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3 Busted for Buying Used Schoolgirl Pantsu


3 men have been charged with the crime of buying used schoolgirl underwear, paying as much as $100 a pair.

Shizuoka prefectural police found a 23-year-old man and his two colleagues had used an Internet forum to procure underwear from a 16-year-old high-school girl.

Police charged them with paying the girl ¥5,000-¥10,000 for several pairs of used underwear. The men admit the charges.

The prosecution is the first time the prefecture has applied its ban on the sale of used schoolgirl pantsu. which was only added in December (taking the form of an amendment to the prefecture’s “Youth Environmental Improvement Ordinance”).

The (un)healthy trade in soiled schoolgirl underwear which Japan enjoys is notorious enough to have provoked a variety of prefectural bans, as the practice is at the mild end of the “enjo kousai” schoolgirl prostitution spectrum and may well serve as a gateway to more intimate encounters for both budding schoolgirl harlots and their prospective johns.

Generally the trade takes place on the same deaikei sites used for actual prostitution, and a certain amount of interaction with the former owner of the articles may also be part of the service.

The trade is so well established it has its own particular slang and business model – those interested in learning more are advised to consult the previously published account of the trade by a young pantsu seller.

Cases of mothers selling underwear from their offspring have also been reported. The supposed existence of vending machines selling such articles is probably a myth, or at best an isolated occurrence.

However, it has also been noted that a significant proportion of the pantsu are probably not actually from schoolgirls, so a fate worse than arrest awaits the truly unfortunate pantsu collector – that of onanising repeatedly to the soiled underwear of a sneaky old woman or, worse yet, some anonymous 2ch misanthrope.

It is perhaps best not to dwell on the fact that the price these men paid for used pantsu could likely secure an only marginally more illegal sexual encounter with a real schoolgirl…

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