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AKB Idols Offer To Have Fan Babies For Cash


Non-fans of top otaxploitation idol group AKB48 are aghast at their latest money-making venture: AKBaby, which allows their notoriously creepy fanbase to have babies with the group’s members in exchange for a monthly subscription – much like regular parenthood, in fact…

A ¥1,480 subscription gives fans membership on AKB48’s official site, and access to AKBaby, a freakish application which allows fans to merge their personal photograph with that of one of the idols to create the hypothetical spawn of their unlikely coupling:


“Won’t you make a baby with me? On the net.

Quite a few seem to be of the opinion that the idols and their promoters are at least as creepy as their fans:

“This is messed up!”


“How did they think of some like this…”


“This is gross.”


“Your pictures…”

“I like AKB but this is…”

What is the point of this?”

“Isn’t that baby sucking her breast?”

“This is utterly horrible.”

“Total mega-madness.”

“They’re actually doing it…”

“No way.”

“Japan is just getting started.”

Moral collapse indeed.

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