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ACE Strikes Back – Weakly


The Anime Contents Expo will go ahead after all, although it seems the anime industry is now thoroughly cowed as they are still participating in TAF and have dropped all mention of opposing censorship.

The Anime Contents Expo will go ahead shortly after TAF on the 31st of March and 1st of April, at the Makuhara Messe in Chiba. Admission is ¥1500 for those over 3, and 50,000 attendees are expected.

Their site is also now active again, after having been reduced to a placeholder for many months with no word whatsoever on its existence or future plans.

However, their official press release has dropped all mention of protesting Ishihara’s manga ban, instead presenting their belated restaging of the event as being “out of  gratitude to the fans who supported ACE 2011” (somewhat rich coming from Kadokawa).

The original event was explicitly presented as being an act of defiance against hypocritical efforts of the Tokyo government to simultaneously denounce manga as the domain of perverts and deviants whilst managing a major anime event.

As Kadokawa and company are still listed as major participants in TAF, have not opted for the more provocative move of scheduling the event on the same day as TAF, dropped all talk of opposing Ishihara, and took so long to actually bother updating anyone about the event, there are plenty of doubts being expressed as to whether their heart is really in it.

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