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“The 9 Reasons Men Think Their Sweetheart Likes Them”


An article giving the “9 reasons” men end up thinking the girl they have their eye on has the hots for them too has lately been the subject of much soul-searching reflection on the more desolate and lovelorn parts of 2ch.

The original article:

Nothing is quite as pleasing as the moment you realise the person you had your eye on feels the same way about you as you do about them.

We surveyed our male readers about what caused them to think their love was mutual rather than unrequited.

1. She meets your eye a lot

2. She makes a happy face when you meet

3. Your mail exchanges get quite intense

4. She calls you by a special name

5. She asks if there is someone you like

6. People around you point you out as a promising pair

7. She makes efforts to be alone with you

8. She avoids breaking off long conversations, and talks with you as long as possible

9. Her friends scout you out by asking what you think of her

The 2ch version of “mutual love” is rather different in character:

“The third time you meet is mutual love, isn’t it?”

“For people like us, a girl sitting next to you on a bus is liable to be mistaken as being interested in you.”

“I fell for and confessed my love to a girl who met my eye and shook my hand. She told me she had a boyfriend and refused. Die!”

“If girls come and talk to you you really think they have fallen for you, don’t you?”

“She called me by my first name, so I called her with her first name, and she made a ‘haa?’ face. Die, me.”

“When they meet your eyes, you do get the impression they want your kids, don’t you?”

“I made so many mistakes in this area. I’d rather just be a virgin forever now.”

“When I’m alone in the reference room with a girl and they rush to finish their work and hurry out, is it because they feel danger or because they are interested in me?”

“I kept sending a girl mails for 2 weeks but she made virtually no response. I finally got a response!

‘Look, I’m sorry, but could you please stop sending me mails?

Very creepy. Give it a rest, please.’

I was surprised, I didn’t expect this. Who wouldhave thought she’d use a vertically hidden message!”

[In Japanese, the message is two lines and the first character of the first line is ‘su’ and that of the second is ‘ki’]

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