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Agency: “We’ll Sue All Aki Toyosaki’s Stalkers!”


Music Rayn, the agency of top Yuinyan seiyuu Aki Toyosaki, is saying it will take aggressive legal action against the stalker who uncovered the probable fact that she lives with her musician boyfriend Tom H@ck, whilst Toyosaki has commented on the claims, saying “he listened to my private worries.”

The agency promises legal action “of a criminal or civil nature” against “some thoughtless fans” who operate the site in question, saying their acts “threaten the safety of our business and seiyuu” and “caused considerable psychological harm” to their seiyuu.

They also promise legal action against anyone else stalking or threatening their seiyuu, which probably covers most seituu fans at some point.

Regarding the actual suppositions of the site regarding her private life, they only address them in passing, accusing them of “making speculative writings.”

Finally, they say they will be stopping their seiyuu from updating their blogs so as to “guarantee their safety.”

Although many are delighted that he is being pursued, there is some doubt as to whether the stalker in question has actually done anything actionable or gone beyond the sort of paparazzi stalking most celebrities must endure – although presumably the company’s lawyers think otherwise.

Accompanying their legal threats, no less than Aki Toyosaki herself posted a long and very vaguely worded update on her blog, saying “sad things” in her private life do not affect her voice work and describing Tom H@ck, her presumed lover, as “someone who respects my work and listened to my private worries.”

The fact that this in no way comprises a denial has attracted a great deal of comment.

All the other members of her “Sphere” group also posted similar updates at the same time, with broadly similar themes and a general lack of content. Tom H@ck for his part has already closed his blog.

After so many scandals, online there is now a distinct scepticism about the efforts of seiyuu and their agencies to maintain the fiction that all seiyuu are sweet little virgins living the mental and physical lives of 11-year-olds:

“Crush them!”

“They’ve admitted it!”

“This is practically confirmation.”

“With that much evidence all they can do is admit it.”

“It’s a bit late in coming.”

“Arrest that stalker.”

“So it’s OK for a weekly magazine to do this, but it’s NG for a blog to do it?”

“How does this differ from a scoop in one of those magazines?”

“If this is a crime then the whole of the mass media are criminals as well.”

“By identifying an unknown perpetrator as a ‘fan’ they are basically thinking of all their fans potential criminals.”

“They are laying it on pretty thick considering she is not a virgin after all.”

“They admit defeat! They admit Toyosaki and Tom F@ck live together and do it – are those Toyosaki fans still breathing?”

“You are just guessing. There is no real evidence she lives with Tom F@ck.”

“She didn’t deny living with him. OUT.”

“They just want to go on tricking their fans as if nothing has happened.”

“So they were busy pushing her as a doll but they didn’t do any risk management. What an amateur agency.”

“These seiyuu just need to stop lying to everyone by saying they have no boyfriends.”

“So they want to make money off otaku maintaining their images as virgins, but in private they want to do any guy they fancy?”

“This is worse than Hirano.”

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