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Tokyo: “We’ll Ban Manga & Anime To Stop Sexism!”


Tokyo’s Ishihara-led government is proposing yet more onerous censorship of manga and anime, this time on the grounds that they are sexist and violate the human rights of the groups (i.e. women and children) being depicted.

From one of the Tokyo government’s latest policy documents, outlining their plans for enforcing a “gender equality” regime on the people of Tokyo:


However, much media information is based on sexual stereotypes and frequently depicts sexual violence towards women and children, and this is one of the prime impediments to gender equality.

According to cabinet surveys, 80% of people now think there are problems with depictions of sex and violence on TV and the Internet.

Freedom of expression should be respected, but it is also necessary to adequately respect the human rights of the people being depicted to not be the subject of unpleasant sexual or violent expression in the public media.

Tokyo recently revised its ordinance for the healthy development of youth, and also established Tokyo’s duty to allow the healthy development of young people by restrictions on their Internet environment and the eradication of child pornography.


Our policy direction:

It is necessary to demand media undertake to voluntarily censor themselves with regard to depictions of sex and violence.

Tokyo must ensure publishers and advertisers do not promote sexual discrimination.

All media must thoroughly uphold moral restrictions [on their publications].

It would appear Tokyo has finally succeeded in combining both right-wing demands for censorship on the grounds of upholding public morals and left-wing demands for censorship on feminist and “human rights” (i.e. those of the people depicted in or exposed to the expression of others) grounds.

Online there is not much surprise – it was long obvious to all but the most deluded apologists that Tokyo’s manga ban was the thin end of the wedge, and that Ishihara and company would simply keep tightening censorship until only rape novels and pornographic videos remain:

“You’re all done for!”

“Is there anything these people don’t want to ban?”

“He can’t get it up any more so all ero is banned, eh?”

“I would think most men in anime are the ones being abused.”

“Do something about him before this spreads over the rest of the country!”

“He’s senile, his policies barely make sense any more.”

“This obsession with equality – yet in practice it always means favouring women.”

“The old farts voted him in. Do something about the people of Tokyo!”

manga-ban-manga“So this means shonen, shoujo, seinen and ladies comics are all going out of print for promoting sexual discrimination.”

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  • 1. they are fictional character’s and as such have no right’s.

    2. people have the freedom to wright what they want without problem.

    2.1 for instance there is hundreds of movies realeased to this day that involve mass murder and killing of men women elderly child, yet are they getting stoped? no because its worth millions if not billions.

    3. there is manga anime porn hentai of yaoi/gay same as there is about yuri/lesbian and straight, heck there is the weird ones if futanari on male or female. so what about that isn’t equal to people?

    and also this is my own opinion but the feminists are going a little to far with there we demand rights, they have the same as everyone else why are they demanding more?

  • Ignoring the fact that almost every anime male is portrayed as a moron that will do anything a cute girl says, just like our western TV ads.

    Perhaps we could make it equal and have the females drooling over the males too.
    Oh. That’d be wrong.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ishithara speaks for the feminist bitch who is insecure and wants everyone to dress and obey what she wants in her own fluzyness and the white-knight who pretends to be on the side of women’s interest yet he’ll go straight back to his fap material filled with porn. Because guess what? He still maintains that natural instinct of attraction and hormones that every human-being in the human race has or else everyone would stop reproducing!

    Ishithara you do not speak for the rest of us females who enjoy being flirtatious and don’t mind expressing it! We love male attention and we ourselves choose to dress the way we want to dress and the same should go for anime and manga!

    Badgering old man! By censoring manga and anime you are always taking away the freedom of the artist to express their literature and the consumer by labeling him as a mere fiend for being a human being!

    A finger to you, Ishithara!

  • this is called misandry.
    when you have this kind of people/society
    you can do whatever you want.
    ( the brainwash )

    just like old Fascim or Nazism.
    in the old days of Nazism and Fascism
    they said it was for the good/sake
    of the nation ( world war 2 )
    ( and they made the brainwash to the people )

    ( sorry for my bad english. )

  • lol if they would ban it it would
    1 anime culture just would move to another country or go underground on sites hosted outside from japan
    2 their economy would get a very very huge blow

    still its kinda lame that people bitch at it and i think i know wy
    men and older men their brain just don’t recognize its art potential and their dicks are just wrong wired 😛
    and the woman just hate it because they get reminded they are ugly haha

  • *smirks* That is why i am a Norse Wicca, my viking relatives believed in gender equality. they had one simple rule about: if she can fight, she earns the same rewards as her male counterparts. meaning if she can kick ass much ass as the male raiders, she can do almost whatever she damn well pleases.

  • This is just like what happened with 2 Live Crew. As long as they weren’t really in the spotlight, no one cared what they rapped about. But when they started gettin’ nation attention, people wouldn’t stop until they were disbanded. Apparently, anime & manga are going to get the same treatment now that they get world wide attention. And for the same reasons: Sex sells too well for some people’s comfort & there are political careers to bolster & secure and moral authority to be upsurped & wielded in some misguided attempt to make the world outwardly sexless, raceless, and classless in appearance.

    • This type of comment is the reason why rape exist which I mean males raping girls or/and women.

      This creats an anxiety to be looked upon as a well worth attractive human being…to manage to attract somebody and to “win” a sexual intercourse.

      “Onanisme” and erotism do not really replace “(di)”sexual intercourse. And concurrently, the later does not replace de two first.

      There are a multitude of women that reads and creats these books (mangas-hentai) but we focus on the uggly creators because of their aspect and their erotism, they scare us. Some male traits are considered grotesque or uggly.

  • Most boys and men in japan don’t want to be perceived as males so a very large number of them feminize themselves.
    This is because the human population (the serious media) assume and say that all human males automatically have rape fantasies. They seem to forget that psychologically, there are a multitude of different male personnalities and different feelings of erotism. The numbers are vast.

    The population in general seems to forget that human males and human females have the same genes and the y chromosome can exchange any of its genes to the X chromosome so I don’t believe there is a rape gene on the Y chromosomes therefore factualizing that only males are rapists.
    The problem is somewhere else…..According to my personnal observations, boys and men are pushed to have sexual intercourses with a human female of course by their peers (male or female) so to prove they are alive and a well worth person.

    Anyway it is ashame, men who look like women will be much rarer in mangas now and any sort of nudity will be ghetorized in a very small fraction of a genre among japanese comic books.
    And I think there is a possibility that most characters of either sexual morphology will be of a same gender of a no erotism attached to their image.

    Personnally, I actually find that men and women who are of the effeminate stereotypes in europeen comics and north american comics are not well represented.

  • Ishihara, eh. The same Ishihara who said women who can’t get pregnant anymore are committing a sin by continuing to live? And he’s calling anime+manga sexist?

    God, between this guy, the pansy otaku, getting arrested for asking directions, etc. I’m really starting to hate Japan. Why do anime+manga have to come from there?

  • Might as well say that Anime/Manga is banned in general since its ruining people’s mind as Ishihara is running out of lame excuses. I do believe that the people in Japan have the power to throw the government away, however they are too spineless to do so. They better think of something fast or the anime fans are doomed

  • Anime is really starting to lose ground here. Ishihara continues to censor, anime continues to get more and more ridiculous and perverted, and the fans are getting creepier and creepier. Anime is losing huge ground in America. Back when I was young you couldn’t turn on a television without seeing all kinds of anime. Now anime is a huge risk to air on television. It took a crappy channel that you don’t even get without ultimate cable packages just to pick up and air Dragonball Z Kai. Kids these days are different than we used to be. They would rather watch humorous and computerized cartoons made in America like Adventure Time and the Real Show while sipping iced mocha lattes and combing their long, Justin Bieber hair. I can’t tell you the last time I saw an anime on TV…Yu-Gi-Oh still plays on 4Kids on Saturdays I think, but 4Kids rapes that show with editing and bad dubs. Stores used to have entire isles devoted to anime figurines. Naruto was the last big anime to hit the states and that was like 6 years ago, and it was not even close to how big Pokemon and Dragonball Z used to be. Kids will grow up without anime and never even get a chance to get into them. Give it a few more generations and it will be lost forever.

  • …weapons cleaned, gear organized and packed, food prepared and stored, water sanitized, knife sharpened, missioned planned, team selected, arm, and trained, mission briefed, practiced, team reorganized, trained again. Mission is Go, standby until the Ishihara Puppet Gov bans all anime/Manga then removed Him from power…That simple, no death, no violence, simply walk into the ball-less city of tokyo and claim power(simply by looking tough), the Japs have fallen far since i was last their…

  • When someone says, Man and Woman are equal i say, your both right and wrong.

    Right because we are both humans, we are biologicaly made so that we care for each other (unlike some animals).

    Wrong cause, Man are not woman and vice-versa.

    MAN are teached the values and morals of: protecting, womanizing and violance… While we grow, family, friends, teachers, TV, books.. They all teach us to be “MAN”. A good exemple is War, man are expected to go there and another good exemple is this “MAN DON’T CRY”.

    WOMAN are also teached how to behave, told how they should dress girly, have manners, teached house chores (tough man also are)… Nowadays woman aren’t so refrained to this teachings, but they’re instincts are still there, and they still behave like the old times-

    Resuming Man are expected to protect woman, while woman are expected to bare life in them till they reach adulthood, those are our primary instincts, like most animals. Male protects both the female and babys and they raise the baby.

    This isn’t about the post, but about other comments on it.

  • “The analysis estimates the market for moe products (books, images and games), which are related to anime and manga, is worth 88.8 billion yen (US$800 million)..

    ECPAT has been saying Japan’s ‘child pornography market’ is also 88.8 billion yen. They simply call all moe child pornography.” (they copy pasted [plagarizers], ECPAT is no better than China.)

  • Regulating it is making it worse, not better. I’m noticing that anime have become more sexually focused since they added white bars, like animation developers are acting out of spite. Is this hobby a little to focused on sex? Probably. Are politicians attempting to “purge the media” here? Definatly. Seeing the recent pushes, I’m guessing next year is an election year in Japan?

  • Hasn’t he stomped on anime and manga enough? The problem this guy has is the insane and nonsensical ideas that he’s spouting out from his mouth, and the people who believe in his words.

    Why keep pursuing something that you’ve already done over already the first time over. AT least give the citizens some entertainment to watch and read in any form….

  • Bad End:

    Japanese anime fans are a bunch of cowards and failed to defend the otaku culture. Those foreigners who claim they’re a fan of anime and manga and of the otaku culture, especially of /a/ are no better.

    The world plunged into darkness.

  • You guys are so macho, sitting behind your keyboards talking big. I bet out of everyone who commented here only about 3 of you would actually fight for your rights, had this been in your country.

  • I really don’t see what the big deal is. The guy’s just saying that he wants to change the perception towards women and children in anime, which is rather sexist, not to mention violent when we get into hentai. The women always look as though they’re being raped, or ARE raped, and the children are no different. Rape portrayed as the primary form of sex isn’t a good way to view sex if you ask me… I would hope that most people would find it hotter when the woman actually ENJOYS having a man touch her.

  • yes Ishihara drawings have human rights… what an idiot you are -.-

    whats next?

    rape charges for people who draw rape manga?

    murder charges for people that draw guro manga?

    would someone please put him out of his misery!

  • Okay…, first off why is this guy so lenient on banning anime/manga? I think that it’s actually quite resourceful that manga/anime exist. You learn quite a lot of interesting things. Secondly, why would anyone vote this guy so many times to run for governor? Freaking 80-year-old-veteran.

  • So is everyone in Japan a fag?

    Because if you love women how can you not want them to have equal rights and how can you justify treating them like shit?

    Maybe this is why their birthrate is dropping. All the men are gay.

  • it feel like Ishihara spend too much on banning anime and manga, he’ll probably retire when he completed his goal which is to ban anime and manga. all of his schedule are full of how to ban anime and manga. maybe if he succeed his next attempt to ban is the internet or video games, it will be funny if his next target is to ban sex toys

  • his rather annoying and i want to kill that Ishihara because of what he is doing and what does he care about mangaka’s drawings styles anyway? rather than that he should be thank full because of the hard working manga artist keeps the Japan wealthy and all he does is turning it upside down and making it reach poverty and declining jods… and I WANT TO KILL HIM!!! agree?

  • Just go to France and animate anime there. There’ve been a bunch of edgy artist that are french. Or even America, might not get away with loli/rape but busty chicks is kind of the US’s specialty right?

    The only downside of Japan having the oldest people in the world is the fact Ishihara will be benefiting from his long life span

  • I hope this shit gets pushed through all the way, and the entire Japanese pop art community has to set up shop in another country. I’m hoping that would be in the U.S., so they can teach the youngins and create a more dynamic U.S. anime/manga culture.

  • I think you guys are missing something here. When Ishihara wrote Season of the Sun, he was in his early twenties. The book itself essentially kicked off a huge and decadent youth subculture that persisted throughout the rest of the fifties. Perhaps his current war against anime & manga reflects his regret over his actions as a young man?

    Just kidding. Fuck this retard.

  • There is no expression if you censor everything. there is only ____. Ishutthefuckuphara is trying to destroy artists renditions of their art, a violation of “freedom of expression”. Sorry everything can’t be Cowboy Bebop (which i love btw) but these restrictions have only made a weird amount of ero-animes get put into production, holding people’s pre-order money at ransom for panty shots promised in BD sales. What next? If you want a character in this point of the anime to be relevant or interesting or even straight-out sexy you now have to buy the BD so that the boring conservative is replaced with a loose oppai bearing loli?

  • What the fuck? Anime, manga and Japanese games have provided us with more strong, well-developed female leads than all western media put together. Most American superheroines are just cheap, sexed-up carbon-copies of their male counterparts.

    Anime, manga and Japanese games have given us badass ladies like Nanoha, Fate, Motoko Kusanagi, Gally, Revy, Faye Valentine, Casca, Kallen, Canaan, Saber, Arcueid, the cast of Mai-Hime and Mai-Otome, Asuka Langley Soryu, The Children, virtually the entire cast of Strike Witches as well as every magical girl show ever, Henrietta, Triela, the Higurashi girls, the cast of Touhou, Iria, Shana, Louise, Makise Kurisu, Yoko Littner, the K-ON! girls, Chizuko Mikamo, Jane Buxton, Victorique de Blois, Milly & Meryl, and Misaka Mikoto & company, just to name a small fucking handful.

    This asshole wants to neuter an industry that gave us such badass female characters, all in the name of equality? Is he out of his fucking mind?

    I-shit-hara talks big about censorship, but I think he’s just an old media shill, jobbing for failing newspapers and book publishers. Nobody fights for a cause this fervently unless there’s money involved. He’s in somebody’s pocket. The question is who.

  • I can’t help but question if this is really an issue or an obfuscation of something greater.

    These people are seemingly concerned with trifles, when they are sitting on what could be a greater than Chernobyl scale disaster.

    The International Atomic Energy Agency stopped their “Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update Log” 2 June.
    Has nothing happened since then?
    The Japanese government has downplayed the dangers and effects of exposure to radiation and now worry about police reports of men speaking with schoolgirls, comics and scantly clad cosplayers!

    What’s worse, seeing a nipple slip or getting a dose of ionizing radiation?

    Are they manufacturing issues to divert attention away from something they can’t control?

    If they get you all riled up about your favorite Comic-Con being shut down, you may forget that you’re eating contaminated food.
    If you’re helping police find a suspicious person asking directions, you won’t be thinking about the Fukushima workers being exposed to terminal levels of radiation.

    I don’t know about Japan, but politicians in the USA get large money donations from the nuclear industries, none from comic book publishers.

  • Historically, politicians have found it far easier to find a simple scape-goat to blame a country’s problems on rather than to try and fix the problems. Strangely enough, the majority of the people seem to fall for this.

    Roman Empire: “Blame it on the Christians!”
    Nazi Germany: “Blame it on the Jews!”
    Soviet Union: “Blame it on the Capitalists!”
    Republicans: “Blame it on the Democrats!”
    Democrats: “Blame it on the Republicans!”
    Ishihara: “Blame it on anime and manga!”

  • I’m not pushing conspiracy theories, but could this and the scandalous police reports of men talking with schoolgirls be a distraction from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant fiasco?
    The IEAE (International Atomic Energy Agency) has not updated its “Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update Log” since the last entry 2 June.
    We know the Japanese government is downplaying the dangers.

    It’s like they have a world threatening disaster, and all they think about the damaging and dangerous effects comics and scantly clad cosplayers…
    Lets see, which is worse, seeing a nipple slip or being exposed to ionizing radiation….

    Look world at how inscrutable the Japanese are…
    (stereotype at work!)

  • And yet he wrote a story on RAPE

    Someone should make a hentai anime of his books that would shut him up!

    This guy is gonna destroy the economy, for goodness sake we see sexism in american stories too but we show it in order to make an example of it being wrong.

  • I personally dont mind so for the ban as so is really over board but
    what he did this time is very interesting
    because the way he did it going to make japan lose like xxxxxx thousand of jobs
    GOOD JOB SHINTARO ISHIHARA ~.~ may the next gov find themself have lost money and lot of no job people flying and walk around the street!!

  • He’s gained more confidence since the anime industry cowered before him and crawled back to the TAF convention for 2012. I’m beginning to despise the Japanese on how spineless they are and how corrupt their politicians are. China’s worse but I would say Japan is just as bad. If China is aggressive then Japan would be passive-aggressive. And you know of course killing him would make him a martyr but then it’s simple, you keep killing off each politician that continues follows after Ishihara to uphold his ideals. It’s simple as this Japan is a weak country they have no experience of what war is like in almost 100 years and its been over 200 years since their last civil war. A bit of barbarism wouldn’t hurt the country any country for that matter as long as its not on the levels of terrorism like the middle-east. Civil wars fix countries. Assassination get rid of corrupt politicians. Talking things over is just an idealism and fantasy. People who believe in that aren’t paying attention to the real world.

  • and what if they break the law?

    I seriously think u morons should read more than that, because this law is even MORE flawed than the last one. From my point of view, it’s more like the one from Kyoto, which mean VOLUNTARY, and we all see what “voluntary” means.

    Last time I check, J-comi from the author of Love Hina/Negima began to re-distribute the manga restricted in July —> so down the rain u go.

    The 1st thing you have do when u make a law, is that you MUST NOT make it FULL OF HOLES, or you will NEVER properly enforce that shit. And this law fell right into that mistake.

    So yeah, good luck enforcing that shit, because it means you will have to censore EVEN THE EVERYDAY NEWS. Why you ask? And you think the news about wars everywhere in the world today IS NOT what they call “DEPICT OF VIOLENCE”?

    Just like some moron feminist in US, who try to put EVERY MAN into jail JUST BECAUSE they BARELY TOUCH their girl/wife/mama or even their little sister.

    That’s what I call bullshit

    Now I really think that Japan need to reform their lawyers, to put those kind of faggot out of works, for their “brilliant”, UNEFFECTIVELY ideas

  • Does this mean more Vanilla? Im speaking of hentai atm not sure how much hentai relates to ishitahara but I would love to see more hentai like Mizugi Kanojo ya know. Jus normal stuff Im sure there plenty of ppl into that other stuff like rape and tentacle but not me. Anyway Im sure everyone has seen mizugi kanojo if not GET TO IT RIGHT NOW

  • 1: Whats being depicted is an fictional even with fictional characters. No people nor real act.

    2: A fictional story that is not pleasant to some is still pleasureful to some others. So long it remains on the fictional level, there is no problems whatsoever.

    It has been already proved by research the problem with “violent media” in not the media itself, nor most viewers. It is with the already-problematic watchers, and they will be problematic with or without said media material, for there are other sources of violent stimulus, including eventual situations that happen with everyone living in a society.

    The simple fact is: The only real solution is to terminate all sources of violent stimulus from within range of those problematic people.
    The problem with that is, along with an obvious major impracticability, is that it itself is impossible, since they themselves might generate situations or thoughts that make them angry or otherwise generate violent stimulus.

    “Ishihara. Not only a retard; A senile retard at that.” – By Doragon.

  • A modest proposal:
    Let the Japanese who are willing to “voluntarily” censor themselves stay in Japan.

    Let the Japanese who are not willing to censor themselves come to Taiwan.

    We offer low living expenses, excellent technical infrastructure, and solid freedom of speech.

    We also have many locals who can understand and translate Japanese.

  • Why people in Japan are so illogical and never think by themselves?
    They aren’t stupid at all, but sometimes it seems so, as if they “weren’t thinking”.
    It’s not the only dogmatic country (usa is almost the same) but I can’t understand that.

  • If there ever was a 1% vs 99%, then this is it, it is rather scary to see how small the “Ban the filth” activist groups actually are.

    And for 2chan it is much easier to blame everyone else than to take matters into their own hands and vote those pieces of cartilage out of office.

  • I am thoroughly surprised that bans after bans like these hasn’t evoked ANY response from ANY western media outlets… if it were Chinese, the American would of jumped on it….

    Talk about media bias in the west….

  • Unless things have changed and I don’t know about it, Japan still has free elections. Folks, you voted for these guys. Vote them out next time they’re up for re-election. Or maybe they’ll resign in disgrace like 80% of Japanese politicians do.

  • Sound more like this asshole is trying hide his past, and be a hero of the present, while leading his country to a dark future.
    Ishihara you fuck, go choke to death on a dick though a shoji!!! You’re stupidity is the end of the Japanese cultural market, the only things left will be electronics and food.

    Japan’s electronics are sold all over the world, with well known reliability, so no problems there. Unless fans boycott, which could well happen. For many of us, that just means delaying that upgrade from a 42″ HD TV to that 50″ HD LED LCD for a year (1080p is still 1080p no matter the screen size.) it’ll be way cheaper by then anyway, and can get something better if you want too.

    As for Japanese food, I can get it down the main street of my suburb, and doubt much of that money, if any goes back to Japan. I can also make a lot of it myself.

    If that’s the way these douche bags want to play, an economic collapse with soon change their minds. Japan is a country of constant flow, in and out. Without anything or very little going out, the economy will first explode, with a lowering of prices to move old products, then implode with development, materials and manufacturing costs lost in the effort to move products, the release of new products to a withstanding market would then trigger the collapse. This of course require a huge downturn in the market for electronics, not hard if more people consider that they already have more then they need (Just holding off 3 to 6 months on that upgrade, would be enough.)

  • Otaku are too lazy to go anywhere except sitting in front of their lap , the whole thing so called ” revolution ” and ” big talk ” have died a long time ago since otaku ( and the people who have brain ) unwilling to take action against this idiot . Oh well , i am not living in tokyo anyway .
    P/s : Japanese still have no balls

  • This is what we feared the most…
    Something needs to be done…
    Any suicide Otaku out there that want to help their fellow men? If so, please take your own life, whilst taking that inferior creature(Ishihara) along with you…

    In any case, that eye-cancerous person and his views need to be eradicated. For the sake of anime tomorrow we must put a stop to Ishihara today.

    For Christ sake and everything good, if we let him run wild any longer he’ll ruin EVERYTHING!!!!

  • I think the people who visit this blog are not mature enough to comprehend or even understand that for females, life is simply not fair and won’t be fair as long as men run everything and do whatever they feel they can get away with


  • I love how ishihara’s fine with the completely reprehensible and disgusting AV industry where living humans are horrendously abused but gets so mad at drawings.
    If only the URA’s revolution had actually happened.

  • He is acting like the good citizen of Japan which is why he was voted into his position.Its like meets a girl known as C.C. who, in order win a election, C.C makes a contract with him. Ishihara then gains a power called Geass, which allows him to absolutely command anyone to do what he wants, bending their will to live, fight, die, and follow orders – though only if he has direct eye contact with his target for some reason it working.

  • 2ch, if any of you are reading this DO SOMETHING TO PREVENT THIS!! Don’t sit around fapping to seiyuu’s all day and allow this old right-wing faggot to ban anime and manga! We american’s care about manga and anime just as much as you do, don’t let them win!

  • Who are these people who complain about sexism in anime?

    I never seen anyone in person bitch about sexism in anime in fact it seems anime is more progressive then the real Japan.

    He’s just pandering to a tiny minority who can never be pleased and will always have something to bitch about.

  • LOL Stop Sexism Ishihara says….What about the rape novels that he made?! Isn’t it more sexist than today’s manga and anime?!

    Someone needs to kill this guy ASAP!!! Or we will see 4kids level of censorship in Japan. WE MUST NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!!

  • I can imagine Ishithara in his office:
    Ohh, yeah! Another ban on anime and manga!
    fap fap
    And I can get away with it!
    fap fap fap
    I trolled the Otakus so hard today!
    fap fap fap fap Yeah!
    And the best thing is… They probably relelect me again if I’m still alive!
    fap fap ARGH! Sauce…
    Hey bitch clean that up!

  • If this continues to happen then all anime will turn into crap drama shows that are animated

    Its gonna be like oh this is the same crap over and over again but just different characters…

    Pointless bans…tell him to undo all anime bans, and to ban Ishihara himself from ever taking political and goverment issues…his viewpoint is like a tyrant limits what u can or cant do…

    He is like a child (winning and crushing the opponents)…what he use to write the BL books/or was it the gay novels what not….Oh yes ban every sensual female and children…what do u have left that he didn’t ban….might as well say he wants to make everything into male sensual things aired or in novels…just because there is less guy on guy doesnt mean you can take out the guy on girl and girl on girl….

    Probably that is his hidden objective…who agrees?

    this is my full opinion on this subject.

    • He didn’t write Yaoi stuff.
      Wish he had done something as relatively noble as that.

      Nope, he wrote rape novels. In which women were used as sexual toys by the male characters.

      It even lead to folks acting out one of his works in RL.

    • I saw once a video on youtube about a feminist who made a list of thing that make you a rapesupporter. I didn’t memorize the full list, but here is a few:
      A rapesupporter is:- Someone who likes porn,lesbian porn, s&m with female submission, who suggests his wife to have babies, who tells a woman that she is attractive/unatracctive, likes schoolgirl roleplay, etc.
      She didn’t mention anything about gay porn, femdom and straight shota.

  • They are going about this completely wrong.

    I have no problem with trying to rid any entertainment industry of sexism, as I think all people should be valued equally.

    However, censoring violence and sex just for the sake of it won’t help anything. If you want to censor violence against women specifically, for example, the gratuitous rape scenes against women or the idea in Japan that women shouldn’t enjoy sex and it hurts them all the time, then I’m fine with that. Banning sex altogether though, is incredibly stupid and narrow-minded.

    Again, I have no problem with getting rid of the obvious sexual discrimination in Japanese media. But if they want to be fair they should come up with a direct, clear-cut rating system that covers all offenses equally and fairly. Not this blanket “BAN SEX AND VIOLENCE” shit.

    • when they banned loli 2d porn, I didn’t stand up because I’m not into this thing.

      when they banned violent 2d porn, I didn’t stand up because I’m not into this thing, either.

      now they are banning 2d porn alltogether, who will stand up with me now?

    • Believe it or not some women have rape fantasies and humiliation fetishes. It shouldn’t be right for any of that to be censored, if someone likes it who cares? A Porno is a porno is a porno is a porno so all of this banned this but not that BS is a vicious cycle.. If you aint hurting anyone without their consent (looking out for you BDSM’ers) and if it’s clearly not cp (on par with a snuff film if you read articles about what happens in those kind of paraphernalia) then leave it be.

    • If you cannot depict something in your media, then as a culture, you cannot discuss it. You can’t explore the concept, you cannot bring about a dialog of its merits or harms.

      Essentially, it’s a crude attempt at thought control, but like sex itself, it’s not like these ideas won’t occur to people for not having seen them in the media. They’ll just be ignorant about it now.

      Never mind that historical depictions may be made inaccurate, like the movie edits to remove smoking in times where everyone smoked. Censorship quickly becomes historical revisionism.

      Even if you oppose the ideas being shown or discussed somewhere, you have to consider very carefully the repercussions of censoring them, because the impact can be pretty deep and damaging.

      • I don’t like seeing it, but I don’t know what a proper solution for it is. The Japanese porn industry’s fixation on rape just baffles me. Small doses wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but when it represents about half of what’s out there, I can’t help but think something is off. If there’s so much of this stuff, it means that people must be buying it, otherwise it would die out. Is every man in Japan just so frustrated with the more even playing field in modern times that they gotta rape someone?

      • People will still raise issues that aren’t regularly shown in the media because it’s obvious those issues exist. The problem is how common the Japanese media makes these issues. To say that we should just regularly treat people like shit in the media solves nothing and just sounds like an excuse to keep negative material. People will talk about it no matter what, so why be okay with sexism in the media when is SO fucking prevalent in Japan as it is?

        • The parent post was talking about how they’re fine with censoring violence against women specifically, but not banning sex and violence overall. I’m saying that even if it’s unpleasant to see, it should be allowed because punishing people who raise the issue won’t make it go away.

    • but men and women aren’t equal, especially now days. women keep saying they are discriminated, yet their are in the key position everywhere. women get priority over men in jobs, and men are facing the problem of getting falsely accused of sexual harassment as a tactic to get them out of the way.
      even if manga and anime were sexist, which i doubt it greatly, at least not anymore than any other media, books, films, tv. i wouldn’t doubt is only a reflection of what is going on. but then again even manga is mostly don’t by women lately, which are greatly the ones responsible for such a bad interpretation of manga. just look at previous sankaku articles on the subject before trying to call me a liar or a chauvinist.

      • It’s fine if you like hardcore sex, but there is a huge difference between hardcore (rough sex, very graphic sex, extreme close-ups) in which the woman is enjoying herself as an active participant, and rape scenes and non-con sex (the woman never enjoys it, the woman is never satisfied, the woman never initiates.)

        I don’t mind the occasional rape fetish or ravishment fetish, but there is a problem when the majority of your porn makes it look like women hate sex. There is also an issue for men when it looks like men only get sex by forcing women or doing things to them that they don’t enjoy. Think of the backlash we get from images like that.

        It gives women a bad impression of us, it gives young men a bad impression of what they should be, and soon people like Ishihara target problems that aren’t the real issue because of these perceived “problems.”

        In the long run, it really just turns into another way to criminalize men.

        • Where did I say hardcore = only rape fetish? I have read many H manga where there’s willingness in both partners but can be considered hardcore. Take On Me comes to mind, where the main couple was consensual but they experimented a lot and strayed from just vanilla sex.

          I do agree that the predominance of non-consensual sex does affect in the long tun the impression we have of men, but I just wanna ask if that says something about the cultural stigma. I believe Japan shouldn’t be so hard on restricting sexuality in their culture, it puts a lot of stress in their men. Just look at how many get falsely accused as train chikan when they were just minding their own business and the women only carriage; this kind of discriminating treatment stresses men, as if they were sexual deviants by default when they’re not.

      • Sexism is a product of stupidity as these two anons above clearly demonstrate. If politicians want to battle it so much then this is what they should be dealing with, not with popularity stunts.

      • You can twist it that way if you want, I don’t mind.

        My point is that I’m completely fine with them addressing sexism in the media, the same way I’m fine with them addressing racism or any other prejudice that strays from treating all people as equals.

        Because when you start allowing sexism or racism in your media, the inevitable result is that there is a greater chance that the group you are prejudice against will have less freedom of speech in the media due to the fact that it will become common practice to degrade or exclude them.

        Freedom of speech isn’t the original issue though. The problem is that he wants to get rid of sexism, but is targeting sex and violence, which is not the direct cause of sexism.

        • @9:38 It is not censorship if the ban involves getting rid of footage of an dis-consenting child being sexually abused. Do not confuse a work of fiction and consent with that of real snuff, rape and cp. Banning child porn is justifiable because it involves an individual being coerced into something they wouldn’t normally do. And don’t even tell me you liked being sodomized as a child or would have consented to it at a pre-pubescent age – That is Snuff and is as bad (worse in my opinion) as battery, murder and all of the above.

        • [quote]You can twist it that way if you want, I don’t mind. [/quote]
          You clearly mind if you started talking about it. Facts are not “twisting it”. They are just that, even if you don’t like them.

          Depicting unequal treatment does not result in unequal treatment in reality. People develop the capability to recognize that somewhere around the age of 3 if my memory serves me right.
          There is a clear distinction where a depiction is intended to be derogatory and where it’s not. It should be a no brainier to which side anime belongs, but I guess not all people possess the mental capacity.

          [quote]Because when you start allowing sexism or racism in your media, the inevitable result is that there is a greater chance that the group you are prejudice against will have less freedom of speech in the media due to the fact that it will become common practice to degrade or exclude them.[/quote]
          You have it backwards. Derogatory depiction does not cause discrimination. Discrimination is what causes derogatory depiction. Media may be used to reinforce a status quo but it will neither cause, nor sustain it on it’s own. In fact, media has never been known to sustain anything worse than fascination with American Idol, which is pretty grim, admittedly.

          [quote]Freedom of speech isn’t the original issue though. The problem is that he wants to get rid of sexism, but is targeting sex and violence, which is not the direct cause of sexism.[/quote]
          Freedom of speech is an issue, and you can’t sidetrack it because there are other issues. I never even tackled this point, why do you even bring it up here?

        • Compromising fuckwads such as yourself is half the problem. Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

          Freedom of Speech is an all or nothing deal. The censorship of anything, no matter how vile, distasteful, or harmful is still censorship and a limit on intrinsic human freedom to say whatever the fuck they goddamn please.

  • Oh my God, are you fucking serious?

    Pffffffffffffhahahahahahahahahahahahaha yeah right, you tried to get rid of Anime just to created this some “bill” that nobody gives a flying fuck, and now you’re bitching about how it’s sexism? Now that’s too fucking funny.

    • But its still over 30% of japan population… plus contains demographic of younger people that will interested in videogame/manga/anime within. The producer of these products will have to conform if they want to survive financially.

  • ya know, these policies are tokyo laws not Japan laws. On the hand i can see why people will panic, other prefectures/ cities will pass similar bans and before you know it japan out right bans it.

    • Not this “defense” again.

      Tokyo is where the major publishers are, where the printing presses are, where most of the studio’s have a HQ.

      Plus it’s one of the major selling points for their materials.

      It would be like the city of New York deciding what happens in the entire state of New York, because that’s where the entire industry is based.

      Effectively, if it’s a Tokyo law, then it ends up effecting the entire frigging country.

  • Okay you know what? This is actually getting funny now. This is the best troll ever Ishihara! Let’s see how far you can take it before people snap.

    And Japanese people, how about you stop being internet tough guys and actually stand up for yourselves?

  • “The old farts voted him in. Do something about the people of Tokyo!”

    I’m sorry, what? Don’t go blaming just the “old farts” when in fact he got voted in my a large majority of all ages. The xenophobes at 2ch also voted him in for his ideals of getting rid of foreigners. It was their own ignorance that allowed Ishihara to be where he is now.

    As much as I think Ishihara needs to be locked up in an asylum for his backward ass thinking. The Japanese is 100% at fault here. They voted him in and now they pay the price of not going against him.

    • Such is democracy, where the majority has all the rights and the minority is powerless. Anime and manga aren’t exactly mainstream interests, especially those of this sort. These laws effect what, 10% of the population at most? When 90% of voters don’t give a shit about your problems, what the hell are you supposed to do?

      • Yea the majority of Japanese industries are caught up in hardware/software, engineering, construction farming, gambling, culture, pornography of the 3D variation and especially tourism. All I see is a government against awesome cartoons.

      • This is called the Tyranny of the Majority, and is a common concern in any democratic system of government. Most such systems therefore have mechanism in place to counteract such situations — in the US, for instance, it’s possible to have the Supreme Court rule a law unconstitutional if it unfairly discriminates against some group. However, this requires years of effort, and a willingness to stand up for oneself against authority, which the Japanese are socially conditioned not to do.

        • And a Supreme Court that isn’t stacked in favor of any one ideology or special interest – an increasing rarity. When all the pins rest on one tumbler, the lock becomes far too easy to crack.

        • Note that it doesn’t say “All of 2ch”. Instead, quite pointed out the “xenophobes” at 2ch (and there’s plenty, need me to pull out the articles with quoted 2ch racial hate? There are plenty here). Guess someone does have a reading comprehension problem. Just seems like you’re a butthurt 2channer or butthurt weeaboo jumping to conclusions.

          You’re just deluding yourself if you beliveve that the Japanese aren’t xenophobic in large anyway. With the fiasco of the fisherman incident. Many Japanese supported Ishihara for his race hate views. There’s even a number of articles here about that. Just because you would stick your head into the ground, doesn’t mean everyone else has to.

  • I understand the concern, but prohibition is never the answer. Antagonizing ronery young men with too much free time who fantasize about building giant robots which can tear apart a city sounds like a very bad political strategy to me.

  • This reminds me of America’s 18th amendment. We banned alcohol “to stop domestic violence”, it went underground, there was high demand, and then the 21st amendment allowed alcohol again. History will repeat itself… I hope.

    (I don’t drink, by the way.)

    • It has nothing to do with laws. Humans discriminate each other because they judge by appearance and looks first, and inner walues later.They also judge a person, by the first impression they have of him/her. The media influences this too, with films, books, manga and anime.

      BUT! That is NOT reality. Reality is more complex. It’s not all black and white, like what we see in the media.

      • and that’s the problem. people like to think we live in a perfect world, when in reality shit happens. there are those who amn up and face it and there are those who turn to adictions to escape it.

        damn it give me my anime crack, life sucks

      • Humans discriminate against each other because it’s in our fucking genes to do that. Research the subject if you don’t believe me, but the sad truth is that we are programmed to be assholes from birth.
        Sadly, not everyone grows out of it.

        • Sorry I don’t know the english word for what Mc’Donalds is.
          Let me put it this way: At the end of the 1700’s the few british in England who used umbrellas were seen by the majority as crazy. And what do you think about using umbrellas today?

        • Only those hate change who are afraid of it.
          They are afraid of what the change might bring. Sometimes the change is good like inventing the solar panel, nad bad like the global hypermarkets and foodstores (like Mc’Donalds).

        • its more of a survival mechanism with flaws, than being an asshole. if you’re a newborn the new will either excite you or terrify you and you will react in one of two ways, with empathy and an open mind or violently with choking dictatorship and anti-antibelieve missles.

        • @16:15
          Poor examples. Solar panels are way worse for the environment than the currently available nuclear energy. Hypermarkets increase efficiency of the shopping process for both sides. Mc’Donalds isn’t a foodstore, they don’t sell food.

      • the propaganda to ban alcohol back in the prohibition days certainly aimed to label those who drink as people who should be socially frowned. the fact that the elite and upper class drank only made them hypocrites…

        much like those who push for this kind of censorship are hypocrites in that they don’t support censorship of their own work.

      • Yes, it’s more like a polar opposite situation.
        Sexy anime and manga are of little harm, but only supported by a minority.
        Alcohol does a lot of harm every day, but most of the population consumes it.
        In the case of the Prohibition, although the overreaction of banning it completely and the less than adequate reaction to ‘the mob’ are part of it, the main reason the ban failed was because most people drink. We’re seeing similar problems with smoking. When you come between an addict and his addiction, he stops being a human being and turns into a machine that will do everything to get his fix. And if there’s a whole lot of individuals wanting something, it’s very hard to put a stop to it.
        Another case that we might compare it to is copyright infringement (which is useful because according to economists it does no harm). A huge number of people want to download their movies / whatever without hassle and even though the IP holders and in some cases governments have tried to put a stop to it, but so far they failed.
        So we see that right and wrong don’t in the end decide what gets done – it’s numbers and whether people can put up a united front. Morality doesn’t come into it.
        In the case of anime and manga, I think it’s sadly clear which way things will go.

      • Im a 25 year old guy in Europe. I like erotic novels. I buy them at bookstores. Still no’one looked at me with a frown of digust or anything, when I read into them, then buy it. And those nowels contain ewrything an averege ero mnga and some hentai anime does (like bondage, S&M, gangbang, gay/lesbian, sextoys, threesome, etc.)

        • I must say that asia pacific overall custom is to be humble, things commonly banned in public is mostly controlled in the publicity aspect, but people do agree that they exist, exploited, and is a juicy topic to be attack by public and agencies.

          Like prostitution in thailand or piracy in china.

      • You know, that’s what I like about our former Chauncellor Helmut Schmidt. Whenever you see him on TV, no matter how far back you look, there will ALWAYS be a lit cigarette in his hand. Even today (yesterday to be exact)! Same fore his late wife (RIP Loki Schmidt).

        The German dude (who doesn’t smoke)

  • Well, as usual, the idea is sound, the execution is flawed. He’s absolutely correct that any (including male) sexual discrimination should be addressed, but due to the mere fact that men do penetrating and women get penetrated, that is discriminatory to women because they are constantly ‘being attacked’ by the mere fact that sex exists. So this really is just one step forward and nine steps back if they are so retarded as to try and address everything literally. If it becomes that women even in literature can’t be harmed, then game over.

    Objectively, though, as long as they just do more to keep sex and violence out of the reach of kids while allowing it to exist, I see no problem there and would support it. The manga ban was completely ridiculous in its blanket attack on everything, but if it evolved to recognize the difference between mature titles and teen-and-under titles, then they can be reasonably separated.

    • “women are constantly ‘being attacked’ by the mere fact that sex exists”

      There’s really nothing inherently violent or oppressive to women about sexual penetration, women have sexual desires too. In some cases men can be raped by women.

      “if it evolved to recognize the difference between mature titles and teen-and-under titles, then they can be reasonably separated”

      That difference already existed before the ban. The ban imposed overly severe restrictions and reclassified titles with “harmful” content as 18+. It’s quite ridiculous to try to stop teenagers from seeing limited 2D sexual content when they’re old enough to have sex in real life.

      • You’re right, I forgot that it was already relatively separated. But there is something to be said about sex at younger ages being influenced by the surroundings. Frankly I don’t care, in fact let them have sex younger and younger if they want to play around with it. Set sex education at 8-10 and introduce it in an intelligent and respectful manner to the kids and they will probably go ‘ew’ but as long as the adults react appropriately, they will not treat it as disgusting.

        Sex being treated as disgusting is one of the chief things that causes it to be experimented with. The guilt and wrongness of it instilled in the mind is like a “HEY!! LOOK AT ME!” to a curious mind. Of COURSE they’ll experiment and realize it feels really good, and then without the education they do something stupid and you get… well… our current issue. Toss in the sex education classes and you’ll preempt the haphazard discoveries with a respect for the process that they’ll have in the back of their minds if they choose to do anything.

    • I think a lot of issues would be solved if they would just stop with the standard that women should always look like sex hurts or embarrasses them.

      When Japan acknowledges that women like sex, and that the activity should be fun and enjoyable for them too, and that those stupid whiny cries aren’t necessary in porn, then maybe all these people would acknowledge that sex on its own isn’t degrading to women at all.

      Also, on the other hand, the manga industry needs to stop with the idiotic idea that women like sex as much as the industry says. I know it’s a fantasy, but if in all of your anime, the woman’s ass lubricates itself, she for some reason likes you pounding her cervix or womb, or that she looks stroked out when she orgasms, then there is a problem. These views are equally as harmful, particularly in Japan where people don’t get much sex and think it just might be like that.

      TL;DR when Japan acknowledges and portrays sex as an enjoyable and natural activity for both parties, no one would have to bitch that men are degrading women by the mere act of penetration.

      • Well… true… but there’s also just the concept of male fantasies. In case you haven’t heard Bill Maher’s very succinct description for the male perception of sexuality, there’s old, and there’s new. Many of us just enjoy seeing something different once in a while. Most guys I know just laugh at the ahegao faces and such. Stuff like that is absurd and is MEANT to be absurd. You’re right that there may be some who treat that as how it really is, but in all honesty, I doubt there are that many. I once watched the live action Taimanin Asagi and was just laughing the whole way through. Wasn’t even arousing how ridiculous it was, but it was still fun to watch. Sex can be comedy as well, yet so many people are still unconsciously puritanical about playing with the fantasy of sex that it’s ‘strange’ or ‘perverted’ if it doesn’t come in specific packages.

        • @Ethan

          That’s kind of the point of the fantasy. Let’s face it, men have an inherent urge to ‘take’ women sometimes, but in this day and age that’s considered sexist and evil. The desire changes by the day, and also based on mood and life situations, but it’s always there. Our higher brain functions don’t overshadow our natural survivalist evolution. So in a modern society, having the fantasies where a willing porn actress can be in control of the fantasy where she can stop it any time, but get into it to enhance the realism, allows men to have an outlet for the times where they would like to explore such scenarios.

          Ironically I find western porn to be even worse than many JAVs because the guys bark degrading shit at the woman and do that annoying “AAAAAH! HSSSSS!! AAAAAH! HSSSS!”, while in JAVs the men tend to shut up and let the viewer enjoy the moans of the woman. Some women sound more fake or in pain than others, and that’s just preference I guess. I’m sure there are many women over there who misunderstand and think men want to see them in pain as well. But let’s face facts, some of the best orgasmic moaning does sound like the woman is in pain if someone doesn’t understand the context. So I feel it’s understandable that the perception is a bit blurred.

        • I don’t think fantasy is a problem if it doesn’t interfere with a society’s view of real sex. And Japan is clearly a society that needs to tone down its fantasies because it’s starting to do real harm to their perception of natural sex.

        • I think that people in the West are more clear on the differences between fantasy and reality. Western porn is generally very clear that women enjoy sex and there are plenty of ways to see what real sex looks like. Consensual porn is the majority of western porn.

          In Japan, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if many men didn’t know the line between fantasy and reality, as the majority of their porn is reluctant or non-consensual.

  • All the major anime studios will just end up moving to China or Korea if Japan continues at this rate. I mean, everyone knows politicians are stupid but to destroy a healthy, lucrative and harmless industry because you ‘THINK’ its morally wrong is just insane. Politicians LOVE money, and he’s basically wiping his ass with the potential future revenue the anime industry could bring him.

    There is literally no other explanation possible. He and his ilk are absolutely, 100%, fucking bat-shit insane. There are no words in English that I can think of to truly do justice to just how STUPID this all is. I only wish I could look at my own country’s politics and feel better.

  • So are those idiots from the manga and anime industry still going to TAF even now knowing what these idiots at the government are doing?

    Hope they grow a pair and do something about it.

    These idiots are talking about gender equality in anime and manga but theres still bullshit even worse than that in non anime manga stuff that goes on in their country, but according to them its all the manga and animes fault.

    Am i the only one that thinks that japan is turning itself asexual, because of governments and laws that are making relationships between men and women nonexistent, they talk about birthrates and tell people to leave anime and manga and go meet people, but then theres those news were they send people to jail just for asking directions and lets not talk about women only transportation.

    • If, some of the mangaka are smart, then they’ll drag Sony into this situation as well.

      After all, Ishihara and co are talking about: “According to cabinet surveys, 80% of people now think there are problems with depictions of sex and violence on TV and the Internet.”

      Well, what about video games then. Video games have plenty of violence as well. Let’s see how Sony will react if the God of War, Infamous, SOCOM francishes end up banned, or something like Fat Princess.

      Same goes for Tecmo with their Ninja Gaiden and DoA publishings. Sega with their Yakuza franchise. Capcom with Street Fighter. SNK Playmore with King of Fighters.

      You want to deal with guys like Ishihara? Get the big multinationals pissed off at him, for cutting into their profit margins.

    • Agreed….. the more and more this guy pushes and I’m wondering why the anime and manga industry doesn’t goddamned well push back by now!

      Jeez…. this has got to be the pathological reasoning of the Japanese that authority figures are always right.

        • Not in France. A guy who just wrote (legally) a pedo pornographic novel was received in “l’académie française”, an honor for a writer.
          The drawings seem to be illegals today (not sure though) but i don’t care, nobody care, nobody will be “arrested” or anything wake up.

          We are different from japanese in a way: extreme free thinkers, perhaps too much when you see how we put back everything into question all the time. But at least defying autority is our hobby, so no crap like that here.

          Scandinavian countries are a special case, women have taken over everything over there. Hold you’re bitches.

      • Are you kidding? In the american tv shows I see the married couples get in bed fully dressed. They need to loosen up a little. They make it look as if sex or sexual life is something shameful so it must be hid.