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“Which Are Worse – The Seiyuu or Their Creepy Fans?”



With top seiyuu like Aya Hirano, Ayana Taketatsu and Aki Toyosaki all reduced to pariah status for daring to associate with men in the space of weeks, the divide between fans who treat seiyuu as objects of obsession and those who treat them as voice actors has never been so stark – but as some are keen to point out, it has always been thus. As has been pointed out by sources familiar with the business in some detail, scandals centred on the supposed improprieties of a seiyuu are nothing new:

Tomo Sakurai

Nineties idol/singer seiyuu perhaps best known for voicing Macross 7’s Mylene.

Kept her marriage and child completely secret from fans, only to be exposed by a weekly tabloid. She subsequently apologised to fans at a press conference. She was subsequently shunned by fans and lost most of her work.

Mariko Kouda

Nineties idol seiyuu known for Kanon’s Nayuki, amongst many others.

Announced her marriage to fans on a radio show, upsetting most of her more ardent fans – after which she lost most of her work.

Yuko Miyamura

Asuka Langley, Casca, etc.

Fans managed to identify her (by her teeth and other characteristics) in “SM Erotic Experiences for Two,” an old amateur fetish AV from her student days. Her image amongst these fans was irreparably ruined, although she managed to retain the Asuka role.





Her personal life, resembling that of a normal person and involving the full gamut of marriages, divorces, children, illnesses, etc., also contributed to her losing most of her work.

Kana Hanazawa

Kuroneko, Zange-chan, Suou, Charlotte, etc.

A person claiming “my girlfriend is a seiyuu” appeared on 2ch with photographs of apparently genuine anime scripts and “purikura” shots of her. As she marketed herself on innocent cuteness, the damage would have been considerable had anyone actually heard of her, or had she not found her mini-scandal sandwiched in between several similar revelations.

Aya Hirano

Which is worse, the fans and their unhealthy demands, or the idols who stoop to deceiving them, is a question which is increasingly being debated on 2ch, not coincidentally the place responsible for 90% of the hysterics surrounding these incidents:

“Don’t forget Mizuki.”

“And Taketatsu!”

“The person who wrote all that stuff up knows nothing. Miyamura and company all ended in the late nineties anyway.”

“No – Miyamura was totally ruined by the scandal:

96/06/21 15,400 34,320 *25位 *4回 ケンカ番長 ←1st album
97/09/22 *7,020 31,930 *19位 *4回 不意打ち  ←2nd album
98/07/23 **,*** **,*** 圏外 **回 産休~Thank You~ ←Post-scandal [sales figures too low to be published]”

“There’s no way the seiyuu caught up in the Sphere fracas will lose all their work though.”

“Mizuki doesn’t even need male fans any more.”

“When I first saw her, I remember thinking Hirano reminded me of Miyamura for some reason. In the end they both fell because of men, it seems.”

“I understand why seiyuu who get married lose all their fans. But why do they have to lose all their roles?”

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  • Who cares what they do in their personal lives unless they’re out killing people or something near that level? They are people with jobs and get paid to provide a service of bringing your characters to life using their voices. What they do in their lives after the mic is off is their business. “Oh no, they arent like the character they act like in this anime or show! Who would have thought the actress was acting!” I say someone puts all “fans” that have these delusions out of their misery. They dont belong on the planet. Them and their parents and educators that didnt parent or teach them about life. Entertainment is simply that. Get over yourselves. I have no issues with crazy VA and I think they’re great! Aya Hirano, I love that girl. She’s as crazy as Catherine without the knife, but she’s good at voice acting and she’s hot. That’s all I expect out of her.

  • The creepy otaku for me. Well, its a right time that otaku’s (like me and you, and specially them)accept the fact that their idol seiyuu’s are also a real humans that has their own life.

    I’m a fan of Kana Hanzawa and Aki Toyosaki and, I love what their doings, their voices, how they act and perform their job, and all about them so, I will support them no matter what.. ^^

  • And the lines between passion and obsession grow even bigger!

    So many so called “Fans” Don’t have a passion for anime, for someone with true passion for something could never become obsessed, treating people among many other things as objects and not respecting the boundaries of reality.

  • I always said Aya Hirano was following in Yuko Miyamura’s footsteps. I was in Japan during Miyamu’s downfall, so I remember it going something like this:
    Miyamu does Evangelion, gets popular, gets a lot of roles.
    Miyamu starts making live-action appearances, people start to get sick of her.
    Porn video leaks. HUGE debate over if it’s really her or not. Popularity plummets.
    Miyamu suddenly marries some loser that designs condom wrappers. Then gets divorced. Career on life support.
    Starts sleeping with half the Japan Action Club. Gets knocked up by one of the guys. Career dead.
    She later got Graves disease, which causes bug-eyes.
    Last I checked she was teaching voice acting in Miyazaki Prefecture of all places.
    Thankfully they let her keep her EVA role as Asuka.

  • Its kind of s stuck situation.
    The “creepy fans” are the big chunks of their popularity, buying merchandises of all kind.
    But invading into personal life of someone is really a no-no…..I mean, getting a boyfriend isn’t frowned up on in society (except by maybe those creepy fans). voice role is only a job, WORK, career. They should be allow to develop an relationship, getting married, or even have kids, they are human just like everyone else.
    People who get upset and calls getting a boyfriend a “scandals” should really go see a psychological Doctors.

  • ‘“I understand why seiyuu who get married lose all their fans. But why do they have to lose all their roles?”’ I can’t imagine that people would listen to anything they’re associated with after such a reaction so it would be suicide for a company to give them work. That’s just what i’ve been led to believe.

  • Well female seiyuu are perfectly free to ditch the entire idol game (the idol industry certainly doesn’t need them) and concentrate solely being seiyuu. They can have private lives and fuck who they want. Of course, just ask most of the male seiyuu in Japan how much that life pays…..about 1/10th of what a top idol-seiyuu makes.

  • Creepy otaku who clearly can’t accept rational, normal relationships are obviously to blame- but it’s a chicken & egg scenario, as the talent agencies and the media industries – music, TV and movies are complicit with these agencies to just as clearly perpetuate and encourage this system.

    What REALLY needs to happen is for some crazed lunatic to attack and/or KILL an idol- a real-life Perfect Blue. Because the Japanese are so stubborn and so insular they will NEVER make any effort to reform it unless something shocking and horrific occurs as a result, because it’s all about control and MONEY.

    Unlike Western movie stars, Japanese celebrities are basically enslaved by their agencies with usurious, long-term contracts that manage everything about their image and lifestyle too. The seiyuu, actors and musicians need to be free to operate independently, and shouldn’t be blacklisted by a whole industry simply because one agency has an issue. And that has to stop before you can deprogram the hordes of unwashed, ignorant otaku.

    Hollywood movie studios used to have systems like this in the 1930s up into the 60s. But Japan still perpetuates it and perfected it, and the obsessive nature of their target market makes this even worse.

  • I’d have to say the minority of fans who delude themselves to think these performers aren’t normal humans which lives and relationships outside being a voice are the scary ones. These actresses are good looking adult females so yes by default they’re going to have boyfriends and do the nasty as warranted.

    As far as the false imagine some seiyuu and idols have it’s less their doing then their agencies and representatives wanting to promote her as such because the hardcore crazies eat that up with a damn spoon and buy metric tons of her show/single/album. It like that line in the Simpsons, paraphrased slightly to fit. “People will want to have sex with you and we want them to think they can.”

    The companies promote and profit off this false image but then when it cracks it’s the actress that gets all the blame and they go make a new one, wash and repeat.

  • What those fans lack is perspective. Why care who’s dating, marrying, or having sex? Why care who has kids and never talked about it? Why are average people getting hammered more than scatterbrained politicians? Those “fans” are completely worthless!

  • It’s at time like these, what with the whole “slave-pay animators” and “otaku-tied seiyuu” thing that I imagine running an animation studio in Japan.

    Now I don’t know much about Japanese economics but is it so wrong to want to pay a working man/woman AT LEAST minimum wage (or at least the US minimum wage)?

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d hire a good seiyuu regardless of their private life, in regards to the situations in this article.

    I mean seriously. Creepy isn’t close to enough to describe the otaku at this point. I remember when I used to get upset over stupid things as a kid and my parents would tell me to act my age.

    You know what, freak otaku and animation agencies? Act your age.

  • For the sake of the world, get a life you pathetic loosers!!!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t give a rats ass wether anyone of these Idols has a boyfrine/girfriend, or is married and have kids, or not. Like are they not allowed to even have a life???

    Ishihara is so concerned about the Anime industry supposedly “harming” the children, I think he should turn his attention to the perverts that are obsessed with these Idols AND the agencys who create them.

  • aye I aint gonna reject a character or the work if the seiyuu sleeps around or has done some porn movie when they where teen. I mean I met strippers whom are uni students. I wont hate them for it or think they cant do any work, but if studio’s exploit the creepyness then thats the studio’s fault.

  • But isn’t Charlotte just a silent doll that eat heads?

    I’d like to know how she escape the wrath of fans. Just being sandwiched with other more renown seiyuus wouldn’t escape from her personal fans/core customers. Is it because she hasn’t been popular enough to have stalking fans? Or is it because the 2chan hatemachine hasn’t directed themselves at her? Considering how loved Mikan (To Loveru), Nadeko (Bakemonogatari), Kuroneko (Ore no Imouto), Charlotte (IS) is it’s very surprising.

  • Aight, these comments are verging on insanity and creepiness closing in on the levels of Seiyuu otaku.

    Please, for the sake of all that is holy, do explain why these voice actors are obligated to tell their fans about their private lives.
    Do also explain why they should be shamed for their private lives.

    I get it. Many Seiyuu apparently have this sort of “idol” thing going on, but by the time a fanbase has gone to the point where it is literally calling the person in question its property, it’s time you start controlling your fucking fanbase.

    I mean for fuck’s sake people. These people work hard as hell to earn their money trough voice acting and the occasional posing. They do NOT own anything to you, nor are you entitled to known anything about them.

  • Close the fucking votes!

    This whole article proves that it’s useless and incites flame, troll and idiot posts.

    If anything, force people to actually post instead of just voting left and right. Among a few very bad posts there are lots of good ones that are marked as drivel because of hateful assholes.

  • The creepy fans should just get a mental check up and leave the seiyuu alone, so long they do not commit crime, get involved drugs or alcohol, who cares what she is doing with her life, so long as she keep her good work i do not care if she has bed a few men, but having a child would put in hiatus the seiyuu for a few months because of maternity.


    Also Otaku should be Divided in Categories
    Normal (they like anime manga and can have collections, do cosplay and have fun)
    EXTREME (Stalkers, obsessed idiots, creepy, dudes who break their collection (care to check out how much money they have lost?)

    I am a normal otaku i have collections of anime/manga and figures, do not forget games, i have tons of anime music and seiyuu CDS, but i do not get upset over what they do and i do sports, study and etc… they are human you know? its because of such fkng extreme otakus that ishihara’s been winning the ban shit

    • I wouldn’t say random. It’s always been target specific depending on articles.

      Korea, China and Aya Hirano/Seiyuu’s articles have upvotes to comments degrading them. While the downvotes are given en mass trying to defend them.

      When there is an article on Japanese/Otaku/2ch, we see mass upvotes defending them. But super downvotes to the comments that critisize them or even question them a tiny bit. So we either have ALOT of closet 2chans here or people being assholes with the voting system.

      You should keep the comments arranged by date. Having it arranged by votes makes it hella confusing to keep up with replies etc…

  • I will be happy for the seiyuus who got married or get a boyfriend/girlfriend.Seiyuus are humans.They obviously need a happy life.An otaku like me will definitely support them for their happiness unlike those otakus who do not support seiyuus even though they are fans of seiyuus.In my personal views,a true otaku will support their favourite japanese idols, seiyuus and something else no matter what happens in their life.I will definitely support them as a true otaku fan.

  • dont care bout seiyuu the less i know the happier I am. I am the type that’d rather just associate voices with characters and not actors. I hate it when acharacter has the same voice as another character from some other series. 2nd picture in this article would ruin any and every character ever, best not to see the actors. There was only one actor that was worth looking up and that has remained that way for years

  • Creepy virgin-hunting fans who want everyone to be lifelong virgins like them are clearly worse. Fuck those jealous bitches.
    I totally will admit to wanting to see that legendary pR0n by Miyamu. I may even fap to it. Something like that is like a rare godsend treasure we’ll never see again.

  • Of course it’s the creepy fans that are worse. I mean, it’s obvious that all the cuteness and innocence is a marketing ploy; the people who actual believe it should be ashamed of their own intelligence. And while it’s obviously just marketing, one can still enjoy their image of cuteness and innocence.

    Besides, I would be quite annoyed if Hanazawa Kana’s career would be destroyed by such bullshit, as she’s my favorite female voice actor.

  • The seiyuus ARE trying their best to hide their lives, mind you.

    You do notice the pattern that the ones who are actually screwing them over most of the time are their boyfriends.

    Either the boyfriends are complete utter idiots who wants to show off their seiyuu girlfriends are they aren’t actually related to her in anyway and just hate her guts personally.

    I mean srsly… A tread on announcing that you have a seiyuu girlfriend and posting purikura pics of being together? If they had even a shred of consideration for their girlfriend’s career, that’s the last and worst thing they can do if they understand how the idol system in japan works. -_-

  • Losers without a girl friend wants a voice actress that they think they know to be a virgin like themselves. I would say its sad but losers will be losers.

    When you cater to losers i guess you have to be something like them so that they can related to.

      • >Jap culture

        Did you not notice how plenty of Japanese people think these otaku are overreacting? No matter how you look at it, freaking out because a seiyuu has some semblance of a normal life is not acceptable.

        Otaku culture =/= Japanese culture, despite what weeaboos like to believe.

  • At first it would seem weird how fans in japan act however … It is actually very similar to the BS that goes on here in America with anyone famous .. retarded people need to be up these famous peoples asses like its their business. ZOMGWTFBBQQUACKTHEYHADACHILD y’know like there aren’t millions of children born every day or ZOMGWTFBBQQUACKTHEYHADSEX like millions of people don’t have sex every minute.

    Stupid’s will be Stupid.

  • What the Fu**?!! Seiyuu is also human, of course they will have dream of getting married, having children, finding boyfriend / husband, etc. Be more realistic you son of a bi**h self proclaimed fans!! You all bring shame to the Anime and Seiyuu industry!!

  • Hahaha — crazy otaku! Your tears of rage are fuel for my fire.

    When you become responsible enough to treat your seiyuu properly, then maybe I will lift my ban. But until then, no ero for you. Lucky for you I at least let you keep your Love Plus.

    For you otaku who can treat seiyuu properly, if you want your ero back then you better put a check on your crazed peers. because until you do, I will do it for you. That’s what the people elected me to do, after all!

    • You keep out of this you lying corrputed stubborn old man. You’re the one who not treating seiyuus properly with the way to talked about divine punishment to both them and the otaku. So but out or we’ll see to it you get banned from this site permanently.

  • I don’t get why Fans get angry because their favorite seiyuu is getting married. I perfectly understand why Hirano’s ex-fans hate her, because her relationships were dirty and unpure, and her boyfriends look like jerks, but what about wedding? Wedding is pure, wedding is moe. Having children while being married is pure too. Not a good reason to hate them for me…

  • “Which Are Worse – The Seiyuu or Their Creepy Fans?”

    The creepy fans are far worse, hands down.

    The creepiness comes in when crazied otaku blur the boundry between fantasy and reality. They lose the ability to seperate the 3D seiyuu from the 2D counterpart.

    Mangaka treat 2D character anyway they want — hence anime and manga. Otaku take it a step further with fan art and doujin. Crazed otaku cross the line and try to take it from 2D to 3D.

    To be blunt, it is the crazed otaku stalkers who are ruining it for everyone else. In their rage, they try to blame the girls, and all that does in prove their insanity. The seiyuu for the most part are simply girls and young women with stars in their eyes wanting to follow their dream. Nothing real evil there.

    • To be fair, the agencies (and to some extent the seiyuu themselves, to the extent that they go along with it) have sort of encouraged this behaviour in the fans, because it drives sales. They put on a façade that leads the fans on, and the more extreme examples among them aren’t really entirely capable of realizing that it is a façade. They not only confuse the seiyuu with their characters, but also with the public persona that they are exposed to in interviews, radio shows, live events, etc. Sadly, when they realize the charade, they are prone to an extreme reaction.

      I guess, then, I would have to say that there’s plenty of blame to go around here. The seiyuu themselves, though, probably deserve the least part of it, as they can’t really refuse their agency if they want work, and their supposedly “scandalous” behaviour generally isn’t really that abnormal (and often happened in the distant past, as in the case of Miyamura’s youthful indiscretion). In particular, it is absurd that seiyuu who marry are treated like pariahs (and sadly it is this very fact that often drives them into out-of-wedlock relationships that then blow up as a scandal when exposed).

  • Seriously guys… The seiyuus can do whatever they can and do whatever they please, as long as they continue their work and still provide good work. Then they shouldn’t give a rat’s ass on what people who are panic losers who think that these VA are such idols.

    Note to people who shun seiyuus due to revealing some crazies on meeting with the opposite sex: Y U NO have normal life. Y U NO get yourself a girlfriend. Y U NO do anything decent?

  • Thanks Sankaku Guy – I juat saw Asuka Langleys BOOBS!! (cross her off the list) SOOO Cool!! I really want to see the “K-On!” seiyuus naked but Asuka is a bigger thrill cause I’ve jerked off to her.

    Tried once to Tiffany Grant’s Asuka and my dick crawled back inside. I saw Rangiku “Bleach Musical” naked that was sweet! (Harumi Inoue). I would tattoo Ayana Taketatsu naked on my arm if I only saw her naked once. Fuck You I’m strange.

  • ffs, soon we’ll need vocaloids to replace seiyuus, so they dont have to worry of their humanly needs, see it this way we will still get to fap to a fantasy voice and a 2D image ( which i dont mind )

  • ffs, soon we’ll need vocaloids to replace seiyuus, so they dont have to worry of their humanly needs, see it this way we will still get to fap to a fantasy voice and a 2D image ( which i dont mind )

  • I’d love it for some of the older seiyuu to make a come back especially Tomo Sakurai and Yuko Miyamura. They should come out of retirement.

    And a message to all Japanese seiyuu. Stay strong. If you are caught in a scandal preserve and tough through it. Don’t quit your job. If your agency is not giving you roles switch agencies. You can also switch to a stage name! Just continue your work. There fans outside Japan who support you for your voice no matter what troubles you encounter. This is coming from a non-japanese anime fan who pours hundreds of dollars towards anime and goods to support the seiyuu.

    • not as much money spent as the hardcore guys from japan.

      that’s what people don’t realize,those hardcore fans show up to the events and buy the idol stuff.
      without them there won’t be any “idols”

      none of the people here who bash them have spent what they have and are willing to spend like them to support their “idols”,that’s if the people here even have “idols” that they idolize.

  • While I won’t disagree that sex tapes and scandals are capable of destroying one’s career.. I seriously don’t get it why on hell does refusing to let the fans know that you’re married can be considered as scandalous let alone make the certain celeb worse than their stalking “fans”? Sure, lying and admitting that you’re single are another thing but keeping silent and not wanting the media to make an exposure on their married life surely shouldn’t be grouped as the same thing. I’ve seen numerous cases of the celebrity world in my country where well known celebs’ married life ruined all just because the journalist and their legions of fans can’t help but making up shit like “Celeb A beaten his wife due to an affair” right after a few months after their marriage, hence putting pressure on their personal life.

  • I’ve met Yuko Miyamura irl while working at an event she was at. She’s a pretty nice person. Unfortunate human vices can topple a person. Quite a lot of double standards in Japanese society.

  • Yeesh, these otaku extremists who want their seiyuus to stay virgins are the talibans of Japan. The general otakus should condemned them, since these extremists are making the real otaku community look bad!

    I don’t see that all these shits are happening to the male seiyuus/voice-actors at all? The female fans are better (or not of course)?

  • The title should read:

    “Japanese fans are the worst scum”

    Fuck those assholes. All of these so called “scandals” are completely irrelevant to those peoples work as seiyuu.
    I’m really ashamed that people who share my fav past-times behave like brain-dead idiots. And not just a few of them.

  • It seems no-one points the blame in all of this to the big wigs in agency and marketing as well as the people who profit mainly from the anime industry. The whole industry is seriously fucked up. This whole thing is a pyramid with the masses of otaku being milked for their money supporting this whole rotten industry, followed by the animators who are paid shit wages to do the grunt work and produce the visual part of the shows. Seiyuu are in the middle but still have to be constantly looking for work, and a good chunk of their money is taken by their agencies, they also don’t get royalties for CD’s they sing. Some can reach Idol status, but they are still in danger of being disposable. Seiyuu are pretty much monkeys made to dance by the organ grinder in order to separate sad otaku from their parent’s money and if the monkey can’t perform to the expected level, there’s plenty of others churned out from the Seiyuu schools. Next, while not quite alpha dogs, the agencies act as the middle-men/pimps to the talent, gaining money for someone else work and image. At the top of the pyramid are the power players: Studios and companies that own all the rights to anime and respective merchandise. They are the ones who gain the most of the money from perpetuating this system that exploits both Seiyuu and fans. It’s not to say that Seiyuu agreeing to go along with this charade for fame/money or fans having ridiculous standards and attitudes toward the seiyuu is ok, but we should really be looking at the source of the problem which lies at the upper echelons of the anime industry.


  • Another thing,Aki,Kana and Aya only got big because of Haruhi and K-On and those Animes have a lot of Extreme Fanboys,those fans hyped them up because of it.

    and they are also presented as “idols” to those extreme fanboys.

    if not for Haruhi and K-On these 3 wouldn’t have so many of these crazed fanboys who are crazy for them and overhype them because of their character associations.

    can you really say that they are on the same level as Mamiko Noto and Kikuko Inoue etc.?

  • I have said this one or 2 times before, but…

    The fans who demand virginity of the seiyuu maybe degenerates, but the because the lines of Seiyuu and Idol are blurry nowadays (expecially with female Seiyuu), they are actively marketing themselves in a way which attracts the degenerates.

    To be honest, I would call scandals like these an “Occupational Hazard”, not a tragedy. You can’t change the more radical sect of fans, and they are also the ones who will be willing to spend the most money, so they are the most lucrative marketing targets, as well as being the first ones to turn if shit hits the fan. I’d say that there is always a good chance that a Seiyuu can encounter a scandal in her career. You can take preventative measures by not mixing private and personal lives (Aya Hirano specifically sleeping with her Band members was a very poor idea), and being tight-lipped about your personal life. It is called a “personal life” for a reason and it should remain private, or you shall face consequences as not everyone will like what they see (like employers or in the Seiyuu’s case, fans. Aya also failed at this one. She is free to do as she pleases in her own private life, but talking about it in public is a stupid idea).

    But still, things can happen. Shit can get out that you never intended to let out. In that case, it’s best to do what Yoko Hisaka did with the whole ring fiasco or what Kana Hanazawa is doing now, pretend it never happened, make minimal or no comments on the issue, and just keep on truckin’. It’s should be treated as something that comes with the territory, something that just sometimes happens on the job, because that’s exactly what it is. If you are a Seiyuu, you are going to market to the fringe fans because they are the ones who will make the agency and by extension you the most money, because of how much they are willing to spend. Though sometimes the fringe will bite the hand that feeds it. Obsessive fans and stalkers are quite frankly, part of the job description as occupational hazards. Does it suck that you are now constantly on display like a museum artifact? Well yeah, but they ultimately signed up for the job. If you want fame (or even if you just want to act) you have to deal with the hazards of the job. There is no 100% gain in any major life endeavor, it’s always a set of pros and cons. It’s just that you have to figure out for yourself which set of pros is worth dealing with it’s cons.

    In closing, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”. Just like you have chance of falling to your death on a construction site, you have a chance of stalkers or fringe fans biting you back if you are Seiyuu. If you don’t want to have your head caved in by an I-beam, don’t go into construction. If you don’t want to have your life on near perminant display, don’t be a Seiyuu. If you want to do so regardless of the risk, then good for you. Just be fully aware of what you are getting yourself into.

  • Why are otaku so middle eastern fundamentalist about things?

    the way you describe it, it seem that they would force all seiyuu to wear veils and have periodical virginity tests if they had their way

    did Japan fall to sharia law when I wasn’t looking?

  • This article makes me so sad. These are all excellent seiyuu and it’s greatly distressing they lost work like that. Seiyuu should be able to have a personal life, boyfriends, husbands &c. like everyone else, without having to worry about their career.

  • Personally, I would rather not know how they look, since otherwise I get a mental image of the person rather than the character. It takes away from the fantasy, doesn’t it?

    Of course I’m speaking purely about voice actors and am not weighing in on the idol phenomena.

  • To the people who say there would be no idols without the fans.

    WRONG These seiyuu have TALENT. Without that, they would not be worthy to be idols. Not anyone can become a voice artist.

    The “fans” made them into ridiculous idols of something that doesn’t exist (purity, virginity into old age), but they have not made them talented seiyuus who deserve to voice act.

    The “fans” prevented them from doing their job, because they are pathetic.

    If you admire somebody’s work, then you are a fan. You are not a fan if you think you have the right to control your idol’s life.

  • This anon do not care about his seiyuu’s personal life, As long as they perform well in the recording studios.

    Hanazawa can get married for all I care, I’d still eagerly anticipate her new roles every season.

    • Seconded.

      Hell, I’d go so far as to say that I’d welcome it if she did get married.

      I mean, I’m not so delusional as to think that I’ve got a shot at the likes of her or any seiyuu. They live half-way around the world from me, speak a language that I only have a minimal grasp of, and would be totally out of my league even if I were Japanese. Not to mention that I’m sure the LAST person that any person with a fandom would want to marry is a fan. It’s only natural, and would be so even if the fandom wasn’t as creepy as seiyuu and idol otaku are. You want to be with someone who cares about you for yourself, not for your public persona.

      Any TRUE fan should be content to adore from afar, understanding that it has to be this way, and should be glad to see the object of their affection happy. Otherwise, you risk crossing over the line from devoted fan to crazed stalker.

  • This is just sad. Once you got your dream of becoming a famous seiyu, you’ve immediately sign your loss in living your life. The creepy fans are the ones who run your life. You want to get married and start a relationship like everyone else, your fans will resent you and you will lose your job. Ahhh, the price of popularity.

    • If you think of it a different way, perhaps it’s more like parading a boyfriend in front of their very, very… VERY strict parents or something. So unless he’s got the looks, money and popularity of a rock star… with the… powers… of… a…. superhero…? Naw, fuck it, they don’t know what they want. They’re just so lonely that they just throw fucking tantrums when something they knew they couldn’t have to begin with proves to their delusional bullshit that they couldn’t have them.

  • LOL, what’s funny is, Kana Hanazawa, Ayana Taketatsu and Aki Toyosaki are my three favorite seiyuu.

    I will still support them no matter what, although I understand my fellow fans’ concerns if they continue to deceit…

  • The obsessiveness that these “creepy” fans go to is far beyond caused by anything the shady agencies or the voice actresses have done. Truthfully, the agencies are devil spawn (like most “talent” agencies around the world) and some of the voices actresses are just one step above your average street prostitute but, come on. The maniacal fans passing on the blame to the agencies and the actresses for their abhorrent behavior is just another symptom of their own disconnection from reality.

      • And what do you call the posts that aren’t bashing anyone and get voted up?

        I mean really, you expect every post talking about nuking China, nuking Japan, nuking Ishihara, nuking 2ch voted up?

        Some people just aren’t hate mongers like you are, unfortunately.

        • – This is relevant to what I said how?
          – Baseless assumptions and putting words in my mouth that were never spoken. But to answer, no I don’t, it’s equally stupid, but do you expect that then, since you brought it up?
          – Wow just wow, so any kind of criticism or speaking out negatively about something is suddenly hate mongering? I think you need to look up what hate mongering actually means before using such words.

        • [i]And what do you call the posts that aren’t bashing anyone and get voted up?[/i]

          There’s non.
          And posts bashing seyuu instantly voted up, while posts bashing freaks instantly voted down. It’s seldom happened earlier, and never in such orchestrated fashion.

    • The moderation system needs moderation if it allows for such a clearly retarded amount of bias.

      Giving voices to cartoon characters shouldn’t mean sacrificing the fruit of a healthy livelihood. People can say “but the seiyuu failed their fans”; fans who can’t move past old events or tolerate something as simple and personal as marriage are poison to an industry that could otherwise be filled with much more talent.

      • As expected of drivel.

        “The moderation system needs moderation if it allows for such a clearly retarded amount of bias.”

        HAHAHAHAHA hilarious. Do you guys even read the shit you write? Just like the posts defending China are voted down, majority speaks. You’re an idiot.

        • Oh boy here we go. Another faggot who believes a properly moderated system is designed purely for the majority.

          Simple up-voting and down-voting is not how it *should be* done, and all it does here is show how much scum like yourself populate this site.

      • You don’t understand. They aren’t simply seiyuu that live in the shadows and do nothing but voice work. They market everything to do with themselves. Obviously if something questions that integrity, it will affect that aspect of their career. If they want to avoid scandals like these, then simply turn down those offers. But since they’re women they would never decline easy money.

  • These seiyuu failed their fans (and thus, their work), but honestly, even the most ardent otaku on 2ch probably aren’t beyond forgiving them (take Hanazsawa Kana for example).

    If the seiyuu continue to remain dedicated to their work, I’m sure they’ll see the big roles slowly come back to them.

  • “Kana Hanazawa

    A person claiming “my girlfriend is a seiyuu” appeared on 2ch with photographs of apparently genuine anime scripts and “purikura” shots of her.”

    Huh. I never knew Hanazawa was involved in a scandal. Seeing as how she’s still landing one big voice role after another, her fans must have forgiven her. A lesson to be learned there for Hirano, Toyosaki, Taketatsu…

  • This is how capitalism works. It’s pretty sad to see some of these seiyuu (not all) continue to expect handouts from their fans (paying $100+ for singles), as though they were somehow entitled to their fans’ money or something.

    No one told you to be a seiyuu forever. If you can’t handle the industry, then get out.

    • They literally make a living off of their voice and in most cases they barely earn enough to make a living without having several other part-time jobs.

      Only a few of them ever managed to make a fortune and all of them are either brilliantly gifted or blessed with a good business sense.

      Also, only very few of them have the potential for a singing career, even with the support of electronics and fan hype.

      If anything, many of them are under appreciated by their own industry. Much like animators in Japan are nothing more than slaves with no real income.
      “Capitalism” doesn’t equal a thoroughly corrupt business that basically exploits people around the clock.
      That excuse prevailed long enough now.

    • I’ve said it before, this is a shitty,unhealthy attitude to take. Keep in mind that, among other things: it’s exactly these kinds of stalkers that give people like Ishihara fuel to drive their censorship campaigns, that the seiyuu don’t often have a big role in their marketing (rather their management makes all the decisions), that seiyuu aren’t exactly raking in the big bucks and most do it for love of the work and of the medium, and that these stalkers are dangerously obsessive.

      Even one of those things is more than enough to disqualify the “tough, deal with it” bullshit argument that gets thrown around, but it’s the confluence of all of these and more that make it clear that these people are to be shunned and their idiocy exposed whenever possible.

      I hope, considering how many of the big moe seiyuu seem to be involved in scandals recently, this helps to get rid of this stupid standard. If otaku want the seiyuu to stop being deceptive, they first need to stop tying seiyuu careers to this illusion of virginal purity. Anime characters aren’t real and real people shouldn’t be held to those standards.

      On a totally unrelated note, I’m dying to hear Asuka’s voice in a porno. I need to get ahold of that video, clearly.

    • And the damn seiyuus that go along with the scheme to look innocent oure virgin maiden so they can reach new record high levels of popularity. PERIOD.

      Agencies are the REAL SCUM bit seiyuus and idols are to blame too, if not equally to agencies.

        • dōmo arigatō gozaimashita, for you demands that seiyuu be holy virgin Marys and innocent that they don’t know left to right and what a manhood looks like. And since that is your demands, we do so, so we can get your support.

          To simply blame seiyuu idolized and agcenys is just stupid and wrong, they gave the fans what the fans wanted. Didnt they? so now the fans are mad that it turned out to be a lie? I wonder whats worse, the fact that they lied or the fact taht the idiots believed it.

        • 06:13 02/11/2011 # !

          You are a retarded sexist. Who cares? Seriously. You are pissed about fan boys getting their feelings hurt? How about being pissed society makes a fetish out of virginity and treats women as objects. Get a life and enjoy your cartoons.

        • So they work by taking advantage of unhealthy obsession of many of her hardcore fans, awesome work.

          They dont give a shit to fans as long as they get more popular to the day getting them more money, more work.

          As messed up as this seiyuu business is nowadays if they want to eat from there they should be prepared to what they will expect, but wait, why when they can simply lie to wht they call creepy fans no?


          1)If they want to date, to fuck with any man they come across then they are free to work in something else.

          2)They want to be simply seiyuus without becoming an obsession of others then do so and turn down those unscrupulous offers to market your image to something you ARE NOT, an image that you are virgin, innocent and does not have contact woth other men, so be just a huimble seiyuu and do your work and dont make reveal the person behind your characters voice, like this there are MANY examples of seiyuu that are only that.

          3) YOu still want to be a seiyuu idolized by fans, you want to become their obsession you are free to do so but then do your work properly and effectively dont date or have sex with any males.

          4)You want to be a seiyuu idolized by many, you act the image on an innocent virgin maiden but want to whore yourself to death or ok, simply have a boyfriend, and thus will lie to fans, get prepared for when the consequences or scandals that show your true colors are revealed.

  • Ah… I bet many of us will be searching for this so called ‘SM Erotic Experiences for Two’…

    But that really goes to show, be careful of what you do, because you never know when it’s going to come back and bite you in the ass.

    • But the thing that you fail to realize, and most people seem to forget, is that the fans MAKE the idols. Without the fans, there will be no idols, so technically speaking, the idols are more or less indebted to please their fans…

      Though I do have to admit that fans can go too far sometime.

      • The Idol argument keeps coming in when these issues are about Voice Actresses.

        Seiyuu =/= Idol..

        The problem lies in the overlapping definitions and images of Seiyuu and Idol, which I honestly think it shouldn’t.

        Anyway, I hope people can leave anime & manga as it is. The talents can go screw themselves up for all I care.

        I really don’t want to see pics of Nendoroid Azusa stabbed with some screw driver in the eye or some broken Charlotte Dunois Image CD

        or worst Some anime franchise being scrapped because they found out the protagonist’s voice actress had sex with various guys.

      • While you make a somewhat valid point, I don’t think it’s entirely correct to say that the fans make them. Without the companies that employ and support them there would most likely also be no idols.

        Another point would be that they, like most other are employed and get payed to do a job like everybody else, ultimately it’s the employer that is paying their wages.

        Now of course you can say that the fans are the source of the income for the company, but then again that is same with a lot of companies. Do you feel indebted to please any costumer that bought a product of a company you work for?

        Besides not all seiyuu are idols and fans aren’t a necessity for a seiyuu. I doubt that many base their anime purchases on just the seiyuu.

        • Except you’re wrongly comparing workers to idols themselves. In the case of workers, the workers are not actively involved with the production and development of the product and are not invested in it. Even if the product doesn’t sell well, the company still pays its workers.

          However, idols are literally selling themselves and the relationship between idols and fans are also linked extremely closely. Do you think a company would continue to finance and promote an idol who is not popular at all and does not generate a significant income? I think not. Similarly, coming back to the product analogy, a product will get discontinued if it fails to sell.

          Also, it has already been discussed before, but the lines between Seiyuu and Idol are getting more and more blur by the minute. Not to mention, no company would want to hire a Seiyuu with a bad reputation as it would taint the company’s image.

  • Stupid arrogant westerners pseudo-fans should be nuked form the universe, they don’t know shit about how this idol seiyuu innocent crap works period.

    Seiyuus have a life, they are normal humans my fucking ass, then don’t market yourself and make all kind of efforts to look a virgin period, to make shitloads of money for you and your agency.

    Dont like this, no ones want you, go work in a compnay, get a business and whore yourself to death no one will care but dont go into this fucking idol/seiyuu business if you are not fully prepared to what awaits you.

    Those gaijin that don’t understand this crap, good, bad, sick or whatever just shut up, you are not the ones that pay for their products, that buy their fake image, that buy the dvds/blurays, that go to see them in person, that overpay whatever they seel you, so of course you dont give a shit.

    • This Western fan buys products regardless of the boyfriend/virginity issue. I still bought CDs and photo magazines of married seiyuu, you sick fuck. I don’t jack off to silly fantasies like you. They come to American anime cons, I go to see them. It’s not like getting fucked makes them less hot.

      • Tomoko Kawakami was one of my favorite seiyuu and she passed away earlier this year. I hope she found happiness with someone before passing. The thought of a seiyuu like her dying without finding happiness for the sake of a sick bunch of degenerate “fans” giving otaku a bad name makes me pissed.

    • Thank you for wishing the death of people who think voice acting isn’t a job where a person should be put into a position where their “fans” treat them like a slave.

      Also, go get laid.

  • I could understand the ones who are also idols, but the ones who are just seiyuu should not have to put up with this shit. Voice acting is nothing like parading around for a bunch of perverts and those perverts should be able to distinguish between the two.

  • They should just stay as Seiyuu and stay away from the “idol” side of things… And also if they have a boyfriend or whatever, to make it clear the moment it happens, not wait until some tabloid find out and make a story out of proportion of it, that just make it worst.

  • I will vote on side of otaku… why?
    because these idol needs the otaku to buy … they can choose to quit or marry after they are popular enough to get by without otaku support… but lets face it unless you got other skill like nana mizuki singing ability you won’t become accepted by general republic based on being seiyu.
    And even if you did become nana mizuki level just how many single does she sell compared to akb48 who rely on otaku… otaku > your face

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    “Kept her marriage and child completely secret from fans, only to be exposed by a weekly tabloid. She subsequently apologised to fans at a press conference. She was subsequently shunned by fans and lost most of her work.”

    “Announced her marriage to fans on a radio show, upsetting most of her more ardent fans – after which she lost most of her work.”

    I think that deduction is just rubbish. Rather than the announcement of the marriage and setting up of family ruining them, isn’t the real reason that they slowly fade out from the seiyuu scene more to do with them spending time with their real family rather than pandering to deluded otakus who’ll never get laid?

    As sexist as this may sound, IIRC, most women in Japan simply become fulltime housewives once they get married. They would have faded from the entertainment scene ANYWAY, regardless of whether their fans found out or not.

    • No, I think you have your 1970s view of Japanese women totally backwards. Most of them become housewives because they’re pushed out of their jobs either through a glass ceiling/sexist maternity policies or because fans aren’t interested anymore.

      Seiyuus use their VOICE to work. As far as I know, getting married and having kids doesn’t affect your voice. They would still be able to work if their fans weren’t such creepy otaku that need to have virginal goddesses voicing their loli 2D fantasies. With fans boycotting the work, the studios have no choice but to drop the seiyuus.

      • Kinny Riddle says:

        Fair enough, anon. Though in my feeble defense I DID say “IIRC – IF I remembered correctly”, and I neglected to add that I was of the belief this 1970’s view of women only applied to the seiyuu/idol industry.

        Clearly I remembered wrong and thus stand corrected.

        The fans are sad enough, though sadder still are the studios for having no backbone to stand by their stars – provided that could explore new audience sources that are not creepy and more sympathetic (like the more “rational” folks here in SanCom for starters, no?)

  • those freaks are also the ones who spend a lot of money to support their idols.
    wasn’t there someone who bought a load of AKB48 CDs just to push them up the charts?
    if it wasn’t for guys like that idol won’t make much money.

    It’s sad about Mariko Koda though,She was Great as Nayuki and She wasn’t an idol seiyuu was she?

  • It’s amazing how clueless so many of these comments are about the seiyuu industry. Although I suppose that’s to be expected of a site for basically weeaboos who probably just pirate all of their anime anyways…

  • The funny thing is, all these seiyuu “defenders” on 2ch are probably the ones who just record the anime broadcasts on their dvrs and never buy any of their products or DVDs. If they seiyuu “attackers” really left the seiyuu alone like the defenders say, then the seiyuu industry would run out of business lol

  • As dis-tasteful as what some females can do with their bodies as it is so easy for them to do it, I still want to hear Aya Hirano be a VA. I don’t understand how Japan setup the Fan Magazines for the Idols to be their new Gods or Goddesses where as and wither-on-too-forth-now in which it reqires them to be Virgans and Selabate like a monk. ITS NOT POSSIBLE. Then for them to hurt the voice actress or actors with the anti publicity attacks let alone go all out to cause physical harm shows a high degree of insanity the Otokou have. So there you have it, they HURT the people who were getting paid to put voices to a video they were watching which should have been enough to make the listener happy. What a bunch of freek’ing JerkAsses. Leave the girls alone.

  • Fans of course, but those “Yatsu” I’m writing about should not be considered as fans. I became otaku when I was 25 and therefore I can say that these people are immature band of idiotic agressive virgins(nothing against normal virgins)

  • Aya Hirano was the worst of them all, though, finding out askas voice was in a fetish porn…

    anyway, lets get this fact out of the way. if you are a… harem seeking person, you ruin the image of what you voice, this is a fact. unless the show is based off the ironic fact that you are a complete slut (id call a man the same thing in Aya Hirano position) playing a virgin or a pure character.

    the others, a boyfriend, a love life (that doesn’t involve fucking old men in power positions, or making a harem) should be just that, it doesn’t matter, they don’t ruin an anime.

    • Asuka’s voice was in a porn (an it was only “amateur fetish” not some crazy shit) back before she even started voice-acting. So what? It was years ago. People do stupid shit when they are young. If nobody is ever allowed to live shit down that they did in their youth, then we’re all pretty much fucked. In all probability, like most girls in porn (especially those who only one film, or otherwise have a short career), someone took advantage of her. If so, that’s a cause to feel sorry for her, not to condemn her.

      Besides which, these people are ACTORS. They are not playing themselves, and indeed the voices they use (even the voices they use for interviews. etc.) are rarely their own normal speaking voices. They are in the business of pretending to be someone else. Aya Hirano (or any other “scandalous” seiyuu) portraying a “pure” character should no more affect your suspension of disbelief as a viewer than should the knowledge that Anthony Hopkins is not actually a cannibal.

      The fact that Orlando Bloom is married doesn’t stop girls fawning over him and paying to see his movies, nor have I seen evidence of death threats directed at Miranda Kerr. Okay, so Tom Cruise has drawn some hate over Katie Holmes, but that’s for luring her into the looney cult cum sinister pyramid scheme cum ingenious tax dodge he’s involved with, not simply for marrying her. So why is it that Japanese seiyuu, seemingly alone among all actors, should have to endure this treatment?

  • LOL, creepy otaku at its finest. That’s why everyone despise you. Good luck to seiyuu with dealing with such freakish audience. And hope police start hunt otakus down as mush as they doing for such offenses as ask for direction.

  • The idols themselves are pretty bad, but they’re human. They make mistakes.

    Then again, if you weigh the blame, it’s actually the fans that are significantly worse. They’re unreasonable, act like they own the seiyuus, and their life, and are generally a collective of jealous and delusional people, who are so pathetic that they can’t even leave their home to get a life, like what their idols are trying to do.

    Their confines may be their lack of courage, motivation, and maybe even a pair of pants to go outside… But I wonder if they realize that the confines of their idols, are in fact the fans themselves.

    Some people need to start thinking, and being more considerate…

    Then again, we’re human. We make mistakes. We’re also pretty stupid.

  • Since it has become increasingly clear that seiyuu fans in Japan are obsessed loonies, perhaps the next generation of seiyuu will just be up-front and open about their lives, so that the nut-cases will have nothing to fantasize about.

  • “I understand why seiyuu who get married lose all their fans. But why do they have to lose all their roles?”

    because its the manager and the companies they are signed to whos trying to market them as innocent… not the seiyuus… so er… creepy fans definitely is “worse”… i cant even use the word “worse” because i dont see it as bad for seiyuus to be, u know….normal.