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79% of Women: “Posters of Girls = NG”


A Fuji TV claim that 79% of women cannot abide the prospect of girlie posters in a man’s room has otaku up in arms – not least when they realise female objections extend even as far as desktop wallpaper…

The online reaction is predictable:

“So are 2D girls OK?”

“Eroge posters are OK.”

“Seiyuu posters too.”

“Otoko no ko posters will be fine, I’m sure.”

“You’re supposed to take that stuff down if a woman visits, it’s only polite.”

“21% are OK with it but still no woman come to my room…”

“Figures and dakimakura are OK then?”

“Anime figures:”


“Ehhhh – impossible!”

“Anim dolls were panned as well.”

“Well, at least allow them a nice desktop wallpaper.”


“This is some game character, isn’ it?”


“This is no good at all!”


“I imagined a more manly sort of room…”

“At least let them do as they like with their desktop!”

“This programme is creepy.”

“Of course, it’s NG for single women to have posters of guys put up in their rooms – isn’t it?”

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