of abuse themselves which caused them to choose a life of crime.

  • This is too much….. usually a few spanks the parents would explain what is wrong and not continue beating it to her to submission wtf.

    Part of the problem is with the girl too quote from the video ” stealing ” if that is true just talk to her jeez.

  • outrageous and he claims to be a family law judge brave women for uploading it. Parents have a responsiblity and should not abuse it whether you meet their expectations or not, the fact is you are not them thus they should not try and make you obediant to them with drugs and beatings.

    But I wonder if the beating was not just because of the downloads but because she is disabled and many parents can not handle severely disabled children.

  • I ahve no problem with the guy beating HIS kid. The dumb bitch would have probably gotten 3 licks with the belt if she had only listened in the first place and leaned over the bed. Instead, she refuses to take her punishment like a spoiled little brat, so he goes off on her. And WTF is she posting it 7 years after, and claiming that the father’s abuse is worse??? Then move the fuck out and don’t deal with him anymore. I wonder how she’s gonna like it when Daddy doesn’t have a job to support her sorry ass anymore…

  • Regarding the comments about asian kids being beaten by their parents, it’s one thing to be beaten for something you deserved to be beaten for, it’s another thing to be constantly beaten and abused for trivial matters like this assfuck judge did to his disabled daughter for years.

    that guy is a total worthless piece of shit. he probably got off on beating his daughter.

  • My father used to beat me senseless, especially when he found out that I was stealing my sister’s Barbie dolls and stipping them naked as part of my “youthful curiosity”. But each beating made me stronger and wiser, and they created the powerful and loved leader that I am today!

    If Judge William Adams loses his next election or needs to flee his country due to wrongful prosecution, then I have an open spot reserved just for him on my “Ban Enforcement Brigade”. For truely sir, you are an inspiration to all concerned and loving parents who just want the best for their children.

  • Some animal her parents are, especially her father. He must get some type of sexual satisfaction out of beating his own daughter. Some people just shouldn’t have children. They must not realize the psychological effect it has on her. Inflicting pain upon your child is not a proper method of reprimanding. It would actually better for them to just kill her because the long term mental/psychological abuse that results for their method of physical punishment is much worse. As long as they continue to beat her, she’ll eventually want to either kill her self, or kill them in a built up rancid gust of resentment. My father used to choke and hit me ever since I was 12. I went to prom with a small cut on the top of my eyebrow from his fingernail, which I got a couple of days earlier. He marred my face because he saw an unwashed knife in the sink which someone in the house used, even though the dishes were done in the kitchen the last time I was there. I just don’t say anything when he’s angry, I just do what he wants, and sometimes he’s just angry about something that happened at work, I haven’t done anything and he still hurts me. Then when I was 18 he gave me and my mom some aerie designer underwear as presents for Valentines Day. I was weirded out because one of mine was a hot pink lacey thong. I never even wore thongs to begin with. Anyway, him and my mother and separated now and as sad as it is for everyone, I just thank God that I have no recollection of him ever molesting me, or anyone molesting me for that matter.

  • its bullshit of those of you who say only americans are this backwards… i was spanked with briars (if you dont know what those are they are thorny weeds that grow in the forest that will tear your ass up) im not white but this still happened to me. mine was for grades not being up to par and sometimes i got choked for it, my dad scared the hell outa me. but ya know what, my dad just gave up after a point seeing it as no point since i couldnt live up to his standards. ya it hurt mentally that he gave up on me but. this can be said for any race. in some cases way worse than mine.

  • Where I live this type of punishment has been illegal for the past 30+ years so this really made me sad.

    Obviously this is a cultural thing so i cant really argue that what you are doing is wrong but..

    You are beating a child!
    Physically inflicting pain onto someone who cant defend themselves, you might as well be allowed to go beat up quadriplegics.

    There are other sevral good ways of disciplining, how about just take the computer away, or cancel the internet subscription so she’ll have to use the schools computer?

    I might be some spoiled AAA european, but not beating up kids seem to be working pretty well for us.

    • She is whearing a nebraska shirt so they could be living in nebraska in the united states where I live. And it is illigal and has been illigal since before I was born and that was 20 years ago. That guy better hope he don’t live in nebraska or I’m gunna find him and take a belt and then my fist to him. Fuckin bitch

  • wait they said ur 16 take it as a grown up women and then going to the end of the vid :

    I thik she is to immature for it

    W T F did ur mum droped u as child much mom?

    I wish i cud be there and fokin asswhoop those fail parents

  • @ 19:19

    Man I wish there’s a game mission in Counter Strike that you play a terrorist you can hijack a plane then when successful a video of plane crash ramming on two tower will play->AWESOME!!!

  • I feel guilty for getting a boner. But it’s a video of a man spanking a girl and telling her to “bend over”. Whatcha gonna do.

    He’s an asshole though. This stuff is almost as humiliating as rape.

  • This girl is just seeking attention. Her livejournal wrote her dad saved their neighbors daughter trapped in a house fire.Clearly hes a nice guy, all he was doing in her video was giving her what she deserved. As if none of us had this happened to us, why should she receive white knights?

  • Something tells me this asshole is really her step-father or not her biological father. And the mother, she’s the worst in this because she’s clearly a human punching bag. A man beats her daughter and she just sits there, throwing in a few chastising remarks. Instead of confronting him, she redirects and when that fails returns to chastising. Stupid bitch.

    “I’m gonna wear your ass out… with this belt.”

    Yeah right, probably added the belt part because the misses was present. Scumbags like this are the kind that rape their children. I wouldn’t be surprised if he used to molest her, back when Hillary was a “good little girl.”

    “…has been noted for dismissing child testimony as “no evidence” and children as “fantasizers.””

    See, I guarantee this asshole let a lot of overly abusive parents & child molesters go, while the victims were ostracized for vocally speaking against their abusers. Every one of his cases should be subject to review, his state license should be revoked and his pension denied. Fucking asshole.

  • She’s feeling regret? That man deserves a bullet in the head. He doesn’t need professional help, people like that are deserve to be spilled with dirt from head to toes, to be humiliated, tortured and killed in the worst way possible. That’s just unforgivable. Absolutely un-fucking-forgivable.

  • Why isn’t anyone commenting on the fact she’s disabled? All this Asian/Spanking stuff is irrelevant to the fact that this macho authoritarian shit bag likes to beat girls with cerebral palsy.

    I’ve only ever had to face a judge in family law court and during jury duty, and may I say they are the most high-and-mighty heartless tyrants you can imagine.

    Also makes me think of “THE 14 WORDS”

    ‘We must beat the living shit out of our defenseless children every day’

    Glorious white master race show us the way!

  • Thanks to the power of the internet his adress and details have been hacked. he will now be found dead in HARDCORE S N M bondage, oh sweet irony.

    to be honest he needs to die slowly while someone beats him saying get on your stomach etc all the shit he said to her.

  • Hang that judge I dont care if it is her father just hang him for bloody sake beating a girl and top of that she has cerebral palsy and is 16. beating your kids is wrong on all levels I don´t fucking care if your president if US of fucking A but never beat kids.

  • As much as I dislike her parents, she shouldn’t have gone “internet” about it. Now she probably ruined their public lives and he will lose his job (and most likely he’s still her caretaker). Should have just taken it to a lawyer.

  • if it happen on my family it about like this
    *dad open door and found me download something (of course some source of hentai)*

    me : oh shit !
    dad: huh? what is that!
    me: nothing to say
    dad: ok next time teach me how to download horny girl to my computer
    me : what the…?

  • well who are we to say how to discipline there children nothing wrong here my dad use to be violent back in the day and hit my sisters and me when i was younger but now hes just an old bent up man and cant do shit haha

  • Playing games?
    Downloading music?
    Downloading music and games?
    Downloading Japanese music, games and anime?!

    For fuck’s sake, which one is it?! I’ve seen this four times already the reason is different every goddamn time!

    Anyway, I hope that asshole rots in jail.

  • Lol i would cut off his hands tie his arma and whip hin with a belt n nails attached to it to see if he would lke that and her mom i’d shoot hernin the head since we dont need trash in this world.

  • There is discipline and then there is abuse. They are not remotely the same and the video is clearly abuse. I would argue that physical discipline doesn’t work spectacularly well anyway. I was hit as a child and that didn’t stop me from doing the things I wasn’t supposed to.

    The point is now as an Adult I’m know a twat as I was brought up to not be a twat. Kids these days aren’t self entitled morons because they weren’t beaten it’s because they were never raised properly to begin. Nobody has time to be a parent any more.

  • the beating on the butt is not bad… that’s how you discipline a child. but beating a child on the head, stomach and other areas that is going too far. what’s wrong here is the verbal abuse.

  • The reason spanking works is that physiologically we follow stronger people not out of fear but because kids know that they have a better chance of survival with a strong parental figure.

    still a mute point because the same effect can be had non violently most of the time.

    Oh and for pure mind fuck points always say thank you after you beat them.

    • The reason spanking works is because we are naturally inclined to avoid behavior that causes us distress.
      The problem is that once children learn to avoid confrontation and pressure out of fear of violence, they will keep doing that for the rest of their life. It’s a terrible thing to teach a child. Those are the kind of people that consistently get exploited by selfish jerks for their entire lives.







  • I agree with that judge, she didn’t belong in this house, she belonged somewhere better than having to deal with that complete bullshit. Even if he isn’t convicted, his reputation will suffer. If he indeed kept harassing the poor young woman, it definitely had to stop. She doesn’t need to feel sorry or apologize for what she did. It’s neither selfish or cruel to have the desire to have a quiet life.

    Too bad this happens every day in the world and that most people are too scared to do anything about it out of fear our psychological damage. Let’s hope that this case serves as an example to scumbags who abuses their child or “loved” ones. This shit has to stop… seriously…

  • I think the Mom was actually trying to save the girl from that Dad’s misplaced wrath by telling her to turn over and get hit just once. If the Dad was so bent on beat the girl so bad I think that’s the only avenue the Mother could take and lessen the pain for the girl.

  • He has a point. Children are more easily couched. Never mind that though. If the mother joined in the abuse shouldn’t she go down with him? No, I didn’t watch the video for obvious reasons.

  • First i say i am an Asia man grown up in an Asia family.

    And i have something to say about the statement “No asian children resent their parents for beating them”. Yes I do not reset my parents. However i built the wall around me to protect myself from myparents. I scared of them. I thought they are my gods and rulers who dominate my life. I feared they will know my feeling, that i am not up to their expectation. I created a fake image of a happy child. But deep down i am pretty fucked up (that why the reason i am here browsing 3kaku).

    @anon 14:23
    “they do not sue their parents” you say? It is because of the thing called “face value” or reputation. It is unusual action and unusual things are condemned in asia society. That how you rarely see innovative ideas and thinking start from asia. The annoying feeling of your neighbour gossiping around your house is simply unbearable. In additional, most of asia country are third world country, i repeat THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. Children have no free community lawyers to consult or are educated that they have basic human rights. All they are taught is “your parents, teachers, elder are king, do not opposed them, do not talk back to them, they are always right, you are always wrong”.

    Also “repaying the care they gave them in the elderly years and live together”? i call it bullshit it is more like they CANNOT afford to live separate. Housing in city is damn bloody expensive. That people have to live in pigeon size apartment working from 8 to 5 with no annual leave just to make end meet. People simply have no choice. It is not like Western/Caucasian country where can you stay 40-50km from work. Here it takes more than half an hour for 10km commuting.
    Also in the west, it is not about children never take care of their parents but more like the parents give their children a space of freedom. Just image you marry and live with your parents in the same house, everything you and your wife do, your parents will know. You cannot have a moment of romantic in the living room or kitchen because there are someone else.

    So on and so forth…

    I am grateful for my parents. As a business partner, they have been investing their money in me since i am nothing. So i will return their investments. But do i feel they are close to me that i can share my feeling? Definitely not.

    • I feel bad for you that you feel that way about your parents, but I also grew up in an Asian family(Korean). My mother used to beat me in the same manner when I did something wrong; maybe not as repeatedly, but much in the same way. I am glad that I was raised up in a rigid household rather than what most white kids get when they do something wrong, “Go to your room, no tv!”. I laugh whenever someone tells me they’re grounded. I will be raising my kid in the same way I was raised.

    • Im Malaysian and I love my parents. They treat me well and I did great at school because I was happy. But thats probably most people dont have as much good luck as I do. 🙁
      Sorry to hear that.

    • The world is changing, just because Asian culture was used to allow violence as a form of punishment for doing bad things in the household doesn’t mean it will stay way.

      Largely it has to do with things often getting out of control and what used to be a simple and quick lesson of bad deed = pain turned into brutal beating that causes mental and physical suffering.

      Yep, not every parents are smart enough or wise enough to think through their what they are about to do and what consequence it will bring to you and your child.

    • Haw haw, as a half Asian man grown up in an Asiatic family I can proudly say that I repeatedly (and intentionally) committed myself as poorly as possible, taking punishment in stride with a stiff upper lip until my mother simply did not give a shit anymore and left me alone to manage my own life.

      Thank goodness for my unsubservient white blood. Although it is somewhat of a pity that I could have accomplished more with my life had I listened.

      Oh well, at least I reside in the only part of Asia that isn’t a 3rd World pit. Japan.

  • Discipline is necessary, but he went overboard, and even then, rather smack with the hand not a belt! One or two tight flat hands on the backside, and that’s that, don’t continure laying into the kid! Also, the punishment doesn’t seem to fit the crime.

  • I observe, the comments here are extremely divided. Looks like a lot of people think the whipping isn’t nearly as severe as what they got, while others think it has gone way too far. And then there is a lot of people who think discipline is the best course of action for the kids, but others suggest that hitting children is wrong.

    There *should be* empirical evidence on whether beating your children or not does what you want it to or not. First of all, what the hell is the point? You’re trying to make sure that your children don’t make the same mistakes again? It’s obvious that you can’t reason with some children because if they don’t get any consequences, they are going to do something wrong again. But I know a little 4 year old boy who his parents don’t even touch him, but he takes care of his little sister and doesn’t really do anything wrong, he’s just a very quiet kid. Parents put him on time out and he immediately obeys. And again, there are kids who you put them on time out but they go right back to beating on other children and breaking shit that isn’t theirs. I bet you can ask a bunch of criminals in the prison system whether their parents used to beat the shit out of them and you’ll get mixed results.

    Can’t we all just agree that different children are different, and different children require different methods of correction. I think a lot of it is genetic and having to do with how their parents raise them in other ways aside from discipline. I guess instead of making a decision based on the child, parents make a decision based on what they feel like doing. I’d try the time outs first and they don’t work, I’ll start the beatings.

    • Well said!

      Beating children is in a way the same thing as putting criminals in the pound; you want them to reflect on their actions so that they won’t do it again. If everyone can be talked into the right, then the world wouldn’t have crimes anyway. Some kids are just outright rebellious and won’t learn however.

      I think what is best is to use moderate beating when truly required, along with a lot of serious talk before and after, putting A LOT of pressure on their conscience. Starting this with younger children helps them develop their mind and morals, cause you’re making them use their head a lot more than the kids that get sent to their room… to do what? oh they got a TV there too, right.

      Last thing I’d like to add: violence can put the point across, though as mentioned it depends per person. When there was the story of the kid that kept getting bullied at school that just snapped and beat the crap outta the bully, it the favor was unanimously for him. Thing is, most people only see the physical side of things. This video reminds me of that story with the school bullies, except it was psychological harassment from the daughter n the parents snapped back with physical. And with that, I call a bunch of hypocrites @ supporters.

    • There *is* empirical evidence that beating children does not correct behavior and inclines then towards more violent behavior. And if you start it with them at a young age, they will be much harder to correct with non-violent means. There are lots of studies out there as it is a very interesting field of academic research for child psychologists. Occasionally you will get a kid that is hard to contain due to outside factors. But in general, if you have to beat your kid, then you should work on your own discipline before you go trying to correct someone else’s.

    • I am of the belief that discipline is required to steer the child on the right track.

      Your example of the 4-year old boy is a good one. Some kids are naturally obedient and nice. Others however are demons that will go apeshit and start throwing tantrums. These are ones that require whippings. If left alone like white people usually do for fear of retribution from law enforcement, the child will grow up thinking they can do whatever they want without consequences.

      These children end up becoming criminals, arrogants, selfish, or hang out with the wrong crowd of people.

  • everyone is like “well i this and i that”, ima join in 🙂 if they touch me or hit me in anyway…i will return the favor : An Eye for an Eye : wasn’t there a saying treat others the way u want to be treated that is all 🙂

  • 20 lashes? Didn’t the British military stop at 10 lashes with the Cat’o’Nine Tails? Couldn’t that wanker just cut off the net? Signapore could do this shit better and more professional.

  • I don’t think there needs to be a line for punishment. I have no problem with corporal or even capital punishment. Physical pain, sans permanent effects, is fine by me.

    When it’s measured right.

    Yet is there a truly objective and impartial human that can assign justice? Obviously our judges are a poor substitute. My philosophy is then moot as it cannot be performed.

    This? This isn’t constructive, it is not “discipline”. This has no positive purpose. This is self-gratification. This is, to use dysphemism, a sadistic masturbation.

    And I’m confident that it’s rampant among weak parents succumbing to emotion.

  • UraSapMrJap says:

    That daughter is a real piece of garbage. She is supposed to honor her parents wishes and by doing so can avoid all ass whippings. She is faking all sorts of bullshit drama for the camera. Ordinarily she probably got one whip on the ass, but by acting up/ being defiant SHE dragged out her the punishment. She even got had to get her mom involved, because the dad probably wanted to go to sleep,

    I like how she didn’t release this video when she was still living them because that probably would have affected her nice deviant lifestyle. I have no doubt she is probably sponging off some dumb euro trash asshole and feeling secure, which is why she decided to release the video now. What a whore. I hope the Angels of God burn her clitoris off with a flaming hammer of justice.

    His honor’s language was pretty bad though. Parents shouldn’t talk like that around their kid, even if their kid is a degenerate cunt with no future, a.k.a Japanese person.

  • In Asia, parents beat their children with alot of tools worse than this. But I can only see the educational values with sons, not daughters. You can make ur son respect you by beating the shit out of him, but you can only bring more hatred by doing the same thing with your daughter

    Have you ever seen a father purnishing their daughter by taking off her clothes & put her out the street, saying shes a shame to the family? And grabbing her mother’s head & smash it down at the corner of the table while she was stopping him? And what are you gonna do if ur supposed to be the girl’s boyfriend?

    That was exactly my situation, someone tell me if I shouldnt interfere with their bussiness cuz her dad was trying to make my gf a better person…

  • That judge needs help? My fucking ass.. That’s clear harassment. My condolence to the victim, but seriously, How the hell does a father beat his own daughter that badly? I’ve seen worse, but its still inhumane.

      • You’re really not seeing her as a victim here? Tell me why, exactly; why do you think she’s a victim?

        You are not beaten when you are 16; that is not normal, and is in fact, child abuse. Harassment is not disipline, it’s child abuse, plain and simple.

        Beatings=/=discipline. You are not disciplined adequately if someone has to beat you; it simply isn’t the way of the world, and in fact, causes -you- in turn to be more violent. Which is definitely showing how it doesn’t work if you end up becoming -more- violent afterwords.

        I’ve seen the effects of not disciplining your child enough first hand; but I’ve also seen the effect being beaten down will have on you.

        Both are bad. Both do not end well for the child.

        So yes, she is very much a victim. I believe you need to check your definition of ‘beating’, ‘victim’ and ‘discipline.’

        • The age of 16 is not an age at which you are considered *a* child, however you are still your parent’s child, their offspring. It’s not hypocritical at all to call beating a 16 year old child abuse, because that’s what it is. A parent abusing their offspring.

      • Discipline != beatings. Good parenting = discipline.

        Instead of beating her up, that man should have just told her not to download illegally. Let her keep what she has but dont let her download more.

        Furthermore if she wants something get her to earn it by buying it herself or something :/ Thats what I’d do.

  • Honestly…words cannot simply express the disgust I have seen in this video…This fraud of a judge earns my hatred for three reasons:
    1. He is a blatant hypocrite being a family law judge. He is against domestic violence yet he whips his daughter with a belt.
    2. His daughter has cerebral palsy and he (along with his equally no good wife) continues to abuse her and call her disobedient (we’re all disobedient but even most parents wouldn’t have the mind to brutally punish their children).
    3. If she downloaded some games off the Internet, then it’s the man’s own f***ing fault for not even establishing and enforcing a no-downloading rule in the first place.

    He thinks he is righteous being a judge yet all I see under that judges robe is slime and sh**. He should not only be stripped of his title but also be punished for being such a hypocritical, pig-headed know-nothing!

  • immago way out on a limb to say by the title i was expecting far far worse. probably cuz of all teh other articles but I will lol if she published this the same week she moved out or on her birthday or holiday.

    not too sure how much this’ll actually do since it is like 7 years old. 7 years is a long time to wait for something.

    my final lol goes to that ending message of the whole needs help not hate lol i think he’s gonna be gettin a shit load of hate.

  • I, for one, strongly believe in the “spare the rod, spoil the child” rule. But this is some harsh physical and verbal abuse. That’s some serious rage coming out of the father’s mouth. It doesn’t sound like he’s trying to correct her and show her what she did wrong. Sounds like he probably has some anger management issues.

    I don’t think it’s as bad as some people make it out to be. Her crying (understandable, cause those belts hurt) makes it sound much worse. His words are probably worse abuse on the child. If he were kicking and punching her, now that would be criminal. Belts? They just sting for a few minutes. I know.

      • Yeah, but you still need to have control over your child, you know. Otherwise they just rebel.
        Guide the child to avoid bad behaviour, because usually they dont know what their doing is wrong. But if they continue to rebel, thats when punishment comes in. Although it should never be as worse as what this girl had.

    • I don’t think it’s just that he has anger problems, I think he also has sexist issues, where dominance plays a roll in this. Lot’s of men regardless of how they Feel about the act get excited from the fear they put into their subject of rage. And I say excited which could mean sexually or in just a power hungry way. his seems to be power play or something of the sort. The way he beat and talked to her says a lot to me.

    • From what I’m starting to gleam from her deviantart….the vid was originally for blackmail purposes, and the only reason it got released is because her account was hacked or some such?

      Still…one poster had a point when he asked about the suspicious timing of this vid being released a week before her fathers was up for re-election….

    • I agree completely with knives. Being hit by a belt is normal, and the “bend over or I hit anyway” is just as common. It’s also true that the pain is not the problem, sure it hurts and might for a day, but you realise that you did something wrong – even he he just spoke to her harshly it would’ve had a similar effect. Like others have said though, this man hit her out of anger and that’s wrong. Arguably that makes it more bearable for the girl.

    • That “rage” as you call it is the norm in Asian families. I really doubt all asian adults are repressed and hate their parents for beating them when they do something wrong.

      Many asians appreciate the discipline that they received when they were young. They don’t hold grudges against their elderly parents and mistreat them. They repay the favour by taking care of their elderly parents and live together.

      I can see why the white man moves out and never looks back. They let their elderly parents rot alone by themselves and maybe visit them 2 times a year. It’s no surprise given the relationship white people have with their parents/children. They sue one another at the drop of a hat.

      • i am asian, and i have been beaten to the point where i had to wrap bandages to go to school or i cant sit down.. but that only happened once in my life, where i did something really bad. physical wounds heals.. the beaten that got dished out in the video is not so much (if it only happened a few times).. what bad is the dad’s language… my parents never once swear at me… a judge should know better… the swearing is not so much neither, depending on the context he used it in… but his tone was aggressive rather than trying to make her repent. so if this happens regularly, get beaten in the same manner, and got talk down to with the same tone… then yeeee, this is abuse.

      • From my experience, Asian kids aren’t repressing the hatred of their parents; they are quite vocal about how mad their parents make them and how they want as little to do with them as possible.

        Sure, you can raise a kid who goes to MIT, but if they never want to see your face again you’ve messed it up but good.

        • If you don’t think that Asians repress their anger, what about when a girl hacks up her dad with an axe, or a hikkomori kills his sister because she was too noisy. These are not normal responses to situational aggression, but rather a buildup of aggression where a seemingly normal event causes someone to snap.

          This video reminds me of the part in American Beauty where the father mercilessly beats the son simply because he went into his china cabinet to show the girl a plate.

        • My friend is raising some kids she has custody of from another family member. When she got the kids, they were poorly disciplined, filthy, malnourished etc.

          There was a 2 year old girl, 5 year old boy, and 11 year old girl. The 5 year old boy would literally hurt and beat his 2 year old sister. He is quite strong, and big enough to pick her up. He would hit her with large objects, push her down the stairs, drop things on her, shove her off of things, scratch and hit her, etc…

          He caused bruises more than once, and lectures, talking to him, grounding, etc all did not work. Timeouts didn’t work either.

          Eventually, due to whatever reason, they had to resort to giving him a swat on the ass every time they caught him. Now he is finally beginning to stop.

          So I am of mixed opinion on corporal punishment. Something like this I think is abuse. Because of how he is screaming and yelling, you don’t do that. You explain what was done wrong, and the consequences of that thing.

          I was spanked twice in my life and I never did the things I was spanked for again. But it needs to be reserved for really bad cases not everyday things. I think when it becomes the first choice rather than the last choice, it loses value with the child, they think they will get spanked no matter what so they don’t care.

          It is also quite illegal in america, so there is that to consider. Most parents are scared because if their kid mentions it at school, the teachers are bound by law to send an investigator there, who is legally able to take the child away if the kid says you spank them.

        • Abuse is abuse is abuse. Any time a child feels repressed, it sticks with them like hot glue for life. It may result in positive changes for a person’s growth but it can be negative. It has nothing to do with nationality, otherwise we would not be hearing about massive numbers of reported (and countless more unreported) incidents.

          Parents should always try to reason and talk things out. Kids are not all braindead, despite what adults may think.

        • anon 16:05, ur op is SCREAMING biased opinion. how would you know every single asian kid doesnt repress anger or is on good terms with their parent? one of my teachers was asian and she hated her mother so much, and to this day she still isnt on good terms with her, so tell me, how is it ur able to type that? not everyone is the same, and u cant make a general assumtion on that as well. Race has nothing to do with parental matters and i wish people would stop pulling the “oh asian parents this” or “white parents that” crap, bottom line is how did u raise ur child and was it good or bad, no race has a better method, and if u think asians are the only ones beating their kids, my my ur such a ignorant fuck that quite honestly u need to go talk to other races, they will tell u theyve been beat as well. what asian parents are the only ones who beat them right? this sounds more like a “asians do this correct master race” crap than an actual opinion.

          tl:dr – stfu with that biased crap, not everyones the same, u fucktard

          kilabubabai~ <3

      • “..harassment from her father even 7 years on..”

        Except this time it’s clear enough that what the father was doing has vividly crossed the line between disciplining a child and throwing his tantrums on his own daughter. Technically, “disciplining” a child like this will result nothing but either

        A.) A Hate Machine child who will someday take unexpected violence towards his/her parent somewhere in the future or B.) A child who acts like a slave dog who will obey their parents and refuse to speak out their personal opinion and problems as well as loosing 100% of their freedom; pretty much the reason why there are still unhappy adults nowadays who have all their careers and marriage fully arranged and decided by the parents.

      • You know what i learned from your comment? Nothing. you made a gernerilization of the entire white race. Can i ask you where you are getting the facts that state white people just abandon their parents after they move out?

        And the asian thing? Really? they mercilessly would mercilessly beat a disabled girl like that and yell at her? Really…

    • Well, as any person associated with the law, he considered that “stealing”. Cause that’s what they believe illegal downloading is (which is a separate issue). Most parents don’t take too kind at the idea of their children stealing. Much less if his public image is in jeopardy.

      • Dear anon 14:51

        Properly? You blind bro??? Now that was my outburst, thank you for bearing with me

        The kid received her allocated punishment when she got hit by her mom, after she already got hit by her dad 5 or so times; the dad then joined in because he didn’t get a hit. Please humor me on how this is proper? It seemed to me that the dad was trying to show off his testosterone levels rather than allocating proper punishment

        To me, a punishment is paying a price for doing something wrong. In this case, the punishment is getting hit by a belt on the ass. The girl had already got hit by her mom, thus paying the price and completing the punishment. Due to this, I see no further reason for the punishment to continue, but it did, and was hit two more times by her dad. To me, this is just hitting someone for no reason and shows a lack of self control more than anything else.


        • @Anonymous 06:48: That’s worst thing about experiencing this kind of abuse as a child (or any age).. No matter how many years go by, such bad memories cannot be removed. Just try your best to keep the past behind you and stay positive every day.

        • hello, i’m chinese and a grown up man. i watch this video about 1 minute and i stopped the video. everyting came back in 1 second. it feels like i was beaten by my parents yesterday. it is sad, really sad and my tears is running. my father died 5 years ago and at his funeral, i feelt nothing for him at all. my mother had always told her friends and family, thats she never layed hands on her childeren. she was the worst of all. i can never forget. i’am now 36.

        • No estoy en contra de darles un coscorron o un chanclazo al niño pero ese padre se ensaña con los golpes y la cobarde madre mas lo alienta. Esos padres si son los que me dan ganas de golpearlos y hacerlos entender que su forma de enseñar esta mal.

        • I’ve seen plenty of asian parents who are too pussy to do it properly, and resulting asian kids growing up as worst spoiled dipshits ^___^

          In actuality, asian parents spoil their children by not teaching them about responsibility or self-respect and instead teach them all about talking shit and being uppity based on people’s skin color, not to mention gifting them materially and spoiling the shit out of them.