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Naked Women Crawled Into Horse “To Feel One With It”


Police have declined to press charges against a woman who posted photographs of herself climbing inside a horse she had just gutted and subsequently standing naked and covered in blood before its carcass.

According to reports, the Oregon couple recently took custody of the 32-year-old horse. As it was elderly and in declining health, they decided to kill and eat it.

Sometime during this process the 21-year-old woman decided it would be a good idea to strip off and climb inside the gutted horse’s carcass. For good measure, the couple photographed their handiwork and posted it on Facebook.


She later told police she did it as she “wanted to feel one with the horse.”

Police initially investigated the couple on suspicion of animal cruelty, but determined no offence was committed and thus decided not to press charges.

The animal was slaughtered by means of a high-powered rifle shot to the brain, and police say they are satisfied it was dispatched humanely.

Killing and eating horses is perfectly legal in most jurisdictions, and their considering the amount of dismembered animal carcasses exhibited as “modern art” in galleries around the world, their photography would likely have no difficulty in claiming artistic status.

Doubts remain as to why they would take custody of an ailing horse only to promptly kill and eat it, especially if rumours that they are vegetarians are correct.

As a result of posting details of the incident online along with their personal details, they swiftly found themselves Internet hate figures and the target of much harassment, being denounced as everything from horse molesters to devil worshippers.


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